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Friday, 28 June 2013

Orbs And Sparklies

Have you ever seen photos of orbs?  Some are simply transparent spheres with a faint whitish blue luminescence. Anywhere from the size of a dime to the size of baseball. Sometimes you will see only one or two here and there and at other times the air all around can be saturated with them, hanging suspended in the air by the thousands, some also may appear in different colors. Some of the colors can range from silver, light blue, cobalt blue, purple, to amber and other various colors. Some can be quite complex, with intricate swirly or spiral like designs in them.

Many have asked, what are “orbs?” Orbs are just above the range of normal human vision and can only be caught through the lens of a camera at certain times after darkness. You may find the answer to what orbs are quite interesting.  But mind you this is only my thoughts and beliefs drawn from my own observation on this topic, and ideas derived from meditation.

There is also another phenomena to consider here as well which is not often mentioned if at all. Sparkles, or spraklies as I call them. Tiny sparkly lights, are like fire flies but tinier and much brighter then the orbs. They are not as plentiful as the orbs but these can readily bee seen with the unaided eye, without a camera. Some are different colors just as are the orbs. These can also be seen in the day time in shaded areas like in the woods or shaded room.

Judging from much observation the movement of these phenomena they appear to be very much of an intelligent, sentient and benevolent nature, conscious spirit beings, or souls.  These phenomena cannot be touched, one’s hand just goes right through them.

My theory is that these beings or souls appear to be at different levels of development or levels of evolution. The orbs with the swirly or spiral like shapes in them would be on the highest level on the evolutionary level, possibly the closest ones to being ready to take on the shape of a living thing, like an embryo, or  an embryonic being.

 Their different colors, brightness and clarity could possibly be like a code as to how many past lives on earth  or other reality they've lived. They are not flat or one dimensional as they appear to be from a photos but are  spherical, like a soap bubble but with substance within, actually bubbles of energy.

They could possibly be guides as the same orb has been known to be caught in several photos taken of the same person. I have also seen the same phenomena take place with the sparklies. But for most people they have only shown up at random in a different location depending on where the photo was taken at the time.
This would be more so for orbs then sparklies as they appear can interacting more with each other then humans and other life forms, although at times they apper to be playful around living things, if they have a desire too. My feeling is only few of these spirits or souls are actually guides but more of an independent life source of energy

By now you may be asking yourself what are the greater portion of the orbs we see in photographs? What are their purpose. Perhaps many  have have chosen to remain here to learn from the guides and possibly many others are the soul energy of many different living species other then human such as, animal, fish, birds, insects, plants and even quite possibly other living species that no longer exist, extinct or may have just evolved to a higher form of living energy

These may have chosen to stay on the earth plane for later transformation into another life form, or to be guided into another life cycle in another higher level of reality besides the earth plane. Some could also be that they are also be beings beings from our ancient past that have remained in this plane awaiting transformation, perhaps fairies, elves, dragons and other such exotic creatures such as Earth Spirits or any number of other extraterrestrial beings from a distant world who also remain here as guides. There are many different guides to choose from and all we need do is but ask for their assistance. 

One day when science is ready to accept the fact that there is more to this reality then meets the eye they may start looking beyond the confines of their limited reality. Maybe then they will begin a more earnest study into these phenomena and begin to compare the differences in the behavior and structure of the orbs and sparklies.  One can perform their own experiment, the only tool that is required is a digital camera.


MORE BUSH yesterday Aug 30 / 13

Thursday, 27 June 2013

My First Week Back Home

We have been so busy in the past four days trying to get set up in our new apartment. Furniture has not arrived yet so we had to make do.
Sunday we went out and bought a plastic lawn table and two chairs, some plastic plates, forks, knives and spoons;  a couple of phones. One was not what we wanted. So we had to return it to Canadian Tire and brought a second phone home only to find out it was a plug-in one, not the type we wanted that just plugs into the phone jack.

