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Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Princess and the Warrior Prince

From over where the distant hills
rise to meet the sky
Is where she will be found
awaiting for her beloved prince
to come home from his mission,
over the other side of the distant hills.
that he hath came in the fury of the wind,
his long golden hair streaming behind him,
his ice blue eyes shinning
like they had light of their own;
The pounding of the hooves of his steed 
with eyes like red hot coals glaring;
the prince held his sword high
giving the battle cry,
to speed his steeds stride
he needed to be at the side
of his bride on this night!
She sits patiently by the pond,
as darkness encroached
the forest darkening all around.
A mist forms obscuring the landscape,
A dark form appears in the mist before her.
With her hand upon her breast
she waits with foreboding.
As the form moved closer, 
all doubt melted away, 
as she arose to greet her prince.
With arms a spread 
she embraced him in greeting,
with a glowing smile of admiration.
A smile so profound, 
as to melt one's heart.
A maiden without a home to return,
For falling in love,
With a dragon in a knights armor,
A prince and a warrior is he,
To the people of the dragons.
Out over yonder hills,
hence they once had come.
To the land of the fair maiden
She a fair maiden,
With the long golden hair
that shone as the golden rays of the sun.
So beautiful was she that she made 
the dragon prince's heart beat strongly,
within his mighty breast.
her delicate hands,
brushing his check with gentleness.
And he a dragon,
his scaly frame,
flashing in the darkness,
Icy blue eyes glowing,
holding the princes by her delicate waste,
scaly arms sufficiently powerful enough to crush any human.
Gently embracing the princess
" Princess of Ajahar, 
will you join me as my queen on this night?",
The queen of Dragoha
She saw his true heart,
even through all fearsome appearance.   
She could see the beauty that was there within.
She could feel the flame within that burned for her,
knowing the heart,
that beat within
The elfen princess responded once again,
with another soft touch upon his cheek.
She gently pressed her lips to his,
resting her cheek against ample scaly chest.
"It is time." the prince says as he turns away from her.
The princess embraces him from behind,
as he  suddenly transformed to his true form,
and spread his large leathery wings,
aloft they were, 
bearing back to the hills. 
Where the prince and the princess
will be forever in the land,
of the dragon kingdom.

Cynthia ©

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Ramblings of the Fairy Lady :o)

Ramblings of the Fairy Lady 

Hi, Dear Friends and Followers! Today I share with you one of my older essays that I named “Ramblings of the Fairy Lady.” Happy reading

I am quite aware as to why I have this little “inner voice” that I also call knowings. For this essay, I will call the voice knowings. This describes it quite well.

These knowings inform me about certain events and occurrences. I am happy just knowing things before they occur. Some are truly painful to experience and may not be so clear as to the purpose or reason as to why I experience them.

There are times there isn't anything I can say or do to prevent anything from occurring or to change it, unless the way to do so was clearly and specifically shown to me at the exact right time. But if this knowing is being even slightly blocked from my mind, whether purposely or not, I don't want to know. It could be just too much “white noise” or mind babble at that particular time. Regardless of the source, the way ahead becomes too confused or blurred for clear, safe navigation.

If I am fully open to these knowings, I usually end up where I'm supposed to be. I have never found these knowings to be wrong. It is the choices I make that produce the right or wrong outcome from any given decision. For me, the knowings have always been 100% correct.

I have come to the conclusion that it does not always work out the way that I thought it would. I can reach the same goal or what is required of me either by my own choice or by guidance from the knowings.

It is not impossible to know instinctively or intuitively what is required of me to do if I am open minded to such phenomena as the knowings, and petition in meditation or prayer to be shown how to deal with whatever it is I will be confronted with on a daily basis. Most of the time though, unless I am not open to receiving the knowings, I will do what I knew I had to do without even realizing it. I am led to do what is right and in this manner I am able to a greater degree circumvent any potential stumbling blocks there might be along the way. There have been many, and I would be lying to you if I didn't say I tripped over a few of them before I learned to be more conscious of the knowings.

As the biblical prophesies were not “written in stone,” sometimes there is a way to avoid catastrophic events as foretold in by the knowings. It does happen on occasion if one changes their mind about a certain decision they made and by doing so change a series of events that would have lead to a catastrophic conclusion.

