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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Dragon’s Talisman Part 3 page 4 of 8

The Dragon’s Talisman Part 3 page 4 of 8

“So! You say that it’s more like a hologram? It sure felt real to me. I feared most being torn apart by that tornado we were inside of,” I said in a somewhat puzzled voice.

“The essence or the consciousness of our beings was there, in real time, well, real time 60 million light years ago.” 

“60 million years ago they killed their home, ravaging it with wars and waste, complete disregard for the consequences these would have on their environment. Owing to their total disregard and indifference to the effects they had on their own eco system, it became a dead planet. They had to find elsewhere to live.”

“They were revered as gods, but something went terribly wrong and
they very suddenly had to leave the planets they had colonized here in this solar system. That’s all I have been able to decode from the artifacts so far,” Jason explained.

Another shiver came over me with the thoughts of such beings from such a different time and place possibly having been in this very facility. “Do you think they’re still around?” I asked.

Jason shrugged his shoulders. “Some may have stayed behind to do whatever it was that was so urgent in order for them to leave; their very existence would have to have been in grave danger.” “What gives me the goose bumps is this: what could it have been to frighten away such powerful, highly-advanced beings” There certainly wasn’t anything on this planet that could have been of any threat to them,” Jason finished.

“So then it would have to have been a source from outside of this planetary system because they would have encountered or detected it much sooner in the early part of their arrival if it had been local,” I theorized.  

“Yes my thoughts exactly, it must have come from outside our solar system. Could it be something much more powerful was following them?” Jason wondered aloud.

We turned the corner into another corridor and kept walking as we talked. We were making our way to the gate to deliver the talisman its final resting place. I crossed my fingers and prayed that Jason’s reverse engineering of the artifact technology with ours would hold together.

Well I didn’t know what the end result would be but I had to trust in what Jason had said earlier about a great change, gradual, probably not even that noticeable at first. But it would be irreversible once the key was turned, where in this case it is inserting the talisman in its cradle, a molding set in an artifact.

At the edge of the long corridor there was a heavy metal door. Jason stopped and took his hand-held instrument from his pocket, aimed it at the door and pressed on the side of the object with his thumb. The door slid up to expose a very bright interior. I put my hand up before my eyes but continued to follow Jason into the brilliantly-lit room. Again, another source of light I could not detect. It was as if the light came from the air. I guess I had stopped momentarily during the time I was contemplating on the light.

“The light source is in the air itself!” I said in amazement, “Ionized air.” “You will see there is no distortion of light here nor are there any shadows.” Jason spoke.

The ground shook under our feet just as we had arrived at the terminal that contained the artifact. I lost my footing temporarily and fell against one of the instrument panels. I felt something buzz beneath where my shoulder had struck and the entire room went dark.

“I think I broke something,” I said lamely. “It’s OK, I can fix that” “We have a more immediate threat! Someone out there  is trying to blast their way through and they could succeed if they hit any of the ancient sealed entrances that we have not yet fortified!” Jason exclaimed.

“Who are they?” I asked, “The same ones as before with the van and other vehicles?”  

“I am not certain but whoever they are they appear to be quite determined to get in here. And for anyone to be that determined to get in here they must be convinced there is something in here worth the work and time of getting in here.”

A medium-sized man in a military-type uniform came up to Jason and showed him a piece of paper whereupon Jason nodded and the person in military uniform nodded back, then left.

“It’s the same people, special government agents.” It seems that these people are not very favorable to private enterprise, especially if it comes to close to matching their own intelligence.” Jason declared.

“I may have one solution.” I told Jason. “I am not just a courier from another reality I am also a well seasoned warrior. I would like to request that you open the entrance to dragon’s chamber so that we may go and scout and maybe even shake them up enough to back away for a while, until we get the power up again here to proceed with our operations,”
I volunteered.  

The emergency power came back on, the difference in the intensity
in light as compared to before was about as different as the light from a 100 watt bulb to a candle.
James motioned me to follow him.

“Follow that corridor to its end and don’t turn into any other corridor - just go straight forward,” he directed. He handed me one of those hand held instruments and told me to   press on the right side with my thumb to open the door.

“Go into the chamber and collect your dragon then press the same side of that mechanism I gave you and it will open the main tunnel to the outside world as well.  From there you are on your own I’m afraid, my sweetness.”

Just then the ground shook and streams of sand and dust sifted down from the ceiling. I embraced him and we kissed a long lingering kiss like it could have been our last kiss. That was a distinct possibility, I thought. He then held my hands and said, “I will be waiting for you, my sweetness.”   

Dragon and I hit the outside air with such speed that to an onlooker we would have been no more the a blur

To be continued

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