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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Believe in the Fairies

Believe in the Fairies
Who whisper in your ear
whilst you sleep 
and make dreams of fantasy
come true if you wish them too.
There are fairies everywhere: 
in forest and garden do they favor
as their home whilst you sleep
They will sing to you
the song of love,
and everywhere in the air,
filed with enchantment and wonderment
as you smile in your sleep 
Believe in the wonderment
and enchantment of the twinkling stars above,
and the magical sparkling fairy dust
in the light of the silver moonlight 
The land of the ethereal folk 
dwells within your hearts and souls 
if you just still the mind 
and trully see an hear their song
Believe in the magic,
of Fairies above.
whilst they dance in the garden,
And sing songs of love and enchantment.
And if you just still the mind and believe,
the Fairies will be there for you too.
Dedicated to my best friend and sister Wendy

Friday, 27 September 2013

The Awakening

The Awakening

Why have we been born as we are? Why is the inner self which resides within the  mind and heart of each individual is uniquely who it is, no matter how many attempts at programming and reprogramming that one is subjected to in a life time the inner self remains unchanged? They may succeed to a degree in changing you psychologically our behavior but what is in the heart can never be changed. At best the outer self will project a set of characteristics that they feel is more expected of them by others. But even though ones true identity or inner-self remains unaltered it may be repressed into a dormant state until such a time it is triggered in some way to come out. Our entire personality - love, hate, emotions, thoughts, ethics, the rational, values, perceptions, the analytic, philosophies, intuitions and instincts - is made of all of these attributes and characteristics of our own mind and heart.

Like the branches of the maturing of the great oak is determined from the seeds, from the roots to then the final matured tree. Our personal characteristics like the seeds of the oak tree, grow much the same as the seeds of our mind and heart determining our own distinct personality. They define who and what we are to be from the moment of conception. The seed of the mind grows to become like the oak with all of its branches extending outwards to their various potentialities of life.

Our characteristics as well as who and how we will identify is *not* learned behavior, as the old teachings would have us believe. It is deeply *rooted from the original seed,* within the mind. We are who we are from birth and this seed within the mind will determine the being that will be the person although this can be altered by negative conditioning during formative years. And of course guidance is required in order to help the child find their own path in life

In my prior life with all of its insanity, it took me many years of feeling like I was possessed by demons and that I was going to go to hell, until I accepted she who dwells within me. This was necessary for my growth towards my own individuality began. Just having accepted who I was inside, along with its weaknesses and strengths, brought peace not just to my mind but my soul as well, enough so that I could at least once again function in society and the world at-large.

I learned that the person I found inside of me had a label that others might understand as: *empathic and intuitive,* including a few other named traits that were within the descriptors "empathy telepathic, psychic, perhaps.". These are traits of both spiritual as well as the psychological variety but also one must not forget from the heart for without the heart empathy would not be possible.

Likened to a heightened consciousness, perceptions above what is considered the normal human perception level. My first becoming aware of this was when I discovered there were others out there that had similar experiences Having gained this knowledge through experimentation and experience helped much at putting my mind and soul at rest.

I finally knew I was not crazy! But this knowledge also made me more anxious than ever to begin this new mission into the light or what is often called a spiritual journey. This realization was followed by some doubts, anxiety and obsessions as well as some uncertainties like any other. But once I weighed out the consequences of where I had come from as opposed to what potential could lay ahead of me in my future, I knew then where I needed to be in life.

Through out all those years It is only I who denied and hid from the Great Spirit or the light that dwells within in fear and ignorance for all those years. The fear and ignorance kept me from awakening. Once I accepted who I was, "I am me!," “I am the inner light!,” I stand before my God/Goddess in naked innocence. I am a child of the Sacred Feminine and of the Universe.

I will always carry my own light and share it only with those who will have an open mind to accepting it
I have carried the burdens of my past failings for too many years, then upon finding the resting place, I put down my sack and sorted out all of the trash I had collected on my journey in this life and threw out what I no longer needed.

