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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Childhood dreams lost

As I have come to remember more of my childhood growing up in a small town I envy the old me . The young idealistic, innocence who still believed that her marriage was going to be a place of safety, love and support and to have children and raise a family. That dream is so long dead it is covered in dust.

Now instead of the dewy eyed girl who could trust and love with a completely whole heart, I became a battle worn, emotional wreck. Every time life and my questionable choices knocked me to my knees, I got up again. Not always for myself. I crawled back up to be some body only to end up in poverty and I strived again to be some body's love. I got gut kicked and tossed out like yesterday's garbage and I clawed my way upright once again to be some body's loving wife.

It was enough to want to be there for others. It was enough to keep me driven and focused; to succeed. But I will tell you a powerful and amazing truth about my journey.

Nothing has made me feel more like a woman, a goddess, than to get back up solely for my own sake, I came to realize there was no one there to help me up. When I got up it had to be just for me, when the only excuse and reason for living became my desire to be completely there for myself I found that safe place. I found the real contentment, safety, fulfillment, support that I had always craved.

Do I miss that sweet innocent girl I was? Hell yes. It breaks my heart that she had to be bullied and abused to get to be me where I stand now. However, I cannot ignore the reality that her suffering has given me a powerful creative force, a breath taking dimensional beauty that can only be achieved by living hard and dirty for a while. They were all lessons about life and living and how to make better choices in my life and how to use my God/Goddess given gifts more wisely.

I love you right where you are. For to long were you a tightly closed bud, the promise of a truly powerful and loving woman. It is at that point when you feel unhinged, unappreciated, and held back from your joy that you are the unexploded brilliant fireworks that is a woman in transition. I remember the rudderless ship of abandonment I was. Trust me as an old battle scarred warrior princess that has become the finished product of the beautiful and fantastic life that you feel now.

Once you are on the shore of the other side of this uncomfortable time it gets better.
After you are washed clean by the torrent of hurt, anger, disappointment and woeful tears, it gets better.

When you feel strong enough and surrender completely to your dreams, desires and personal needs and wants, the clouds of despair begin to part. When you feel inspired and empowered to put yourself first it gets wonderfully better.

Now I have my beloved roomie of ten years, my twin flame and warrior in shining armor.


Golden Fairy

The golden fairy shines in the dark wood

She shines and illuminates the forest dark

She dances and prances like a tiny ballerina

She dances without a care

A free spirit graceful of feet, she leaps into the air

sparkles everywhere among the trees

Singing with the denizens of the forest dark

Where the silver moon arcs across the sky

Fire flies join her in her dance joy

Dancing and twinklings up high in the sky

Among the stars twinkle twinkle

Dancing to the chorus of crickets peeper

whippoorwills also join the chorus 

of the forest dark One by one the firefly's return,

Into the forest darkly 

Just as the peepers and crickets go silent

One by one, only A lone whippoorwill sings

In the tall maple above

The golden fairy lands bows gracefully in thanks

to her forest friends then folds her wings and goes darkly.

Cynthia ©

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Whispering Worlds

The origin of fairies

The Little People are said to be the dispossessed early tribes of the British Isles.They faded away into inhabited places, growing smaller and smaller with time as they were forgotten and passed into legend. The Tuatha de Danann, People of the Goddess Dana, ruled Ireland before the Milasian invasion. They were driven underground where they became the Daoine Sidhe fairies.

The word Fairy is derived from the ancient "faunoe o fatuoe" which, in the pagan mythology, indicated the faun's (deer) companions, creatures endowed with power of foretelling the future and ruling the human events. The word Fairy also comes from "fatigue", which in Middle Ages was synonymous with "wild woman", that is woman of woods, waters and, in general, of the natural world. Fairies are super natural creatures endowed with magic power, thanks to which they can change their appearance and make it change to the others. They frequent caves, rocks, hills, woods and sources; they are ready to help innocents and victims of persecution; they make up for a wrong, they avenge an offense, but they also can be malicious and vengeful. According to tradition, they are present at men's birth in order to give them special gifts and influence their existence in a benevolent or malevolent way.

Fairies are naturally complicated and their behavior is ruled by a moral code which is very different from ours. Most of these little creatures, apart their size, appearance and nature, have hidden powers and are able to give, as much as they please, good and bad luck. Therefore, the more you know about Fairies, the best chances you have to come out of an encounter unscathed. When you have dealings with Fairies it is of primary importance that you treat them with kindness and all respect. It is too easy to offend them and Heaven help you if you take liberties with them

Fairies are constantly attracted by every form of creativeness and, most of all, by instants of deep feeling, which they want to share. Lovers, poets, artists, writers, sculptors, weavers, musicians and all arts have to admit they are in debt to a unidentifiable force, which is invisible, capricious, sensible, delicate, incomprehensible and powerful, called "inspiration" or "Muse" which, when it is present, is generally irresistible. Fairy's world is full of dark enchantment, of charming beauty, of incredible ugliness, of hard superficiality, of spirit, malice, joy and inspiration, of terror, laughter, love and tragedy. Their world is richer than fairy-tales make believe.

