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Saturday, 25 May 2013

A Fairy Friend

A Fairy Friend

Tiny fairy light dancing, dancing in the woods
They flitter and dance everywhere around and round me,
Enticing me to dance sing with them a merry little tune
And I will prance and dance a merry little dance with them
under the star filled sky and silvery moon above.

Whilst a little green fairy whistles her merry little tune
in tempo with the singing of the many colored fairies
sitting upon the branches above me casting their spells
of merriment and joy upon all within the magical forest
filled with sparkly fairy dust.
Together we dance the night in merriment and joy,
Dancing, dancing about until we're spent
Then we sit and sip the magic elixir of fairy tea,
We eat of the sweetness of fairy scones, and laugh blissfully;
Oh, little fairy, dance and sing with me till dawn,
Where the birds will twitter and the squirrels chirp,

Joy and magic fills the still morning air of the new day,
So, when a fun and spritely little fairy comes to play;

I hope you have a fairy friend, I have one. 

Cynthia ©

Friday, 24 May 2013

Mother Gaea

Some choose the negative energy for the simple reason is they feel it is easier to work with the darkness, a force they can understand. Better the devil you know then the one you don’t, so goes the saying, To these people It is a far more familiar environment than that of the light, an unknown element that most fear it, not necessarily because they are evil but because the light  is foreign to them. Yet they can not see the  light abounds all around us. All one  need do is to still the mind and allow the heart too feel it, see it, and embrace it, for it is the heart pulse and breath of Gaea.

The power that be, the fabric of universe is neither bad nor good, negative, or positive. The universal power is in perfect balance, in a static state of infinite potentialities to be born into being. It is when we connect into these forces and we make the choice to use these energies for good or evil, positive, or negative is when the static becomes kinetic energy. We are free will agents of choice and the super ego plays a good part on how and if we wisely or unwisely choose as to what to do with the energy channeled from the force that be (Spirit of Universe.

As for me, I am who I am, I pray and channel from source to guide me to do that which Source chooses for me. Just as I am a mother of three children, I am also a child of the Great mother, Gaea. It is just unfortunate that the children of Gaea can not see what they are doing to our Great Mother. How much pain can the mother endure, how many tears will she shed before she can not longer bare the pain. But Mother Gaea endures and continues to love her children, she weeps and she wait patiently.

She endures and she weeps but still continues to care for her children and her love for all of her children two legged, four legged, winged and fined remains undiminished. Peace love and harmony is the euphony of the spheres of infinity of multiverses.


Spirits In Nature - Gateways to the Sacred

A mystical journey for all ages, this documentary film explores all we know, both scientific and mythological about Faeries and in the process shows us Spirits in nature and the value of seeing with our imagination - and gives us permission to believe what we see.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Spirit of a Woman

Spirit of a Woman

We have lost our way to confusion and complication.

Simplicity or following the path of least resistance only exists
alongside magic dragons, fairies, and fairy princesses so some would have you believe.

Wisdom is both psychological and spiritual and is in harmony with the spheres of reality, true reality in the order and harmony of universe and not the **falsehoods and lies,** that they would want you to believe in this man made reality. One needs to reawaken and see the world through different eyes.

Eyes that are able to perceive the simplest of harmonies in nature, and to be aware of the elements around us, the same elements we live and share with the denizens of the wilderness which is the cradle of all living things.

You will feel emotions such as love and compassion to such depth and intensity like never before experienced,

It is a soul awakening which contains rivers of ardent tears of sorrow, as well as impassioned feelings of laughter, happiness and contentment.

No more shall this new light be mired by infusions of bewilderment and confusion as your heart will be at peace and tranquility will reign within.

Does true reality hidden in nature exist only in children's story books?

Mankind chooses to discard these wonderful gifts of nature in pursuit of the material things for which they will rape, pillage and slowly kill Mother Earth, the cradle of all life, for their own greedy needs of power and riches.

Your new living essence can embrace so much more beauty and bliss in this life just by being in harmony with our sisters and brothers, ensconced within the environment around you.

Love a child, help a needy, accept both nature and man into the bosom of your heart as though they were your child.

But first of all, be patient and enjoy the journey, for it is the experience of the journey, not the destination that is the most exciting and momentous part of life.


Monday, 20 May 2013

In the Beginning

In this time of much sorrow and death, I find it appropriate timing to clarify something for the human race.  (Big words, I know, but I have a strong foundation)

An individual’s life is a constant quest to find their way back to the Light from which they came.  I am not talking about the Light of any doctrine.  I am talking about true Divinity.  See Divinity has always been everything.  I don’t think people grasp exactly how literally to take this.  There is the Light of Divinity and the Dark Divine.  They are two very equal sides.  In the beginning, or should I say, before the existence of Time.  For time is but a measure and I am speaking of measurelessness.  I don’t mean it is beyond measure, just that there is no point.  There is more beyond what I am about to explain, but let’s stay closer to home for now.

