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Friday, 26 April 2013


Family, Peers, superiors such as teachers, preachers, politicians, boss etc. as well as friends and to
a greater degree society itself defines who and what we are to be from the moment of conception. The seed of the mind continues to grow and to become what it believes it is suppose to be. The fully mature character of the person you have been conditioned to think you are. 

But like the potential of the great oak seed remains dormant, entrenched and buried within the mind until the mind becomes conscious of this other potential within, allowing the oak seed to grow into a sturdy oak tree with all of its branches extending outward, and all of the characteristics that make you who you are as a person come to life. 

Once we are conscious of our true characteristics of our being, our true feelings  as well as the id, is the true part that dwells deep within ourselves. With this knowledge comes confidence and it is this confidence that will eventually define who, how and what I will identify as. 

It is *not* learned behavior, as the old teachings would have us believe. It is deeply *rooted from the original seed,* within the mind. We are who we are from birth and this seed within the mind will determine what the person will be. 

In my earlier life during the days of turmoil  and confusion I was lost. I no longer had an identity until I accepted who I truly was inside and not what others expected of me. One must be conscious of this truth which dwells within, before growth towards recognizing my own individuality began. Just having accepted who I am inside good and bad, it all balances out. This acceptance brought peace not just of my mind and heart but to my soul as well,  
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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Have You Heard the call? A Spiritual Awakening

This is about the souls who have awakened to the awareness of having heard the call and why they have  volunteered to incarnate on planet Earth at this time.

You have received the call, now are you ready to pick up the phone and receive the message? A message that will lead you on a journey with a definite destiny, but not without its potential hazards. Do you love and care enough for yourself and others around you to do this?

I am a stranger in an alien land? If I am an alien to this world then where did I come from, where did everyone one else come from, and what species have I originated from? If I am a seed from the cosmos then why did I come to this planet in this time line? Have I been here before and what is my source? Where does all this come from, who created this world *and the universe* which is in itself ensconced within an immense void like a tiny grain of dust among many other grains of dust in a great sea of darkness?

Regression hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon talks about the souls who heard the call and volunteered to incarnate on planet Earth at this time as evidenced by her regression hypnotherapy clients who have been reporting on future events while under hypnosis. Are you one of the people who heard the call?
Great Mother Earth
Great Mother Earth

How does "Man" think he is more powerful than the Great Mother?
She, who birthed all life, and with her birth waters flooded the land to create the rivers and the seas,
She, who made the seed for the plants to grow, and the trees to reach for the sky.
She, who can move mountains and sink Islands, with her breath she can wipe out entire cities in a matter of moments.
With her tears she can flood the land, with her icy breath cause glaciers to form, and freeze the land into winter hibernation.
She, who can burn the desert floor so that the land must rest, and man retreats.
Our great Mother Earth, who can shift whole continents with a mere shiver of her shell, or create a mountain that spits fire to build new lands.
She, who knows what dwell in the deepest oceans and atop the highest mountain range.
She, who taught the eagle to soar, and the whales to sing.

Man, who scurries in fear to hide when her lightening streaks the sky and her thunder rumbles across the valleys, and get on their knees to pray to their god for mercy when land trembles and the mountains spew fire.
But how soon does man forget and presume that he is the alpha and omega? Who does "Man" think he is? When will he stand in awe of her greatness of the inner and outer realities of what makes all in creation as one source energy?

We must all respect The great Mother, for we come from her, and to her shall we return.

An endless cycle like that of a spiraling galaxy.
Cynthia ©

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Kindred Spirit with Gaia

The wind is your soul and the water is your living essence.
Your spirit is kin with the children of Gaia as is your heart.
You are at complete balance and at peace with the world around you.
You are a natural beauty inside and out, and you are loved and favored by Gaia. 
Your inner beauty permeates all that it touches.
You are a true daughter of Gaia and she has blessed you;
She has blessed you with the gift to be her kindred spirit. 

Cynthia ©

Your sister

Monday, 22 April 2013

Inner Knowings

Yes I believe I know why I have this inner knowing that informs me about certain events and occurrences. Some are truly painful to experience and may not be so clear as to the purpose or reason as to why I experience them.

