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Friday, 3 May 2013

Hearing the Song of colors

I feel and believe in my heart that what we are wishing for, and what  we see in our visions and dreams are places where we have already been or will be and will some day again revisit in another reality. Past present and future are but measurements of distance and time but all exist simultaneously within the oneness of all that is in creation. Although our finite biological minds are limited in conceiving the totality of all that is, it is not impossible for the spiritual consciousness to see all of what is and is not visible in the spectrum of light and energy.

Every aspect of every potential to be in the spectrum of color in the continuum of light has significance, both the dark and the bright, for it brings forth from the depths of the embodied consciousness, a resonance with that light which then brings about a full complement and a full understanding of the light that radiates in every shade of color known and unknown which radiates within and without our being and from the soul itself.

Just remember, colors are beautiful and you know, if you listen carefully you can also hear the song of the colors. If you listen carefully and you will see that Gaia loves us al as one and we all resonate with the mother as one. Can you imagine that? Even after all the pain that she endures, she still loves us to let us see her true beauty. I can only pray that I can teach others how to listen for the music by resonating with the colors and sounds of our great mother and find harmony and peace in our hearts and our great mother someday perhaps in the not to distant future.


All light and energy in creation are as one, in this reality we are but one thread connecting with all threads that make up the universal web

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  1. hi Sis I found this to be very interesting. although there are parts that are a bit hard for me to understand. I still love what you are saying here it is beautiful dear sister.
    love you
    your sis.