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Saturday, 7 June 2014

"HI!" My name is Frizzy Lizzy.

Greetings! Buenos dias! my dear friends and followers! Today is funny bone time, please join me at Miz Frizzy Lizzies place. Have fun and feel free to share your thoughts. 

"HI!" My name is Frizzy Lizzy.
Please come on in.
Come on in, the coffee's on!
Every now and then I have a brainstorm that gives me a good answer. Today's cerebral thunder is on the theory of relativity. I have to admit that Einstein got there first when he compared it to how short the time seems when a young man is in the company of a pretty woman and how long the time seems when one is touching a hot stove. One is relatively longer than the other, in theory. In my case it's definitely a fact of relativity. The time between my relatives visiting is always too short, and their stays with me are always too darn long! I don't know how relativity works in your life but that's how it works for me!

My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the hell she is.

Common sense: now there's an oxymoron! If it's common, why is it so hard to come by? These days it seems to be an endangered species. Stupidity is trying very hard to take over the world and unfortunately there is no known cure for shortage of brains. Just look at the way some young guys wear their pants. Does it take any brains to have the waist of your jeans at your knees and your ass in public view?

Next time you accuse a woman of emotional overeating, remember that a group of men shut down the government because they weren't getting their way.

I remember in my younger days people used to assume that by 2013 we'd have flying cars and houses that float in the air. All we have are blankets with sleeves, social media threatening economic doom and gloom, and reality shows. You can't tell me that 1969 didn't look better. We had people who called you on the phone instead of this texting stuff, good shows on TV, men on the moon, and brownies that could get you there with them, without benefit of spacecraft..

I've heard that everything happens for a reason. But sometimes the reason is that you're stupid and make bad decisions. Or somebody gave you a bum steer. I'll stop here before I start getting political.

Y'all have a good day and thanks for sharing the coffee with me.

Many thanks, to you, for visiting. I hope you all have enjoyed My funny bone time blog post to lighten the mood after the stress of the week With love to you my dear friends, from The Fairy Lady

Friday, 6 June 2014

Magic and how does it work?

Greetings! Buenos dias! my dear friends and followers! Today I am sharing with you this information that I have researched from different documents and written from  my own past experience and knowledge on the subject of magic. 
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Magic and how does it work?
My immediate response to this is, it depends what you mean by magic.

The art of causing change in consciousness in accordance with the will

Story book writers, whether it be fantasy, romance, (there is a lot of magic in romance), intrigue, suspense, or adventure; anything from Aleister Crowley, Grimm's Fairy Tales, to Arthur C Clark's sci-fi and  onwards have affirmed that the primary purpose of using magic is to change the ver
y person who desires to be the magician rather than to change the external world.

Changing the inner self means believing that the source of our very living essence, the pulse light of the soul, is where all the magic within you resides.  First, you have to believe in yourself without any doubt of the source within you.  It is possible that having worked on the inner self, change will also be effected in the surrounding reality, either directly, or as a result of the change in consciousness of the practitioner, who is now empowered to go out and make changes in the physical world the world for a better place.

Will is a tricky concept.  Like a trickster, it can deceive the mind.  But if it comes from within it works much like intuition, whereby you get a knowing about something and this knowing overrides all doubt and you act as though by instinct, knowing in your heart this is the right thing to do.  It can mean the individual will, or the Divine will.  Or most likely when aligning or connected as one, let us say the individual will with the Divine will, depending on the perspective of the practitioner, and whether they are more left hemisphere or right hemisphere oriented in their thinking (i.e., male or female).

The right hand hemisphere of the brain has been defined as becoming one with the Divine (dissolving the ego), whereas the left hemisphere of the brain has been defined as connecting with the Divine (achieving eminence).  The thing is that whatever is born from the mind, left or right, needs to be processed through the heart.  I like these two definitions, as they go a long way to explaining what makes Paganism different from other religions.

Magic and ritual certainly work to transform the psyche of the practitioner.  Tried and tested techniques of initiation, meditation, visualisation, and working with archetypes do seem to have a beneficial effect.

Many will ask if magic can really have an effect in the physical world.   Eve
rybody has an anecdote where they did a healing and the recipient felt better; or they willed themselves and saw themselves in an employment situation and got the job.  But these are anecdotal evidence, and there’s no way to prove that the ill person wouldn’t have gotten better anyway, or the job seeker wouldn’t have got the job anyway.  This is correct, from my own experience I must admit it is not something you can't expect to work at 100% efficiency 24/7.  If one can get 80% to 90% effectiveness then you are doing very well, close to your own heart. 

It is all depending on the frame of mind and emotions one is in at the time of attempting to cast magic.  However, even if these workings have no effect on external events, they make the participants in the healing or the spell feel better because they cared enough to have done something to help.  Practicing magic should always be for ethical reasons, for instance the job spell should always include the provision that if someone else needs the job even more, they should get it.

