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Monday, 8 April 2013

The Wind of Life

I give thanks for the life I have had.

I give thanks for the family I have shared with.

I give thanks for the friends I have met along the way.

I give thanks to have been given the gift of appreciation and love.
I give thanks for the privilege of having served the children of Gaea.

Life has been full, and I give thanks for the blessings I have received.

Now that I have reached the fall season of my journey in life here,

I look forward to the unfathomed adventures which lay on the morrow.
I will fly free over the deepest of crags where daylight never penetrates.
I will soar over seas so immense, their green depths unfathomable.
Over white, silver and grey clouds where
Therein is contained entire worlds of living creatures,
Some with large leathery wings and other with dragon fly wings.
Dragon-like beings and other smaller colorful flying creatures.
I now have to leave this beautiful world, I feel myself being lifted.
I now find myself in the darkness of space.
But not so dark, for Universe is a vibrant living entity.
She pulsates with life, with all the vibrant colors the spectrum of light.
Here within the web of universe I find that all that is of vibrant living energy,
All pulsates in harmony as one, like the living pulse beat of Gaea.The Wind, her breath of Life

Cynthia © 2010
The Cup of Fruition

I would rather die of thirst

Than drink from the cup of mediocrity
Mediocrity is when you put out the least
effort of your abilities to get by,
resulting in living a complacent existence 
in a substandard life.
My greatest desire is to drink from the cup 
of the sweet wine of success.

The cup of fruition
Cynthia ©

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