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Monday, 4 November 2013

Quantum Consciousness

Quantum Consciousness

The unfolding of the mysteries of the universe progresses much quicker during these modern times than it did, say, 50 years ago. This is owing much to modern day media, TV,  radio, newspapers, magazines, books and the internet, which in itself can move something like ten times the volume of information than the conventional means all put together. 

Today you will note an increasing growth in the interest in spirituality, faith, seeings, sensings, knowings, quantum physics and the metaphysical, more so than there ever was at any given time in prior recorded history. Man has held a fascination, sometimes to the degree of an obsession in learning more about the unknown and what lies beyond *this* reality. There has been a steady increase of interested people wishing to learn more about the extraterrestrial, paranormal, the spiritual, reincarnation, magic, fantasy and witchcraft, etc., etc. Groups of people are being formed everywhere called cults, not to be mistaken with the negative version of occult, just another word to describe those groups of people who gather wishing to learn about the phenomenon of spirituality and the supernatural.

One could also include religious beliefs. Any beliefs can be incorporated into learning. Again, if you are looking with an open mind, because all people contain a small piece of that truth, you can find these words of wisdom among the printed words within the pages of these ancient texts, parchments and scrolls, and again, of course, reading the words with an open mind and an open heart. The ancient writings can only take you so far and cannot take you beyond that point. What the books do is give you the key to open the doors that go beyond earthly knowledge, a key to the quantum phenomena of reality and creation, but only if you pursue this knowledge and wisdom.

I just think that many of us are born with a higher-evolved consciousness. It is just unfortunate that some of us are cut off, beaten back, or discouraged from pursuing these knowings, sensings, and seeings. Forced by those around us who persist we follow their truth, we repress and forget that which is as much part of us as our own limbs. These knowings may remain dormant for a time, but will never go away. They will resurface at some point in later years, when the veil is lifted briefly to reveal a flash of what's has been repressed within. It is possible to cross over if a person really believes and accepts these phenomena in their lives as part of the infinite potentialities of universal Oneness of Consciousness.

*The Great Illusion.* Anthropomorphic? Oh yes, definitely, but also as real as you and I.  Different realities merging at zero point. *Source.* 


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