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Monday, 29 April 2013


Haunted buildings? But of course. I do believe they are a real phenomenon, especially for some who are sensitive enough to detect their energy. I don't see negative entities but I certainly feel their energy and sometimes it's not very nice energy.

There was also a resident ghost in the homestead where I grew up.
From the time my dad bought the old house before renevations we could hear sounds at night, like popping sounds like someone stomping on a large tomato can. Creaking and groaning like one of those wooden tall ships at sea.

The sounds kind of spooked me when I was younger but as I grew older It didn't bother me as much but there was no way my mom could talk me into going into the cellar to get some preserves, I would have starved first. I didn't like that damp old wooden framed cellar full of spiders webs. I could have swore that some of those spiders were as big as a basket ball. But this was where the greatest source of the noise at night originated from.

In later years my dad had the house renovated with a full basement a had a living room, bath and bedroom added to the ground floor part of the house. With the full size basement I though that would be the end of the strange sounds at nigh. The same sounds continued unabated by the new basement

Some couple of years later we had my sister and her four children staying over. On this one ocasion my dad was away on business. One night a loud crash from the basement woke all of us up. My mom sister and the three kids ran into my room and jumped into the bed with me. I don't know why that was but everyone thought of me being the dragon slayer of the family I guess. So I armed myself with my dads twenty two riffle and went down stairs and checked every room. Nothing was out of place nothing broken or smashed

When I was nine years old I was sitting in the middle of the rec-room floor playing some board game by myself when I hears that familiar stomping sound again, like someone smashing a large tomato can with their foot. I never looked around to see what it was, I just said, Ok you can play this game with me if you want Cassandra, the name just popped into my head from nowhere. Not another sound was heard after that night.

I later discovered that this ghost turned out to be a little girl by the name of Cassandra, and all she wanted or was looking for was for someone to pay attention to her, so I made friends with her. She became my imaginary friend, so it was when someone would see me talking to myself, mom would say others present I was talking to my imaginary friend. I have seen shadows flicker in and out occasionally through the years and have never really paid them much attention until all of the past occurrences I mentioned above.

I do remember that It was more of a feeling then an actual observance. A feeling like there was a familiar presence in the house, but this presences had a calming influence, not negative in nature at all. It truly felt familiar, but I could not readily place what it was.

Anyway, I have experienced other phenomena on many different occasions through the years as well which I was never until just relatively recent time was able to explain or fully understand. I can't say if I actually ever made myself disappear and reappear again. In childhood I have on occasion learned to blend so well with the background behind me so that when I didn't want someone to find me all I had to do is stand perfectly still, so that even with bright-colored clothes they would walk by like I were invisible. It was a neat trick when I didn't want to be found when I was a kid.

The problem is that I have also discovered that even now when I am trying to talk to someone it is like I am not there. Even my roomie, standing or sitting right beside to me does not notice or hear me either. So these little disappearing acts can at times be quite annoying, Disappearing without even actually disappearing. Just “poof!” no one notices I’m there short of pulling my hair, making weird faces and screaming my butt off, so it would appear at times. Which sometimes I feel like doing. Pretty odd isn't it?

Ok now for The Return of my Ghost Friend. It was In August of 2007 when my roomie totaled her car and walked out without a scratch. Then late September we survived another near fatal car accident when my van we were riding in was hit from behind while stopped at a red light, totally pushed the back end of the van to the back of the front seats. It was a miracle we walked out of that one alive with only a few minor bruises.

I have often wondered why I felt stuff that others didn't when I was in certain places. The negative energy in this place we had just moved in was so dense and oppressive you could literally almost cut it with a knife when you walked into the place. We were finding ourselves aggressively arguing with one another at the least provocation, which was unusual for us, we hardly ever even have disagreements with each other.

About a month after the van incidence our apartment was broken into. My partner was not certain if the perpetrators were still in the house or not. I could feel that the residual energy was old, and that no one was in the house. She called the police on her cell phone, mostly out of formality, As I had thought the police had been a waste of time. The next day I told my roomie that there was some type of nasty energy that had to be cleansed out of the house. She went to the local Catholic church and got some holly water and we sprinkled holy water as well as smudge the apartment with sweet grass twice over, then I felt the negative energy subside and it became considerably calmer and more peaceful in the room.

It was shortly after the cleansing that we both began to see Cassandra. She made herself presence quite literally noticed at times seen as a fleeting shadow or something feeling a a subtle touch on your shoulder. I don’t think she really had ever left. I just had to become conscious that she was still around. As for me, I am happy that she has returned, My childhood imaginary friend I use to tell everyone is still here with us. :o)

Cynthia ©

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