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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Spirit Beings

Spirit Beings

Hi dear friends this is an accounting about my personal encounter or experience with light beings I wrote some time back. I have no better description of them except as a source of light containing superior intelligence. Thank you for visiting my blog and enjoy the read.

Light beings are spirit beings, or beings fully-evolved to energy form, their evolutionary age is undetermined. Then you have those beings that are sentient and partly corporeal and energy in form, or able to transition from one form to the other. These beings are very ancient and highly evolved. The little ones are also ancient, highly-evolved sentient beings, but still retaining a biological bodies, some call them the greys.

I have seen the light beings not only at night but also in the brightness of day. I love being out in nature, and I love and attract animals and young children. This I am lead to understand is a commonality among empathics. I will come back to the topic on empaths in a later post, if you anyone is interested.

Being empathic in my earlier years of my life didn't help, it alienated me from others who didn't understand. Also sensitive to other peoples’ energies around me and knowing what their inner thoughts and feelings were kind of, let us say unnerved them some. It was these sensitivities to others that made it that much harder to integrating with others in society.

Now this is where in later years the light beings intervened keeping me from the very possibility of ending my physical existence here on earth at a certain point in my life along with other factors I will not get into here. 

I learned from them, the light beings, that they had been sent to tell me, via thoughts manifesting in my mind that weren't my own, like relayed by my own thought processes but not originating from my own mind.  They had come to me to guide me on my journey through life, and they had a reason as to why they needed me to continue to live, and if I remember what they relayed to me, all would be well. 

In order for me to see the path I must follow I was required to do one thing that would be the most crucial endeavor that I would possibly ever undertake in my entire life: I had to find and connect with the my inner self, *she who dwells within.* the true me, not the sham I had been playing out for most of my adult life. She, the inner-self  had been so well suppressed for so many years that I was no longer aware of who my true self was.

I discovered the inner-self  the one who had never been given the opportunity to truly know herself. Then I found that child within is full of life and still remembers the freedom, innocence and vigor of life that once dwelled within and still does. If There is any way I can prevent it, I do not ever wish to loose touch with the inner child. I wish to always be forever young of mind and spirit, allowing the soul to grow brighter each day.

I want to dance in the dreamscape forest with my childhood friends, the tiny light beings, the orbs, and the little soul sparks, that radiate every color of the rainbow. Some would call these the faie people. Oh yes, that is also where you will find the watchers, or messenger guardians, they are somewhat taller than the average man and stand inside an envelope of radiant ovular shaped bright bluish white light.

The rainbows sometime will appear everywhere in the room I am in, they are so beautiful to behold, I could sit in bed for hours looking at the colors on the ceiling alternating to every color of the spectrum of light colors.

Cynthia ©

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great day. 
ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

Friday, 18 October 2013

Another Fairy Poem

In the Misty light of the silver moon
I wonder through the forest of shadows
looking up at the star-spun sky.
How I have search for you, my precious friend,
my light who shimmers, dark to bright,
runs and dances gaily in the forest shadows,
On tiny feet without shoes on the forest floor of green.
Under cover of the darkness of the night she comes.
Oh Fairy light! how I wish to be with thee
I ask that the come forth, come forth,
from the branch of the elm
and the leaves of the Ivy, 
When human is present,
The keepers of the forest, a shadow they weave.
Keepers of the river, do come forth,
But Just remain beyond reaching.
Never to be in keeping,
It is not meant to be.
The Free spirits of Fairy ceaselessly roame
Like the tiny gypsies they are.
She and her kin, never to stay for long,
Her work takes her far and wide
caring and preparing Gaea for new life to come.
I call upon thee, stay and rest for a while,
my dear friend, maiden of the forest. 
Wild and free as the, like the wind are ye,
Come rest here with me upon this knoll where I sit.
A blinding pulsing light momentarily lighted the darkness,
Abruptly The pulsing light stops,
Darkness falls back all around.
The light spins and spins taking on a shape.
The light transformed into a graceful fairy with butterfly wings
She appeared to be floating towards me.
She floated to my side me and sat gently at my side.
She whisper sin my ear,
"We shall always be together, we are sisters my dear." 
"Come with me human child" she says,
extending her arm towards, I will show the the way.
I take her hand, and we are in the air,
seemingly floating over the forest,
dancing and spiraling like ballerinas
above among the clouds,
As we trailed sparkly star dust in our wake.    

