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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Mystic Encounters

Mystic Encounters

Hi, dear friends and followers. Today I would like to share with you the topic of Mystic encounters. I have shaded in red that I have had personal experience with. The text in orange are my own comments. Thank you very much for coming

What ARE Mystic encounters? Many types of encounters can be classified as mystical, i.e., any occurrence with a "disembodied" being or a being from another dimension that is without physical form in this dimension. 

Some can see this type of being in some form or within their inner vision. Others sense or hear them. "Other beings" that are non-human, including tree spirits, sister wind, rocks, animals, plants and planets, can also have meaningful, extraordinary encounters with us. However you may experience these types of communications, you'll know they're real.

Anything beyond the normally accepted reality would come under the description of mystical encounters and phenomena. Some types would be......

1) Telepathy -

Though more common than realized, humans are gifted with this type of communicative ability. Not only do we hear or receive the thoughts of others, they can receive ours. We are usually unaware of where these thoughts are coming from. Most often, they're from other people. Sometimes they originate from other entities as stated above, as well as, elements and elementals, bugs and birds, even beings from other galaxies and dimensions. Everything has energetic intelligence and can communicate.
By developing your "inner awareness" (sensitivity) and attuning (aligning) with these other energetic forms of expression, you can consciously perceive and initiate these communications.

2) Clairaudience -

...means clear hearing. This is a manifestation of telepathy where the words or sounds are distinctly heard either in the mind or outside of it, through the auditory system. These types of mystic encounters are outside of the obvious realm of speaking person to person through voice or signing, or from hearing normal sounds that don't have a physically apparent source.

3) Clairsentience -

...means clear sensing or clear feeling. Your senses are affected by unseen energetic elements. You may smell, touch or feel energies that don't have a physical source. Most common are smells of perfume or smoke (tobacco or wood). These are ways for 'spirit' to make their presence known.

Temperature changes, i.e., hot spots on your body, chills or even "psychic bugs" (where you feel like you're getting little bites or crawling sensations) are common.

You might feel as if someone has touched you or fiddled with your hair, or you may
bump into someone who isn't physically there.

4) Clairvoyance -

...clear seeing. Usually psychics are called clairvoyants because they can see energies and visions with their second sight (inner eye/third eye), yet they also have clear hearing and feeling as well. That doesn't mean that they go through life seeing and knowing everything. Only Creator sees and knows All! It's that they have a more keenly attuned awareness than most of us. You can't lie to an empath, clairvoyance is my little voice
Females and gay men are naturally more open to subtle energies and expanded awareness, hence "women's intuition." When men do develop their intuiting abilities, they can become powerful psychics due to their inherent focusing ability.
With clairvoyance, a person can see auras (energy around people and things), disembodied energies and beings, visions of past, present or future events and other non-physical phenomena. These mystic encounters can occur with eyes open or closed.

5) Premonitions -

Aspect of clairsentience when you get a strong sense of something about to happen, then it does. Again what I call the little voice, 100% accuracy
6) Prophetic Dreams -

When you have a dream that comes to pass in real time. The dream doesn't always happen EXACTLY the way you perceived it in the dream state. Dreams are symbolic. The emotional elements are the tell-tale signs of a prophetic dream. Careful in letting highly charged emotional dreams take over your thoughts. This is sometimes the way that the subconscious mind releases strong emotions or fears. You usually don't know a dream is prophetic until it comes to pass. So, don't give extra energy and attention to an emotionally negative dream. If it is meant to be, you can't control it, but you don't have to give energy to it. Put the thought into Divine Hands. Ask that false visions be removed from your mind.

7) Apparitional Manifestations -

The seeing of an apparition or 'ghost' - one that appears to your normal vision, is the epitome of mystic encounters. This I have seen many times in form of light beings roughly the shape of a human but without detail features, just light. And the shapeless patches of light I see on the walls, like tiny rainbows, And of course, the most frequent ones the sparklies and orbs.

Apparitions can become visible to us when the conditions are right. What we are seeing is a vibratory change in energy. Either they are vibrating more to our dimension or we are raising our vibration to theirs, or there is a vibratory change in the area or in both parties.