Dropping the empty sack behind me I walked over to my mount then climbed upon my beloved dragon’s back, the splendid creature she is, and with a few mighty flaps of her great leathery wings, we moved forward and become airborne, We flew away in a cloud of dust and vanished among the silvery clouds above.

I love fantasy, you can be anywhere you want and be anyone you want.
Taking a little trip to and visiting other worlds in the infinite potentialites©


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fairy Lore

Throughout history, there have been many people who have known and worked with the spirits that we now call fairies. Here in Britain, both the ancient Celts and Anglo-Saxons believed in such beings, a faith that has had a lasting legacy up until the present day.  The Celtic name for fairies is sidhe, a word that means a burial mound, hill or earth barrow, since this is where many fairies live. It is said that when the Celts invaded Ireland, the resident people, the Tuatha Dé Danaan who had supernatural powers, were forced to retreat into the hollow hills and were only occasionally seen after that, though people left offerings of meat and milk on their mounds.  They are very tall and thin, eternally young and beautiful in appearance, and generally dressed in white. The Anglo-Saxon term for similar spirits is elf or aelf, a word meaning something like 'white spirit', or 'shining spirit'. They are tall and beautiful and shine with a kind of inner light. They also live in mounds, and people left offerings, called elf blots, of meat and milk on the mounds for them.

Fairies inhabit a kingdom called Fairyland, Elphame, or the Otherworld. This realm is not separate from ours, but overlays it, unseen except in special circumstances. Fairies are occasionally glimpsed in our world, but usually only in the blink of an eye or on the edge of dreams. However, there are places where the two worlds sometimes meet; natural power spots, bridges between the worlds where people have occasionally slipped from the everyday world into Fairyland, perhaps walking into the mist between two old stones, or stepping accidentally into a fairy ring, only to find themselves in a kingdom where it is always summer, where the orchards bear apples and flowers at the same time, and where death and old age are unknown.

There have always been legends of fairies; they exist in every country of the world. The people of ancient Greece and Rome worshipped the nymphs of meadows, streams and mountains, and the dryads who lived in trees. Ireland abounds with tales of people who have encountered leprechauns who showed them buried treasure at the end of rainbows, wailing banshees who heralded the death of relatives and drunken cluricauns who stole from wine cellars. In England there are old pamphlets describing the mischievous antics of Robin Goodfellow, the merry spirit of the greenwood who cared for its animals and played tricks on hunters, and stories of West Country pixies who led travellers astray, but who helped kindly farmers with their work. There are similar fables from Africa, Hawaii, the Americas, Australia, Europe, Japan, China and Russia.

A culture that believes in spirits is one fundamentally different from our modern Western materialistic society. It recognises that a life force suffuses the whole of Nature, an energy that manifests in a range of spirits that fill the meadows, streams, wells, forests and even the air itself. They guard fields and individual trees, mountains and hearth fires. They may bless or curse humans as they please, and inflict sickness or health on the flocks and herds. Not so very long ago, an association with the fairies was a very real part of people’s lives. An excellent relationship with the ‘The Good Neighbours’- as the fairies were called - was essential for the well being and prosperity of anyone who depended on the land for his or her livelihood. Fairies were given offerings of milk on the old standing stones, bread and salt in the corners of fields, cream in saucers left on the hearth, and were left part of the harvest. Special stones - called dobby stones in the northern counties - had shallow depressions for making offerings to them, and were placed by field gates or the farmhouse door. Spiritual guardians called the Ward gathered at dusk in their sacred places, still known as ward trees, ward hills and ward stones, to guard villages. The Wild Hunt rode out to collect the souls of the wicked. For the countryman, fairies, elves and natural magic were part of the everyday experience.