Cynthia ©

Thursday, 17 October 2013



It was a dreary Sunday morning in 2007, with on and off again rainfall against a grey sky, typical of late winter in East Tennessee. I was getting ready to go to the hospital to see several patients when, some minutes after 10 AM, the door bell rang. "Dad, there's a policeman at the door," shouted my 10 year daughter. All three of my kids gathered around in the excitement. I answered the door, and the officer stood there with a concerned expression and asked, "Everything OK?" Bewildered, I replied, "Sure, but what's going on?" He explained that "there's been a 911 call from this address." I turned to the kids with an accusing look, and they all denied any such "pranks." My wife had arrived at the doorway from upstairs, and indicated that no one had even used the phone that morning as far as she knew. Everyone had "slept in." We all chalked the event up to an accident, as the officer said that sometimes there are errors at the phone company and "wires get crossed." I thanked him for his time, and the officer went on his way. We thought nothing more about it for a while. 

One week latter, at 10:20 AM on Sunday morning, I had been to my office and was returning home. A police officer turned into our subdivision behind me. "Did I not make a signal," I thought. I pulled into my driveway and the officer pulled in behind me. "Oh no, what's wrong, I hope no one's hurt or anything," I thought to myself. 

Quickly getting out of my car, I walked over to the officer's vehicle. "Hello officer, what seems to be the problem?" He replied, "there's been a 911 call from this address, it was made about 20 minutes ago," as he exited his squad car. "Let's go inside," I said as we walked to the front door. Inside my home, my wife and kids were as shocked as I when told of yet another 911 call that none of us made. I asked the officer if he knew the number from which the call was made. He looked at a pocket pad, leafed through the pages, and said, "Yes, it's 865-692-4524." I told him that was not our number or even near it, and we both stood there literally scratching our heads. I then relayed the fact that the exact same thing had happened exactly one week before at nearly the same time. The officer called up the database in his computer pad and said, "sure enough, a 911 call was reported last Sunday at 10:01 AM from this address and from that same phone number. Today's call was also made at 10:01 AM. Very strange. But it's clearly not your phone number." Along with my wife and three kids and the police officer, we all stood in my hallway with our mouths open aghast at the coincidence. Breaking the stunned silence, the officer suggested that we contact the telephone company to see if there is a problem in their computer system crossing our number with another. We thanked him for his time, and he left, scratching his head. 

The following day, Monday, my wife contacted the phone company to make a query about the phone number from which the 911 calls were made. After the typical waiting period, an attendant returned to the line, indicating that there was no such phone number as the one in question. When further questioned by my wife, the attendant admitted that there was no such "active" phone number. When my wife insisted that all "other" phone numbers be checked, another waiting period insued. When, after about 10 minutes, the phone company attendant finally returned to the line, she said, "yes there is an old number that matches your request, but it is more than five years old. The record shows it was the number for a temporary line you had placed in your basement in 2002, five years ago. But that number is no longer connected to our system, and hasn't been since 2002." After learning that the number was technically "in" the computer but not electrically accessible for calling, my wife thanked the attendant and hung up the phone. She was in psychological shock. 

I arrived home that afternoon and my wife met me at the door. "It was your mother whose been calling 911." "What?" I looked at my wife like she was crazy. "That's not possible, you know she died three months ago." The phone number that had "called" 911 and brought the police to our home twice, two Sundays in a row, was from a temporary phone we had placed in a room in our basement where we moved my mother in 2002, prior to placing her in assisted living. She lived there for only three or four months but her phone number was, in fact, 865-692-4524. That number had been disconnected when my mother left and went to a new facility, and the phone was removed. 