Some places are energetically charged, like a vortex, where energy can be experienced in supernatural ways. Oracles historically have been named such by the location of a mystical vortex i.e., Oracle at Delphi. In these magical places, sensitive people were able to perceive otherworldly sights and sounds. They were purported to be able to contact deities and relay information.

Sometimes apparitions have no form, they are seen as smoke or energetic substance.
To Be Continued
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Friday, 11 December 2015

Orbs in Space: An Unconventional Phenomenon, and the Tether Experiment

29 NOVEMBER, 2015 - 01:00 VALDAR
Orbs in Space: An Unconventional Phenomenon, and the Tether Experiment

Hi, dear friend and followers. today we look at the phenomena orbs in space. Thank you very much for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy the entry.  
The term orb describes those unexpected light manifestations in spherical form which appear in photographs and on film. Authentic orbs have their own flight trajectory and they emit their own light. The phenomenon has attracted the interest of scientists and even that of NASA researchers, especially in the case of the famous Tether Experiment.

Terrestrial ‘orb’ in the dimly-lit woods. (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Across the entire planet an event was broadcast which had taken place at the end of the year 1972. According to the information communicated by NASA:

The three American astronauts on the way to the Moon have announced that on the number two panel of the space shuttle Apollo 17 a light signal has been observed, followed by a sound signal. A few seconds later, they disappeared, without the astronauts being able to discern their nature. The problem was immediately studied on Earth. A NASA delegate declared that it was not for the first time, during the Apollo program, that such signals have been recorded during flights.

So these luminous globes known by the name of orbs also seem to manifest themselves in extraterrestrial environment. Very rarely, they are accompanied by weak sound manifestations.

Five Scientific Discoveries Made in Dreams
The Strange and Unexplained Phenomenon of Raining Stones
Astronomers say Flickering of Distant Star Could be the Result of an Unearthly Civilization

Before this event, NASA researchers were already aware of the phenomenon and they even had a series of recordings brought in by various astronauts. From these, a series of images have been published such as the luminous orb of M. Scott Carpenter from aboard the space shuttle Aurora 7, the images obtained by James McDivitt on board Gemini 4, and then confirmed by the film made by astronauts James Lovell and Frank Borman aboard Gemini 7 and many others.

Still, after the publication of the images caught on camera by Frank Borman aboard Apollo 8, documents of this type have never been made public, only being accessed by NASA specialists. An interesting film which was made public showed a large group of luminous entities which had come from outer space close to Earth. These entities flew at an altitude of over 500 kilometers (310 miles), but as it was intended for the film to remain at the discretion of specialists, it was quickly ‘forgotten’.

In the year 1996, the astronauts from the Columbia space shuttle were working on the technical mission named “The Tether Experiment”. Aside from the research activities, the astronauts had to launch a satellite connected to a very long metallic cable, or tether, for experimental purposes. The launch was filmed with more cameras from aboard the ship, including an ultraviolet light (UV) camera. As the satellite was launched, some devices began to malfunction.

STS-46 TSS-1 deployment. Satellite and tether. These free-flying satellites are used as observation platforms outside of the Orbiter. (NASA/Public Domain)

The 19 kilometer- (12-mile)-long tether snapped and drifted away into space. Nobody had an explanation for the phenomenon—but nobody had suspected any outside interference. Still, upon their return, the surprise came when scientists looked at the UV camera footage.

Did Elusive Dark Matter Trigger Global Mass Extinctions and Doom the Dinosaurs?
Halley's Comet Linked to Planet Cooling 1,500 Years Ago
Cosmological discoveries lend support for legendary Great Year

A still image from the NASA footage showing a so-called orb appearing to float behind the detached tether. (Public Domain)

The astronauts had not seen anything strange while on their mission, but the footage showed a totally different story. On film, the distant metal tether is visible as a small line, but a series of intensely radiant and large sized forms are seen moving in various directions around it. They had well defined, round shapes and they all pulsed with a sort of rhythmic energy. The most surprising thing was the fact that the invisible entities were accompanied by some giant forms with apparent dimensions of approximately three kilometers (almost two miles) across. These forms also radiated in the UV light and their outlines displayed a sort of technical symmetry. The bigger shapes seem to pass behind the tether, revealing their enormous size.