Saturday and Sunday we used McDonald’s wi-fi to do our emails, morning and evening. After eating our meals there for two days we soon not only found it expensive but the food gets to tasting somewhat bland, and not to mention the place was as frigid as an Ice box from their air conditioning.

Monday night we decided to use the wi-fi at Tim Horton’s, at least the air-conditioning was much more reasonable there
That night our air mattress decided to spring a slow leak so that by morning time we found ourselves sleeping partially on the hard floor. Went back again to Canadian Tire and bought a 4 by 6 strip of 3-inch thick strip of foam rubber to put on top of the leaky air bed.  Monday Paula spent part of the day looking for a car insurance company with no results as yet.

But then on Tuesday we lucked out at least with my former doctor who took us both back in as patients and have an appointment with him for the 9 of July. Then we received word the furniture would not be here on the 6th of July. The truck had been held up by a highway 1 in Calgary being washed out by storms.  That gave us 11 more days of living with a leaky air bed, the clothes we packed for the drive out here, makeshift meals, and no household goods.

For the rest of that day I busied myself emptying the few boxes we had and the suitcase, putting clothes away in the closets and cleaning up scraps of paper and flattening out the boxes to take to recycling while Paula was doing business on the phone. Tuesday afternoon we went out and bought a few groceries and a couple of pots and a frying pan.

Back to Monday evening:  All residents park their cars in the underground garage.  Our parking space was next to that of some guy who drives a long, yellow pickup truck.  On Monday evening he scraped its back fender driving into his parking space and tried to claim it was because we were parked too close to his parking space. Luckily the resident manager took a picture of our car and it was parked well within our parking space.

Tuesday at around 2:00pm we got the internet connection set up with a wi-fi modem, that was a wonderful break as I not only have a website I also have a blog which I like to use as an escape when this reality gets to be too much for me. Wednesday afternoon at about 1:30pm the modem just quit working, no internet again.  This past four days was just too much for me, with all the previous problems I did not need or deserve to lose the internet again as well.

It was bright and sunny out and about 82 F. I decided to go for a walk. I put on a sun dress and my sandals and headed down the dirt road in front of the building here and headed towards the lake.

It was wonderful listening to the birds singing in the woods to my right. I stopped momentarily to admire the first real woods I had seen for a long time. This was not just the groomed wood of a park, it was real woods. I saw something or at least I thought I had seen something bright sparkle in the dark woods. I wanted to go in to investigate but I was not dressed properly to be trudging through the bushes along the road that may and may not have contained something unwanted like poison ivy. I resumed walking down the gravel road which came out to a place where they were playing lawn bowling and outdoor shuffle board and some other kind of game.

I walked past the parking lot and parked cars and picked up a trail that went through the woods and came out to a place close to the lake where they had these little cabins, just like the kind I remember my dad used to rent when we were on vacation. It brought pleasant memories of those days. Except these had been boarded up and unused for some time by their appearance.

A little bit farther down the trail I saw this creek. I sat in the grass for a bit to take the scene in.  Suddenly I remembered what it reminded me of. The creek that Jamie and I swam in in my dream! That sent a tingling sensation through me. I looked at the water at my feet and noticed there were hundreds of water beetles, and water striders swimming around, and the prettiest tiny blue dragon flies. I also noticed little fish swimming around near the bottom and every now and again they would swim up to the surface then splash down again, attempts at catching the water beetles and striders I supposed.

Again I saw a sparkle at the edge of my vision near the woods on the left bank of the creek. Then two and three. “The sparklies!” I thought aloud and smiled. They would disappear for a moment or two then again sparkle here and there. I sat there for some time in wonderment, and thought how nice if life was as enchanted as this creek was.

I got up again and resumed walking towards the main part of the beach. The sun was hot on my back and I decided to go for a walk in the water to cool off. I had braced myself for the water to be cold but to my surprise the water was warm but soothing.

