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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Tall Ships at Sea

Tall Ships at Sea
Hi dear friends and followers. Today I wish to share with you a sea poem, composed by me. +Cindy Groulx  Thank you for reading  
With hull and crossbeams of oak and pine,
and sails of stiff, white white canvas cloth,
she sailed upon the salty seas.
And nearing the land she loosed irons and steel
before she could smell the disease in their blood,
the thirst for blood deep in their hearts,
their heartless intent made them press onward.

She warned the Chief; 
but his advice-givers reminded him
that the Witch Priestess had rejoined the land
to anchor to the bottom of the shallow cove.
Before sailing she was a mere maiden
who will now soon walk the steps of the Crone.

“I hold the song of hope!” the maiden sang, dancing.
Grandmother sang into her soul:
"If you don’t let me sing the words,
the land will swallow our people’s flesh
and strangers will step on their broken bones.”

She continued to plead, 
but the maiden would not listen.
Afterwards the skies grew dark,
and the smell of decay, like that of  death,
thickened in the air, carried by the wind.
The Maiden sang the Crone’s words to the sea
and the water filled with breath.
A tempest blew,  the waters heaved and rolled,
ripping the sails from the tall ships at sea
and plunging them down deep into the depths 
where surely all would drown.
At sea holding onto anything that floated,
the sailors held to a procession as sailors do,
swimming with eyes and ears open.
She descended into water-shielded caves.
and brought the sailors within.
The wind abated, and the clouds parted.

When the moon was full, and shining like silver,
the Maiden of the Waters swam to the surface
to entangle her long black hair
and sing the Grandmothers’ golden songs.
The sirene of the great sea had spared 
the men who were in peril at sea that night. 
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Friday, 28 August 2015

My early experience with empathy in my life Part 1

My early experience with empathy in my life Part 1

This blog entry will be about my experiences with empathy and its effects on me. I have discussed this topic many times over the years, but only in small doses. I have discovered, to my disappointment, that trying to share too much at one time overwhelmed some readers. And there were others who didn’t understand what I was relating to them, so I bored them. No one seemed very interested, so I shared only what needed to be shared on any particular occasion. In this blog entry I am speaking of as many of my major experiences with empathy as I can recall.
The feelings woven within empathy run deep within the emotions. Have you ever had an experience as a child and you had broken a favorite toy, and that hurt you just as much as losing a beloved pet? When I was a little girl just starting elementary school, grade one, kindergarten had not been introduced where I grew up. We lived about a mile from the school, and we walked there and back. A school bus was unheard of in the small county where I lived. Its largest source of income was a logging camp and lumber mill in the northern part of Ontario, Canada. It was some in of the most beautiful and close to pristine country on Earth but frozen during the winter months. 
Walking to school was not the best experience during the winter cold, so to make it more fun, when the road was covered with ice, we would skate to school. It wasn’t unusual for me to show up at home with a stray animal with me, a stray cat or dog and even sometimes a skunk, squirrel, raccoon, or even a weasel. It didn’t matter much to me what animal it was. If it had fur and looked like it was having problems it came home with me. Sometimes I also brought injured animals from off the side of the road with me. My mom was good at doctoring sick animals, and if she could not help them, they disappeared, much to my chagrin. 

The effects of empathy manifested themselves more frequently and in a more forceful manner after we moved from the lumber camp to a small town in central Ontario that had more moderate winters. It was in their public school that empathy and I had some bigger problems. 
The lake not far from the house where we lived

The school was five miles from home, and there was a school bus to take us there, although during the nicer weather I would walk back from school through the woods. I preferred that over the packed, noisy bus. In reality, the bus was just an extension of the schoolyard, and I did not get on well in either place.

I was a quiet child and did my best to avoid contact with the others. I did not like what I felt when I was around them. I have no doubt that was a good part of the reason for why they found me strange and weird. I moved around the school yard like a shadow trying not to be noticed. Lucky for me that worked most of the time unless I happened to be right in front of them.
I did not fare very well in classes, either. The teachers weren’t mean to me but they, too, didn’t understand me and just left me to myself in my seat, usually near the back of the room. That was fine with me. I had three classes that I liked and with those I did fairly well. I liked English grammar and writing because I could use my imagination in writing. Art was enjoyable because I loved drawing; and science, because I have always had a keen desire to learn about the unknown, especially in outer space, even to this day.

Once we had a science project. We were asked to draw our perception of the universe on the blackboard and share it with the class. I took a good portion of the board to draw concentric circles, one inside the other, outwards to the outer edge of the blackboard. I then drew dots of different sizes around each circle with different colored chalk. After this, I drew radiating lines going outwards from the centre, each line connecting with the dots. The appearance was like a giant spider’s web. At the center, I drew a large yellow dot. About a third of the way out from the center, I drew a large blue dot then put a title at the top of the blackboard, The Living Universe. 

