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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Interdimentional Connections

Interdimentional Connections

This is a topic that I have had an interest in for a good many years  and thought I would share some idea and theories I have discerned by combining factual knowledge and imagination. Imagination as the lines that connect the dots.

there have been more unexplained phenomena that have been experienced by some more so in recent years then any other generations before in history, that we are aware of, the more common ones such as, sparklies, orbs, and rods, as well many other type of glowing energy sources, both on the ground and in the night sky.

Is it possible that what we see today are only residual energies of what' was once the very life force of this reality. How much of the beings and other creatures from out of our ancient past may have been yesterdays reality? Are these shadowy or residual energies of legendary dragons, unicorns, fairies, and a variety of other types of light beings and other ancient fantasy wonders have been classified as myths?

No one can conclusively prove or disprove the existence of unicorns, dragons, light beings, fairies, ghosts, extraterrestrial beings  just as they can't prove or disprove if Atlantis existed or if the Bermuda Triangle is a naturally reoccurring phenomena or if it is created by a artificial structure, the entrance to a worm hole perhaps, another world in space and time. 

Sister Worlds
Maybe Atlantis and Agartha (Middle Earth) were and still are located on Mars, or anothe planet within a diferent time and space. Or maybe I should say even to  the present day still is there under the ground on Mars. Or on the surface of another planet long expiered orbiting a dying star.

Let's go one further and this time we center our atention on the closest planet to us that is proving to once having had a very similar environmnet to ours. 

What if the first civilization of humans who walked on the surface of this earth came from Mars? A Mars that had abundant water with small inland oceans. There is evidence that it once retained a thicker atmosphere that may have sustain life for a short period of time, millions of years before earth had even cooled sufficiently enough to support life. A planet with a much thicker hot corosive and poisoness atmosphere.

This eventual exodus from Mars to Earth may have been planed for millions of years before as the Martian environment deteriorated and became uninhabitable, especially after the great asteroid and meteor storms began bombarding not just planet Mars but all planets in the solar sytem millions of years ago.

A theory was put forward by NASA researchers there may have been a sixth planet past the orbit of Mars that may have been unstable for reasons unknown and may have blown up sending debris flying on diferent paths around the sun.

At any rate it would mesn these stelar beings were here long before we were and with a little genetic manipulation of what ever form of life there was here would basicly make them the acestors of that species Ou ansestors from the stars and we are the children of the stars.  


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