I then walked up the beach a little further to where there was a patch of grass within a small grove of trees. I remembered this spot! This was the place where Paula had taken a picture of me when we first met. I sat on the grass in the shade of the trees for a short time then got up and made my way back towards the apartment building, stopping momentarily again at the creek. The water beetles and the tiny blue dragon flies and the fish were still there but the sparklies were nowhere to be seen.   

Today Wednesday June 27th Paula and I went to the licence bureau to get our drives licences renewed only to find out we had to travel all the way to Barrie, 30 miles away, to get that job done. Came back home and did a bit of grocery shoping then went to a service station to make an appointment for a safety check up on the car before we can apply for insurance then came back home. Finally the new modem had arrived for us in the mail. Paula set the new modem up only to find out it would only worked hard wired from the computer to the modem.

After two hours on the phone to no avail the techie told Paula to give him a couple of hours to work on it. Finally at about 8:00pm we got the call and got the Y-fi working and now here I sit finally online with a prayer and my fingers crossed it doesn't fail again. I am getting weary of having to run to Tim Horton's donuts to have to get online   


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Belief in Fairies Spans Cultures

What (or who) is in that tree?
What (or who) is in that tree?
Source: Copyright: Kitty the Dreamer

Belief in Fairies Spans Cultures

So when we hear stories and older legends about faeries, fairies, or the "wee folk", many of us usually get the picture of green pastures in Ireland or maybe the highlands of Scotland. How many people actually think of the fairies being residents of the Americas? Did you know that many (if not most) of the Native American tribes, in both the United States and Canada, had their own beliefs in fairies? They mainly called them "little people", and each tribe had their own beliefs about these little people (or what many of us refer to as fairies).
I was surprised to learn that Native Americans also believed in fairies, and then again not so surprised. It seems that almost every culture has their own version of fairies or "little people"...and with the Native Americans being so in tune with nature, why would their beliefs be any different from the ancient Celts and other Europeans?

The Little Person Mummy

There is a mystery surrounding a "little mummy" that was discovered back in the 1930s in the San Pedro Mountains. It was speculated to have been a tiny race of humans that lived in caves within the mountains, as the little mummy was discovered in a cave. This little mummy was sitting upright and had a flattened skull. It also had very tan skin and sat about 7 " tall, and so if it stood up it would have been a little over a foot tall!
Could this little mummy have been proof of the "little people" so greatly believed in by the Native Americans? Unfortunately the little mummy has disappeared since its discovery, so no further testing has been done on it since the 1950s. Most scientists who have studied the photographs taken claim that it is simply the mummy of a anencephalic fetus. But the question was posed as to why would the little mummy have a full set of adult teeth?
If someone was to turn this little mummy into science, would we find that there was such a thing as the "little people"...could they have been related to the many legends of the wee folk and faeries from the European continent across the Atlantic Ocean?