But whatever the conclusion was going to be, it never happens because the cycle was broken. Thus by breaking the cycle the potential event never happens. In this way, for those of us who are sufficiently conscious of the reality around them, we can do something toward changing such patterns; patterns so obvious, right before our eyes, leading us to self-destruction without our being there physically to do it! Just do whatever you can of “not doing what doesn't feel right” for you, your family, and your loved ones.

I learned this lesson the hard way: That there are some things over which I have no direct physical control. There are certain events that will come to pass both in the now and the future in which I am not meant to intervene. But I always follow what I feel is true for me and I have done my best to make my small contributions


Thank you again for dropping by and taking a few minutes to read this composition. I would appreciate knowing what your thoughts are on it. Thank you and have a wonderful Sunday.
ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ


Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings: Working with the Intelligence in Nature, by Marko Pogacnik - NEW 2nd ED. IN STOCK

Have you ever looked at a tree and marveled at its beauty and strength? Or sighed over the colors of a landscape at evening? And as the emotion filled you, wondered if, somehow, Nature was sending you a response? This books adds a how and why to your feelings, joining heart and mind in a celebration of insights and satisfied curiosity.

The Sloveninan author Marko Pagacnik has a scientist's interest in the phenomena revealed by his extraordinary powers of perception, communicating with them and discriminating between them. The beings of ancient legend, fairies, nymphs, fauns and dwarfs, step forward and tell their story; their interdependence with the human world; how in times past people knew them and used their powers to benefit the whole Earth; how now they suffer from neglect and ignorance, their realms harassed and destroyed while the Earth withers; how they still still love us and forgive us. The encounter with Pogacnik fills them with joy and he pleads powerfully that we use the powers growing in us to make our own contact with the elemental world.

Pogacnik encourages us to find a quiet spot to meditate and converse with these beings so that we may re-establish the ancient connection between humanity and these real and powerful realms of Earth. The effort adds a fresh and vibrant quality to current environmental concerns. Yes, there are elves at the bottom of your garden, so go talk to them!

Although a lot has been written in recent years about nature spirits, Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings is remarkable in that almost everything described in the book is based on the author's own practical experiences in communicating with these beings through meditation and tuning in to plants, trees, animals and the landscape. He describes in detail the various elemental beings and their roles in maintaining the web of life, and also gives insights into related topics, such as the flow of energies within the landscape and the long-suppressed Goddess culture. His evocative images of the nature spirits draw our attention to the lost harmony of the natural world which has been disrupted by the impact of human culture. It is a tragic situation but one which can be redeemed if we rediscover our long-lost sensitivity to these realms and, as the author demonstrates, learn to heal the disturbed elemental world.

Author Bio: Slovenian artist Marko Pogacnik has an international reputation in conceptual and land art. Through his work he has developed the skill of Geomancy as a tool for unlocking the hidden wisdom of the Earth. He leads workshops throughout the world in Earth Healing and advises communities and businesses in landscape planning

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

How Do You Like Me Now?

So. Starseeds are from the stars. I can agree with that. Everyone wants to save the planet. I can only agree to that to a point now. But so far it isn't going so well, now is it?

Ohhhh! Wait, wait, it's Love and Light! That will save the planet! ... No... it won't. As I have said before and I will say it again, Love and Light is not the answer to all. Everyone wants to feel love, everyone wants to think they're 'good'.

I like to think of myself as good. Really. I am not evil, that's for damned sure, but apparently I am not 'with it' when it comes to Love and Light and you know what. That gives me a more open mind. Yes, that's true, because as I have written in some of my profiles, “there's more going on than a planet in despair because of greed.”

We talk about the common races... Annunaki, Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedians, Reptilians, Greys, Arcturians, Bellatrecians, Centaurians, Fomalhautans, Mintacans, Pegasians, Procyonans, Tau Cetians, etc, etc...

What I want to know is how does one know that they haven't been brainwashed? What if there's forces at work brainwashing through mediums like subliminal messaging like those who think they're here for the better good when in fact it's a really interesting ploy to do otherwise? Seriously... do you give it any thought?

Apparently the Reptilians are the bad guys. Alright, whatever. The Democrats don’t seem to be fairing much better either and the lizard people and greys are apparently no doing much better for the human race either.