The teacher came up and asked the obvious question: "How do you see the universe as a living entity?" "Because, sir, the entire universe is connected together from its center just like a giant spider's web." He was silent for a moment then 
Actual image taken by hubble

asked, "What are the big blue dots?" I could feel he already knew the answer. I responded, "They are us, sir. We are only but one little living dot out of many." Again he was silent, holding his chin in his hand as he studied the blackboard. He then turned to me and said, "This such good, thoughtful work I have decided to leave it up on display for the rest of the week."

All hell broke loose when we were let out for recess. It didn’t set right with some of the other students that the one whom they had thought to be the school dummy came up with something a teacher found brilliant. They chased me around chanting "Dummy! Dummy! Don’t you know that the universe is only made of rocks? They threw small stones at me to make their point. The stones were not big enough to cause me bodily harm, but the entire incident hurt me deeply.
That was my worst experience at school. After that, I kept a very low profile, verging on invisibility. I kept mostly to myself, and I didn’t mind; I preferred it that way. I was Little Miss Invisible. I had built a fort in the woods where I hid during recess; that was until someone discovered it and destroyed it.
My home was my haven. I loved my mom, and we were more like sisters than mother and daughter. She had a bad day now and then, but they were so few that I barely recall any of them. If I needed to be out of the house, I still had 100 acres of land, mostly woods, in which to play and live out my fantasies. There was also the lake that was five miles long and ready for exploration with one of my dad’s rowboats. 

I did not have many close friends, but I did have a few. The closest of them was a girl by the name Helen. For five years, we were inseparable, as close as two friends could be, almost like sisters. 

The other kids didn't think too much of us because we did not fit their mold. We were rogues, the kind of kids that caused moms to pull their sons in the house by the ear whenever we walked past. We ran around loose, roughshod some would call it, dumping garbage cans over and such, generally doing mischief after dark. Once we tied a garbage can to the back bumper of someone's car with the clothesline that we had taken down earlier in their yard! That was the extent of it, nothing serious enough to get in wrong with the police. And when the cops did get involved it was just a lecture, complete with finger wagging by the town policeman, Sergeant Cirroc. Oh, what bad punishment we got! Then afterward he would take us to the ice cream parlor and give us a ride home!
End of Part One

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Thursday, 27 August 2015



Inglés con subtítulos en español

Hi, dear friends and followers. Today I would like to bring to you this message that I believe is one of the most important one that can be bestowed upon us. Listen not only with your ears and mind, listen with your heart. Thank yo very much for visiting my blog.

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To all my dear friends.
I had my time in the sun, Now I pray that others who follow my footsteps get their time in the sun and make it brighter than ever before. By +Cindy Groulx 

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A Childhood Fantasy

A childhood fantasy

Hi dear friends and followers. Today I would like to share with you one of many of my childhood fantasies, or were they really fantasies? You be the judge. Thank you very much for reading my blog

I have had several imaginary friends, and they appear as quite real to me. Two girls and one boy, the boy a little shorter and younger than the two girls. He was one of the girl's brother as it turned out. 

I would spend most of the day in the woods behind the house playing with my imaginary friends. Mom would ask me what I had been doing all day, of course, I just up and told her the truth: that I was playing with my friends in the woods. Now, my mother was one that didn't shock much over strange things but she certainly took a double take that day. The closest neighbor was five miles away, and they didn't have kids!

Well, as you say, my imaginary friends vanished at around the age of 8. But by the time I was nine years old I ran into a ghost girl and she became my playmate for a while, then she, too, just vanished.

But through the years she kept coming back for a time then would leave again. I gave her a name, Cassandra. She always showed up when I got into some trouble or another. She came to bail me out from my downfalls. Well now, would you believe that about twenty years ago I was into story-writing, stories for kids, and it was around this time that one of my childhood imaginary friends showed up. I named her Gertrude.

Being with Gertrude was a lot of fun. She was kind of like the witchy type; she could actually fly! I would only see her for short periods of time then she would disappear just before dark.
Well, one night I got curious and followed her. "Wow!" We came out of what was either a dust storm or fog and below us was this very large canyon! "Yikes!!" I held onto Gertrude even harder, then she flew down to the canyon floor and indicated for me to get off. 

I followed her wishes; then she took off again with this really large butterfly net chasing this winged critter that looked like a smaller version of a pterodactyl, "Ooooh!", really scary-looking things! She would whoop and holler, and she swooped down and swung that big old butterfly net and caught herself one of those danged ugly critters.