Beliefs of Little People in the Americas

If you watch the documentary "The Fairy Faith", there is a Native American tribe in Canda called the Eskasoni who have their many legends of the Little People. There is one particular hill in Nova Scotia where the Eskasoni claim the little people have lived for centuries. Many of the townsfolk warn their children from going to this mountain for fear that the little people will take them away. Stories of the Eskasoni people coming in contact or encountering these little people can be seen in The Fairy Faith. They are truly remarkable stories.
The Shoshone tribe in the United States have their own name for the legendary little people, the Nimerigar. The Nimerigar were a race of little people who lived in the Rocky Mountains, specifically in the Pedro Mountains and were also thought to live near the Wind River. The Shoshone believed that these little people were actually quite protective of their homes and would use bows & arrows as weapons...of course they were poisoned arrows. The little mummy found in the San Pedro Mountains is actually theorized to have been one of the Nimerigar that the Shoshone tribe so strongly believed in for many years.
All the way on an island range in the Pacific, in our beautiful state of Hawaii, the Native Hawaiians also had their belief in a fairy race or "little people" that they referred to as the Menehune. Again, in very similar beliefs when compared to the Shoshone's Nimerigar and the Eskasoni's little people, the Menehune of Hawaii were thought to live in untouched forests and mountains of the Hawaiian islands. Legend has it that they were the main residents of the Hawaiian islands before Polynesian people came to reside there. They were also thought to have built the Menehune fishpond in Niumalu and also the Kikiaola ditch near Waimea.
Now the Choctaw Natives also believed in the little people and called them the Kwanokasha. They were generally quite afraid of these little people, but there was a legend that told of the Kwanokasha carrying away little boys to their caves in order to test their spirit. Three wisemen would be waiting at the cave for the kwanokasha and the little Choctaw boy and they would present the boy with three things - a knife, a bag of poisonous herbs, and a bag of healing herbs. If the boy chose the knife, he would be destined to be a killer. If he chose the bag of poisonous herbs, he would only provide bad medicine to his people. But if he chose the bag of good healing herbs, he would be a very powerful medicine man to his people. Just like the Hawaiians and Shoshone, the Choctaw also believed that the little people lived in caves. The Kwanokasha were thought to be between one and two feet tall.
There were three kinds of little people to the Cherokee tribe - the Laurels, the Rocks, and the Dogwoods. The Rock People were the malicious ones, stealing children and wreaking havoc all because they feel their space has been invaded. The Laurel People are friendly but also mischievous and like to play common tricks on us (the bigger people). They say that the Laurel people will tangle your fishing line with a stick and make you think it is a huge fish, only for you to reel it in and see it is a tiny stick...they want to make you laugh and keep you young-at-heart, just as they are. And as for the Dogwood people, it is said that they are good-hearted and enjoy taking care of us when they can. Some even relate the Dogwood people to the Scottish "brownies".
The Crow believed in little people that they called the Nirumbee. They were thought to have lived in the Pryor Mountains and have also been thought to have given visions to Plenty Coups (an early twentieth century Crow chief). The little people are even accredited with keeping the Crow people safe and together, according to some Crow Natives, because of the vision that the little people gave the Crow chief Plenty Coups. It is said by some members of the Crow that even to this day if they pass through the Pryor Gap, they will leave offerings to the Little People in remembrance of their aid to the Crow nation.
There are many more legends of the Little People told by dozens of Native American tribes. Many of them are very intriguing and include stories of how the Little People came to the Natives aid in times of great need. Much of the time the Little People were feared, as they were unpredictable and mysterious to the Native Americans, and most of the legends (if not all) tell stories of these Little People looking similar and acting similar.
In my opinion, how can we discredit all of these cultures and peoples' legends and merely brush off the idea of these "little people's" existence? Maybe the fairies of Ireland and various places in Europe were simply a type of little people as the Native Americans believed. Maybe they weren't fairies at all, but actual people who were quite small and well-knowledged in the areas of magick and healing.
Whatever these little people actually are will probably never be known, but one thing is for sure...there are too many legends and beliefs in these little people to ignore the possibility of their existence.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Dream ~The Hitchhiker

Hi dear friends and followers. I will not have part 3 of Pandoras Curse done on time.
I do have a story here I think is good for a review. Was this a dream or reality? you decide. Have a great read and comments are welcomed, thank you.

My roommate, Paula, and I were driving down the highway one night when we saw a lone hitchhiker standing on the shoulder of the road ahead of us with his right arm and thumb out.  He held some kind of hand set in his left hand. As we were about to go past him he dropped his right arm to his side and brought the hand set up towards his mouth.

I didn’t give it a second thought as we went past except that it was just another of many hitchhikers that one encounters alongside the highway at night.  I heard a light, almost inaudible voice on the radio and I knew it didn’t come from the radio station itself.  I put my hand on Paula’s arm to get her attention and asked her to turn the volume up on the radio. As soon as she did I heard the voice come from the speakers loud and clearly.

“cynthiagrlx, is that your?”  “cynthiagrlx” is my user name for all of my online  transactions.  I thought to myself, “This person must be familiar with my user name from the internet.”  I had to know how he knew I was in this particular car on a lonely country road in the middle of the night.