My wife and I stood in our foyer with blank stares and goosebumps. It appears that somehow, someway, my deceased mother, who, especially in her latter years (she died at age 93), was rather prone to panic first and then think, had apparently attempted to call 911, twice! The calls were made at the exact same time on two Sundays in a row. Colleagues nervously attempted to supply explanations, some rational, some not. 

In some kind of time distortion, perhaps she realized she was dead and panicked, calling 911 as she sometimes did in life. Or, perhaps, she was simply attempting to communicate with family in the most readily available manner. Or, maybe she was trying to warn me about what we much latter found out to be an office staffer who embezzled thousands of dollars from our practice starting in early 2007. 

Regardless of motive, three months after her death, two 911 calls were made from my deceased mother's old phone line and number. The number was no longer in service, and the line no longer existed physically, and, according to the phone company, the number was not even "online" in their system. Something "physically" impossible had actually occurred, witnessed by two police officers, a doctor and his family. 

In communicating with the living, maybe the dead do not need to be "online" in the manner we think about being "online." Perhaps the laws of physics, as we know them, only apply to the living.

Submitted by Edward Workman, MD

Happy Halloween to All my Blog Friends

A true story


One family's experience in the state's oldest community.

Our family moved to a small eastern Washington community in 1989 where I took a job with the City. One of my responsibilities was the overall management of the cemetery. It dated back to 1854 and had roughly 6,300 burials. Early in 1990 I hired a sextant to make an effort to correlate all of the cemetery records through an on site review and then we would compare the records at City Hall to see where it would come out. During the preceding years, I and the office staff had data based all of the city's cemetery records.

By the spring of 1993, I had a very strong knowledge of this cemetery and its various sections.
At the time, we were living a few blocks away in one of the community's older homes. My wife and children professed a great amount of anxiety and fear over what they perceived as an incessant amount of strange occurrences in this house, none of which they were able to explain. I frankly was very skeptical, although we had lived in homes before that had a lot of paranormal activity. I decided to check out this one. A number of the City staff had lived in town all of their lives. Upon inquiry to one of my clerks, I was informed that at one time there had been a third floor on this house that had burned during the war. There had been a fatality. Consensus seemed to indicate that the casualty was a young man. This entity was very mischievous. Apparently, he enjoyed turning on water faucets, opening washing machine doors, turning on or off lights, slamming doors etc. I was skeptical of these claims.

One Saturday night I got up to visit the bathroom. The only light that was on in the house was in the hallway. When I exited the bathroom, I was quite surprised to see that the only lights that were not on were in the bedrooms. The front room, dining, kitchen, and laundry room lights were all turned on. I decided that the family was right, we need to move.

The very next morning, I was on a walk through the cemetery when I noticed a young woman in a faded dress standing in front of a headstone in one of the older parts of the cemetery. The dress looked like an early 20th century wedding dress. I turned and walked over to where she was standing. She appeared to be in her twenties. She was slim, long brown hair and of medium height. She was looking down at the headstone with a very sad look on her face. I quickly surveyed the cemetery. There were not any vehicles or other people in the cemetery. From where I stood, I could see all of the grounds. She vanished as I approached. I noticed a man's name on the headstone. I wondered what could be happening since she probably wasn't buried here. The name on the front was that of a man, Slocumb. But, since the stone was four sided I decided to check the back of it. It was the only Jewish headstone in the cemetery. It was unique in shape and I had remembered it from previous trips to the cemetery.
The name Emma Moore was on the rear of the stone. She died at age 26 in the early part of that century. A daughter, maybe. A check of the City's burial records confirmed that they were both buried in this grave. Sad.... Never more Emma Moore.

