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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Mystical Forest

Stars shining bright in the sky, bright moon is on the horizon

The silvery light of the moon reflects in your sparkly eyes,
Filed with wonderment at the feeling of a magical moment
This is the forest of dreams my little soul to dream of magical things
Where in this forest you may go to sit with the fairy folk
A place we all know but so seldom is it visited,
Except by you little soul. So be patient and do sty a little while longer
They will be here hither from the land of fairies, pixies, and gnomes
To a place everyone knows is the land of make believe

Shadows flicker to and fro among the dark forms of the trees
Tiny whispers she hears, above and all around, hither and thither,
From everywhere In the darkness of the forest
They come in two’s and three’s, yet unseen,
As little soul huddles with her back to the great oak,
In the darkness she listens, in the forest of the land of make believe

A tiny voice whispers in her ear 'Will you come and play?'
Little Soul leaps to her feet ready to flee among the trees,

When suddenly she finds herself surrounded by many little lights.
Many colors they glow, winking all about her, but still!
Little soul is uncertain, as she watches warily for their  intention
Still remaining braced to flee at the first sign of danger.

She suddenly begins to bolt for the darkened forest
When she hears tinny giggles and Little soul stops to look back
They were everywhere, tiny little human like lights with wings
Flitting about everywhere around her,

Singing and dancing in the air all about herm, she then realizes,
Their not running after you little soul, they want to play.
Dance with the fairies, dance with the stars and the moon
For soon the morning sun will rise and the little fairy folk
Willl return into the forest to rest until the stars shine once again

So laugh! Rejoice, and dance little one, be happy whilst there is still time

Dance with the fairies little soul, “dance and enjoy the bliss of the moment

Cynthia ©

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