Many magic practitioners will use talismans as a medium where most workshop leaders point out that magic always follows the path of least resistance.  So if you make a talisman for pregnancy but you’re not actually having sex, then don’t be too surprised if someone close to you gets pregnant instead. 
 This suggests that caution is necessary in the preparation of talismans, in order to avoid “leakage” into someone else’s life. Personally I have never found a need tor a talisman for my abilities came to me naturally from early childhood.  If you are interested let me know and I could do a little more research on this if you wish.  For me it is just a matter of remembering from past experiences and memories which had lain dormant for many years. Locked up inside and not allowed to see the light of day.

The gods (higher power of your understanding) help those who help themselves
In order for magic to work, you also need to be putting in effort on the mundane level.  If you do a job spell but don’t actually apply for any jobs, you won’t get a job, no matter how good the spell was.  Maybe the spell only works to give you extra confidence at the interview, but that is a good thing in itself. There’s a Jewish story about a man who prays every day to God that he might win the lottery.  Eventually an exasperated voice booms out from on high: “Meet me half-way already — buy a lottery ticket!” 

Another important aspect of magic is to not be disappointed if magic is used to attain something and that something materialises in a different form; and this form, much to your surprise turns out to be the key to achieving your goal.  I have always found that whatever I am given has worked towards gaining what I need.  The important thing to keep in mind is to not refuse or discard the results.  Acknowledge them and see where they lead.  Do not discard them because they are not quite what you had wanted. 

I have known some people who did spells and then turned down the results because they weren’t quite right even though they were better than their existing circumstances.  

Here is an old saying:  There’s a story about a man in the middle of a flood, who prays to God to save him.   A boat comes by and offers him a lift, but he turns it down, saying, “No, God will put forth His hand to save me.”  Then two more boats come by, and he says the same.  Finally a helicopter hovers overhead, but again he refuses help.   Eventually he drowns.  When he gets to Heaven, he asks God,  “Why didn’t you save me?” And God replies, “I sent you three boats and a helicopter – what more did you want?” 

You many be asking by now, "Just how does magic work?"

So if magic does effect change in external reality, how does it do that?  This is usually the point at which some people have completely lost interest, only going along to humor you.  Or some people may get off topic by comparing magic with quantum physics and energy fields.

These people are exhibiting interest and sharing their thoughts by comparing it through a medium they can understand.  Those are the kind of people I enjoy sitting with in a conversation.  After all we exist within what is called the Earth’s electromagnetic field.  We have also learned in recent years that there are many more energy fields around our planet that have only begun to be studied and classified as quantum fields.

Some people and animals are sensitive to fluctuations in these fields so it can affect us.  And maybe we can affect it, or interact with it.  Magical energy is presumably transmitted either via some unknown interaction between consciousness and the Earth’s magnetic field or via one of the ten dimensions in string theory that are enfolded within the usual four of space-time. Either way, science has so far mostly failed to verify extra-sensory perception and other psychic powers, although they are making great strides with empaths and empathy especially in the medical profession and other branches (social programs, self help groups etc.).  So maybe there are no external effects when we do magic, but I wouldn't close the book on the subject quite yet.

Some Buddhists  say that the problem is, the more people try to use science to justify their belief in faeries and energies and the like, the more ridiculous it sounds to them.  Most of the time, it’s just a misuse of the scientific terms (especially if it involves the word quantum). Quantum simply means many levels or layers. 

I read somewhere once where a Buddhist said, it’s one thing to say you saw a faery at the bottom of the garden, and quite another to claim that you have built a device for detecting faeries.

If magic works at all, it should be verifiable by science, though not necessarily by contemporary science, which focuses almost exclusively on the material aspects of reality, and you can't measure magic with a measuring stick. 

True Magic is neither light or dark.

I would also like to dispel some common misconceptions about the Dark Arts. True magic is neither light nor dark.

I have worked with or had the experience with both dark and light and to my experience I believe balance is most important. Magic is neither dark nor light.  It is in an inert state. It only turns from inert to active when the practitioner has made a connection with the magic, then whether that magic will be dark or light will depend on the practitioner's intentions.  Now do not get me wrong, you can choose either light or dark.  That is your choice and I am not here to bash anyone's beliefs.  I only wish to inform you as to my own experience.

The terms "Dark Magick" and "The Dark Arts" both describe a category of occultism that involves interaction with the hidden, rejected and denied aspects of nature.

Nature refers not only to the stuff going on around you but includes human nature as well.

To be balanced, we need to understand and accept the dark aspects of our own nature as well as the light.  We need to learn our own inner intuition and to recognise what we feel.  Many of those who are empathic by nature can more readily recognise what is right or wrong, dark or light just simply by feeling it. 

One needs to learn or establish what their own inner drives and feelings are, and what triggers those inner feelings.  Is it fear, sadness, happiness, depression, confusion or neutral, once established call upon the magic to be your guide?  Also ask yourself,  "Is this intention I am about to send for the good of all and hurt none?"
Or ask to know the potential result of whether what you are planning to send will have a positive or negative result. You need to know the negative aspect of that potential just as well as the positive one. 