VIDEO: UFO NASA's unexplained tether overload incident

It is believed by some researchers that the cause of the strange phenomena which had taken place around the tether and satellite may have been the unexpected interference of the energy fields generated by the strong radiations of these unknown entities. Still, these strange intelligences apparently never moved too close to Earth in order to avoid affecting it with their radiations. From all of this, one might conclude that these entities are highly intelligent and there is still a lot more to find out about them.

Featured image: A still from the NASA footage of the 1996 Tether Experiment. (NASA/Public Domain)

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

~ A Fairy Tale ~

~ A Fairy Tale ~ 
Composed by me, +Cindy Groulx 
Hi dear friends, today I would like to share with you a fairy tale poem. Thanks you for visiting and reading my blog. I hope you enjoy this entry. 

Did you see that? In the early morning,
a brush of wings sends the mist in swirls!
You might think it's just the stirring of early morning air,
but look more carefully, and be attentive, my dear.
You might hear the sound of a tinkling bell
at the edge of the woods where you walk each day,
Or a tender sigh;
was it the breeze in the trees?
Or are these the signs that tell you
that there are fairies are near?
These might be some mundane things,
The sounds of the wind,
The touch of the breeze.
But they might be the signs of a fairy passing,
Like footprints left in the dew-laden grass.
This could be a sign of a troupe going home
After a night full of dancing and merriment with their queen.
Tiny footprints are signs that
the fairies are close to you.
A ring of toadstools in a forest glade;
A puff of smoke, a rush of wind;
The fairies’ dance has now begun!
Beloved and cherished by children
And those with the child in their heart;
Scoffed and ignored by grown-ups and
Those who have lost their child within.
It's been this way since time began.
You love fairies...I love you.
Fairies may be in tales for children,
but for me I choose them to
always remain my companions,
playmates, especially on rainy days.
Soon the Christmas fairies will be here
And for a day or two love will reign in the hearts of all.
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Elemental Conference

The Elemental Conference

Hi, my dear friends and followers. I wish to share with you today a short fictional story. Although it might be fictional it still rings very true in the real world. Thank you very much for visiting my blog

"I can't believe how people can let the greedy overlords hold them in servitude and allow them to pollute their environment! They do not so much as try to stop the overlords who force the others of their kind to rape, pillage and render my spirit barren for the sake of their greed for more wealth," Earth Mother Spirit said.

"I know. We give them so much, yet they always want more, and in return all we receive back for thanks is the filth that they dredge up from the lower elements. We can't allow for this to go on for much longer!” Water replied.
“And there are also the green plants I produce for them, the trees and forests, torn away to make room for farming, farming in soil not meant for cultivation. Now this land lies fallow, dormant, as dead as the desert sands!” Earth Mother Spirit cried.

"They are short-sighted, arrogant, and selfish." Wind declared.
"Thank you for helping us to teach them a lesson," Earth Mother Spirit said to Wind. Those tornadoes should wake them up and get them to change."

"I hope so" was Wind’s plaintive response.

“As more of the polar ice melts, Water has been doing her by flooding the coastlines. I thank you too for doing your part, Water, Earth Mother Spirit declared.

“It is my honor to be of service, dear Earth Mother Spirit,” Water chimed.

"Fire is angry and has been rampaging the dry areas. Those areas need not be tinder dry if it weren't for the interference with the watershed by the avarice of those humans who live to extract more riches from the lower elements. These are the very elements that keep Earth alive!” Earth Mother Spirit warned.

“Certainly those elements that do not belong at the surface! They are Earth’s life blood! Extracting them from the lower levels to the surface only causes lowering of the water table, choking off the life essence of Earth, “ Water said.

Wind nodded in agreement.

"So when did you and Fire start talking to each other?" Earth asked Water.