There are times there isn't any thing I can say or do to prevent or change anything unless the way to do so was clearly and specifically shown to me by the inner knowing as I proceed with what needs to be done. But I have come to believe it does not always necessarily work out that what ever is required of us to do is not necessarily in a physical sense, it is from within.

It is not impossible to know instinctively or intuitively what is required of me to do if I am open minded to such phenomena and petition in meditation or prayer to be shown how to deal with any problems on a daily basis. Most times, unless I am not open to receiving, even without even realizing, catastrophe hits. But instinctively if I am aware, I am lead to do what’s right and in this manner I am able to circumnavigate any potential stumbling blocks there might be along the way.

Just like the Biblical prophesies were not written in stone, Sometimes there is a way to divert such catastrophic events as foretold in the prophesies. It does happen on occasion one changes their mind about a certain thing and by this idea not being completed, it doesn't happen. In this way those of us sufficiently aware are able to intervene, just by *without even being there physically to do it, you Just do your part of not doing what doesn't feel right*

I learned this lesson the hard way that there are something’s we have no direct physical control over. There are certain events that will come to pass both in the now and the future that are not meant for us to intervene, but always follow what feels true within you. Do not follow blindly.

Cynthia ©

Doorway Into A New Reality

We have lost our way to confusion and complication.
Simplicity or following the path of least resistance only exists alongside magic dragons,
fairies, and fairy princesses so some would have you believe.

Wisdom is both psychological and spiritual and is in harmony with the spheres of reality, true reality in the order and harmony of universe and not the **falsehoods and lies,** that they would want you to believe in this man made reality. I needed to reawaken and see the world through different eyes.

Eyes that are able to perceive the simplest of harmonies in nature, and to be aware of the elements around me, the same elements I live and share with the denizens of the wilderness, the arms of the mother who embraces all living things.

I have felt emotions such as love and compassion to such depth and intensity like I had never before experienced,

It is a soul awakening which contains rivers of ardent tears of sorrow, as well as impassioned feelings, of happiness and bliss.

No more shall this new light be mired by infusions of bewilderment and confusion as my heart will be at peace and tranquility within.

Does true reality hidden in nature exist only in children's story books? Why does tis child once they mature and grow up to join the rest of society to play the game they call life chooses to discard these wonderful gifts of nature. They become blind to the beauty that is all about them in pursuit of the material things. Why do they  rape, pillage and slowly kill Mother Earth and her denizens for their own greedy needs of power and riches.

We all have the potentiality to manifest a new life and embrace so much more beauty and bliss in this very reality, just by being in harmony with the people and the environment around you.

Love a child, help a needy, accept both nature and man into the bosom of your heart

But first of all be patient and enjoy the journey, for it is the experience of journey, not the destination that is the most exciting part of life.



Some choose to navigate their live in a zone they are comfortable with, it is something they are familiar with. Accepting all the wrong doings of others as normal because they know no other way. The most frequent reason for this stems from ones conditioning, from early childhood. Conditioning to think and feel that it easier to work under a oppressive conditions even if doing so is self destructive to their own physical and mental health because it is the only way they know or have learned how to survive.

It began during several year in an abusive relationship. It was an environment which had become familiar to me so that I knew no other way out, or even if there was a way out. The light was not something for me to have, I feared the light of wisdom and knowledge for it was a mystery to me. Something I would be punished for attempting to even expressed any such thoughts. If I dared believe there could be something better I thought I would surely pay dearly for such forbidden aspirations.

Shortly after being released from my bonds I stopped drinking after so many years of numbing myself with the stuff. I knew of the light and was aware of something within me that was much more powerful then what presented itself on the exterior and many a times through those years afterwards I questioned others, seeking an understanding of this concept of the ‘light’, Or the Spirit of all things. The light of hope and balance and harmony in the world. It is everywhere but no one sees it, they go on doing their thing totally oblivious. They talk but don’t see. But just as many times my questions was asked, it fell on the ears of the ignorant.