As we humans moved away from our close connection to the earth, we lost our link with the wildfolk. We forgot how to see them, how to contact them, and how to treat them. Stories of them persisted, but they lost their awesome status; we diminished them, in our imaginations, into the cute Tinkerbells of nursery tales. But make no mistake; this is not a book about those fictional creatures that appear in storybooks and cartoons, the tiny, tutu-skirted, gossamer-winged beings of Victorian fable. This is a book about real fairies, potent beings of earth, air, fire and water, of plant, stream, rock and place; creatures of raw nature, representing its power and energies. Some of them are benevolent, but some are downright dangerous.

If we are to relearn the ways of working with fairies, the wildfolk of earth, we must follow the ancient pathways through the forest, where it is sometimes dark, frightening and perilous, but sometimes bright with dappled light, exhilarating and echoing with numinous power.

Inner-self Within Consciousness

Inner-self Within Consciousness

I believe that the truth in knowing oneself is like sharing your love with another. It means to evolve from one level of the mind and heart to another in a higher state of consciousness.

As this state of consciousness grows, we try to enlighten others to become aware of this state of mind and love, since we are all as one in mind and heart. All of sentient beings in the universe are as one. The more we share our heart and mind with others, the more we see all as the "I AM."

I little  doubt that our awareness of our true selves within, is the same as being aware of our love and appreciation of the true reality around us, "universal enlightenment."

When shared and compared with other "truths," the more we expand our truth the closer to our divinity we become I AM. Religion often tries to limit our understanding of truth by attempting to convince define for us, what's true and what's not according to their rules.

Also beware of those corrupted leaders who come in the guise of being your servant, protectors and benefactors. These uncaring leaders might? more like most likely well be out to deceive and lie to you for what ever personal gain or misguided motives they may have, which usually comes in the form of money power.

That is not my way. I know what's true for myself but my truth may not be the same truth for the person standing next to me or the person standing next to them etc. Each have their own unique perceptions, beliefs based in their own understanding of what they believe to be true.

Truth, love, caring, empathy and understanding are great stepping stones to start one in the right direction, but not quite sufficient without "love". All these qualities together make the greatest potential affect changes in this reality. IMHO, this is the truth of the spiritual oneness of consciousness. I believe that this oneness of consciousness is not one that can be conceived or contained within the confines of any one finite mind. 

It is a concept that is beyond any restrictive confine, or can not be confined in any one religious, political or even scientific teaching, at least not with our present day science and technology. With this present day man made systems we have in place is fatally flawed like runaway ships at sea without rudders. These systems are designed to keep all of their followers in the dark, segregating and separating us instead of bringing us together as one.

The Oneness, to which every one of us are connected, is the fabric that connects all in creation. Each single strand or thread that binds with all the other threads makes up the fabric or the web or as it has also been called the matrix of this reality we reside in.

Ancient scripts speak of this entity as the mother who brought all life to universe. She is also known as The Sacred Feminine. In the Book of Proverbs she identifies herself: Wisdom, God's handmaiden. The first five chapters of Proverbs are her own discourse on how she pleased the Creator and how, above all things, one needs to have "wisdom."

The Age of Aquarius appears to coincide, with the time of the return of the Sacred Feminine as well.

I believe in the truth of the Oneness within the web of creation. Each of us has our very own conception of this reality. Then who are we to judge if our neighbor's concept is false or true? I would be more inclined to say that each individual’s perception is comparable to any one other's. No two person's "truth" is completely the same. In my opinion I would have to say that hopefully our truth expands as our consciousness and enlightenment grows. It's an insecure ego that needs to be right all of the time, that needs its truth to be the one and only.

I believe that the oneness of consciousness, *Creator,* wants us to BEcome all of who we already are. In this process I believe our truth expands, whether we are intending it or not.



Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Fair Maiden of the Enchanted Forest

Glowing sunlight streaming down

to the forest floor illuminating the foliage,

there within to a golden green.

