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Sunday, 3 November 2013


Hi dear friends and followers. Today I have presentation that I composed myself on the topics of dreams and feelings and sensitivities. Have a great read.


We all have dreams as well as visions, unfolding before us like the scenes in a movie. Some visions can be even more vivid than the most realistic of movies, like a true-to- life experience.

I have had dreams, some really wonderful dreams, as well as some pretty terrifying ones.  I have even written stories based on some experiences I have had in dreams.  I believe that it is possible that many writers get their conceptions and ideas for book writing from dreams and visions.

Dreams of the past or dreams of the future... well, according to some theorists it is believed that the past, present, and future exist simultaneously because all time is within the realm of infinity, no beginning, no end.  Two subatomic particles a universe apart can pulsate simultaneously as if they were one. This in itself, to me, would seem no more than a random occurrence between two points within the theater of infinity, yet a oneness of thought unity of energy pulsations.  But how?

All that we truly know of this reality is a forward progression of microseconds within time, where we experience our physical existence within a given sequence of events. In this sequence of time, in the physical reality of these vessels we inhabit which we call our physical bodies, we have only two choices:  to either move forward, progress and grow;  or refuse and stop progressing and regress or degenerate.

Life is a constant test, a challenge of wits and will, and for those of us who are more finely tuned in, it seems and feels as though we are served an extra portion of challenge on our plates than most other folks. Were these sensitivities meant for us to more finely tune into our inner knowings, instincts and intuitions? 

Were these sensitivities meant to help us and to help others find their way through their personal darkness, and by doing so to evolve into an ever-growing level of awareness?

If we truly know and believe inside and continue following this inner information or inner knowing, we will progressively awaken to higher level of consciousness.  We only need to trust and follow our own instincts and intuitions.  I have found that quite frequently these knowings will come to my conscious mind through dreams and visions.

So as we plod along on the path of life, we learn and we grow and I believe it is the growth that really counts. The route of ascension I have found has not come easily, and it is only in experiencing the darkness that you will know the light.
How many lives have we lived since before we became aware of the one we are now in?

How many dreams have you had of places yet unseen, within the dream realm, that will coalesce into tomorrow's reality?

Cynthia ©

Thank you for reading, and share your thoughts if you would. 

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