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Monday, 18 November 2013

What is Reality?

Christians call it the Holly spirit, or as I call it the web of Universe.

The web could also be described all in universe mater and energy is stitched upon this web since the beginning of time, all the way back to the original thought, or, the word was spoken in the ether and there was light ,as Albert Einstein once quoted.

Reality? now there is an perplexing conundrum, I think it's conception is as varied as each human being perceives it. Reality is about as multifarious as the many layered conceptions of just what is infinity.  We are only able to perceive only the bits and pieces of it that comes within our range of being able to detect it on this physical plane and in the physical world and again those bits will differ greatly from one individual to an other. Is it that we truly live in different world's or should I say each of us perceive our own world differently then others

This reality is not really what it appears to be, in the sense of being solid or concrete, it is more made like different densities in the grids that make the Holographic universe, a very well designed hologram. 

As for the Holly Spirit or the tapestry upon which the fabric of creation was stitched upon. The Holly spirit is the grid upon which all of creation is connected to includes us. If one really believed and wanted to, you can use the grid to connect with your Creator Angel's and even other human being who are in a time between time.

The time between time is in the immediate second, freeze this second and time stops, speed it up it goes forward if you slow it down hypothetically you would be moving back. But in order to visit the past one would have to travel to the future in order to get back to the past. For example the more you accelerate past the speed of light sufficiently you could basically go to Alpha Centauri and be back in time to shake hands with yourself before you left. You look through a telescope and you see planet that is 20 million light years away but you are seeing it as it was 20 million years ago because it took that long for light to travel here. You would have to travel to the future to get to the past 

I also agree much that not all of the understanding even minutely about the very far past, like for one, this planets atmospheric composition of the elements, like what other elements were are at work in our ionosphere's 
composition. We have rovers on Mars that have just begun giving us data that has been instrumental to us with learning about how much there is that is so closely comparable to our own Earth's geology

Books, oh but yes, by all means they are the stepping stones until learning that these are nothing more then stepping stones that will lead us to the ****doorway*** but that is as far as the books get you. One needs to step through the doorway if one wishes to learn more of the mysteries.

The beginning of the rest of our journey to truth and reality. this
you will find is the rest of the journey is within the inner-self, if
you really desire to look deep within.

Love and Light

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