Butterflies and other tiny insects flickering 

in the sunlight a dazzling array of beautiful colors,

like snow flakes on a winter's day.

Golds, blues and silvers on the tall fronds of grass 

swaying in a gentle breez

is where you will find the fair maiden

of the enchanted forest fine,

A day dreamer's delight spends the day. 

Who this queen of the enchanted forest was

I will never know.

Was she but a dream? 

I will never know.

Where she will be when I awaken? 

I will never know.

I only wish to live the dream 

but for one moment, to be an eternity

in this enchanted place.

The lady spreads her wings of briliant blue

as the wind came, and suddenly

the leaves whirled all about.

I did not want the fair lady to leave.

I thought as the leaves whirled around me

ruffling my hair loosely,

there are times when one feels

the kinship with nature and beast,

never wanting to leave 

the warmth of natures embrace. 

The memories fill the heart

with the longing to be one

with nature's enchanted wonderland.

Nature's creatures now sitting

at the edge of the forest,

a wonderous image, indeed, 

of the harmony of nature.

The maiden of the forest beckons me to follow. 

As I spread my wings of silver light

It is late and fall is near.

As I watch the summer blossoms trembling in the wind 

they wilt and die, and gone are the butterflies and birds.

As I am being lited aloft 

I follow the fair maiden of the forest

through the silver lined clouds 

into the golden sunlight.

A tender as the images they bring

This is where I must bid goodbye.

Monday, 23 September 2013

A Fairy Hunt

A Faery Hunt

Frances Griffith and Elsie Wright took the famous faery pictures in Cottingley, England. These pictures were well-publicized and made famous all over the world. I met them! And those girls inspired me to devote my life to the study and research of faeries.
Proof of Faeries

Here's a note Frances Griffith sent me:

One Saturday afternoon in July 1917 when Elsie and I were still very young, we became friendly with the Beck Faeries. It is funny, I never used to see them when I lived in Africa. It must be too hot for them there. We took these pictures with my Uncle Arthur Wright's Midg camera, which he developed in his darkroom.

By early 1920, Auntie Polly Wright took our faery pictures to a meeting at the Theosophical Society in Bradford. The photos soon ended up in the possession of a leading Theosophist, Edward Gardner. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (creator of Sherlock Holmes and fanatical Spiritualist) borrowed the pictures from Mr. Gardner and published them in the Strand Magazine November 1920 issue. Clickhere for more information on the Cottingley fairies.
Frances Griffith

Ask Frances

Below, you will find a list of the different kinds of faeries. If you spot any in your town or if you have any questions about faeries or other elementals, please E-mail me at I would appreciate any leads on sightings in your town.

Kinds of Faeries
BUTTERFLY FAERIES: They are also known as the moss people for they are experts at hiding in mossy, dark areas. Butterfly faeries come from Switzerland, Germany, Africa, and from the Islands. These delicate, slender spirits have beautifully colored butterfly wings emanating from their bodies. They are very shy and human sightings of them are very rare indeed. They avoid human contact as much possible for they do not trust mankind, who has been destroying their forest homes. They are often confused for real butterflies because they often play with their best friends: monarch butterflies. They usually do not trust humans, but if a butterfly faery befriends you, she or he will prove to be a true friend to you for life by always bringing you good luck. If you should see a butterfly faery, do not make any sudden movements. Let her know you want to be friends, and you mean her no harm. Remember, it is very important for us to protect the disappearing forest, the favorite home of these very special creatures.

