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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Native American Legends

Native American Legends

The Warrior and the bear
All in nature is interconnected
A Traditional story I was told when I was a child by my people,

Most of this is from memory
 Stories told us at children’s learning circle.

All things, both animate and inanimate have spirit energy. Universe is living spirit. The stars are the Spirit Elders. The moon is Spirit Grandmother and the Earth is Spirit Mother and Father sun the living light. All upon the Mother is of the living spirit, the rocks, the soil, the plants, the animals, also the water and all that resides within it. Just as is the air and all that resides within it, all is of one spirit.

A totem animal is one that is chosen which represents ones characteristics from an early age. This totem may change several times in one’s life time depending on the changes of that person’s characteristics as they mature. Like the parents of a girl child may choose the totem of a fawn as they perceive their child having the characteristics reminiscent of a fawn deer, or any other characteristics reminiscent to that animal chosen to represent that child

This was why in those days when one had used what they needed from the land for nourishment it was not only a custom but a respect to give an offering of tobacco and prayer on thanksgiving to the Spirit who had provided for us. It was believed that all that was provided to the people for sustenance should be returned to the earth to replenish the Earth Mother's living spirit.

Usually power animals, the higher evolved, warm-blooded species, (although plants and reptilians can also be used and are also commonly used as totems.  Once you have connected with this totem animal you become connected as one in spirit, each sharing the conscious/subconscious mind of the other, (empathically and psychically). I use my power animal to merge as one with when in search of something. I let my spirit drift to make contact in what ever given area I wish to learn about.
My totem is the mouse, so it has been given to me from childhood and have not found any reason to seek a different one. 

The mouse is alert and can pick up on many of the tinier details that most of the bigger totem animals may not. The mouse is also the least noticed except for a bird of prey.

As I see it, in the warrior and the bear, the bear is the warrior’s chosen totem. This totem is the one that the warrior can identify with and feel most comfortable working with. Its strength, speed, and ability to move about almost invisibly in its natural habitat are an  asset to the warrior. The bear can scout an enemy camp unnoticed and even if noticed it would appear to the observer as just a wandering bear.

There are many stories told about shape shifters in the Native Traditional legends. In the Shamanic form you learn to control your own being and your own energies and frame of mind before entering the shape shifting practice or mind speak session with your totem animal. Keeping your mind centered in a positive way is essential. After all, how can you  meditate or enter the trance state and remain centered if you hold ill will for another? And you would not want to enter the trance states with ill will in mind, Science says, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and so such is the nature of universe. I could not go into a trance or meditation with a clear mind if my head is full of wanting to get even or to use this ability or gift for negative intent.

Be in harmony with all about you. Be at peace in your heart. Let all negative things flow by, like autumn leaves on the fast moving waters of a creek. Allow your mind to perceive all of the tiniest details in the environment around you and allow your mind to drift on the soft spring breeze under the blue sky above you in the realms of your imagination. Be one with it, let it take you where it may and allow your inner senses to awaken and see.

Cynthia ©

Friday, 22 November 2013



Family, Peers, superiors such as teachers, preachers, politicians, boss etc. as well as friends and to a greater degree society itself defines who and what we are to be from the moment of conception. The seed of the mind continues to grow and to become what it believes it is suppose to be. The fully mature character of the person you have been conditioned to think you are.

But are you living the true you?like much of the potential in the seed of the great oak remains dormant, entrenched and buried within the mind or psych of the person I had been programed to believe I was. Until the mind becomes conscious of these other potentials within, the inner life forse of the oak, the seed gets confused and unable to grow into a fully mature oak tree. Not reaching it's majestic state of being, It will fail to grow like it was meant to be with all of its branches extending outward, reaching for the heavens above. 

Thi is the tree of life, and all of the characteristics that made me who I am,s a person come to life from the source within the tree, my inner source, that is connected to all living things.

Our true inner selves as well as the id, or ego, which ever you wish to call it, the true spark of myself within. Who and how I will identify as my true self is *not* by learned behavior, as the old teachings would have us believe. Ego can be swayed either way. But the true conscious self is deeply *rooted from where the original seed had fallen,* It is from deep within the mind or heart. We are who we are from birth and this seed within the mind, heart and soul will determine the being that will be the true self, emerging from it’s own dust and disary it will as the great Phoenix, a rebirth of the soul. Listen to the inner voice

In my prior years with all of its insanity, it took me many years of feeling like I was possessed by demons and that I was going to go to hell in a hand basket, until I accepted she who dwells within, before my growth towards my own individuality began. Just having accepted who I was inside brought peace not just to my mind but my heart and soul as well, but enough so that I could at least once again be functional in society.

