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Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Dragon's Talisman part3

The Dragon's Talisman part3

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Dragon landed in a clearing not far from the pillar of stone which was about five hundred feet in diameter. From the air it looked like a natural formation of rock after thousands of years of natural wear. But from this distance there was no mistaking the pillar for a natural formation. Very large blocks of stone were piled up on top of one another. With the heavy vegetation growing around the structure it was quite easy to pass it off as natural.

Before I departed I once again put my hand on Dragon's scaly head. She set her head on the ground and let out a groan. I communicated for her to stay where she was unless I asked her to do otherwise. She snorted and two little puffs of smoke drifted from her nostrils. "OK, I know you don't like to be inactive but at the same time I wouldn't want some idiot with a rifle pointing their sights at you again," was the last thought that I sent to her. Then I began hacking my way through the bushes with my lance.  After what felt like hours I arrived at clear ground that went around the structure for 8 or 10 feet. 

I walked slowly around the pillar looking for what might be an entrance or someone outside waiting for me. Jason had told me that the complex lay below the structure. So it would only be sensible to think that there was an entrance of sorts. 

An opening materialises from nowhere right before my eyes and Jason stepped out to greet me! We held each tightly. It was such a relief to have found him at all. I knew just how dangerous things could get. To be truthful, I was more concerned for him as I held on tightly to him. I had never felt this way about anyone else before, I thought.

"Please follow me," he said as he turned to retreat back into the opening. 

As I walked through I examined the stone walls of the structure we were walking through.  They had an ethereal appearance to them, like the entry and passages were not cut but instead they were "faded" into the stone, like a gentl chemical process or the action of sunlight had made them. 

As we walked on a little  further we came out into a very large round chamber with a vaulted roof supported by stone pillars. Jason turned toward the entrance and pressed his thumb on a hand held object and the entrance sealed itself up again. I looked at him puzzled and asked. "Did you invent that technology?"

"Artifacts restored with our technology, reverse engineered, artifacts. I didn't invent anything. I just figured out how it worked. These artifacts were made by a civilization dating back to the megaliths more commonly know as the pyramids." "They came from another world not unlike your present home of the fairy world, except their world is even more ancient. My guess is they were here even before mankind. Planet earth was only one of many an outposts." "Thus the many legends and myths that have by some of our earliest writers, writers of fables they were called, and here we have a room full... a cathedral size one with parts of those fables, like you. You, one of the rarest in many worlds to my standards." Then he pointed to the fairy people who hovered above them in the great empty cathedral like chamber 

Jason motioned for me to follow. We walked a short distance towards the end of the chamber then down a corridor, all made with the same immense blocks of stone. I had the impression that the structure had been built for giants.

"Giants!" I said aloud. There were also many myths about giants who had roamed the Earth at one time. The Bible calls them the sons of God, the Watchers and Goliath.  I stooped and looked at Jason and just asked, "Was it?" Jason looked at me a little puzzled. Were these super structures built to accomodate giants? I asked. "Oh that!" he said, "But of course. I thought you had already come to that conclusion way before now. The evidence of such beings is everywhere in the world." 

"So these ET's were the first civilization on this planet, even before we ever came on the scene? I asked. "Yes, another merging of worlds. They merge for a time, multiple realities touching momentarily, then parting again. But I think we have the means of bonding or fusing them together, what you can call the bringing of the great change," Jason responded. 

We climbed down a great spiral staircase, carved out of solid rock. When we arrived at the bottom we stopped, then Jason pressed on the same hand-held device as before with the same result. An archway appeared out of the solid stone wall. It led into another large room, except this one was was lit up brightly by an unknown source of light. 

The walls were lined shelves with an array of different apparatus that one might see in a laboratory. To the left were shelves upon shelves to the ceiling that were filed with what appeared to be a variety of  ancient artifacts, large and small. At the end of the there was wall to wall instrument panel filled eclectronics like that of a giant control panel for an aircraft.

To this point the only source of light we had was that which radiated from the fairy people. "About these fairy people, where do they come from?  Mine remained outside with dragon, I" asked abruptly.

"They were assigned to me," said Jason. Then I remembered the fairy people back home telling me that the person I was to find was also protected by the fairy people.

Jason showed me around the lab doing the best he could to explain the technical part of the work he was doing, Even with my knowledge of the sciences I could not entirely follow what Jason was saying. He had amassed learning of technologies of which I had not yet heard.

We retreated through another corridor that merged into a large living room area and a with a full-sized kitchen where a young man busied himself with the kitchen chores. We sat at a large dining room table when a lady came over and asked what we would like. 

Not expecting instant service, the suddenness of the voice caused me to instinctively rise from my chair. When reality returned I apologized to the server, sat down again, looked at Jason and said, "I'll have whatever you are having." Then I sat as composed as I could. 

"It's ok, no spies here; we are free to talk about anything." he informed me. 

We had dinner then retired to the living room. The ensuing conversation consisted mostly of my asking a lot questions about the place we were.    

Continued from The Dragon's Talisman Part 2 page 1 to 6

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