We soon found another house and moved ASAP. The children were becoming paranoid and my wife was unhappy with the current arrangements. Peace at last, I thought. Wrong. It wasn't long before the children began complaining about noises in the basement and footfalls on the stairs coming up from the basement. One afternoon, several months later, I was home preparing lunch when I heard footfalls coming up the stairs. They were located directly behind the kitchen and these footfalls were quite loud. I sprang to my feet and ran to the door at the top of the stairs. This will end right now, I thought. As I opened the door, A wispy figure of a middle aged woman scooted by me and into the kitchen where she soon vanished. That afternoon I checked with the long time residents again about the prior occupants of that house. The building inspector informed me that a woman fitting the description had lived there about twenty years earlier. She died in a plane crash a few miles west of town. The call went out again, we're moving. We subsequently found a fairly new home that had no complications.

I then received a phone call from a local car mechanic that had moved into our prior residence. He stated that he had heard about our experiences in this house and that he and his family had recently moved into this house and was having some strange experiences. What kind I asked? He stated that he had placed their three month old child into a play pen in a side bedroom. When he entered the room some twenty minutes later to check on the baby, he found it crawling around on the floor outside of the pen. How could that happen I asked ? I don't know he responded. What should I do he asked ? MOVE I said. Move Now....

Submitted by Don Avery

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Dragons and Fairies: The Legend of the Hundred Việts

Dragons and Fairies: The Legend of the Hundred Việts

The following is a myth that chronicles the origin of the Vietnamese people.  It has been passed down from generations to generations, long preceding even the thousand years of Chinese occupation.  It is a cornerstone of Vietnamese culture, a foundation that has safeguarded the identity of the Vietnamese for many thousands of years.

This is a mythical tale, filled with magic and wonder, and should not be taken literally.  It is meant to paint a picture in your mind, giving you something to think about.  After this reading, you will understand why the Vietnamese people refer to themselves as the seeds of Dragons and the descendants of Fairies.  It’s also kind of a love story, if you’re into that sorta thing?

But then all myths can have a source either in imagination or an actual experience just as today's story writers do. 

Happy Reading!

The Legend of Lạc Long Quân

Legend speaks of a man named Kinh Dương Vương (aka King Kinh Dương), a mythical figure that descended from a long line of dragons.  Long Nu, a female descendent of another dragon clan, was married to Kinh Dương Vương and gave birth to a boy named Lạc Long Quân.  As an immortal with the dragon lineage, Lạc Long Quân would be known as the Dragon Prince in Vietnamese history. As Lạc Long Quân matures, he meets a beautiful woman by the name of Âu Cơ, and falls deeply in love with her.

The story of their first meeting happens when the Dragon Prince notices a demonic bird chasing after a defenseless white crane.  Lạc Long Quân rushes to the crane’s defense, smashing the demon bird with a rock.  The demonic bird was so furious that it morphed itself into a tiger and bitterly tried to maul the Dragon Prince.  As a result, the Prince found himself tangled in a violent struggle against an adversary he did not know.

Lạc Long Quân prevails in the end, killing the demon and succeeding in his protection of the vulnerable white crane.  As the Dragon Prince would find out, things are not always as they seem.  The white crane was actually the beautiful Âu Cơ in disguise, trying to get away from the predatory abomination that was pursuing her.  Lạc Long Quân was pleasantly surprised to find this out and the two quickly become close.

Âu Cơ was an angelic beauty, a descendent of the fairies, and an immortal like Lạc Long Quân himself.  Together, the two would form a family, becoming the parents of one hundred sons.  With his wife Âu Cơ, Lạc Long Quân would preside over the mountains and rivers of the land.  Their children would carry the blood of the dragons and the charm of the fairies.

Sadly, as time went on, Âu Cơ starts to long for her home in the sky, while Lạc Long Quân begins to miss his life at sea.  As a result, the two lovers would separate.  Princess Âu Cơ would take fifty of the children and depart to the mountains, Lạc Long Quân in-turn would bring the other fifty sons to the coastal regions close to the seas.  These children, the seeds of the dragon clans, the descendants of the fairies, will inhabit the mountains and rivers of the south, becoming the originators of the Vietnamese people.