The metamorphosis is the coming and accepting she or he who dwells within, the coming into being of the true self by just being truthful to myself. 


Thursday, 21 November 2013

Interdimentional Connections

Interdimentional Connections

This is a topic that I have had an interest in for a good many years  and thought I would share some idea and theories I have discerned by combining factual knowledge and imagination. Imagination as the lines that connect the dots.

there have been more unexplained phenomena that have been experienced by some more so in recent years then any other generations before in history, that we are aware of, the more common ones such as, sparklies, orbs, and rods, as well many other type of glowing energy sources, both on the ground and in the night sky.

Is it possible that what we see today are only residual energies of what' was once the very life force of this reality. How much of the beings and other creatures from out of our ancient past may have been yesterdays reality? Are these shadowy or residual energies of legendary dragons, unicorns, fairies, and a variety of other types of light beings and other ancient fantasy wonders have been classified as myths?

No one can conclusively prove or disprove the existence of unicorns, dragons, light beings, fairies, ghosts, extraterrestrial beings  just as they can't prove or disprove if Atlantis existed or if the Bermuda Triangle is a naturally reoccurring phenomena or if it is created by a artificial structure, the entrance to a worm hole perhaps, another world in space and time. 

Sister Worlds
Maybe Atlantis and Agartha (Middle Earth) were and still are located on Mars, or anothe planet within a diferent time and space. Or maybe I should say even to  the present day still is there under the ground on Mars. Or on the surface of another planet long expiered orbiting a dying star.

Let's go one further and this time we center our atention on the closest planet to us that is proving to once having had a very similar environmnet to ours. 

What if the first civilization of humans who walked on the surface of this earth came from Mars? A Mars that had abundant water with small inland oceans. There is evidence that it once retained a thicker atmosphere that may have sustain life for a short period of time, millions of years before earth had even cooled sufficiently enough to support life. A planet with a much thicker hot corosive and poisoness atmosphere.

This eventual exodus from Mars to Earth may have been planed for millions of years before as the Martian environment deteriorated and became uninhabitable, especially after the great asteroid and meteor storms began bombarding not just planet Mars but all planets in the solar sytem millions of years ago.

A theory was put forward by NASA researchers there may have been a sixth planet past the orbit of Mars that may have been unstable for reasons unknown and may have blown up sending debris flying on diferent paths around the sun.

At any rate it would mesn these stelar beings were here long before we were and with a little genetic manipulation of what ever form of life there was here would basicly make them the acestors of that species Ou ansestors from the stars and we are the children of the stars.  


Wednesday, 20 November 2013



We come on waves of the energy pattern of creation for creation never stops.  Creation is an ongoing infinite statement of the flow of the Love and living essence of Light of the Creator.  This is a point of understanding that is often missed in the excitement and the challenges of the human experience.  There is always a process unfolding that is the statement of manifested energy being presented into the creative and created arena. 

Life flows in and through all creation.  There is nowhere that life is not.  For as the Love and Light of the Creator penetrated through the many layers or graduations of density of consciousness, Life became expressed on all dimensions, in all aspects of the universe.  Just as Love is present everywhere for Love is the Creator, the Creator is Love, so is Light everywhere for Light is the sustaining energy of the outpouring of the Love that the Creator is.  Similarly, Life is everywhere for Life is the animating principle that brings Love and Light into manifestation.  When we use the word manifestation, it is not just three dimensional existence for Life is manifested on many levels of density or levels of dimensions of consciousness.  So Life permeates all of creation as well. 

Within the third dimensional frequency, it is very apparent how the Life Force is so magnificently displayed.  Look around you.  Look at the infinite variety of expressions of form and substance.  Life is active and radiantly present everywhere.  Look at the mountains and the formations of the desert.  Look at the roaring energy of the rivers and the calm of the quiet mountain lake.  Look at the birds flying through your atmosphere.  Look at the various animals and how they are so engrossed in and activated in the pursuit of fulfilling their pattern within the radiant energy of the Life Force.  And look at the infinite array of souls inhabiting human bodies for this sojourn in Earth.  There is Life everywhere.

The question is, is the true pattern of Life being recognized or is there a diluted and diminished perception of Life that is being observed and being perceived by the soul where life becomes identified with the physical objects, the emotional conditions, the mental and intellectual constructs, and all of the meandering in the outer world that holds one and grips one in the tentacles of three dimensional existence. 

