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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Rusty Nails

Hi dear friends, I thought I would share this light story with you for today as I did not have time to set up anything else, Have a great read

Rusty Nails

Rusty Nails.

Rusty nails, musty plaster and tattered wallpaper with water stains. A breeze can be felt wafting up from the rickety old staircase. Somewhere down the corridor a door swings on its creaky old rusty hinges. Little Annie looks around her, and hears her own trembling voice asking herself, "Oh, OK, where is everyone hiding at?," Eyes as big a saucers, she stands very still and as silently as she can and once again looks all about her for any sign of any other movement in the room besides herself, before she cautiously proceeded forward, a board creaked under her foot, she felt her heart leaped to her throat.
Of a sudden she sees a movement, just to her right, above her head!  Even though frightened out of her wits she turns to look. To her dismay, it turns out to be only one old bat flitting its way around in circles towards a hole in the ceiling further down the haul. Turning to her left, she stops once again dead in her tracks and begins to step back with bated breath. There  it was, what she had come to witness with her very own eyes, there stands a cackling ghost witch, Eeeeeek the little girl screams, "there she is, the wicked witch of the west?'

Nah! "It's just a dumb old large spider's web hanging from the ceiling, fluttering lazily in the drafty hallway. With not a living soul in sight, Annie sits in the corner next to the stained window with her elbows planted on her lap, and her chin resting on the palms of her two hands. Down crested, she weeps, she had failed, her shoulders shuddered at each sob.  Unbeknown to her, outside the window the sun is slowly sinking bellow the tree tops. The light begins to dim in dusty old rooms of the decrepit old house. A house her friends had all told her was supposed to be haunted. "Phoooooey!"

Cynthia ©

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