What could be termed the Divine Council created the Light of Divinity and the Dark Divine.  I use to see it as two spheres wrapped inside each other.  That was an inaccurate picture.  It is more like the infinity symbol.  On one side of the figure eight is the Light of Divinity.  On the other side is the Dark Divine.  The Council chose to put a pinpoint hole between the two and see what happened.  (Maybe I will remember that part in time.)  Since the Dark Divine is a vacuum, when the hole appeared the Light of Divinity was sucked into the Dark Divine.  (what’s really strange is that I can see this from the point of view of outside both, like I am watching a tiny experiment) 

Anyway, since then the race has been on.   Light swirled in Vacuum, except that the Light and the Vacuum both have cognizance.  It is all about frequency.  In a very sterile, cold, and logical wording, It is a Great Experiment of mixing Light and Dark cognizant frequencies and watching them dance.  Everything is this energy because the mere clashing of opposites slowed down the Light frequency and gave frequency to the Dark.  This is why neither side is destructible because no matter what you do to either side, you are only changing frequencies.  It still maintains the same Intelligence.
So when you manifest into this dimension, reality, planet (whatever you want to call it)  and you are in a form that cycles life and death, then what you are doing in life is just trying to figure out which frequency you came from.  Truly “evil” people are only living their lives to find their way back to whatever part of the Dark they came from. 

So it is with those whose Spirit is a slower frequency of Light.  You are only searching for which part of the Light frequency you are from.  This is why there are many religions and many different paths.  There are many frequencies of Light and not all resonate in total harmony.  If there were no dissonance in the song, the race would be ended and this Great Experiment would be at an end.  That is how Divinity can say “I am the beginning and the end”  because time is irrelevant to Divinity.  There was a beginning to be sure, there was even a before that, but I cannot explain that one in words…well, not yet, anyway.

So as these times increase in difficulty, remember that those who are lost in the cycle of death have only returned to the frequency from which they came.  They will return again in a different frequency to race the Great Race that is life. In the living universe
Original author unknown
What is Light
Frozen Light
The Radiance of Being
by Todd F. Eklof (08-31-03)

    According to the western religious tradition, the story of Creation begins with the words, “Let there be light,” implying that light is the first principle of creation; that nothing else can come into being until light permeates the universe. According to the findings of modern science, this notion doesn’t seem entirely inaccurate. It tells us, for instance, the universe began with an enormous explosion of light, commonly referred to as the Big Bang. This term, however is a little misleading since sound requires atmosphere to occur. To be sure, the universe was born in silence during an explosion of light, not of sound. If this spectacular explosion could have been witnessed, it would have appeared more like the quiet unfolding of a brilliant flower than like a bomb going off. As Matthew Fox writes, “In today’s creation story from science we learn that the universe began with a fireball that grew from a compressed light smaller than a pinprick to an expanding fire over 750,000 years.”1 In fact, since physicists have recently discovered the universe is still expanding, we might even say we ourselves are part of its blossoming in the continuing process of luminous creation.

    But to say the universe needed light before anything else could come into existence may seem overstated, unless, like any of us, the Creator simply needed to turn on the lights before getting to work. But light does much more than merely illuminate matter. It does more than just shed a little light on the subject, it is the subject! This concept is difficult to understand because we tend to think of light as energy and experience matter as something much more tangible. Yet Einstein showed us, with his famous formula, E=mc2, that matter and energy are the same and can easily be converted into each other the way fire turns wood into heat. E=mc2 is simply shorthand for saying energy is equal to matter when matter is multiplied by the speed of light squared. Physicist David Bohm once went so far as to say all matter is really “frozen light.”2 Despite the weight these names carry, however, the idea that matter, including our own bodies, is slow moving light is difficult for us to truly appreciate because we know light moves nearly 300,000 kilometers per second, and wonder how it could possibly slow down enough to become solid.

    In response to this, the speed of light, as Einstein noted, does appear to be the only constant in the universe. However, it is only constant when traveling through a vacuum. When passing through certain translucent materials, the speed of light is often slowed down. According to a recent article in Scientific America, “Water, for instance, slows light to about 75 percent of its velocity in a vacuum.”3 The article was written by Dr. Lene Hau, a Harvard physics professor whose research team began successfully slowing down the speed of light in March of 1998. By July of the same year they had it down to airplane speed, and a month later the group dropped the speed of light to 60 kilometers per hour, slower than a bicyclist. As if this isn’t remarkable enough, late last year they were able to completely stop light in its tracks!

