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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

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  Naturally, as a part of being human, we have each our own mystic experience.

I do not mean psychic experiences, telepathic, metaphysical or clairvoyant experiences,... I do not mean experiences of the natural senses-(of the psychic), experiences of the perceptions of an expanded mind.

I mean experiences of reality, of god.

This is not a question, it is a fact, recognized or not we have these experiences in our lives, its a part of being human.

The real question is... do we have these fleeting experiences, or do we live this mystic experience as life.

Often after these experiences, this exhilarating freedom, satiating peace and drunken love, joy and bliss, we turn back to the mind as the ultimate source of authority.

And the mind says, well,,, we need to become that experience, we need to experience that joy, that bliss, that love again. It seeks for it, yearns for it.

My message to you is very simple. That experience has not ended, you are living it now.

And all the looking, all the arrogant efforting, all the hard work, all the questioning, all the answering- merely pushes you further away from the conscious recognition of this fact.

Once there is that awakening into source, god, self, consciousness, samadhi, divine reality, then that awakening is continuing, like it or not, every second of every day of your life.

The same still presence of the eternal, the now, the self, the stillness, silence spaciousness, that you experienced then, is also what you experience now.

Just all so often as we turn this authority over to the mind, we become obsessed with the content of the mind, rather than the nature of the mind. 

No matter how philosophical, spiritualized, or loving you become. So long as you turn the authority over to the content of the mind in this way, you will never actually move beyond dualistic conceptual belief- simply because the mind works in duality, in belief and perception. And you are not duality, you are not a belief and you are not a perception. You are one, you are real and you are the perceiver, not the thought-"I am the perceiver".

So simple, and so often so overlooked in its infinite depth, peace and simplicity, as the mind searches all around looking desperately for more.

There is nothing that is not perfect, there is nothing that is not god, there is nothing that is not already whole and complete. And judging yourself, thoughts, situations, others, is tiring and

Ask yourself this question, and follow this enquiry:- how much of my time and my energy goes into the sustaining and creation of a sense of a self, a story?

how much of your thoughts are taken up with defining me or other good or bad want and aversions

i am this
i need this
i want this
i dont want this
this is bad
this is good
this about "me" is good
this about "me" is bad

And then perceiving all others, and all situations through the lens of the perspective created by these definitions, that is believed to be the real self living from fear, from a lie from a F-alse, E-xpectation, A-bout, R-eality defining who you are in your mind, in terms of the reactions you

choose towards the perceptions you have of others and situations its exhausting, because this "self" is not real, its a thought and it takes a tremendous amount of energy, of conscious attention, to
sustain it.

In this moment, in the stillness behind these thoughts, in the silence under the noises, in the spaciousness of your conscious attention you are already free already holy and whole my invitation to you, is simply to stop stop all the activities of the mind and rest in natural great peace, so coming to know yourself when you live life from this peace you are free soberly, and ecstatically free

If you do not, you live a lie you live a belief, a perception and perceptions and beliefs are limited

whereas reality is infinite if you want an end to it all if you desire peace on earth, love within mankind environmental stability a cessation of human suffering and the final freedom of true spiritual awakening then stop believing you have to somehow earn love, you are love.

Just stop, really stop one second of true stopping will free you from an eternity of illusion no doing, no acting, no learning will ever do this if you stop looking for any state other than the one you are already in you will be at peace-(what it is you really want no matter how many avenues you may take to try to somehow earn or create it).

Peace within is the bearer of peace without peace is the foundation of the expression of the love we are love is the foundation of all of nature and all that is natural nature is the key to the end of human suffering and freedom is already yours to live

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great Week.
 ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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