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Fairies With the Moth Like Wings

Fairies With the Moth Like Wings

A little girl in a bright yellow dress,
lay in the grass by the forests edge
Mesmerized was she, by the beauty the many shades of green,
with the golden sun dappled edges of the leaves,
set a flutter in the light afternoon breeze.
Many colored butterflies catch her eyes,
as they fluttered among the colorful flowers.
there by the forests edge.   
She lay her head upon her arm in the grass, 
staring into the depths of the forest 
and there! she sees them.
The tiny spirit dwellers of the forest. 
All is silence, all is peaceful 
as she lay upon the grass smiling,
The tiny fairies dance and sing,
As the tall trees sparkle and glitter
in peace their vigil keep, 
as the Fairies weave a dream,
for the child that lay upon the grass,
and dreamed of fairies with moth wings folded.
Gaily they dance around the child,
whilst a fairy sat upon a branch,
and softly played her flute,
a sweet melody for the drowsy child,
who now lay asleep upon the magical forest floor,
twas a melody she hears from a time long ago.
The child awakens in a season that is of long ago, 
It was a time where you might like to know. 
There are fairies everywhere, in the trees,
and in the air. Playing games just like I play, 

singing cheerily through their busy day. 
I Intensely listen, touch, look around.
I breath in deeply the fragrant air.
So I tell you now, if you watch carefully,
out of all of nature's things, 
you might just see a fairy, 
as she unfurl her moth like wings,
to take flight back to a time gone by.  
Cynthia ©

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Balance in Life’s Journey

Balance in Life’s Journey

In my life’s journey my soul was seeking a balance through my connection with the world around me, just as my ego (the true self) was seeking a balance through proof of love. When they work together, I am in balance, at zero polarity.  But when the soul or consciousness and ego start to pull in opposite directions selfishness sets in. 

I am quite aware that the material world is like an illusion created from my own thoughts and beliefs. If I could use the ego's creative power combined with the knowledge and wisdom from consciousness I could create a balance along with wisdom, love, peace and joy.

The ego is infinitely creative and it is constantly manifesting the illusion I live in known to most as reality. Wherever I see limitation and lack my consciousness reminds me that I am out of balance with the inner self and ego. I have two choices: To reach out to the illusion and try to "fix" it; or to look to the source of the imbalance (me) and make necessary adjustments. Too often I had become fixated on the illusion, my outer reality, and had to work harder to balance it. But this at times may add fuel to the fire, so to speak, and enhances the imbalance if I am not listening to the inner voice.
The lesson for me was this -- if am not balanced from within I will not have a balance in outer world.

Adjusting my inner imbalance is actually less complicated and takes less effort than it does to balance the ego, which prefers to use its creative energy in an endless flow of manifesting an imbalance through selfish aspirations. But giving-in to it will only create more imbalance. The soul waits patiently for the ego to stop its endless creation so they can work together in a more effective way, from the inner to the outer. With each step on my path I am faced with this fork in the road. Am I going to create from the ego or work in partnership with the soul - consciousness?

The ego goes into creative overdrive and I am out of balance.  I think I am doing all the work and the Universe is not helping me. The Universe does not create, it responds. It cannot create balance for me when I am not in balance from within. This is where my ascension into the spiritual part of me, where my humanity begins to take on new meaning, is when I finally come to this realization, when I allow for my consciousness to be heard over the constant chatter of the ego or the mind. Then I can balance the illusion from within, allowing ego and consciousness to work together, so the illusion is in such perfect balance that there is no separation between the life I dream of and the life I have.    

And this is as close to heaven
on earth as I can get in this reality. It’s called peace of mind.

Cynthia ©

Monday, 14 October 2013

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