    The group, at the Rowland Institute for Science, accomplished this amazing feat by trapping light inside a cigar shaped cloud of sodium atoms cooled to within one-billionth of a degree of absolute zero. The cloud was held in place with a powerful electromagnet inside a vacuum chamber. Slowing and stopping light in this way has many potential applications. The most immediate is information storage. Light can carry enormous amounts of information. By suspending its movement, the information inside it becomes stored. This could lead to the development of quantum computers faster at making computations than anything we can currently imagine. This technology may also give scientists a way to reproduce the affects black holes have on light by mimicking them in the laboratory. Just as black holes prevent light from leaving their gravitational pull, scientists can now prevent light from going anywhere. Perhaps the most intriguing potential application, and certainly the most far-fetched at this point, is the possibility of using this technology for teleportation. 

Like something out of Star Trek, it may become possible to imprint the electromagnetic field of an object into the memory of frozen light, then send it at its normal speed of 300,000 kilometers per second to another location where the object is reconstructed. Imagine if it becomes possible to copy this sort of information and send it to several locations at once! It may even become possible for people to duplicate themselves and send carbon copies all over the galaxy.

    Right now, however, much of this still seems highly unlikely, if not down right impossible. But if we accept the premise that all matter is really slow moving light, then the possibility of slowing light down long enough for us to climb aboard and catch a ride may one day be as common as catching a subway or train is today. More important than traveling at the speed of light, however, is the realization that light can be slowed down, even stopped, and, as physics is saying, we ourselves might be made out of such slow moving light. Our very cells, after all, are comprised of molecules made of atoms comprised of electrons, neutrons and protons. We are energy! Some physicists are even suggesting the atoms we are made of are mostly empty space filled with light that sometimes acts as matter, the same way it sometimes acts as waves, and sometimes as particles. We also know, through biofeedback experiments, that the brain emits electrical pulses. In addition, DNA, the program of life, emits a constant low frequency photon emission. In other words, life emits light. Life radiates!

    Matthew Fox reminds us that there are a billion particles of light for every particle of matter in the universe, making us very unique forms of light. “...we are amazed to learn how special matter is,” he writes, “what a rare gift it is to be flesh or matter, that is, slow-moving light. This is not just true of human flesh, but of all flesh, the oranges we eat and the tea we drink, the grasses and the animals, the birds and the stars¾are all slow moving light. Matter is light. It is very special light.”4 Author David Talbot writes similarly, “every cubic centimeter of empty space contains more energy than the total energy of all matter in the known universe!”5 Perhaps the pervasiveness of light is the reason so many of the world’s spiritual traditions intuit its sacredness. The ancient Egyptians worshipped Ra, the Sun god. In Jewish mysticism we have the Zohar, a sacred text whose name means, “radiance.” They also speak of Shekinah, the glory of God, which shines like a light on those who experience it. Christianity calls Christ “the light of the world.” The Eastern traditions seek enlightenment. In philosophy, wisdom is seen as light. Even in our ordinary language we often speak of ideas as brilliant and illuminating. We see the light and have light bulbs going off in our heads.

    Perhaps this reverence we have for light is more than just metaphor. Perhaps, as beings of light, with bodies of light, we realize, on some level, that light is everywhere in the universe and is itself responsible for all the forms creation takes. We also know that light sustains life by providing chemical energy to plants through photosynthesis, which, in turn, provides energy to other creatures. By connecting to our own role and responsibilities as beings of light, we may also learn the importance of harnessing the energy of light, through solar power, in order to operate our machines and technologies in a green clean manner. Again, as Fox suggests, “This is the practical application of solar awareness. Only sun energies are renewable and sustainable¾the time when humans ran their enterprises on fossil fuels is rapidly coming to a close. We must rediscover light or perish.”6

    The difference between our spiritual traditions and quantum physics, however, is that the latter doesn’t ask us to pursue enlightenment, it simply reminds us we are already illuminated beings. We don’t need to do anything but recognize it. As the Tao Te Ching says, “Use your own light and return to the source of light. This is called practicing eternity.”7 This is reminiscent of David Bohm’s theory that “the brain is a hologram enfolded in a holographic universe.”8 Holograms, of course, are created with light. To say the whole universe is holographic is only slightly different than saying it is made of light. In addition, just as each piece of a holographic plate contains the entire image, it may be, as beings of light in a holographic universe, each one of us is the complete image of the entire universe¾the whole contained within the gram. Therefore, none of us really need to become illuminated because we are already luminous beings. We don’t need enlightenment because we are light itself. Perhaps all we really need is to learn to radiate!