"Wood told me what was happening,” Water responded."

"Fire burned more than 10,000 acres last month. That's right, Earth; I helped her," Wind said. "No one wants to be around when Fire is angry. Only Water can control her or hold her back, but Water stayed away and let Fire do her thing."

"We have waited too long for humans to act wisely and stop the 'overlords' before they damage Earth beyond healing," Water observed.

"Yes, we cannot afford to give them more time," Earth Mother Spirit responded.

Soil, whose humility made him taciturn, decided to speak: "We, the Elements, have followed the patterns set for us, and we have abided by the Golden Rule of the Natural Order, but people have broken it too many times. They cannot be allowed to continue if Earth Mother Spirit is to survive. I think we should wait for a few more full moons before we unleash the worst."

"Yes, let us give them a bit more time," the Elements agreed. For the millionth time.
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How do you see this?

How do you see this?

Hi, dear friends and followers. Today's entry is about prejudice and racism as I see it. written by me. Thank you for coming and I hope you find the topic interesting.

Looking for racists, chauvinist pigs, and people who hate you for the God you worship, or in the name of the god they believe? Personally, I don't believe in any god that demands the blood others.

But at an earlier time in my life I have found myself attracting this very kind of prejudiced people to myself. I promise you, you’ll find them all, and more than you ever imagined. You will draw the prejudices to you, attract them, like ants to a picnic. For one thing, you will not even realize that you are right in the middle of these kinds of people at one point or another. No matter where you are or go, they're all around you. Having grown up with these kinds of people, you begin to think that it is the normal behavior of most people.
One thing I’ve repeatedly heard among Law of Attraction folks is that if you focus on something, that’s what you’ll get. Though they’re not usually talking about focusing on prejudice against you, many do use it in a negative way, as for example, you got what you asked for. The older form of this lesson was drilled into me in Baptist Sunday School as a child: Seek and ye shall find.

The lady from whom I extracted these ideas for this entry was a practicing Wiccan and a judgmental empath. A wonderful lady from whom I learned much. I do not belong to any faith or religion but through the years I have formed my faith. I draw my faith from the elementals of the forest, and the forest is my church. That’s exactly why I’ve made some changes in how I see myself as a practicing spiritual person who has, many times, been the target of religious prejudice–and I’ve changed my experience for the better. Here’s why:
Varying viewpoints - Have you ever gone to a movie that involved different nationalities that had nothing to do with prejudices, yet when you discuss it with colleagues they bring up racist discrimination? I am, at this particular time, thinking of the movie “Avatar.” A beautiful heart touching movie such as that, and some found it fit to associate racial discrimination in that wonderful movie. I enjoyed it very much, even though it wasn’t about traditional earthly cults and beliefs. It had its unique spiritual quality. Regardless of the negative feedback of some, it was a beautiful fantasy, and I enjoyed the movie.

The Na'vi character Neytiri should have been 100% heroic instead of showing a human side at the end that made her, in my opinion, such a richly complex character and far more interesting than the typical white male hero. Meanwhile, a feminist friend thought the female characters should have been more aggressive, so the movie was sexist. And on it went. I kept my feelings and thoughts to myself.

I couldn’t understand my colleagues’ narrow viewpoints, but then, none of them understand why I used to get upset with stupid movies with a sad ending, doing my best to try to cover up the tears.

Many seek what they fear; again, the Law of Attraction in operation.

Each brought something about himself or herself to the movie, and they expected to find those things presented less than favorably. Then again, we all do that to ourselves in the greater play, the play of our lives.

And then there is the female factor. Why is it in the past ten years I find harder to keep a friend. Nothing has changed about me. I am still pleasant, caring, loving, and easy to get along with, yet friends just seem to run from me like I had the plague.

Like most people, I get curious, and I wish I knew why I get dropped as I do. Sometimes I find myself almost wishing even the idiots would stick around! I went through that long mental list most of us girls do when it comes to rejection: I'm not white enough? Is it the way I dress? My shoes? Too fat, too skinny? Too old? Or is it? Well, you get the picture.