All that I knew had been taught to me was of a A God of the church. Churches who condone to Go Do Harm onto Others in the name of God?  This kind of God Is not the kind that I would be sending prayers to. Such people who uphold this kind of power I can not grasp in my mind and heart, it’s out of my scope of my understanding. The power I came to know as the essence of all that I can sense and feel through my own inner consciousness I call the living essence Great Spirit. ‘The power’ that be, the web of creation, the harmonics of cosmos  This power is neutral neither bad, or good, nor is it negative or positive, the duality is necessary for balance in the universe it’s ego that needs tampering

It is solely of our choice when we tap into (pray and meditate) this energy force that we determine, out of our own free will, as to what our intentions are with this energy. If it be for good, bad or for negative, positive, for what ever purpose, it is done of our own free will, it is of our own choice, but when making this choice is our conscience clear of doubt as to what you choose to do is right. Do we truly listen to the inner voice for guidance?

Beware of the super ego’s, and self deception they can both play a very good part convincing us that it is the right one even when it is not. So we have to be cautious when making that choice. It is usually best if one channels this energy through (prayed and meditation) and request for guidance form Great Spirit. 

Perhaps you have heard of the saying absolute power can deceive and corrupts absolutely. Subconscious can not be killed, but it can be suppressed. Only the person who has suppressed the subconscious mind is the one who can unlock it's doors again once more if it is be their will to do so.

As for me, I am who I am, I am a child of universe who was given a unique ability to think and choose what it is I must do on this journey called life. I pray and meditate to the Source that I be shown the path I must follow on this journey. A stepping stone into the limitless realm that Source has chosen for me.

Cynthia ©

From the old belief system it was taught to us from the ancient texts that, for all things there is a season where there is a time to put away childish thoughts. To Condition or impress upon you into believing that real is restricted to what you can sense with the five senses, and to exercising the imagination is the wrong and childish.

This is not so, "Imagination" is one of your most beautiful gifts humanity has been granted, which needs to be cultivated so that you can experience the wonderful possibilities, each being endless, infinite in each fantasy conjured up in the any potentiality that manifests in the mind of a child without limitations.
The limitation you place upon your own creativity are only the ones you place, Why not  release what is in your heart, like you would releasing the dove from it’s gilded cage. Allow your mind to "imagine, play, invent, create, experiment" let it fly free with all the possibilities which enter there into the realm of the mind.

You will soon find you can fly free, perhaps on the back of a great and mighty dragon, or how about flying solo on your own fairy wings, or perhaps on the back of a winged unicorn, or be the inventor of the intergalactic thought machine.

When your only desire is to live with joy  and freedom within the glow of peaceful beauty which is born of your own mind. A magical wonderland born from within the conscious mind and heart like the paint of an artists brush upon the canvas called universe.
Allow yourself to touch the child within, enjoy this wonderful gift of imagination that we are all given if we so wish to seek it.

Allow the complexity of the mind to flow free hither and wither where ever your heart desires it to go, there is no limits to where you might wish to go in this magical land that is already within you.

Cynthia  © 

Sunday, 21 April 2013


Hi dear friends and followers, I happy to see you here. Today I would like to present to you another of my older writings. Thank you

Some of My Thoughts On Belief

If you BELIEVE and pray on a matter, a way will manifest itself. Although it may not be exactly the way or the result that you had in mind, it will appear. Often times in life we encounter detours in out journey where we were sure we saw a blind alley.

If you follow your own inner guide, the right tools to do the job or the way to get where you need to be will destination will present themselves. Rest assured that you will be where you are meant to be, to do what you need to do.

Praying is like making a telephone call. You talk or express to the Higher Power of your understanding your thoughts, then you listen for the response. Listen with your heart or your intuition and believe with unwavering faith and you will get the answer meant for you.

It works. I know. The light beings (or angels) are never very far away. They help you to do what is right.

Following what your heart speaks to you, you will achieve what is necessary to continue on your life’s journey.

If you can teach an old dog new tricks, what does its pedigree or color, long hair or short, matter as long as it barks when someone is in the yard and fetches your news paper like you would expect? What makes this dog special is that it has learned something through you.

That’s what makes some people in your life so special for the time you are together. Good friends, loved ones, enlighten each other and are there for you when you need them.

If you believe and pray and sincerely have the faith in your prayer, deep in your heart, then that prayer will not go unheard. An answer will always be shown to you. It may be presented as a direction to do something, a feeling to avoid something, or an object lesson learned from another's experience, to name a few. Be alert for your answer.

Believe in your heart that you can do what must be done, and so shall it be.

Ask the Great Spirit to help you to see the path and the path will be lighted for you as long as you believe it in your heart.

Writen by Cindy ©

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great Week.
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