From the floor of the canyon, it was kind of neat. What I thought were fireflies turned out to be tiny sparkly flakes that appeared to have a life of their own. They flew down toward me and just swirled around and around me. This place was like something enchanted out of a fantasy with a large silver moon that appeared to be big enough to touch the ground. And all around the moon there were billions of tiny silver stars that were dotted here and there with larger spheres of various sizes and colors

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Monday, 24 August 2015

The Flower

The Flower

Just a beautiful little poem I thought I would share with you, for this moment, on this beautiful island monday. Thank you for visiting my blog

copyright 2014 by jon gutmacher

The flower lay against the wall

it’s petals folded against the harshness of the wind
that blew unrelenting
out of the far regions of the north
and it shuddered
and withdrew
as the cold wind began to whistle
across the desolation of the stark courtyard
which surrounded it

No sun filtered thru
no warm air flowed gently
only dark grey clouds
streaming across an angry sky
each flying across the landscape
threatening to billow into snow or hail
but still
the flower was there
struggling against it all

A man crossed into the small alcove
and was amazed that anything could grow here
lest a flower
and he looked
and gently touched it
and it felt his warmth
and the petals moved
ever so slightly
but enough that he saw its beauty
and shook his head in awe

And looking around
he saw what he was looking for
and made an opening in one tall wall
where suddenly
the sun burst through
and showered the single flower
with a radiance it had not seen or felt before
and for the first time
it felt warm
and fulfilled
and safe

And then the man left
but returned each day
at the same time
when the sun broke free
and entered through the opening he had made

And in those moments
however brief
the flower grew and flourished
with only the beauty that a loving hand
could have provided

And though the seasons passed
the flower grew
as if magically
nurtured by the love of the man
who first drew the sun upon it
until one day
when they both passed into time
and into the dreams of those
who remembered them
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Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Maiden of the green forest

Welsh Fairy Tale

Hi dear friends and followers, Today would like to share with a Welsh tales of Magic wizards and maiden fairies and other ancient legends. Thank you very much for vising and reading my blog  

Many a palace lies under the waves that wash Cymric land, for the sea has swallowed up more than one village, and even cities.
When Welsh fairies yield to their mortal lovers and consent to become their wives, it is always on some condition or promise. Sometimes there are several of these, which the fairy ladies compel their mortal lovers to pledge them, before they agree to become wives. In fact, the fairies in Cymric land are among the most exacting of any known.

A prince named Benlli, of the Powys region, found this out to his grief, for he had always supposed that wives could be had simply for the asking. All that a man need say, to the girl to whom he took a fancy, was this: "Come along with me, and be my bride," and then she would say, "Thank you, I'll come," and the two would trot off together. This was the man's notion.
Now Benlli was a wicked old fellow. He was already married, but wrinkles had gathered on his wife's face. She had a faded, washed-out look, and her hair was thinning out. She would never be young again, and he was tired of her, and wanted a mate with fresh rosy cheeks, and long, thick hair. He was quite ready to fall in love with such a maiden, whenever his eyes should light upon her.

One day, he went out hunting in the Green Forest. While waiting for a wild boar to rush out, there rode past him a young woman whose beauty was dazzling. He instantly fell in love with her.

The next day, while on horseback, at the same opening in the forest, the same maiden reappeared; but it was only for a moment, and then she vanished.
Again, on the third day, the prince rode out to the appointed place, and again the vision of beauty was there. He rode up to her and begged her to come and live with him at his palace.

"I will come and be your wedded wife on three conditions: You must put away the wife you now have; you must permit me to leave you, one night in every seven, without following after or spying upon me; and you must not ask me where I go or what I do. Swear to me that you will do these three things. Then, if you keep your promises unbroken, my beauty shall never change, no, not until the tall vegetable flag-reeds wave and the long green rushes grow in your hall."

The Prince of Powys was quite ready to swear this oath and he solemnly promised to observe the three conditions. So the Maid of the Green Forest went to live with him.

"But what of his old wife?" one asks.

Ah! he had no trouble from that quarter, for when the newly-wedded couple arrived at the castle, she had already disappeared.
Happy, indeed, were the long bright days, which the prince and his new bride spent together, whether in the castle, or out doors, riding on horseback, or in hunting the deer. Every day, her beauty seemed diviner, and she more lovely. He lavished various gifts upon her, among others that of a diadem of beryl and sapphire. Then he put on her finger a diamond ring worth what was a very great sum--a king's ransom. In the Middle Ages, monarchs as well as nobles were taken prisoners in battle and large amounts of money had to be paid to get them back again. So a king's ransom is what Benlli paid for his wife's
diamond ring. He loved her so dearly that he never suspected for a moment that he would ever have any trouble in keeping his three promises.