I often have made the mistake in the past to talk about things with people that were way above their heads. For me and the way I am, if someone mentions something like E=MC2, and I am off and running. Even though I only made it to the first year of college, I had a voracious appetite for reading books which is where I got the better part of my education. One thing I had discovered is guys are not impressed with brainy girls.

Since then, I heard about a motorcycle accident that claimed the life of the rider. The motorcycle riders in the room with me immediately guessed that the pickup truck driver intentionally ran the bike over out of hatred while the non-bikers assumed the motorcyclist was some young thug without a helmet and a penchant for racing. I was dumbfounded by how everyone looked for facts to support their prejudices or fears of prejudice. Within a few minutes, more news came, and they were all wrong, all of them.

It is a sad thing to see people behave the way they do because of deep-seated prejudices that were probably ingrained into them from childhood and act spontaneously upon these prejudices most time without reasoning the facts out first.

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

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Monday, 7 December 2015

Fairies ~ Elemental Beings

kb Wall Josephine Where Moonbeams Fall 

Hi, dear friend and followers. Today's topic is about fairies and the fairy energy. I know many people don't even give fairies a second thought, but just think of it for a moment. Have you seen the movie "Avatar?" Do you remember the little souls and the connection of all life to the Tree of Souls and their home world,  their version of Mother Gaia? Please continue reading. The "Notes" in orange text are mine. Thank you for visiting my blog

Fairies are the most commonly known Elementals probably because Fairies are everywhere. They are the guardians of plants and flowers. Every plant has a Fairy on it or even more than one. You will particularly be able to feel Fairy energy around flowers. Fairies also stay with cut flowers after they have been picked so if you have bunches of flowers in your house, Fairies will be nearby.

The Fairies were the first Elementals that introduced themselves to me. At the start I could not see or hear Fairies but I could feel their excitable energy. After a couple of months of working on connecting into the Fairy realm I started to hear them and to see them on occasion. Fairies have squeaky little voices and are very playful but also sometimes a bit mischievous. They look like little people with slender bodies, big eyes (usually blue) and pointy ears. The flower Fairies wear hats usually which are the flower they are guarding and living on. They all wear different colours depending on their plant type and they have beautiful little wings protruding from their back.

In my experience, I think the wings, or should I say physical wings, are not really necessary for them to fly around. Their bodies are not physical. They have an energy body and the wings I believe are more optical illusion than they are real wings. Around all living things, there is a shimmering aura. I can see it around animals, people, and plants, as well as the elementals. Anything that contains a source of energy, including the Elemental beings has one.  We all are born of the elements.

I did not write this entry, but I agree with most of what is written here for I feel like I could have written this myself.
And even though most people are not even aware of the fairies they do communicate through those who are sensitive enough to receive their message and we pass along the message as best as we can.

Messages from the Fairies

“Fairies are here on earth at this time to safeguard the plant kingdom and to produce beautiful flower displays for insects, animals, humans and birds. All of the earth is an intricate system working in harmony and balance. When one part goes out of balance everything is affected. Just now we Fairies are particularly concerned about chemical sprays and genetically modified crops. They  urge humans to return to more organic farming practices and to stop interfering in nature. It is our wish to connect with more of the human race to work together to protect the plant kingdom.”

The Fairies are a very friendly group of Elementals who love to be spoken to and asked to help. Fairies are very powerful manifesters and know that through the processes of firm belief and clear visualisation they can attract what they want into their lives. The Fairies on earth are ready now to work with humans with a pure heart to teach us about their powerful manifestation skills and using the moon cycles to harness the available energy here on earth.

Fairies are also keen to help us heal our hearts and to find love in everything and every situation. They have explained to me how it pains them to watch humans behavior towards one and other and the animals and nature. Fairies live in big collective groups, or families as we call it, and they like to socialise, party and have fun together. They always see the love in every situation however they do get angry when we trash their homes and show no respect for planet earth and this is why they have a mischievous reputation.

