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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Ancient Atlantis and Mars

Ancient Atlantis and Mars
Hi, dear friends and followers. I wrote this some years back, they are my own off the wall ideas and theories. From reading some of the interesting literature her I thought that maybe some of you might be interested from reading this entry. Thank you very much for your time

Before we begin the review of Atlantis, to my understanding, the name Atlantis was not necessarily the name for the first civilization to evolve on earth. But Atlantis being the buzz word for it,  why not call this ancient civilization Atlantis? Good enough a label as any for lack of any other description.

The latest archaeological find was  an incomplete set of humanoid skeletal remains that they called "Lucy."  The remains were judged to be around three million years old.

How old is humanity and how and why did this ancient civilization fall out of grace without a trace?  There are some very tantalizing artifacts left behind, hinting of a hierarchy of humanity in many different places around the world, yet  all disappeared  so suddenly around the same time.  There is still that annoying enigma they call missing link between what differentiates monkeys and apes from homo erectus to our modern day homo sapiens.

Now if one takes into consideration the very possible existence of ancient ruins of Mars which exceeds greatly the mass of any of the great artifacts we have here on Earth. How did they get there? Who built them? How long ago?

The gods? Perhaps, or beings of energy, angels or highly evolved beings, that are depicted in abundance on cave walls, ancient papyrus scrolls and stone tablets.

Some theorists have it that the human species early  beginning may have been possible through manipulation of our DNA code which was taken from an already earlier existing life form here on Earth then mixed with alien or extraterrestrial DNA, true star seeds, creating a new hybrid humanoid being. 

Mars, possibly wet and green at the time may possibly have truly been the outpost of the gods, Eden, or Atlantis, take your pick. For such extraterrestrial being to have come from elsewhere to colonize Mars, had to be much more advanced beings then we are at the present time.

To travel such a vast interstellar distance and have such a technology much more superior and advance to ours in order to build such massive structures as the pyramids here on earth and the remains of massive colossal artifacts on Mars such as the DMD pyramid and the face.

Could it be that the first civilization had their humble beginnings on Mars? Then at a later time journeyed to the Earth at a time when the environment cooled sufficiently enough to support life when Mars’ environment had begun to deteriorate.

In time the Gods moved on and the memory of these beings eventually faded into legends and myths. Angels dragons, thunderbirds, and fairies and a whole menagerie of other life forms mentioned in mythology. If so, what could have taken place for these beings to move so abruptly away from their creation? Or have they left at all?

Where did all there advanced technology go to? None was ever found and just imagine all the technology we have today and try to move all of it off planet in a very short time.

Was this technology in a physical form? Or was it something else much more beyond our concept of technology on the physical plane of our understanding?

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