I told the radio (and hopefully the hitchhiker) that we were turning back.  I shouted to Paula to “…stop and turn around, please!”  Whoever it was, they had to know me not just from on line, but they also knew the car. I had to know who this person was.
Paula made one of the fastest U-turns I had ever seen and we made our way back to where we had last seen the hitchhiker. It was a hot July night and we were driving with the windows rolled down. I could hear the myriad of crickets and an owl hooted somewhere among the trees as we slowed down when we saw the lone figure standing at the side of the road arms folded patiently waiting for us.  

The oddest thing I ever saw is this tall slim figure with long legs stepping through the back window of the car and into the back seat, just like something out of a Dukes of Hazard scene.  He was quite handsome and soft spoken but with a little of the wild side look to him. As he extended his hand to me his soft voice gently said , “Nice to meet you, Miss Cynthiagrlx.”  I extended my hand out to his and as soon as our hands touched  I liked what I felt and replied, “Just Cindy will be fine.”

The hitchhiker gave us directions to his mom’s place where he said we would be welcome to stay the night.  He told me about the relationship between his mom and himself which was shaky at best as she had never approved of his way of life as a wanderer and adventurist.  He was a free soul he was that would never be tamed or would never be bent by any other.  That I could feel in him. He reminded me very much of Mowgli, the boy in the “Jungle Book” story.  

We pulled into a dirt road leading to a one-level prefab house which was in need of painting.  Paula rolled the car into a lane beside the house and we got out as our host led us to the front door.  The door was open and the hitchhiker knocked lightly at screen door and spoke calmly, “Mom! It’s me, Jamie.” We heard a woman’s voice from somewhere within the house respond. “Who did you bring home with you?”  Jamie responded, “Remember that girl I told you I met on some website on the internet, Cynthia?”

“Yes, I remember quite well” she responded kind of grumpily.

“May we come in?” Jamie asked.

“Well I can’t see having your friends sit out on the porch all night,” she responded.

Jamie opened the screen door and waved for us to enter then followed behind us and led us to the kitchen. There sat an aging lady with a lap top before her with a cigarette in one hand.  A coffee cup sat beside the lap top.  She looked up from her lap top momentarily and invited us to find a chair and sit down.  “If you would like some coffee the pot is on the kitchen counter, just help yourself.”

She got up and excused herself as she hobbled away with a walking stick to another part of the house and said she would be back  momentarily, and to make ourselves at home. Jamie followed her into the next room where almost immediately we could hear her loud voice nearly shouting at Jamie in disparagement, and Jamie’s soft voice making reply.

Thinking that we may have intruded on something that we had no business in we were about to get up to leave when Jamie came back into the kitchen and took the chair his mom had been sitting in and turned around and sat and folded his arms over the back of the chair and resumed talking with us in his soft voice.

“Mom is good people,” he said, “she’s just had a hard life and she worries about my following the same path she did.”  By this time Paula was tired from the long trip and was beginning to nod off in the chair where she sat.   Jamie got up and led her to the living room to lie down on an old couch that had seen better days. Almost as soon as she laid down she was already asleep.

Jamie came back to the kitchen and asked if I would like to go sit out on the porch in the cool night air.

We sat on an old swing seat looking up at the stars and sharing stories about our different adventures and experiences.  I looked at the eastern sky where the faint light of dawn showed on the horizon and the neighbors houses all around.  I asked Jamie if there were any woods about the neighborhood where we could go for a walk. He nodded and pointed towards the early dawn light. “That was, but we will need to cross a few neighbours fences and yards to get there.  I know a way where no one will see us crossing their yards. There is a ravine down in a hollow where there is a creek that runs through it.” I smiled and said, “Let’s go!”

Jamie shot to his feet and smiled then said. “I’ll race you there.” Off we went running across his mom’s small back lot, jumping the fence in one stride.

