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Friday, 22 November 2013



Family, Peers, superiors such as teachers, preachers, politicians, boss etc. as well as friends and to a greater degree society itself defines who and what we are to be from the moment of conception. The seed of the mind continues to grow and to become what it believes it is suppose to be. The fully mature character of the person you have been conditioned to think you are.

But are you living the true you?like much of the potential in the seed of the great oak remains dormant, entrenched and buried within the mind or psych of the person I had been programed to believe I was. Until the mind becomes conscious of these other potentials within, the inner life forse of the oak, the seed gets confused and unable to grow into a fully mature oak tree. Not reaching it's majestic state of being, It will fail to grow like it was meant to be with all of its branches extending outward, reaching for the heavens above. 

Thi is the tree of life, and all of the characteristics that made me who I am,s a person come to life from the source within the tree, my inner source, that is connected to all living things.

Our true inner selves as well as the id, or ego, which ever you wish to call it, the true spark of myself within. Who and how I will identify as my true self is *not* by learned behavior, as the old teachings would have us believe. Ego can be swayed either way. But the true conscious self is deeply *rooted from where the original seed had fallen,* It is from deep within the mind or heart. We are who we are from birth and this seed within the mind, heart and soul will determine the being that will be the true self, emerging from it’s own dust and disary it will as the great Phoenix, a rebirth of the soul. Listen to the inner voice

In my prior years with all of its insanity, it took me many years of feeling like I was possessed by demons and that I was going to go to hell in a hand basket, until I accepted she who dwells within, before my growth towards my own individuality began. Just having accepted who I was inside brought peace not just to my mind but my heart and soul as well, but enough so that I could at least once again be functional in society.

The metamorphosis is the coming and accepting she or he who dwells within, the coming into being of the true self by just being truthful to myself. 


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