If a friend you were trying to help did experience negative results, feel for yourself if the negative result was your friend's personal choice with the dark side (making a wrong decision) to start with.  Another important point I need to make clear up- front about Dark Magick is that, while often stigmatized by mainstream spiritual paths, it is a set of techniques that are useful to anyone interested in embracing their entire self holistically. The Dark Arts are best employed by those who also work with the "Light" sides of nature.
Light vs. Dark, in this context, is a false dichotomy.

Researched and written by Cynthia ©.

many thanks, to you, for visiting. I hope you all have enjoyed this post on Magic
With love to you my dear friends, from The Fairy Lady 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lost in the forest

I love writing stories and poems, but it is up to you my dear friends and followers if you choose to believe them or not. The way I figure it, is it is time for me to sing my song before the time comes before I am no longer able too. I sing my song through these little poems for you my dears to enjoy or neigh. 
I am thankful for your comments and visits for without them this beautiful blog would not be here.
Thank you

Lost in the forest

Many years ago I decided to walk in the woods,

just the same as I have many times before.

The thought of getting lost had never entered my mind.

To walk in the forest was as familiar to me as the back yard.

It was sudden. I felt discomfort like one would feel

under the shadow of an encroaching storm.

As I turned to go back I discovered I was somewhere else,

As very sweet, beautiful, colorful and welcoming as it was,

It was unfamiliar and made me feel uneasy.

I did not know which way to go.

So I sat upon a stump to gather my thoughts.

This was when I saw the tiny rainbow being,

flashing like reflected sunlight on the rippling water of the pond,

Over there by the glowing silver-leaved tree.

I pointed excitedly like someone had been sitting beside me.

But no one was there, just I; no other human was about.

Only the beautiful golden and silver forest

and its magical residents - sparkling rainbow fairies,

as I call them now. I woke up the next morning,

curled up neat and tucked under the evergreens.

I was back to my other home again as I danced and sang

all the way back down the trail that lead to our house.

My mind would drift back to that experience, no matter the years.
Writen by me Cynthia ©.

I hope you have all enjoyed this poem, which dates back to when I was a child. Sending love to you all, The Fairy Lady

Do fairies, gnomes and goblins really exist?

Greetings! Buenos dias! So happy to see you, my friends! come in and delight your curious mind and heart in todays legend of Do fairies, gnomes and goblins really exist? From real life eyewitness encounters. I hope you find it enjoyable. I am grateful for the time that you share with me here. Sincerely with love from your "Fairy Lady"
Do fairies, gnomes and goblins really exist? 

Do fairies, gnomes and goblins really exist? Suspend your disbelief for a moment, and consider these real-life encounters with creatures from the land of make-believe.

Most of us have grown up with the timeless fairy tales of The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. They are wonderful stories populated by fairies, gnomes, trolls, goblins and other strange creatures that inhabit dark woods, foggy swamps, mystic meadows and mysterious mountains. They are also powerful stories that stay with us our entire lives because they tap into our primal fears of the unknown - creepy little archetypes of the human collective unconscious.

But are these creatures only the stuff of folklore and imagination? Do they have a basis in reality? Is that an idea too crazy to even consider? People around the world have claimed to have actually seen and even interacted with such beings. In moments of stress and unfamiliarity, are their minds merely recalling the fairy tales of their childhoods... or are their experiences real? Read the following accounts and decide for yourself.


I am now 22 years old, but when I was 17 I saw a gnome, and this is how it happened. My mom and I just moved to Puerto Rico. She bought an old house on a hill that she fixed it up, and soon we moved in. One day I came home early from school. No one was home, so I went to take a shower. I could hear my dog barking and chasing something, so I got out of the shower, ran to the window and saw what he was barking at: a gnome! He was standing behind a tree. He was very small, wore a white, cone-shaped hat and pointy shoes. Everything he wore was white. He saw me and we looked at each other. When I blinked, he was gone.

I decided not to say anything to anyone. Then a couple of days later when I saw him again outside my window, smiling at me... then he disappeared. The next time I saw him I yelled out, "What's your name?" To my surprise, he yelled back and said, "My name is Sebastian Polizar." I told my mom and she was like, "Yeah, right..." I told her that I would prove that it was true. I yelled his name out loud and told him to come see my mom. At 1 o'clock in the morning, she saw him. She screamed and she made me promise never to call him again. But to this day I still see him. We moved out of that house because a lot of weird things kept happening, like doors slamming and voices that just didn't belong. - Lynn


This happened to my girlfriend when she was seven or eight years old. Here in Sweden we have old folklore stories of, among other things, gnomes. I do not have a better word for them - you know, those small little buggers with red caps and beards - kind of like those from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but smaller and more mysterious. The Swedish word istomte. When my girlfriend was sleeping with her mom and dad in their bed one night, she woke up, but didn't exactly know why. She wasn't afraid, but noticed that something was in the room. The atmosphere was kind of gloomy, grayish dawn-like light, and the air was thick.