We ran across a grassy field and came out to where encountered another residential area where I screamed as loud as I could.  “I don’t want to see any more houses.”  Jamie responded just as loudly, surprising me as this was the first time I had heard him speak above a soft tone of voice since we first met.  We then both screamed in chorus and enjoyed hearing our echoes in the distance.

We resumed running towards an old board fence which we climbed over and ran across someone’s back yard and over the wooden fence on the other side.  There was a slight hill on the other side we stumbled upon then just rolled down the rest of the way landing on our feet at the bottom.

At the bottom of the hill there stood a grove of tall trees. I stopped momentarily to admire the big old oaks and maple trees dotted here and there with tall, stately pines.  I could smell the fragrance of the pine needles as I took a deep breath, reveling in the essence of the forest. We entered the forest and climbed down a short distance to the bottom of a shallow ravine. At the bottom of the ravine there ran a creek just as Jamie had told me. This was his play ground as a child growing-up in this community, his own private little Garden of Eden.  For a time we ran around chasing each other, then ended rolling around in the dirt and grass along the creek. Totally exhausted, we just lay on the grass and dirt embankment catching our breath.

By now it was fully daylight and the sun had begun to filter through the branches of the tall oaks, maples, and pine trees.  Jamie sat up suddenly said, “Wanna go swimming?”  I was up on my feet racing him to the creek. The water was only waist deep but clear and refreshing. We splashed each other like a couple of little children then ducked ourselves under the water breathing out air bubbles at each other. This whole experience had been so exhilarating, it had been a very long time since I had enjoyed myself with another as this. But the memories only felt like they had been yesterday merging into one wonderful day with such a wonderful and exciting friend.

All too soon it was time to head back to his mom’s house. On our way back, where the field was, he asked me if I was hungry. I nodded back that I was. He asked me to wait for him there, that he would be back shortly. I sat in the tall grass feeling the hot sun on my back. About five minutes later I heard some bushes rustling and looked in that direction to see who or what had made the sound, ready jump and make a dash for if it if it was anyone other than Jamie.

It was Jamie!  He held something in both hands and presented me with a hot dog that he told me he had confiscated from someone’s barbecue at a local picnic.  As I sat on the ground laughing till I had tears running down my cheeks, he looked at me, puzzled.

“I love you, you know that don’t you? I love your free spirit. I’m going to miss you so much my dear friend.”  
He looked at me for a moment then smiled and said, “Why don’t you come with me?”  

“Where are you going?” I asked.  

He hesitated for another moment as he scratched his chin, then said. “Anywhere, whereever my feet take me,” he smiled broadly showing the white of his teeth mischievously.  

I jumped to my feet and said, “I will go with you to the ends of the earth!”, as I hugged him.   And off we went towards his mom’s house.  As we approached the house I noticed Paula’s car still parked beside the house where she had left it the night before.  

 As I stopped dead in my tracks, Jamie stopped as well and looked at me. 

“What’s the matter Cindy? You look like you just saw a ghost.”  

“Yeah, kind of forgot a small detail.” 

“And what might that be, my sweetest?”, he asked inquisitively.  

I shuffled my feet while looking at the ground then looked up at him in tears.  

“My dearest, there is nothing more I would love to do then to go on an adventure with you, but I can’t leave Paula. Not after the many good years she has given me.”  

I cried, wiping at the tears with the back of my right hand.  We embraced one another like what seemed like an eternity then walked into his mom’s house.

Jamie declared to his mom that he loved her and thanked her for all she had done for him but that he was leaving and would not be coming back.

His mom appeared not to be surprised. She pushed a small paper bag across the table for him.  Jamie took the bag and inside was a sandwich she had packed for him and a note.   Jamie opened the note and read it.  It was a very short note that read: 

“To my dearest son, follow your heart, and don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do.



We drove Jamie to the main highway and there we parted company.  I watched him standing on the side of the road for as long as I could still see him. 

Composed by Cynthia