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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Fairy tales or not? ~ A fall sunset

Fairy Tales or Not?
Hi, dear friends and followers. Thank you very much for visiting and reading my blog. Today I have two poems to share with you, Have a wonderful day
Ours is a world of dualities
In every direction that we look.
Our day is made of darkness and light
And so are our deeds, both evil and good.
The stories we share have dualities, too,
In ignorance and knowledge,
Darkness and light, do and not do.
Fairy tales take dualities of evil and good
And in their constant retelling
have the goodness to win.
But fairy tales are contrived, you might say,
So that the terrible things that they describe
Are not real, but only appear that way.
The underdog always wins and the hero
Arrives in the very nick of time
To save the day and marry the girl.
But real life it is not
Because life is unfair.
The bad guys keep winning
And the good people die;
A massacre in Paris,
A flight falls from the sky.
You need not wonder if evil is real.
Violence and terror remind us daily.
But so is the nobleness that resides within us;
It shows its face in every act
of kindness and humanity we do.
Love is real and not always romantic.
It’s as simple as courtesy in holding door,
And as real as helping at the homeless shelter.
They say that fairy tales are just that -
Fantasies cut in black and white,
Predictable, meant to entertain.
But I think they are as complex 
As we who tell them can be.
Each act of love takes us closer
To another land, a better place,
A land where everything is possible.
By +Cindy Groulx 

A Fall Sunset

At sunset the sky is like a fire in the west
that blazes in crimson and gold;
with random swaths of orange and red, 
as cottony clouds glow in candy-pink
drifting lazily to the east.
The sunset's reds cast their hue on the forest
setting it on fire, or so it would seem.

The sun's light is fading as it slowly sinks 
behind the hills far in the distance. 
Day's life-giving warmth 
cools to evening's shade
as it slowly sinks to give way to the Moon. 
I bid a fond farewell to this day. 
What the future holds for me, 
Only time will tell. 

Tomorrow morning will bring a new day, 
a dawn filled with promise and things to do.
Once again the forest will be ablaze
with the sun's crimson light upon the trees,
with a promise of more brightness to come.
By +Cindy Groulx 

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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