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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

What are Dreams

What Are Dreams

 Yes dreams can be weird because mush of what will constitute a dream on any given night will be a mixed bag of what you experienced through the day. 

Yes dreams can be weird because much of what will constitute a dream on any given night will be a mixed bag of what you experienced through the day. If your day was chaotic your dream will be chaotic and disconnected, not making any sense. If your dream was pleasant then your day may have been ordered and pleasant. 

I also believe that some dreams could also be out of body experiences. Or possibly just a way for the conscious and subconscious minds to communicate on an astral plane to disconnect in an attempt to escape from a stressful reality. I believe that much of our dreams are derived from memories of past experiences as well as  what the infinite potentials of the future may bring as well. Some dreams are prophetic while others are of past events from this present life, or just as possibly an undetermined number of past lives. 

If our soul memory has stored every bit of information from past experiences since the birth of time, can you imagine the field day our subconscious memory could have with all these memories to draw from? Even just from one life time? What is a soul? One analogy that comes to mind, is one brain cell connected by intergalactic neural pathways to an infinity of other brain cells, the collective oneness within the consciousness. 

I have occasionally wondered if maybe we are manifesting something from our own minds seek a concept, that our minds can process to gain some understanding through our own impression which we can grasp and process into a form that our minds can accept. What ever this phenomena in our dreams is that we are confronted with will then take a form in a diminished capacity from it's true form, Because if we were to truly see these beings an entity in it's completeness form we would just simply not be able to understand what we are confronted with. 

So therefore we would not see them, If we are not ready to see them then we will not see them yet. The veil is not only thin, at times it is transparent.  

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