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Friday, 31 May 2013

The child within

The child within

Hi, dear friends and followers. This is an older entry I had in my blog I wish to share with you as it follows very well with the topics that I have been posting for the last couple of days. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog

Being denied us our truth by those out there who force us to live their lie... How many lifetimes does it take to learn that wisdom is that which blows through on the cosmic winds of the quantum realities of infinity. 

These cosmic winds blow eternally in and out of the Oneness of consciousness, restlessly moving through the Heavens with no beginning no end, as it whispers its secrets to those who will listen for them?

To communicate on the same level as a child, one must first be able to think and feel like a child. Who would be better qualified to know this child more, inside and out, than the one who embraced this child within her own womb for the first nine months of its inception into the light of life?

I am a child of the Universe, in a place that does not know time and space. I am my own being, I am as much of all that is that can be contained within this vessel which is called a body, or the temple of Source.

I don't truly know if anyone presently living in this finite reality really knows all of the answers or are even aware that there is more than meets the physical eye in this reality alone. I much doubt it, or at least not by way of the conscious memory. I mean the potential is there, every being that walk the surface of Mother Gaea carry that seed within them.

Although no one knows for certain the full capability of the subconscious mind there are some fairly good indications that to a greater degree much more of our memory is stored in our subconscious mind. I do not believe that the physical mind is capable of containing all of the data within the Oneness of all that is, but we as one may come to know the oneness of all as one.

There are those who I would have to admit are truly more advanced in the awareness of their subconscious minds eye then others, or as some call it, the third eye. This inner knowing could be called **wisdom**, the opposite of unenlightened. In this way the experiencer becomes the experience, and the Oneness of all as the experiencers or thought which manifested or created the spheres within spheres the (quantum realities, or dimensions ad infinitum). And how far along are we on this journey of awareness?

Do we as spirit beings truly choose to loop back to a certain point along this time space continuum to be reborn into this time in this reality once more or could that be for as many times that a soul has or may have experienced life in how many realities since the Big Bang? As spirit beings we are assigned to undertake another mission through the vessel of reincarnation? How many lifetime memories does a soul contain?

We all experience our own varying personal levels of hell and heaven as we go through life in this reality until enough of the wisdom accumulates so that there comes time one can recognize the loops just by sensing which to avoid and which feels right. It is a learning and growing cycle that refines us to the best us we can be as we learn from the school of life.

My feelings is that Karma weaves it web by what ever one puts out to universe. This Karmic loop is, I believe to be, that whatever one puts out to universe will returned to them in an equal proportion.
It is those who will not learn from their turbulent, and contrarian existence who will end up getting caught in the repetitive loop of their own making to endure the same turbulent cycle unto them. It is of our own choosing. But then I am not the judge nor would I have any desire to be one.

If we can manifest our own hell, why not our own heaven?

Now, about these sensitivities: some say they are a curse while others call them a blessing or a gift. Why such a dichotomy?

As it is said visions are all in the eyes and mind of he or she who experiences the vision. And so it is with the experience of living. Thus it it is in the mind and heart and sensitivities of the experiencer shall we say. Positive thoughts can also equally bring positive results, or positive results from meticulous constructive planning and administration.

As we continue along our journey we learn much more about the mystery of our inner selves and our own potentials. We find many qualities within that we had no idea were ever there before. We can again begin to see through the eyes of a young child who sees everything as possible. Those same eyes can see with a limitless ability to bring healing and wisdom to an ailing world. The awakening into a much vaster consciousness. To touch the thoughts and feelings of others on the fabric of universe. We are all One within the oneness of Great Spirit. We have all originated from star dust, children of the stars.

Cynthia ©
Akashic Records on Orbs and Extraterrestrials

Will human beings ever be able to see extraterrestrials (ET’s)?

Yes. In fact you are already able to see beings from outside this world. “Beings” can be spiritual beings such as angels, so we will use the term “ET’s” to describe actual physical beings or physical manifestations of beings from outside this world. ET’s are currently visible to human beings. The question of whether or not you are able to see them or if you actually do see them depends on you. 

Some of you have a contract to work with extraterrestrial life or you have a contract to go through a lesson or personal growth process that will stem from an encounter with an extraterrestrial being. Those of you with these contracts are able to and will see ET’s at the times and in the ways that help you fulfill those contracts.

Many of you do not have these kinds of contracts and do not have any divine purpose for seeing ET’s. It would not serve you to see physical beings, though you will interact with them in the form of spirit. You do this often with angels and other spirit beings. Even if you have the physical ability to see ET’s, you will not see them and you will not cross paths with them unless your higher self determines that it will serve you to do so. In the same way, it is the very same function by which if you are not meant to meet a certain person in this life, you are not going to cross paths with that person. 