She looked around and noticed a small cap moving from one side of the bed to the other. She was small and could not see to the floor, but what she did see was that a tomte was moving to the door... and then vanished. He looked as I described above, but gloomy - kind of Hollywood movie-dream style gloomy. It all lasted for about two minutes. These kinds of meetings point to the fact that old folklore shouldn't be ridiculed. - Henrik L.


This happened in 1967. The weirdest part of this story is that my younger sister and I never knew that our older sister had seen the demon elves too until all of us were grown with kids of our own. My younger sister Clarice and I loved to ride horses. Almost every day in the summer we would set off to the stables. We left very early in the morning, so it was our habit to climb out of our bedroom window so that we would not wake the rest of the family.

One morning Clarice was part way out the window, when she let out a god-awful scream and started moving in reverse, quickly! I was trying to push her forward, but she came crashing back into me and we landed in a heap on the bedroom floor. Clarice was white, and I could tell she was really frightened - almost in shock. I kept asking her what was wrong, but it took her a while to be able to tell me. When she finally told me what she had seen, I didn't believe her.

She said there were four little men outside in the bushes and they looked like little demon elves. She said she could tell they were evil. I didn't believe in the supernatural at the time, so to tease her (and because I couldn't see any demon elves outside) I leapt out of the window and ran over to the bushes and started crouching down calling for the evil elves to show themselves. They didn't, and I wrote the whole thing off as a very vivid imagination on my sister's part.

Years later, we three sisters were together visiting and talking, and Clarice asked me if I remembered the demon elves. At that, our older sister Cristi turned as white as a ghost and said, "You saw them too?" It turns out that on the very same morning Clarice had seen them, those evil elves had awakened Cristi by scratching at her window, laughing evilly and calling her name. 

She said when she got up to see who was at her window, she almost fainted - it was the same evil elves Clarice had seen. She screamed at them to go away, and after some time of tormenting her they backed into the bushes where the unfortunate Clarice saw them. The scariest part was when Clarice said, "Remember that you couldn't see them?" I nodded my head. She continued, "When you ran up to the bushes, they were still there. You were just inches away from them, and then they disappeared." We never saw the demon elves again, but to this day, we three sisters all agree they really were there. - Tyler Z.


I live in Beaverton, Oregon. There are still some areas on the outskirts here that have forests, farms and the like. There is a road called Cornelious Pass, which is where this event occurred. Cornelious Pass is mainly a back road used for truckers or people looking for shortcuts, and I had a habit of driving that road at night. I was driving one night with a friend of mine, and he was skeptical to the core - a person who did not believe in anything "mysterious" or "unexplained."

As I was rounding the corner on this dark night, my headlights caught something odd. I didn't see it as well as I would have liked, as my eyes were on the road. What I did see was burned into my memory and has been there ever since. There was something on the side of the road; it had been walking on its knuckles, like a gorilla. It reared up and looked at us as the headlights hit it. It was about four feet tall, the size of a child. Its arms were long enough that when it stooped it touched the ground, even though it was standing up. Its face - one of the images that remains hazy - I only remember as incredibly ugly. It was wearing clothes - and a pointed hat! I swear it. That's what got me when I saw it, what my mind focused on. A little pointed, cone hat standing straight up - like a witch hat without the brim and smaller.

The moment it saw us, it turned and shot into the grass on the side of the road. As it turned, I saw what I can only describe as a backpack. I slammed the car to a halt and turned to my friend, who was pale white and staring straight ahead, in shock. "You saw it too?" I asked. He nodded. I put the car in reverse and started to back up.

My friend screamed at the top of his lungs, "What in the HE** do you think you are doing?"

I screamed back, "Going after it!"

He slammed down his lock and reached over me, locking my door. "You are not getting out of this car." He said through gritted teeth. "Drive!" He screamed. I didn't, calmly looked at him and asked him what exactly he thought he saw. "A TROLL! A GNOME or something! I don't care! Just DRIVE!" I knew my friend had gotten a better look at it than I, and afterward tried to ask him about it. He refused to talk about it again, or even acknowledge what had happened. I remember it, though - clearly. - Jovet

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I am open to any suggestions on any legends, stories or topic you may be interested in my dear friends.

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Elemental air spirits

Greetings! Buenos dias! So happy to see you, my friends! come in and delight your curious mind and your heart in todays legend of the sylphs, easy reading and I hope you find it enjoyable. I am grateful for the time that you share with me here. Sincerely with love from "The Fairy Lady"

Elemental air spirits

Sylphs, also known as Windsingers, are elemental air spirits claiming both Greek and Egyptian ancestry. As a whole, this miniature race is very beautiful. They are long-lived, reaching hundreds of years in age, yet they never seem to become old. Like other elementals, they possess the ability to shapeshift and may assume human form. Typically residing on mountaintops, they possess a hierarchy system, with their leader, Paralda, occupying the highest mountain of Earth.