There are two sides to every story and it seems apparent that people here only wanna hear the 'good' side. They don't want to hear what is obviously the negative side of things either... why the hell not? Why not be knowledgeable in both sides  and come up with  alternative ideas on how to run things? Why not sit back and take in both 'good' and 'bad' instead only one?

Do you honestly think that shunning negativity is gonna make it go away? It will not. So why not learn what you can, what you might be facing and dealing with it?

Here's a hypothetical question: Do you honestly think that right now if there was an alien invasion of 'bad guys', that if you preach love and light to them they are gonna go away?

...No, they won't. They don't care what you're saying and preaching or thinking, they'll shoot you where you stand and move on because they can and they don't care about you they only care about their self interest.


I learned about the dark and the light through my own experiences. I do agree that one has to know the dark in order to appreciate and know the light, and the light can also be described as being aware or conscious of the darkness helps you become more familiar with the dark’s working parts. The best I can do is to understand anther's darkness through my own experience and in understanding I am also touching them with my own experience on how I came to know my own truth about my awareness of the light within.

I don't bow or kneel to any gods, deities or aliens, but I do embrace the wisdom or light that comes from within myself, and that of others around me. Where ever the source of this wisdom or knowing within comes I do not question. Yes there is darkness that dwells within all of us as well as the light. This I believe  is called the duality of life, and we do have  free choice within us to make a choice as to which we want to follow, sometimes the hard way through trial and error. We comes to know the difference between one and the other then makes our choice accordingly.

For those who live only for self , they don't care and they probably never will. They only want what's in in it for them, who ever they are want. And they will let nothing stand in their way, "of course they'll shoot you if you resist." The only way to save a world, is not by fighting a war, It is much more successful working with one person at a time then grow out exponentially from that point.

For example, If everyone here who reads this blog was to go out and help one individual, you probably know someone in your neighborhood that could use some kind of support in one form or another. So if every one here really wanted the help, that would be 42 people in this membership helping one person each and those people who have been helped in turn did the same thing , well one needn’t do the math to see how that would go. Even if one was to just be kind, warm, loving and supportive toward one another, well ti certainly would be a start.

If there are aliens, and I do believe there is extraterrestrial life, they are in the form of a very advance species who  are more observers then participants in our games.


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Prince of Dragons

The dragon prince embraces 
her delicate waist and with ample arms, 
and with a nearly inaudible whisper,
tells her of dreams of nights of old
and bids her to tell her dreams
that she embraces so dear
to her breast like a precious jewel
dreams of those precious night of old 
embraced protectively from her deepest fears'
she closes her eyes, and deep within,
she knows she wants no other dream,
but to be in the dragon prince's arms,
and to give him her heart and her life
she opens them and turns
to embrace the prince of dragons,
to gaze upon his glowing sapphire eyes,
replying, thy wish to know my depest dreams?
that which yee have not yet seen?
tis you who stands before me'
my precious prince that I see in my dreams. 
Do you not remember the times of old?
He places his hand upon her cheek,
soft as silk "aye, I do" the prince responds.
I wish to make you mine,
with great honor I ask the
sweet goddess of the land of Omar.
like the rose peddle are the,
in the early morning mist, 
on the shores of the lake of dreams I ask thee.
before me I see the most beautiful 
goddess in all the worlds of Ardinia
that thy god Ardine hast created.
He pulls her closer in his embrace
hoping his love for her
will be equally received,
and never again to fade.
'Then why have you so hesitated
to ask me? 'she asks with tears
beginning to run down her cheeks.
He wipes at a tear gently with his finger
then liked it's salty essence and said.
'Thou knowest I want too 
but until thee time is right
and Odine favors our union
we must wait, but I promise you,
that time will never separate us
For we bear the mark of the dragon
Nothing not even the heavens 
can stop our union as one. 
Yee hast to wait for me my precious jewel
My love, for you are greater to me 
then all the stars in the heavens.
The dragon prince got on his right knee 
and kissed the Dragon Godess of Odine 
on the right hand and once more
stood before her and embraced her once more, 
then the Prince of dragons was gone
just as the mist on the lake of dreams,
she whispers to the empty air where he had stood,  
I will be here my dear prince of dragons
I shall be here to the end of eternity if need be
Our hearts are forever bonded as one 
Cynthia ©

Monday, 30 September 2013

In the beginning

In the beginning there was only thought, then thought willed light in the dark void, this light was the birth of consciousness in creation. As I see it is that even before and during the formation of the primordial soup of the early universe one would find all of the seeds of *thought* or possibly strings, like in string theory, still remain in universe to this day The threads that make the web, then just transforming from one form to another in any given dimention.