That being said, every one of you has the mechanical tools needed to be able to see ET’s. Anything that exists physically can be seen optically. But the human mind is brilliant at blocking things out. Many tests have been done to show that one might look at a picture and see something entirely different from what another person sees in the picture. Your vision depends on who you are and how your mind has trained itself to shut out certain information and notice other information. Some of you may actually have an encounter with a physical being from another planet but you do not remember it or you do not register it as real in your mind. Again, there is always a reason for what you experience in this life. Your minds are brilliant for protecting themselves from seeing things that you are not ready to see. Even if you have an encounter with an ET, if you are not ready to deal with the questions the encounter will raise for you about the nature of reality and what is possible in this world, then your mind will block it out. This function is actually a brilliant and very advanced mechanism you have in your minds to protect yourselves. 

When will First Contact occur? 

This idea of First Contact is one that has been created by people, and we are going to define it here because it has several definitions in your collective consciousness. For the purpose of this answer, First Contact as an event in which all of humanity comes to recognize the physical presence of ET’s on your planet. This is the kind of event that you have seen depicted in movies. It occurs when there are either enough ET’s present and physically seen, or there are enough people who have had encounters and there is enough evidential proof to kind of force the majority of humans to acknowledge the physical presence of extraterrestrials. 

There is no scheduled date for the version of First Contact, though it does not appear to be coming any time soon. First Contact will most likely occur not through a large singular event like a spaceship arriving in a massive way that can be documented on television. Instead it is most likely to continue to occur the way it has been occurring which is one by one, as each of you who has a contract to work with ET’s awakens to that contract either by having an encounter or by coming to recognize and honor the fact that ET’s have already been a part of your life. 

Your individual contacts with ET’s are beholden to the same rules and dynamics as your contacts with fellow human beings. ET’s can appear as humans or as something other than human. When you encounter an ET, it is only because your higher self and the highest part of that being have agreed to meet. There is always a reason based on your highest ultimate benefit, though that can sometimes come in the form of a challenging experience. 

Encounters with ET’s are most often for a benevolent purpose and many of you who have these contracts to work with ET’s will not suddenly meet an “alien.” Instead, you come to realize that some of the people who have been in your life were actually ET’s visiting you from outside this world. 

Encounters with ET’s, like human encounters, help you come into a new perspective about the meaning of your life, your relationships, and your choices. What you learn from relationships with ET’s, and ultimately the conclusion you should come to (as you would with any relationship whether it is with a regular human being or an extraterrestrial human being), is to realize a deeper sense of your own power and connection with love and light. Ultimately as a human being in any encounter, you are remembering and reclaiming your power to direct your life and to bring more light into the world. 

Again, it is possible for First Contact to occur as a singular, massive event. Right now, however, that is not the plan and therefore there is no timeline scheduled for it. It serves you best not to wait for First Contact, but instead to work in your sphere of influence to bring Love into the world.

Can you give us more information about spiritual orbs? They show up in photographs and some of us can sense their presence. Please tell us who they are, what they want, and what they are doing here.

This is more complex than many of you wish to believe. As we mentioned, many of you are awakening and coming to realize that there are different beings in this world that are not of this Earth. These beings are assisting humanity to evolve toward Love and Light. Sometimes they help by getting in your way, just like people do, but always it is assistance and it is always with your permission. 

These beings come in all kinds of different forms. They come in physical forms such as ET’s, but it is far more common for them to come in energetic forms. The energetic forms of beings in this world are incredibly numerous. There are angels, fairies, nature devas and nymphs; there are animal totems and ancestor spirits, spirit guides and protectors. There are so many variations of energetic beings and they are incredibly numerous. Most energetic beings who are here working as spirit guides for humanity, and many of you are awakening to their presence. 

This awakening involves redeveloping your six senses (yes, we mean six!) to enable you to interact with these beings in a more conscious way than you ever have before. You have already been interacting with angels and other spirit guides on a subconscious level. Unconsciously, you are constantly in communication with them helping to determine the safest way for you to learn your lessons, always leading you to the right place at the right time to fulfill your destiny. You are constantly in communication at a spirit level. 

The awakening that is happening through Enlightenment is bringing many of you to an expanded gift of sight. The connections between your physical eyes and your physical brain are being rewired to enable you to visually see more than you could before. Just like with any new form of sight, at the beginning, it is blurry. It is the way for an infant, and it occurs for you when you are learning to see something that was previously not visible to you. At the beginning those connections between your eyes and your brain are so basic that you cannot make out the subtle or even not-so-subtle differences between different beings that you are encountering. 

When human beings capture orbs on film or when you are able to see them or sense them in your presence, what you are seeing or sensing could be one of hundreds of different kinds of beings. It might be an angel, a fairy, a spirit animal, or countless other kind of being. What or who it is depends on what your soul has called to interact with you at that time. What you tend to see is a circular ball of light, because that is the message that your eye is capable of conveying to your brain and that your brain is capable of conceiving in response to what you see. That is the basic image that you are able to process at this beginning stage of expanding your sight. 