Kind of nature, they are most helpful with wishes involving air, though they will assist with any positive desire. In addition, they are associated with mental development and one of their functions is to inspire human creativity.

Air is all around us, giving us life second by second, even though we are largely unaware of it. Further than this, air carries the power of the word--in other parlance, of the vibration of power that initiates creation. Sound travels through air, communication is airborne. The delight of music comes the same way. Inspiration derives from the Latin spiritu, meaning "to breathe."

Realm of Air

Air is thought, education, understanding, and freedom. All that we think issues forth into the air, changing the atmosphere around us, and while for the most part the effects are trivial and temporary, very black and potent thoughts over a period of time can seriously contaminate the air.

Sylphs may be tiny, or huge and mighty, coming on a gentle breath or a tempest. They work to cleanse and protect the atmosphere, creating and moving clouds, keeping all in motion, all in balance. They are also involved wherever there is mental effort, bringing us understanding and healing.

Sylphs are connected with no specific physical life, and are so among the freest of all the fairies. They can be found anywhere, and some of the most developed of their kind may be equated with angels, for they are messengers of the spirit. As guardians and healers, sylphs work to ease suffering, and are attracted to children because their hearts are light, yet vulnerable.

Awareness of the beauty and delicacy of the air is a first step towards summoning these beings. Ensure the air in your home is fresh and mobile. Choose joss-sticks with great care, for offering the sylphs anything bad smelling will have the opposite effect!! Support projects that seek to cleanse the atmosphere. Like undines, sylphs are drawn to music, but their favorites are pipes and flutes. Whistling can also call them up.

Above all, let your own thoughts be pure. This does not mean you should repress any negative feelings, but try to see them as a burden you do not need and let the sylphs waft them away. When you feel these fairies close by, your troubles will dissipate anyway and you will smile. Use your mind, too. Communicate with others, be prepared to learn new things, be open and truthful. Respect the power of telepathy and be prepared to develop it. In time your own special sylph will attend you, to help you grow.

Finding Air Fairies (Sylphs)

Sylphs are spirits of the air, and usually live high in the mountain peaks. Sometimes their voices are heard on the wind or their airy forms are felt in passing, though they are rarely seen. They are described as almost transparent, very small, and winged or alternatively as tall with long feathered wings, large, hawk-like eyes, and angular faces. The term sylph is derived from the Greek word silphe, which means a ‘butterfly’ or ‘moth’- indeed, fairies are popularly depicted with butterfly wings.

The ancient Celts regarded butterflies as symbols of fairies or ancestral spirits (often considered as one and the same), and they appear in Celtic stories as guides to the Otherworld or Fairyland, where the dead also dwelt.

Ariel is the king of air elementals, and controls all the powers of air. His winds circle the earth. Shakespeare mentioned him in The Tempest, saying that with his song, he could bind or loose the winds, enchant men or drive them mad.

In popular lore Zephyrs are the guardians of the winds. Zephyr was the west wind in Greek myth, son of Aurora, goddess of dawn. He was the lover of Flora, goddess of flowers and together they cause the flowers to grow in spring.

Some fairies seem to represent spirits of weather, particularly whirlwinds, wind, storm, rain, lightning, sunshine and so on. The Wind Knots or Folletti of Italy ride storms. The Guriuz bring good weather to farmers. Munya is the lightning while her brothers are the two thunders. The Salvanelli raise storms to ride on the wind and the Swedish Skosrå is a violent whirlwind. The Innuits believed in an important air spirit, one of the three primary spirits along with the Moon and Sea. Known as Sila (“Weather” or “Intelligence”), the spirit lives far above the Earth and controlls the weather, but punishes human misdeeds with sickness and bad weather.

The Powers of Air

Air spirits are concerned with the spiritual life, freedom, and purity. "Spirit" is derived from the Greek spiro, "I breathe". "Wind" and "breath" and "spirit" were believed by many peoples to be identical.

In Egyptian mythology, the god Khnûmû, or Knef (the Kneph of the Greeks) was a wind god. Knef means "wind", "breath", and "spirit" or"the air of life." In Memphis, the chief god was Her-shef, who breathed from his nostrils the north wind, which gave life to every living being.

Breath is a divine gift, returned to the giver at death. The secret of breath is part of the magic of air. We take air into us which contains vital energy that some call prana and others chi. When we breathe in deeply we inhale this life force and rhythmic breathing exercises helps to attune us to the powers of air.

Inhaled air is the sustaining breath of life, while exhaled air carries the words, poetry, and song that communicate human ideas and knowledge. In many myths creation is brought to life when a god breathes into it. It was often thought that spirit could be blown into or out of people; demons were blown out of people.