Many souls view this experience as being Life.  But consider that Life is everywhere.  Life is everything.  Life penetrates all existence.  When you pick up a rock, there is life present, for how else could the energy be sustained to hold that rock together?  The Life Force penetrates every atom and molecule of existence in the physical world.  The Life Force penetrates every molecule and atom of consciousness on all dimensions of existence.

So Life is not just the physical presentation.  Life is the sustaining and activating energy that brings the consciousness of the soul into realization of the flow of creative essence into and through one’s experience.  It is a fine line to consciously walk, to know from within the energy of the flow of Life Force, and to acknowledge the presence of that flow of creative energy.  When we say creative, we speak of that which comes from the very Creator.  To know and to feel the presence of that creative energy while still acknowledging, in the outer form, the multitude of expressions and accepting that all expressions are sacred.  For all expression of Life, all expressions of manifestation, all expressions of experience, all contain the essence of the life energy as the sustaining momentum and force that brings the creative essence into being.

It is a fine line, and the soul is called upon to recognize the truth within its very core, that the sustaining energy of the soul is the Life Force of the universe.  The soul’s purpose has only one focus and that is to be the fullness of the demonstration of that Life Force in its total experience, to know the truth of the source of all energy, and to let the Love and Light that is that energy, flow into and through the Life expression in all conditions that are met.  Beyond that, to see that same Life Energy flowing into and through all that is observed.  For the Love and Light of creation is being made manifest through the sustaining statement of Life everywhere.

These concepts are beyond what can be mental or emotionally considered or integrated, so it is necessary to set aside the physical, the mental, and the emotional attachments and to see what is behind and within all that is felt and observed.  We have spoken of knowing the meaning behind the meaning, knowing the essence behind the manifestation.  This is the pathway of the soul for as this inner meaning is revealed, the soul integrates all experience into the consciousness of who and why the soul is.  In this process, the awakening and remembering of the very origin and Oneness of the soul with the very Creator becomes a reality.  It is the living of this reality that is the sole purpose for the soul’s existence.

I AM the Love, the Light, and the Life of the universe. 

Surrendering To the Inner Child

Surrendering To the Inner Child

The e-mail notifiers are set-up so that users must find an admin to get their discussions posted.  This makes them feel like there is too much control retained by the site admins and instead of hunting down an admin they just don't post anything.  I know this to be true as they have tole me so.  Those who are less technically inclined find the posting process difficult as well.  A fellow site innovator who is also a friend recently closed his site for just that reason:  too many complaints from users about the posting process.  Users felt that they were being "lorded-over" and that only certain users could have the "privilege" of posting.discussions.  

This is one sure way to kill a website and I don't want to have this happen to my site.

Requested solution:  May we please have automatic e-mail notifiers that work the same way they did in the NING 2.0 platform?

Thank you for considering my request,

Less then a year later later I again was sitting in the same position on the couch as I usually do for meditating,  and once again found myself floating in the grey fog. When the fog cleared and I looked about to get my bearings of my surroundings. From the fog emerged another dark form. He fog swirled away from the male form who wore some type of cloak, sanding majestically on a large thick triangularly shaped stone slab. He held a broad sword point down on the stone slab. I thought that odd, no warrior would treat their sword thusly.  

I slowly approached the dark form, and suddenly he jumped off the stone slab, raising the sword over his head. I was quite aware of the possibility that the intent of this male entity might very well be. By now I had a feeling go through me, this dark male form appeared to be quite familiar to me, but could not quite place him to any previous memory. Even knowing the possibility that this entity may have the intent to impale me with the sword, for some reason I remained unafraid and I remained standing my ground staring him in the eyes, the eyes were bright emerald green, the windows to a soul I knew had no intent on harm.

Unmoved and unafraid I watched intently this warrior's every movements and actions action, not missing the tiniest detail, as he jumped the stone slab and alighting on the ground with the agility of a cat. He took another couple of steps forward, I could see his face clearly now and as the full realization and recognition suddenly sunk in, sending tiny tendrils of tingling sensations like suddenly had spiders crawling all over me. A slight breeze arose, ruffling my long hair and the hem of my long skirts. I continued standing transfixed before this warrior whom I knew to be part of me in a previous life.. 

