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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Native American Legends

Native American Legends

The Warrior and the bear
All in nature is interconnected
A Traditional story I was told when I was a child by my people,

Most of this is from memory
 Stories told us at children’s learning circle.

All things, both animate and inanimate have spirit energy. Universe is living spirit. The stars are the Spirit Elders. The moon is Spirit Grandmother and the Earth is Spirit Mother and Father sun the living light. All upon the Mother is of the living spirit, the rocks, the soil, the plants, the animals, also the water and all that resides within it. Just as is the air and all that resides within it, all is of one spirit.

A totem animal is one that is chosen which represents ones characteristics from an early age. This totem may change several times in one’s life time depending on the changes of that person’s characteristics as they mature. Like the parents of a girl child may choose the totem of a fawn as they perceive their child having the characteristics reminiscent of a fawn deer, or any other characteristics reminiscent to that animal chosen to represent that child

This was why in those days when one had used what they needed from the land for nourishment it was not only a custom but a respect to give an offering of tobacco and prayer on thanksgiving to the Spirit who had provided for us. It was believed that all that was provided to the people for sustenance should be returned to the earth to replenish the Earth Mother's living spirit.

Usually power animals, the higher evolved, warm-blooded species, (although plants and reptilians can also be used and are also commonly used as totems.  Once you have connected with this totem animal you become connected as one in spirit, each sharing the conscious/subconscious mind of the other, (empathically and psychically). I use my power animal to merge as one with when in search of something. I let my spirit drift to make contact in what ever given area I wish to learn about.
My totem is the mouse, so it has been given to me from childhood and have not found any reason to seek a different one. 

The mouse is alert and can pick up on many of the tinier details that most of the bigger totem animals may not. The mouse is also the least noticed except for a bird of prey.

As I see it, in the warrior and the bear, the bear is the warrior’s chosen totem. This totem is the one that the warrior can identify with and feel most comfortable working with. Its strength, speed, and ability to move about almost invisibly in its natural habitat are an  asset to the warrior. The bear can scout an enemy camp unnoticed and even if noticed it would appear to the observer as just a wandering bear.

There are many stories told about shape shifters in the Native Traditional legends. In the Shamanic form you learn to control your own being and your own energies and frame of mind before entering the shape shifting practice or mind speak session with your totem animal. Keeping your mind centered in a positive way is essential. After all, how can you  meditate or enter the trance state and remain centered if you hold ill will for another? And you would not want to enter the trance states with ill will in mind, Science says, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and so such is the nature of universe. I could not go into a trance or meditation with a clear mind if my head is full of wanting to get even or to use this ability or gift for negative intent.

Be in harmony with all about you. Be at peace in your heart. Let all negative things flow by, like autumn leaves on the fast moving waters of a creek. Allow your mind to perceive all of the tiniest details in the environment around you and allow your mind to drift on the soft spring breeze under the blue sky above you in the realms of your imagination. Be one with it, let it take you where it may and allow your inner senses to awaken and see.

Cynthia ©

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