But without variety, life has no spice, and monotony wearies the soul. After nine years had passed, and his wife absented herself every Friday night, he began to wonder why it could be. His curiosity, to know the reason for her going away, so increased that it so wore on him that he became both miserable in himself and irritable toward others. Everybody in the castle noticed the change in their master, and grieved over it.

One night, he invited a learned monk from the white monastery, not far away, to come and take dinner with him. The table in the great banqueting hall was spread with the most delicious viands, the lights were magnificent, and the music gay.
But Wyland, the monk, was a man of magic and could see through things. He noticed that some secret grief was preying upon the Prince's mind. He discerned that, amidst all this splendor, he, Benlli, the lord of the castle, was the most miserable person within its walls. So Wyland went home, resolved to call again and find out what was the trouble.

When they met, some days later, Wyland's greeting was this:

"Christ save thee, Benlli! What secret sorrow clouds thy brow? Why so gloomy?"

Benlli at once burst out with the story of how he met the Maid of the Green Forest, and how she became his wife on three conditions.

"Think of it," said Benlli, groaning aloud. "When the owls cry and the crickets chirp, my wife leaves my bed, and until the daystar appears, I lie alone, torn with curiosity, to know where she is, and what she is doing. I fall again into heavy sleep, and do not awake until sunrise, when I find her by my side again. It is all such a mystery, that the secret lies heavy on my soul. Despite all my wealth, and my strong castle, with feasting and music by night and hunting by day, I am the most miserable man in Cymric land. No beggar is more wretched than I."

Wyland, the monk, listened and his eyes glittered. There came into his head the idea of enriching the monastery. He saw his chance, and improved it at once. He could make money by solving the secret for a troubled soul.

"Prince Benlli," said he, "if you will bestow upon the monks of the White Minster, one tenth of all the flocks that feed within your domain, and one tenth of all that flows into the vaults of your palace, and hand over the Maiden of the Green Forest to me, I shall warrant that your soul will be at peace and your troubles end."

To all this, Prince Benlli agreed, making solemn promise. Then the monk Wyland took his book, leather bound, and kept shut by means of metal clasps, and hid himself in the cranny of a rock near the Giant's Cave, from which there was entrance down into Fairyland.

He had not long to wait, for soon, with a crown on her head, a lady, royally arrayed, passed by out of the silvery moonlight into the dark cave. It was none other than the Maiden of the Green Forest.

Now came a battle of magic and spells, as between the monk's own and those of the Green Forest Maiden. He moved forward to the mouth of the cave. Then summoning into his presence the spirits of the air and the cave, he informed them as to Benlli's vow to enrich the monastery, and to deliver the Green Forest Maiden to himself. Then, calling aloud, he

"Let her forever be, as she now appears, and never leave my side."

"Bring her, before the break of day, to the cross near the town of the White Minster, and there will I wed her, and swear to make her my
Then, by the power of his magic, he made it impossible for any person or power to recall or hinder the operation of these words. Leaving the cave's mouth, in order to be at the cross, before day should dawn, the first thing he met was a hideous ogress, grinning and rolling her bleared red eyes at him. On her head seemed what was more like moss, than hair. She stretched out a long bony finger at him. On it, flashed the splendid diamond, which Benlli had given his bride, the beautiful
Maid of the Green Forest.
"Take me to thy bosom, monk Wyland," she shrieked, laughing hideously and showing what looked like green snags in her mouth. "For I am the wife you are sworn to wed. Thirty years ago, I was Benlli's blooming bride. When my beauty left me, his love flew out of the window. Now I am a foul ogress, but magic makes me young again every seventh night. I promised that my beauty should last until the tall flag reeds and the long green rushes grow in his hall."

Amazed at her story, Wyland drew in his breath.

"And this promise, I have kept. It is already fulfilled. Your spell and mine are both completed. Yours brought to him the peace of the dead. Mine made the river floods rush in. Now, waters lap to and fro among the reeds and rushes that grow in the banqueting hall, which is now sunk deep below the earth. With the clash of our spells, no charm can redress our fate.
"Come then and take me as thy bride, for oath and spell have both decreed it as thy reward. As Benlli's promise to you is fulfilled, for the waters flow in the palace vaults, the pike and the dare (fish) feed there."

So, caught in his own dark, sordid plot, the monk, who played
conjurer, had become the victim of his own craft.

They say that Wyland's Cross still recalls the monk, while fishermen on the Welsh border, can, on nights with smooth water, see towers and chimneys far below, sunk deep beneath the waves.
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