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Friday, 8 August 2014

Star Elf

Hi dear friends and followers. I happen to come across this interesting contemporary Elf Legend to share it with you

Elves are found in mythologies from around the world that were developed over the ages. They have not lost their popularity as evidenced by this description of a contemporary Star Elf. Note how the elf's characteristics have been tailored to modern legends. Compare the information you see here to what you know about elves from your childhood readings and other sources. Here are two links to articles that can provide you with a quick review of elfs and other magical creatures:

I have not altered the description of the star elf so you can make a detailed comparison of it to other elves, like Father Christmas (Santa Claus).

Star Elf

The green depths of the Yuirwood hide an ancient secret long forgotten by folk beyond Aglarond's borders, and not widely known even within - the star elves, an elven subrace that retreated from Faerûn to an extraplanar refuge known as Sildëyuir. Sometimes referred to in ancient texts as mithral elves, the star elves concealed the existence of their hidden kingdom for almost two thousand years, leaving behind nothing but mysterious ruins and old, strong magic in the stone circles of the Yuirwood.

While the star elves have kept themselves apart from the rest of Faerûn for many centuries, their isolation is coming to an end. Besieged by an insidious peril from beyond the circles of the world, they face the possibility of being driven from Sildëyuir back to their ancient abode in the Yuirwood.

Of all the elven subraces, star elves most closely resemble moon elves. They have pale skin that sometimes takes on a pearly gray or faintly violet tinge, and hair of gold, red, or silver-white. 

Their eyes are gray or violet; sometimes with gold flecks. Like the sun elves or moon elves, star elves are tall and slender. In their homes they favor elegant, embroidered tunics but dress in neutral colors with dappled gray-green cloaks to remain unseen in woodlands. Star elves are graceful and strikingly handsome by human standards. 

Star elf males range in height from 4'10" to 6'6", and weigh anywhere from 90 lbs to 250 lbs. Female star elves range in height from 4'5" to 6'1", and weigh anywhere from 70 lbs to 230 lbs.

Star elves reach adulthood at 110 years and can reach a maximum of about 750 years.

Star elves are cautious and aloof, keeping an emotional distance from events. They can be judgmental, although they take their time and consider many factors before passing judgment on a creature or action. Once won, a star elf's friendship (and enmity) is deep and long lasting. 

Star elves love beauty in any form and have a knack for perceiving inner beauty rather than outward appearance and actions. Among their own kind, star elves delight in song, dance, and works of magic, but away from their homeland they are slow to bestow the gift of their voice or artistry.

Star Elf Society

Most star elves have removed themselves from the everyday life of Faerûn and therefore have little understanding of humans, dwarves, and other races. They think of humans as aggressive expansionists who readily take up blade and spell to get what they want, and they regard humans with caution. They get along well with other elves, especially sun and wood elves, but fear trouble from the moon elves' unguarded generosity and engagement of human realms.

Most star elves prefer not to involve themselves in the world's: troubles. Star elf society values individual accomplishment and rights over collective effort.

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