All of you, as you continue to expand your consciousness, utilize things like faith and intuition. You also utilize logic and reasoning to come to new conclusions about reality. You are going to further develop this connection between your eye and your brain that enables you to see more than you were able to see before. Many of you have done this already and many of you have even graduated to the next step. Some of you are able to see different outlines, colors, and shapes. Some of you are able to see the aura of energy around other human beings. Some of you can differentiate between different kinds of beings, and some of you are able to see the potential for what is to come. 

There are many things you are able to see, not just as visualization in your mind, but actually by using your physical eyes and your optic nerves. 

Most of you are at the beginning of building this new connection. In this stage, what you see are orbs. People would like to believe that orbs are a single category. That all orbs are the same kind of being, but actually orbs can be your way of seeing an angel or an animal spirit, or any other kind of energetic being. What you will see is an orb because that is what your eye is capable of registering. You will need to listen to your heart and listen to your intuition and use whatever clairvoyance you have to determine what kind of being is there and what message or what energy they are bringing for you. 

It is vitally important that you enjoy the period of time when you are seeing orbs. This is a magical new beginning, and the orbs are sign of your progress. They are cause for celebration, and the vision of orbs is meant to bring an experience of joy, love, and excitement. Do not strive to skip past this stage. Just as an infant is curious and delighted with the slow development of shapes and colors, allow yourself the same delight with what you see. Trust that your vision will develop further in perfect timing for you.

Ultimately this should be really fun. Those of you who can see orbs are at the forefront for humanity in developing this new technique. In the past it would have taken many generations for humans to evolve a new capacity for their eyes, but it is actually possible for all of you to develop this in the current generation. That is how quickly you all are moving now. Some of you will develop it more than others and there is no use for judgment. What you see will simply be a matter of what you have been called to do. Have fun! All of the beings you see as orbs are beneficial. They appear as light because they are a manifestation of Light and Love. Have fun, embrace the magic that they are bringing and enjoy this phase of infancy and the magic and mystery in it. It is a delightful time on Planet Earth!

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The Starseeds

If you have the ability to truly see, then the perception is never limited unless you put limits on it by your own choice. It can be quite amazing how much fear can keep one in a world of limited sight.

In the beginning there was only thought, then thought willed light in the dark void, this light was the birth of consciousness in creation. My theory is that even before and during the formation of the primordial soup of the early universe one would find all of the seeds of *thought* still remain in universe to this day, only just transforming from one form to another. All of the seeds of Source (thought) are all out there for all to see in the present universe and always will ad infinitum only perpetually transforming and changing it’s form. The seeds of all matter and energy and life = consciousness, “the living universe.”

Genesis 6 (New King James Version)

1 Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, 2 that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose. 3 And the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive[a] with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” 4 There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

So then what is above so shall it be below, everywhere in all the multi verses? I believe that we are all one in consciousness and does it mater what body, planet, galaxy or universe we inhabit if we are all sentient enlightened beings all as one in spirit including the planet we stand upon? We are “ Star Seeds.” Wouldn’t it be so super if you could become as one with our twin sister/brother, two separate physical beings feeling, thinking, and experiencing life as one in consciousness. Not just empathicly but experientially.

To be as one, even on an empathic level is one of the greatest miracles that universe allows us if we so desire it. When I was a kid I may have been a loner and felt like a stranger in an alien land most times, but I was never alone. Even at my age I still have a very fruitful and vivid imagination, where I can create my own worlds and I can populate them with who ever and what ever I want. Who knows, maybe some day it will manifest for real in another reality.

It saddens me to see those many that are blinded by the illusion of materialism, false promises and lies that are imposed upon us to keep us from knowing the truth. A shroud of deception that hides the truth which lies within each of us.

World deception by the present world order. It is for us to discern this truth which is within us and embrace ourselves for who we are and to be always true to ourselves and not to succumb to the lies that confronts us every day as soon as we step out the door of our homes in the morning. Who are you? Look deeply within and you shall see the light of truth.

So just be what you feel is real to you, your own two spirited being, believe it and live it and it will manifest.


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Manifesting a New World of Peace and Beauty

Manifesting a New World of Peace and Beauty
For many years we have prayed, hoped, and worked for the time of world peace.  All the way back from the dim past has world peace always evaded us.  Our faith and persistence have brought us to the doorstep of the better world many times only to find it falling apart around us once more.

Yet knowing that the odds are against us no matter how we play the cards, our spirit continues to strive to build a better world. Our faith, hopes, dreams, and our imaginations, love and compassion will always persevere against all odds. Those are the true gifts of the Creator that allow us to see how things really are and how they should be.

