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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Dragon's Talisman Part 3 page 3 of 8

The Dragon's Talisman Part 3 page 3 of 8

The lab was made up of three of the largest cavernous chambers. It was only part of a maze of smaller chambers not only at ground level but also many other levels below, some that had not yet even been explored. When I heard that, a shiver went up my spine as I thought of the possibilities that the remains of the previous occupants could still be laying about. 

That brought back memories of many horror sci fi flicks I had watched in my earlier years. I had seen many different types of life forms in as many different realities but I just could not imagine what the ones that might be within this fortress looked like, nor was I sure if I was in a hurry to find out. For some reason it didn’t give me a feeling of comfort. It was more like a creepy feeling. I hoped I was wrong and that they were a benevolent species,  gentle giants, as the old saying goes.

Jason’s calling my name and asking if I was alright brought me out of a growing cloud of rather gloomy, disturbing thoughts, back into the brightness of that present reality. I looked at him and smiled and moved on. 

The lab contained many components I could recognize but there was much that was foreign to me. Benches were lined with computer monitors; the walls were covered with electronic instruments with many blinking lights of different colors, like Christmas lights I thought. There was a large, roundish object next to one of the instrument panels with wires spreading out every which way leading to other instrument panels. 

I put my hand over Jason’s arm indicating I wanted him to stop. He stopped and turned to me with a quizzical look on his face. I pointed to my left with my thumb and asked, “And what might that thing be?” 

He looked toward my pointing thumb then turned back to me and just said nonchalantly, “Oh that one, it’s one of the many reverse-engineered artifacts of the ancient ones. This is a data communications source that drives all of the computers in here.” “Different computers from the average. These were constructed from reverse engineered artifacts. What we didn’t have of the old technology we connected together with our own.” “And that is what is taking most of the room in these labs. One artifact the size of a football would have close to the same computing ability as 100 of our top performance conventional computers,” Jason informed me.

“I must admit I am not only impressed but also a bit overwhelmed by all of this information and the extent of the technology that went into this place. So you decided to build right on-site, can’t think of a better place. This place is like a fortress,” I said.  

Jason continued: “A lot of the artifacts were found here but there are also many that came from other countries around the world, which go further into confirming what many archeologists have already suspected many times through the centuries, and that is, that this ancient civilization was a world wide one, similar to us today.” 

Into another chamber, he brought me, to an area at the center of the chamber. There was a round raised platform about ten feet across in the center. All around the chamber had been erected a cinema size screens, except these screens were not covered with a material like cinema screens. Now that my eyes had adjusted to the light I noticed
the screens were made of a slightly wavy pale grey luminescent matter with an energy field that looked something like smoke. 

We climbed up a short set of stairs to the top of the platform, two seats came up out of the floor and Jason gestured for me to sit in the one to his left. He then turned to me to give me some instructions. “You wished to know about the ancient ones, well I’m taking you to their home. If you do not want to go I will understand.” He pressed his right index finger lightly to his lips and continued: “What we will be seeing will not be in real time, it will be in a different time but our physical bodies will remain here at all times. It’s just going feel like you are there in their real time.”

“With that said, buckle up because it is going to be a bumpy ride which will feel quite real. I would also advise you use the seat belt,” James said, then smiled. 

“Don’t tell me, some more technology from the ancient artifacts?,” I said 

“Yes, exactly. These ancients were thousands of years ahead of us and I’ve just scratched the surface here as to figuring out what they were about. The biggest problem is there are more artifacts out there that haven’t been yet found, a lot more missing pieces out there than we know of in existence.”

With that I buckled up as I heard a low hum which quickly increased in volume to a high pitched squeal then nothing, just silence and the smoke like screen gave more of an appearance of sitting in the middle of a whirlwind.

“Tornado!” I screamed just as the full strength of the blast of air which felt quite real would have sucked me right out of my seat if I hadn’t been buckled-up.

We were being sucked up into a funnel which stretched  above us like a tornado in reverse, the broad end where we started and the small end up above. Our seats shook violently. I was getting concerned that it would come loose from the floor. My long hair flew all around as I felt the hurricane-strength wind blowing on my cheeks. I had never experienced anything like this before, not even in the wildest and oddest of storms! I had ever experienced anything like this even while riding Dragon! 

Suddenly the turbulence stopped. All I could hear was the whispering of air blowing past us. Around us was a grey mist, then we came out into clear sky. I could see the ground below; well, it was clear at our altitude but above still looked like a grey cloud cover. 

What shocked me is the land below! If one was to paint the landscape on Mars grey, it would be what this world looked like. Many places I saw spiraling cities that looked like they had been covered in a dark layer of dust. Not a living thing appeared to be moving around, no vegetation. Then I saw them, the giants, below, walking up a ramp towards one of the spirals. There were about twenty of them. Some appeared to be their children. They entered the spiral in a single file. 

“What you are witnessing, princess, is the last exodus of the giants’ home.” Jason said aloud. 

“But they look exactly like us, except much taller. So this is kind of like a holographic projection. Is this more of their technology?” I asked. 

Jason replied, “Part of it. Remember that I said we had to use our own technology to link theirs, the missing pieces.” A door cover closed behind the last giant to enter and seconds later the spiral appeared to slowly disintegrate into thin air.

“What happened?” I asked Jason.

“They just turned into energy form. In energy form they can ride the rifts between realities and just blink back into physical form into any reality in space and time.” James explained.

There were impact craters in many different places large and small. Some terrain appeared to have been exposed to extreme heat, hot enough to melt some of the rock formations. Glaciers covered most of what appeared to be the northern hemisphere.

“An ice age?” I asked.

“Yes, except this one is going to be a permanent one, just like on Mars. Same thing happened there, too, you know.”  

“You mean wars?” I queried. I shivered again for the second time on this day as I thought about these apparently not-so-gentle giants.

On the tail of these thoughts we were again being buffeted by hurricane force winds and the seats vibrated violently once more. This time we were spinning around like a top. My hair whipped about me and I thought surely my seat would come loose and I would get sucked up into the vacuum of space or some such place. 

All went silent and the vibrating abruptly stopped. Next thing I was aware of was Jason calling my name and asking if I was alright for the second time that day.

“I’m fine,” I assured us both as I unbuckled. I was grateful to be in one piece and out of the seat.

Jason put his arms around me and all my fear melted away. We shared an embrace and kissed for what felt like an eternity as we slowly danced around the platform.             

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