All of the seeds of Source (thought)  are all out there for all to see in the present universe and always will ad infinitum only perpetually transforming and changing its form. The seeds of all matter and energy and life = consciousness. How many lives that we may have lived and the many more to come and how many just since the birth of universe, or the beginning of time and space? How many seeds of life were there planted into fertile soils of not just one planet but a plethora of planets? It has already been proven that much of space in our known universe is filled with carbon based particles and water particles, building blocks for life.

So then would it be everywhere in the multi verses? It is my beliefe that we are all one in consciousness and does it matter what body or planet we inhabit if we are all sentient enlightened beings as one in spirit? We are “ Star Seeds.” It wouldn’t much unlike if one could become as one with their twin sister? Two separate physical beings with one soul? Just like those two subatomic particles on opposite ends of the universe pulsating simultaneously as one? Feeling, thinking, and experiencing life as one in consciousness  Not just empathically but actual experientially as well. It does resmble empathy in a way buth that would be an entire other chapter...or two .

 When I was a kid I was a loner most times but never alone. Even in my older years I still have a very active and vivid imagination which in varying degrees  is capable of connecting emotionally, physically, intuitively as well as telepathically with other minds or any living energy like plants animals, what ever flies, crawls, walks or swims as well as people.
In my mind I learned to create my own worlds and I can populate them with who ever and what ever I want. Who knows, maybe some day it will manifest or create physically my dreams into another reality. But for now I content myself by envisioning it in my mind what I am about to write about. I already see that world before my fingers even hit the keyboard.

So what manifests a dream, and where are they born from?  Can you imagine all the life time memories a soul can contain since the birth of it’s reality in time and space?” How many realities can be born from such chaos? Or is it chaotic? Or do we just see it as such through the limited finite mind of comprehension of the infinite Consciousness?

Matter, energy, space, time, distance, and thoughts, all is light, energy, *source.*

So just be what you feel is real to you, your own two spirited being, believe it and live it and it will manifest.

Cynthia ©

Sunday, 29 September 2013

In loving Light Believe

"BELIEVE," Pray, a way will manifest itself although it may not be exactly the results you were seeking. Often times in my life I encountered detours in my journey that took me to a different destination in life then I had planed or anticipated.

If I have faith in, and follow my own inner guide, the right  tools to do the work to get to that destination will present themselves. The end result is rarely what I had  planed, or expect, but I will be where I am meant to be to do what I need to do. If I but quiet the mind chatter and  listen to, and follow my inner guide.

Following what my heart speaks to me, and I will  achieve what is necessary to continue on my life’s journey. I have been guided and I am where I am supposed to be. I am not saying that I have never been led astray by the chattering mind but the inner voice was always there to guide me back when I was ready to listen

I must be honest and say that  many times in my life I have been lost not only in my own minds chatter but also have been led astray by other peoples chatter, telling me what was right and what was wrong and how to do this and how to do that. Most were well intentioned of course, but some not so well intentioned, I call them lost souls.

But if the advice is given me by another out of love, even if I knew they were wrong. This I accepted as a good indication that they cared and loved me. That was what made some people in my life so very special and precious for the time that we were together, it goes so fast, cherish it while you have it. But In the end it was only I that could make that final decision

Good friends, loved ones support love and care for each other and enlighten others around them just as they did when you needed them, and if they are true to you they will be there for you regardless weather you followed their advice or not 

I am only human there were many times where I lost faith and fell by the wayside but when I turned to  prayer and meditation my faith returned I believe sincerely in  that faith along will not do it if not accompanied by prayer and meditation from within my heart, then that  prayer will not go unheard. A way has always be revealed to me.. Believe in your heart you can do it, and so shall it be.

I petition to Great Spirit to help me see the path, and the path will be lit for as long as I believe within my heart that it  will .

Praying is like making a telephone call, you talk or express to the person on the other end your thoughts then you listen for the response, this is the meditation part. Listen with your heart or  your inner  intuition and believe with unwavering faith

It works, I know, the light beings (or angels) are never very far away they give you what you need to do what is right.