The powers of air are also concerned with the intellect, the powers of the mind, knowledge (as opposed to wisdom), logic, inspiration, information, teaching, memory, thought and communication. Like the other elements, the powers of air can be constructive or destructive. The gentle breeze cools and brings the life giving rain, but it can become the destructive hurricane. It is for this reason that the magical symbol of air is a two-edged sword.

The voice of the air spirits is heard in the wind. There were many sacred groves where the voices of spirits were heard in the wind whispering in the trees. The head of the alder tree was used as a whistle so that the spirits might speak through it. The druids were attuned to interpreting these voices, and druid means “oak knowledge.”

People who have air dominant in their psychological make-up are flexible, versatile, dextrous, tasteful, idealistic, original, individual and tolerant. However, they can also be distant, self opinionated, easily bored, impatient, self-deceiving, superficial, indecisive, quarrelsome, manipulative, thoughtless, cruel, fickle, inconsistent, unreliable and two-faced.

(Extract from Working With Fairies)

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

You, too can see fairies

Greetings! Buenos dias! So happy to see you here my friends! I have something special for you today, I will tell you with this little poem how you can see fairies. I am grateful for the time that you share with me here. Sincerely yours, Cynthia "The Fairy Lady"

Here's something for you to keep in mind

As the seasons come and the seasons go:

You will find that the Fairies are everywhere!

Your eye must be quick to catch a glimpse!

But before you do that you must believe,

believe deep and with all your heart

that they are there for you to see.

They are in the air, the trees, the water,

and even in the grass beneath your feet.

They are nature's children just as we are.

They are fancy-free and love to play games.

And sometimes they're quite mischievous,

like a gust of wind blowing your hair in your face!

So listen, touch, and keep your eyes open,

feel the air, check the ground, in bushes and grass.

And if you watch all of nature's activity,

you might just see a tiny flash or sparkle.

A fairy! Or maybe even an orb or two.
Written by me, Cynthia ©
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Monday, 2 June 2014

Greetings! Buenos dias! So happy to see you, my friends! Today's offering is easy reading and I hope you find it enjoyable. I'm saving the dragons for later! I am grateful for the time that you share with me here. Sincerely yours, Cynthia "The Fairy Lady"
The 10 Most Intriguing Mysteries of Lost Civilizations

Tantalizing clues to the possible true history of our distant past

Stephen Wagner

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HOW CAN WE know who we are if we don't know where we come from? It is clear from many fragments of evidence, traditions and lore that we have an incomplete picture of the earliest days of human civilization. It's possible that whole civilizations, some with advanced technology, have come and gone. At the very least, human culture reaches much further back in time than conventional history admits. There are many mysteries in our ancient past, but there may be clues to that past around the world in the form of sunken cities, ancient structures, cryptic hieroglyphics, artwork and more.

Here are ten of the most intriguing pieces of the puzzle that is our past. They are shrouded in mystery and varying degrees of doubt, but all are nonetheless fascinating.

1. Egyptian Treasures in the Grand Canyon

The April 5, 1909 edition of the Arizona Gazettefeatured an article entitled "Explorations in Grand Canyon: Remarkable finds indicate ancient people migrated from Orient." According to the article, the expedition was financed by the Smithsonian Institute and discovered artifacts that would, if verified, stand conventional history on its ear. Inside a cavern "hewn in solid rock by human hands" were found tablets bearing hieroglyphics, copper weapons, statues of Egyptian deities and mummies. Although highly intriguing, the truth of this story is in doubt simply because the site has never been re-found. The Smithsonian disavows all knowledge of the discovery, and several expeditions searching for the cavern have come up empty-handed. Was the article just a hoax? "While it cannot be discounted that the entire story is an elaborate newspaper hoax," writes researcher/explorer David Hatcher Childress, "the fact that it was on the front page, named the prestigious Smithsonian Institution, and gave a highly detailed story that went on for several pages, lends a great deal to its credibility. It is hard to believe such a story could have come out of thin air."
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2. Age of the Pyramids and Sphinx

Most Egyptologists believe the Great Sphinx on the Giza plateau is about 4,500 years old. But that number is just that - a belief, a theory, not a fact. As Robert Bauval says in "The Age of the Sphinx," "there was no inscriptions - not a single one - either carved on a wall or a stela or written on the throngs of papyri" that associates the Sphinx with this time period. So when was it built? John Anthony West challenged the accepted age of the monument when he noted the vertical weathering on its base, which could only have been caused by long exposure to water in the form of heavy rains. In the middle of the desert? Where did the water come from? It so happens that this area of the world experienced such rains - about 10,500 years ago! This would make the Sphinx more than twice its currently accepted age. Bauval and Graham Hancock have calculated that the Great Pyramid likewise dates back to about 10,500 B.C. - predating the Egyptian civilization. This raises the questions: Who built them and why?
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3. Nazca Lines

