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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

In celebration of Beltane
The Inner Spark
It is exciting when one gets their own visions validated by another person, Finally you feel like your not alone anymore. Your not crazy or hallucinating like some would think or lead you to think. Probably you think to yourself, if I were to tell them bluntly of my knowings sensings and seeings, they would think I really did fall out of my tree .

Even we, in these modern times, have only begun to relealise how once more to synchronize with the elements of Gaia and the Universe. An ancient art that at one time was regularly performed by shaman, medicine men and women, and other folk of the ancient traditional practices, such as Wiccans and other ancient practices classified as black magic and other taboos by today’s self righteous.

So much has been lost over time in the art of simply synchronizing our heart and minds with the elements, the heart pulse and breath which is the web of Universe. Only in recent time have we begun to reawaken sufficiently to experience tiny glimpses through the veil of illusion of this reality into the next quantum dimensions.

There are possibly also those few in the field of scientific research who may be open minded enough to consider the possibilities of the existence of extraterestral energy sources that have only been hinted at by those in the study off quantum physics and other scientific fields of research. Much of science is after all based on the use of what they term as comparing data by inference. Determining what is not observable in the human senses or instrumental range of detection. What the cant see directly they compare what might be and how it affects what is known and detectable.

Maybe some day Science, physics, astrophysics, Quantum Physics, and the metaphysical will merge into one science, the multiple layers of energy like the layers of an onion extending into eternity. All these many energy elements that today still remain classified as being Magic or miracles. These phenomena that can not be readily explained or proven as fact with today's science are still looked upon as taboo by many today will someday come to light to those who have been blinded. And it maybe not in the too distant future at that.

*This power comes from the spark within, which some religious institutions call a soul.* This energy field is channeled from the inner spark or inner self which is only one thread in a network of other threads that make up the universal web, *source,* or the Oneness.

Present, past and future are but measurements of distance in the physical universe but all exist simultaneously as energy
Cynthia ©

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