CLOUD FAERIES: Cloud Faeries emerge as large formations in masses of clouds. They look like long humans. The cloud faeries help you with your imagination and creation of the arts. They themselves are master sculptors making wonderful images out of air and water. To call a cloud faery to you, it is best to summon one around sunset or sunrise, for they use the elements of both in order to create beauty. Call to them when you are about to make any form of art. If your mind and heart are open to hearing them, they will help you.
DRYADS (a.k.a. Tree spirits, Tree Ladies, Druidesses, Hamadryads, Sidhe Draoi): These faeries live all over the world, but originate from the Celtic countries. Even though they live in and protect the trees, their element is air. Their favorite time of the month is at the full moon. They are excellent musicians and will often play their strange magical, musical instruments while they dance, sing, and laugh under the light of the moon. They will not harm you if you follow their music, but it may cause you to spend too much time in Faeryland. These spirits are only female. They are usual seen as wisps of light. The dryads are very playful and do like to tease, but if they befriend you, they will help you get in touch with your magical abilities and to contact your divine energy. To find them it is best to go to a grove of sacred trees. You may find this beautiful spirit in a willow, oak, ash, thorn, rowan, birch, or elder tree.
EARTH FAERIES: Earth faeries are very small, standing about a foot to eighteen inches tall. They are often a golden brown or dark green color. Sometimes they come into view as bear-type creatures. Earth Faeries live in communities and are very friendly. These spirits work very hard dealing with the well being of all creatures, humans and faeries alike. Even though the Earth faeries love mortals very much, they often lose their patience with the humans for their foolishness and careless treatment of Mother Earth. Earth Faeries love colorful rocks in their natural state, but will also cut the stones to show off the inner beauty. When we call them into our circle, they can help you plant your feet firmly on the ground, and like the stones, help you to find the inner beauty that you hold inside of you.
FLOWER FAERIES: These are the peaceful spirits of the earth. These wee folk are a very passionate people. They are in love with natural beauty and luxury, and love nothing more than to array themselves with beautiful flowers and things of nature. They are whimsical, willful, and beautiful. They befriend the kind-of-heart but will stay away from those who are greedy and selfish. They love wine and sweets. Leave some at a place where wild flowers grow. Any gentle acts of kindness help encourage the faeries to make a blessing. So if you are kind, you will be a blessing on the Earth.

Dragon Legends—Truths Behind the Tales

Dragon Legends—Truths Behind the Tales

In the book of Job, God describes a behemoth and a fire-breathing leviathan (Job 40:15–2441:1–34). These creatures are unlike anything we find today. Is it possible these dragons refer to dinosaurs and other reptile-like creatures of the air and sea?
Dragons appear again and again in the records of cultures around the world, as well as in their art and pottery. The similarities are hints that many accounts may be based on actual encounters with these creatures—dinosaurs and other reptiles which God created on Day Five and Six (Genesis 1:20–25) and which survived the Flood aboard Noah’s Ark (Genesis 6:19).
Dragons may not be around today for the same reasons that other animals go extinct—changes in environment, food issues, hunting by man. Let’s face it, most legends end with a dragon’s death. But their memory lives on.


In the far north of Queensland, Australia, Aborigines from the Kuku Yalanji tribe described and painted a sea and lake monster that looked surprisingly like a plesiosaur.


Babylon is the heart of early civilization after the Flood. A famous entrance called the Ishtar Gate was built by Nebuchadnezzar II (a powerful ruler during the Israelites’ Babylonian exile). This gate displays a reptilian creature with four legs, standing upright on its hips like a dinosaur.


Chinese dragons, well-known throughout the world, even appear on China’s twelve-year calendar cycle. Eleven of these animals are common today (dog, rat, monkey, etc.), so why assume that the twelfth (a dragon) was mythological? The Travels of Marco Polo describes some of these long and lanky “serpents,” which included short legs and claws. He claimed the Chinese would use special methods to kill these dragons. Some of the dragons’ body parts were used for medicinal purposes, and others were eaten as a delicacy.


Herodotus, an ancient Greek writer, records in The Histories, “There is a place in Arabia [modern Egypt], situated very near the city of Buto, to which I went, on hearing of some winged serpents; and when I arrived there, I saw bones and spines of serpents, in such quantities as it would be impossible to describe. The form of the serpent is like that of the water snake; but he has wings without feathers, and as like as possible to the wings of a bat.”