The famous Nazca lines can be found in a desert about 200 miles south of Lima, Peru. On a plain measuring approximately 37 miles long and one mile wide are etched lines and figures that have puzzled the scientific world since their discovery in the 1930s. The lines run perfectly straight, some parallel to one another, many intersecting, making the lines look from the air like ancient airport runways. This prompted Erich von Daniken in his book Chariots of the Godsto suggest (ludicrously, we think) that they actually were runways for extraterrestrial craft... as if they would need runways. More intriguing are the gigantic figures of 70-some animals carved into the ground - a monkey, a spider, a hummingbird among others. The puzzle is that these lines and figures are of such a scale that they can only be recognized from a high altitude. (They were rediscovered by accident in the 1930s by an overflying airplane.) So what is their significance? Some believe they have an astronomical purpose, while others think they served in religious ceremonies. A recent theory suggests the lines lead to sources of precious water. The truth is, no one really knows.
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The Brother and Sister (Turkish Fairy Tale)

Turkish Fairy Tales [1913]
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Turkish Fairy Tales [1913]
The Brother and Sister

NCE UPON A TIME there was an old Padishah who had a son and a daughter. In due time he died and his son reigned in his stead, and it was not long before the young man dissipated the whole fortune bequeathed by his father.

One day he said to his sister, "My dear, we have spent all our fortune. If it should become known that we have no money we should have to leave this neighbourhood, as we could never look anyone in the face. We had better go away quietly now, before it is too late." So they gathered their belongings together, and left the palace secretly in the night. They journeyed they knew not whither until they reached a great plain of apparently limitless dimensions. Almost overcome by the heat of the day and ready to succumb to fatigue they presently espied a pool. "Sister," said the brother to the maid, "I can make no further step with. out a drink of water." "But brother," she answered, "who knows whether it is water or not? As we have endured so long, surely we can hold out a little longer, when perhaps we shall find water."

But the brother objected. "No, I go no further; I must drink if I am to live." There upon the sister fetched a draught,

p. 4

which the young man drank greedily; and scarcely had he done so than he was transformed into a stag.

The maid lamented bitterly. What should she do now? What was done was done, and they resumed their journey. They wandered on over the great plain until they came to a large spring by a tall tree; here they decided to rest. "Sister," said the stag, "climb the tree; I will go and endeavour to find food." The maid accordingly climbed the tree, and the stag went foraging in the vicinity. Soon he caught a hare, which the sister prepared for their meal. In this way the two lived from day to day until several weeks had passed by.

Now it chanced that the Padishah's horses were accustomed to be watered from the spring by the tree. In the evening slaves brought them, and while they were quenching their thirst in a trough, the animals saw the reflection of the maid on the clear surface of the water, and timidly drew back. The slaves thinking that the water was perhaps not clean, emptied the trough and refilled it. Still the horses shrank back and refused to drink, and at length the slaves related this unaccountable incident to the Padishah.

"Perhaps the water is muddy," suggested the potentate. "Oh no," answered the slaves, "for we have emptied the trough and refilled it with fresh water." "Go back," said the Padishah, "and look around; probably there is something in the neighbourhood that frightens them." So they went again, and drawing near they caught sight of the maid in the top of the tree. Immediately they went back to their master with the news of their discovery. The Padishah, deeply interested, hurried to the spot, and, looking up into the tree, saw a maiden beautiful as the full moon, whom to see was to desire. "Are you a spirit or a fairy?" called out the Padishah to her. "Neither spirit nor fairy, but a child born of man," answered the maid.

In vain the Padishah besought her to come down; she had not sufficient courage to do so and the Padishah, aroused to anger, gave orders to

p. 5

The Padishah gave orders to fell the tree

p. 6

fell the tree. The slaves took hatchets and hacked and split the tree on every side, and it was almost ready to fall when night came down upon them and they were compelled to postpone their task. They had hardly disappeared when the stag came out of the forest, and seeing the state of the tree, he questioned his sister as to what had transpired.

"You did well," said the stag when he had heard the story. "Do not come down under any circumstances." Then going to the tree, the stag licked it, and lo! the trunk became thicker than it was before.

Next morning the stag went into the forest again, and when the Padishah's people came, great was their surprise to see that not only was the tree whole but that it was even thicker than be. fore. Nevertheless they resumed their work, and had about half completed their task when night once more suspended the operations. To be brief, when the slaves had gone home the stag came again and licked the tree, with the same result as before, only that the trunk was thicker than ever. Scarcely had the stag gone away next morning than the Padishah came again with his woodcutters, and seeing that the tree was whole and sound he decided to seek other means to accomplish his purpose. He went therefore to an old woman who followed the calling of a witch and related the story, promising her much treasure if she would entice the maiden down from the tree.

The witch willingly undertook the task, and carrying to the spring an iron tripod, a kettle, and other things, she placed the tripod on the ground

p. 7

with the kettle on the top of it, but bottom upward. Then drawing water from the spring, pretending to be blind, she poured the water not in the vessel but outside it. The maiden seeing this and believing the woman to be really blind, called to her from the tree: "Mother, you have set the kettle upside down and the water is falling on the ground." "Oh my dear," began the old creature, "where are you? I cannot see you. I have brought dirty clothes to wash. For the love of Allah, come and place the kettle aright, so that I can get on with my washing." But fortunately the maiden remembered the stag's warning and remained where she was.