Using imagination is to me another manifestation of reality. Depending on how you perceive it, that is your reality. It's a place where you can be anything you want. You can be the witch of Pergonia, a fairy godmother or perhaps, a fairy, Dunes of Mars Warrior Princess, Captain Jack Sparrow, a princess of the dragon realm with her dragon named Archie, or how about a little mermaid in the watery paradise world of Jardon? 

Maybe you're an explorer traveling among the innumerable stars or Lady Priscilla of the Land of the Firebirds, walking arm in arm with a knight in shining armor in an enchanted forest. Or maybe a radiant Prince Charming that any girl would love to swoon in your arms after slaying the beast that would have her for lunch.

Who do you wish to be in any reality?  Will you be a warrior of light standing as a sentinel atop a mountain lighting the way for those that will follow?

Our light is as tiny sparkles in a boundless void of realities, like glowing plankton adrift in the ocean current; like fireflies playing tag in a dense forest in the darkness of night.  It is found in worlds of rapturous beauty painted with radiant colors the likes of which have never been seen in this present reality, sparkling falls of healing life energy, cascading down from towering, craggy mountains in a splendor of rippling multiple colors forming unbelievable eddies at the base of the mountains, there for us to enjoy!

We can ride on the tail of a comet among a kaleidoscope of brilliantly-hued star systems all around, like large glistening snow flakes on a winters day. The comet suddenly explodes into a multitude of colors like fireworks on the Fourth of July as you frolic about like an innocent child playing a never ending game of tag with your friends. You can be anything you want with imagination, a pencil, and some writing paper, or a note pad on your computer.

Eye has not seen, nor has ear heard, what is waiting for you.

The Infinite Living Spirit of Source
In this reality in space and time is in constant motion and for as long as there is motion there will be space and time. What is energetically motionless, or static, and unseen in this reality, does not yet exist to our conscious mind. To our understanding, what we can perceive as motion in this sea of matter and energy of space and time we classify as reality. Thus until it is perceived by our senses it will continue to be non-existent. 

But then infinity is motionless and Source from whence all is born is infinite, as is the Oneness of all that is within Source. Therefore, consciousness is neither mass nor, energy, nor time, nor space, but yet if there were no consciousness before creation there wouldn’t be anything to conceive that would be before creation. What is now, and what will be, just like the cosmic building blocks, or the seeds which were required to create what is today and what will be tomorrow, were already a manifestation in the mind of Source before creation even took place, including however many generations it would take before your eye color would be what it is today or what type of cell phone you own.

Genetic manipulation? Yes, I believe so. We are “children of the stars”, or “starseeds” which ever you prefer. After all, even our home, mother Gaia, is a star seed. This entire planet was conceived in the mind of Source even before creation of Universe. It is but a grain of dust which originated from the galactic center and in turn all galaxies originate as grains of dust from the universal center. 

So then, it would seem to me that our entire being from the beginning at the galactic center until now, and all of the seeds that developed along the way to manifest all that is in creation, brings us up to the present day through the outcome of our own choice. 

What we are experiencing today is a result of a choice we made yesterday or years ago or even maybe in a previous life. Good, bad, or indifferent, it is what we have chosen. Some of these choices have created deep wounds that may not heal in millennium life times and some may back off as soon as they get “nipped by the ringer” so to speak, where one lesson is sufficient to seek a different method of manifesting what they need. But I do believe that all the choices we make were part of a process so that there really are no good or bad choices, they are all part of a learning curve. Choose well, choose intuitively from the heart, and not the chattering mind. Always see or feel from the heart to do that which is for the good of all.

Have you ever heard the expression, “touched by an angel?” Have you ever been touched by the spirit? I mean the spirit of universe. The Universe is a living entity, she feels, sees, hears, breathes, and is aware. All has spirit. The earth, rocks, plants, animals, people, the sun, the moon and the stars, we are all connected as one. This is why when you go out on a moonlit night you can feel the energy of nature and all that dwells within her. 

This is the time to pray for your mentors, angels, and spirit guides, to give guidance and to enlighten you to make the right decisions through your journey in this world.

Cynthia ©

Monday, 27 May 2013

The Age of Aquarious

I am adrift on the river of life
I float by the banks of the river observing life
I of a sudden jump unto the bank
Only to come back once again
to flow with the river of time

I float then I drift down into the water world
Only to rise and drift once again
As I turn to watch the river bank

I guide myself and those who wish to follow
in a desired direction that will bring them forth
but I cannot guide others who still remain on shore
I can only talk and sing to them
And show them how I navigate my own vessel upon
the river of life

I drift from one water course to another I drift.
Never fighting it, but being one with it’s rythm
and with all other elements about, the two legged,
the four legged, the fined ones, the winged ones
and the Great Mother herself,

It is wonderful, I am one with the river
and the Great Mother in Aquarious

By Cynthia