Communicating with Fairies
To connect into the Fairy realm all you need to do is to sit amongst flowers and plants. Quiet your mind and close your eyes. Perhaps hold a piece of rose quartz or amethyst crystal  

or even just a wildflower, which is what I usually do. You don't really have to hold anything; only if it makes you feel more connected the fairies and will attach to whatever feelings your consciousness is connecting with.

The Fairies are very attracted to them or anything sparkly. Fairies connect with us through our clairsentience which is our sixth sense that allows us to receive messages through feelings. So open your heart to the Fairies. Allow them to come to you. Fairies can truly see who we are so if you have any problems or tendencies you know are not serving you well, hand them all over to the Fairies to heal. They will transmute any pain or egoic beliefs up to the light and help us to see a better way of being.

This is true about the sparklies and flashes. You may see them better in a dark room at night, but you can also see them occasionally during the day as well. I believe that is also their way of telling you they are not far away.
Imagine yourself surrounded in a ball of white light. You may see sparkles and flashes as the Fairies throw their healing dust upon you. Imagine that you see two root protruding from your feet burrowing down deep into the earth. These roots reach right down into the centre of the earth connecting and grounding you. Now speak to the Fairies, ask them anything and notice any thoughts, feelings or visions that you get as the Fairies give you loving guidance and messages.

Once you connect with the Fairies they will enlist your help by encouraging you to pick up litter, participate in environmental projects, create a nature garden perhaps and encourage you to eat organically when possible. The Fairies are passionate environmentalists. Inviting the Fairies into your life is great fun as they will always be leaving you gifts and positive signs, helping you to meet the right people and to have new opportunities in your life.

If they like your energy they may be attracted to remain near your home where occasionally you will see their energy; if not you can always feel their energy when they are nearby. You need not really do anything special except just acknowledge 
that you are aware of their presence.
Fairies and Elementals prefer wild, natural environments, therefore, you will find more of them in these locations that are not so populated by man. As their energy is more powerful in these locations they are easier to feel and connect with. Fairies are also more active at the solstices and equinox.
Fairies will help you with gardening guiding you to the right plants to buy and where to place them in your garden for example. They will assist with flower arranging and making your home beautiful. Ask them for help with any pest and disease problems and they will guide you to do what is best for the plants. Be aware that sometimes they may guide you to do things are not conventional but every time I have followed their guidance, for example, to put a certain crystal in their pot, the plant has always healed. If you want more fun in your life ask the Fairies to help you arrange that. Most of all enjoy working with the Fairies and seeing where your journey takes you.
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Mother Gaia

Mother Gaia

Hi, dear friends and followers. I wish to share with you today about our great mother Gaia. Thank you for visiting my blog and hope you enjoy reading this entry. 

The things that we are doing to the forests of the world is but a minor reflection of that which we are doing to ourselves and one another.

We look for that magical place. We walk in a misty forest, hoping to find a unicorn, an elf, or whatever, perhaps fairies, or even a dragon or any such mystical woodland creature. Something that, obviously, did NOT appear. Look more closely! There is much in the misty forest that the eyes may not notice at first glance. Relax, and let your mind drift, relax your eyes, and see the tiny details you missed on first glance.

Think of a serene and beautiful place in nature to sit and relax in the warm sunlight on a pleasant July day. Such places are getting harder to find because the expanding footprint of humanity is ripping from the Earth its being; its very soul. This proves how ungrateful we are for this wonderful gift freely given us. Deserts were a much more rare sight and the greenery upon the land persisted almost everywhere we could see. That is not so today.

Frustrated I am with what human actions are doing to Mother Gaia when nature’s beauty was never hidden as a mystery.

But now all populations of humans – of all races and colors -- have forgotten their ties to the great mother for the pursuit of the self-proclaimed rule with themselves as rulers having a crown, jewels, and power of dominion over all.

Shed no tears, my dear. Nature has its cycles of life. Someday man will return his to his rightful status among creatures. The flowers will flourish again another year. Weep no more, my dear young sprouts sleeping in your cribs. Dry your eyes, my dears. As they taught me in paradise, the melodies that are played, where spring sunlight always shines in your heart all year around.
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