Special Dates for Fairies

Midsummer's Eve (June 24). On Midsummer's Eve the fairies are at their merriest

Fairy Food

When it comes to fairy food, we read stories to discover that mallow fruits are fairy cheeses, and dogwood fruits are pixie pears. Little cakes are another favorite fairy food, and if they are made with saffron, they are especially cherished since saffron is highly valued by fairies.

What do Fairies Love ?

Fairies love beauty and splendor, grace of movement, music and pleasure, everything in fact that is artistic. They do not like any sort of violent, brutal enjoyment. They hate greedy people who gather the last bit of grain, or drain the last bit of milk from the glass, or pluck the trees bare of fruit leaving nothing for the spirits who wander by in the moonlight.

Always leave a bit of milk or drink in your glass at a feast and never pick the last fruit from the tree. Don't stay up too late either, for fairies like to gather round after the family is in bed and drink and eat.

If treated well, the fairies will bestow good fortune and reveal the mysteries of plant herbs. For acts of kindness bestowed upon the spirits, fairy blessings will come in the form of unexpected good luck.

Fairies could bestow good fortune on people, but if they felt offended they could cast spells and cause mischievous trouble. Therefore be kind to a vagabond, for he may be a fairy prince in disguise, who has come to test the depth of your charity, and of the generous nature that can give liberally out of pure love and kindliness to those who are in need, and not in hope of a reward.

The most popular pastimes of fairies are music and dancing. At night the fairies would rise from their homes and come out to dance away the hours of darkness. They especially love to dance in the evening of the full moon. When the morning sun begins to rise, the fairies vanish.

Many mortals were enticed by the beauty of dancing fairies and sought to watch them dance at night. But this was very dangerous, because if the fairies lured and trapped a mortal, the mortal could be forced to dance all night until they collapsed from exhaustion.

Fairy music is more melodious than human music and there are many songs and tunes which are said to have originated from the fairies. Many pipers and fiddlers of Europe learned their songs from the fairies.

A most amazing descrition of fairies 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Asleep she lay, deeply asleep,
Dreaming of places never to be.
Dreaming, dreaming  of faraway lands
so very long ago, of what could have been and of things yet to be,
Every where and nowhere, both far away and near by.
Things that could have been will happen
And things that have happened will not be,
For she is told she is old now, but she only stood at the beginning of the next dream;
For those who loved her who have left or are too far afield she knows she will see again.
As her mind drifted reliving her life she felt a fullness of it and peace in her heart and soul.
As she lay there on her bed of down her heart is not bitter
But is filled with peaceful memories knowing she had freely given with unconditional love.
As she looked in the mirror she did not see something unpleasant,
Yes, what she saw coming from her eyes was kindness, loving, caring,
a glow appeared surrounding her like a halo or aura,
The rainbow of peace.
The beauty was the light that shone from within,
Her inner light which for so many years had shone for others.
But also sadness could be seen; something was missing
in order to make her complete; something was missing.
Like a swirling mist at sea it swallowed her, swirling, swirling
Into darkness then, as suddenly the mist lifted.,
She stood at the edge of the sea, wind blowing in her hair.
The sea that lay before her seemed to go on into eternity.
Confused and lost she continued standing by the sea awaiting for she knew not what.
Fear began to eat its way to her core,
She feared that she was the only conscious being in this reality that she knew not,
A place with no beginning and no end.
A voice spoke to her, it was a familiar voice.
She felt a presence and then she knew and felt a calmness,
and she felt loved, cared for, warm and secure.
She did not know who the presence was but she knew that never again would she be alone.
She felt filled and any fears she may still have had melted away like snow in May.
The lady awakened and sat in her bed, realising she was alone again.
Or was she? The room glowed with every color of the rainbow.


Sunday, 30 June 2013

Legends of the Dragon

From medieval there once rose the dragons of old
Were they real, just as the eagle and condors of this day?
Out of the misty past long ago before any of the beast of this day walked the earth 
Yes there were many dragons small and large so they flew on great leathery wings
 And dominated the skies over the pterodactyls and other large winged beasts of the day
And even to this day it is rumored by some that they still roam in the shadowy world between worlds
Sometimes if you listen really attentively you can still hear their roar reverberating in the darkness of night
Legend say that in medieval days, they had been hunted into extinction by the brave knights of old.
But then legends say that the great masters of the skies hid in the caves among the mountain peeks
And there went into a deep slumber to awaken for the time of the great transformation
For a time the winged creatures of today would once again be masters of the skies blue
Where the mammals of the ocean depths and of the earth green would be the dominant species
But what if a few found another world to escape to, a hidden world where no man has ever trod .
Here and there in this world they continued and thrive and to this day,
And still continue to occasionally visit this, their world of birth.
At night In a shadowy form they fly over our homes, waterways, forests and mountains,
Always wary of the two legged (human-kind) who feared them and would kill any and all if found,
Until there weren't any great dragons around in this world or the nether world?
If this were so then this would be the answer as to the why and how of the origin of so many legends
 of these magnificent beasts that have been told throughout our history.
Near and wide everywhere such legends tell of the great dragons good and evil,
Beasts of such immense size with scales tails and fiery breaths