Bishop Bell, who died in 1496, is buried in the foundation of the famous Carlisle Cathedral. The ornate brass engravings around the grave show several animals, some of which appear to be dinosaurs, like a long-neck sauropod and a horned ceratopsian.

North Africa

The Roman historian Cassius Dio recounted how a Roman army once killed a dragon. The original fragment from Book 11 of his Roman History, now lost, was repeated by John of Damascus (AD ~676–749), in his book On Dragons and Ghosts: “One day, when Regulus, a Roman consul, was fighting against Carthage, a dragon suddenly crept up and settled behind the wall of the Roman army. The Romans killed it by order of Regulus, skinned it and sent the hide to the Roman senate. When the dragon’s hide, as Dio says, was measured by order of the senate, it happened to be, amazingly, one hundred and twenty feet long, and the thickness was fitting to the length.”


The Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf describes three encounters Beowulf, king of the Geats (Gothenburg, Sweden, today), had with three creatures. The last one, encountered in Sweden, was a fiery flying serpent that lived underground and came out only at certain times. The injuries from this battle led to Beowulf’s death.


Peru is known for dragon and dinosaur-like creatures in their pottery and other artifacts. For example, the Museum of the Nation displays a dragon-like dinosaur on a piece of pottery attributed to the Moche culture (AD 400–1100).


Several petroglyphs (etchings in stone) resemble air or land dragons. A pictograph in San Rafael Swell is of something similar to a Pteranodon or Pterodactyl. One in Natural Bridges National Monument looks rather similar to a sauropod.

Bodie Hodge has earned both his undergraduate and masters degrees from Southern Illinois at Carbondale in mechanical engineering. Since joining Answers in Genesis, Bodie has contributed to several books, including Dragons: Legends and Lore of Dinosaurs.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Legends of Dragon's and Fairies

Dragons and fairies are ancient entities that roamed the world way back before man came upon the scene, even before the dinosaurs 

Dragons and fairies are probably the best and most widely known mystical entries known to mankind.  Every legend and myth has its roots from something that certainly captured peoples attention back in the day to have gone through so much trouble to keep records of it, as well as the stories being retold and handed down from generation to generation.  For legends from those dark times to have survived this long through prerecorded history would certainly make someone think a bit about their authenticity. 

Fairies are my favorite.  I know when they're around and although I have never seen a fairy per se I have many times seen their sparklies, tiny little sparks of light in the darkness of night whether it be in my room as I lay in bed or outside after dark among the trees.

I also am convinced of the existence of dragons and other aviary creatures of separate species from the dinosaurs, with a much higher intelligence, a being capable of thought possibly near to a human's level of thought and emotion. The dragon would represent more a strong, manly, fire-breathing, protector-type, whereas fairies are more of the gentle-type, delicate and magically- winged creatures. representing the feminine. 

All of these creatures may have come to the consciousness of the humans from ancient times and through the millennia the stories took the form of fairy tales during the Egyptian, Babylonian and Sumerian times, stories for the children. In those ancient times dragons were considered evil human ravaging creatures, quite the opposite of fairies.

Then in later times with more research into the old fables it was discovered that these magical creatures were not as blood thirsty as they had been portrayed, although they were quite capable of being blood ravaging beasts if provoked into doing so. According to newly unearthed legends they were said to be helpful and kind creatures, protectors of their people and the fairies.

Dragons, fairies and other mystical beings lived in harmony at one time but something happened that separated them from us and they just simply vanished from our reality.

Today dragons and fairies are perceived by humans in many different forms as evidenced by how they are being portrayed today in our children's story books and movies video games in various different shapes and sizes. In my opinion if one was to see one their conception could be very different from then next person's conception of them. 

It's all perception. Coming here in energy form they would have the ability to manifest themselves as you perceive them to be.
Cynthia ©