This man lowered the sword, holding it in both hands before him, he then knelt down on his right knee and placed the broad sword on the ground before him, then stood up straight as a soldier and proclaimed that he would fight no more. I was expecting some type of military salute or something but he only stood very straight and still for a couple of seconds studying me. He nodded and bowed slightly, then turned and walked back toward the stone slab, took his cloak off and draped the stone slab with it, then climbed up and laid on his cloak and within a few second he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Monday, 18 November 2013

What is Reality?

Christians call it the Holly spirit, or as I call it the web of Universe.

The web could also be described all in universe mater and energy is stitched upon this web since the beginning of time, all the way back to the original thought, or, the word was spoken in the ether and there was light ,as Albert Einstein once quoted.

Reality? now there is an perplexing conundrum, I think it's conception is as varied as each human being perceives it. Reality is about as multifarious as the many layered conceptions of just what is infinity.  We are only able to perceive only the bits and pieces of it that comes within our range of being able to detect it on this physical plane and in the physical world and again those bits will differ greatly from one individual to an other. Is it that we truly live in different world's or should I say each of us perceive our own world differently then others

This reality is not really what it appears to be, in the sense of being solid or concrete, it is more made like different densities in the grids that make the Holographic universe, a very well designed hologram. 

As for the Holly Spirit or the tapestry upon which the fabric of creation was stitched upon. The Holly spirit is the grid upon which all of creation is connected to includes us. If one really believed and wanted to, you can use the grid to connect with your Creator Angel's and even other human being who are in a time between time.

The time between time is in the immediate second, freeze this second and time stops, speed it up it goes forward if you slow it down hypothetically you would be moving back. But in order to visit the past one would have to travel to the future in order to get back to the past. For example the more you accelerate past the speed of light sufficiently you could basically go to Alpha Centauri and be back in time to shake hands with yourself before you left. You look through a telescope and you see planet that is 20 million light years away but you are seeing it as it was 20 million years ago because it took that long for light to travel here. You would have to travel to the future to get to the past 

I also agree much that not all of the understanding even minutely about the very far past, like for one, this planets atmospheric composition of the elements, like what other elements were are at work in our ionosphere's 
composition. We have rovers on Mars that have just begun giving us data that has been instrumental to us with learning about how much there is that is so closely comparable to our own Earth's geology

Books, oh but yes, by all means they are the stepping stones until learning that these are nothing more then stepping stones that will lead us to the ****doorway*** but that is as far as the books get you. One needs to step through the doorway if one wishes to learn more of the mysteries.

The beginning of the rest of our journey to truth and reality. this
you will find is the rest of the journey is within the inner-self, if
you really desire to look deep within.

Love and Light

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun

…I do not consider either the just, or the wicked, to be in a supreme state, but to be, every one of them, states of the sleep which the soul may fall into in its deadly dreams of good and evil, when it leaves Paradise following the serpent.
William Blake, “A Vision of the Last Judgement”

A cosmic battle between good and evil unfolds in this dramatic watercolor by romantic poet and visionary artist William Blake. Sweeping lines across the drawing and evoke the zigzag flash of lightning, whoosh of a gale, and flap of wings, imbuing the scene with tension. The stakes are no less than the fate of humankind.

The book of Revelation, the final book of the New Testament, contains a series of warnings to Christians to maintain and guard their faith, then relates a series of allegorical episodes that demonstrate the consequences of spiritual defection. Blake’s The Great Red Dragon and Woman Clothed in the Sun illustrates passages that describe a “an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on his heads” who descends upon “a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.” The dragon embodies Satan. His mission is to exact revenge on the woman who has given birth to a follower of God who will spread the Christian faith.

Sun bathes the woman’s figure and catches in the crescent sliver of moon on which she rests. Darkness and shadow fill the sky above like a storm cloud as the dragon’s wings stir a great wind and sweep her hair upward, flamelike. Below, a rising deluge invoked by the dragon–intended to engulf the woman—overwhelms the figures of hapless souls. As the devil hovers to witness her demise, God grants her wings that carry her to safety. Yet the powerful image of the dragon’s outstretched arms and hers arcing toward each other in mirror image suggest that good and evil are a duality, like the dark and light sides of the moon, rather than completely independent forces.

The earth will open up to swallow the water, and the thwarted dragon will fly away to wage war against the woman’s progeny, the followers of God. For Blake, it is spiritual power—the purity and goodness represented by the woman—that always prevails, however horrific the circumstances.
Three other watercolors of the Great Dragon passages appear in a series of book of Revelation works made by Blake between 1805 and 1809. They are part of a larger group of tempera and watercolor paintings executed for Blake’s most important patron, Thomas Butts.
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