Next day the witch came again, stumbled under the tree, lit a fire, and brought forth meal. Instead of the meal, however, she began to place ashes in the sieve. "Poor blind woman! " called the maiden from the tree, "You are not putting meal but ashes into your sieve." "I am blind, my dear," said the witch fretfully, "I cannot see; come down and help me." Once again, however, her ruse was unsuccessful and the maiden could not be induced to disregard her brother's warning.

On the third day the witch came once more to the tree, this time bringing a lamb to slaughter. But as she took up the knife she attempted to press the handle instead of the blade into the animal's throat. The maiden, un. able to endure the torture of the poor creature, forgot everything else and came down to put it out of its misery. She soon repented of her rashness, for hardly had she set foot upon the ground than the Padishah, who was hidden behind the tree, pounced upon her and carried her off to his palace.

The maiden found such favour in the eyes of the Padishah that he desired ardently to marry her at once, but she refused to consent until her brother, the stag, was brought to her. Slaves were therefore dispatched to find the stag and they soon brought him to the palace. This done, the twain never left each other's side; they slept together and arose together. When the marriage was celebrated, the stag still would not quit his sister, and

p. 8

when at night they retired, he struck her lightly with his forefeet saying "This is the brother-in-law's bone; this is the sister's bone."

ime comes and goes, storytime more quickly, and with lovers the most quickly of all. Ours would have lived altogether happily but for a black slave-woman in the palace who was overcome with jealousy because the Padishah had chosen the maiden from the tree instead of herself. This woman awaited an opportunity for revenge which was not long in coming. In the vicinity of the palace was a beautiful garden, in the midst of which was a large pond. Here the Sultan's wife was accustomed to come for pastime; in her hand a golden drinking-cup, on her feet silver shoes. One day as she stood by the pond the slave darted from her hiding-place and plunged her mistress head first into the water, to be swallowed by a large fish which swam in the pond.

The black woman returned to the palace as though nothing had happened, and donning her mistress's robes she put herself in her place. When night came the Padishah inquired of his supposed wife what had happened that her face was so changed. "I have been walking in the garden and have become sunburnt," she answered. The Padishah, nothing doubting, drew her to his side and spoke words of consolation; but the stag came in, and recognising the deception, stroked the pair gently with his forefeet saying; " This is the brother-in-law's bone; this is the sister's bone."

The slave was now fearful lest she might be exposed by the stag, so she set herself to contrive a means to get rid of him.

Next day she feigned illness, and by money and fine words persuaded the physicians to tell the Padishah that his consort was dangerously ill and only by eating a stag's heart could she hope for recovery. The Padishah went to his supposed wife and asked her whether it would not grieve her if her brother, the stag, were slaughtered. "What am I to do?" sighed she; "if I die evil will befall him. It is better he should be killed; then I shall not die, and he will be delivered from his animal form." The Padishah

p. 9

The Padishah recovers his wife

p. 10

thereupon gave orders to sharpen the knife and heat water in the boiler.

HE poor stag perceived the hurrying to and fro, and understood full well its dire significance. He fled to the pond in the garden and called three times to his sister:

"The knife is being sharpened,------
The water in the boiler is heated;
My sister, hasten and help!"

Thrice he was answered from the interior of the fish:

"Here am I in the fish's stomach,
In my hand a golden drinking-cup,
On my feet silver shoes,
In my lap a little Padishah!"

For a son had been born to the Sultan's wife even while she lay in the fish's stomach.

The Padishah, with some followers intent on the capture of the stag, came up in time to overhear the conversation at the pond. To draw out the water was the work of a few minutes; the fish was seized, its belly slit, and behold! there lay the Sultan's true consort, a golden drinking-cup in her hand, silver shoes on her feet, and her little son in her arms. Transported with joy the monarch returned to the palace and related the occurrence to his suite.

Meanwhile the stag, by chance licking up some of the blood of the fish, was changed again into human form. He rejoined his sister, and judge of the additional happiness which she felt at seeing her beloved brother again in his natural shape.

The Padishah now commanded the Arabian slave-woman to be brought before him, and demanded of her whether she preferred forty swords or forty horses. She answered: "Swords to cut the throats of my enemies;

p. 11

for myself forty horses, that I may ride." Thereupon was the vile woman bound to the tails of forty horses, which setting off at a gallop tore her to pieces.

Then the Padishah and his consort celebrated their marriage a second time. The Stag-Prince also found a wife among the ladies of the court; and for forty days and forty nights there were rare festivities in honour of the double wedding. As they ate, drank, and accomplished their object; let us also eat, drink, and accomplish that which we have set out to do.