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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Morning Strategy Sessions with the Universe

Morning Strategy Sessions with the Universe
by Lorna Tedder · in Law of Attraction, Personal Evolution, Positive Thinking, Serene Living

Hi, dear friends and followers. Today I would like to share with you this short entry on a way to pray to universe. Here is one way I have found to pray to universe,  what I like, in the present tense. 
On my way to work in the mornings, in the dark without a lot of traffic on the road, there seems to be much more time to think. It’s a quieter spot in the day, even though there’s really no obvious difference in driving to work 2 hours later. Yet, the energy of the early morning has more stillness to it as if the Universe has enough time to listen to me and hear me.So I have been setting aside this time, not for diction, audiobooks, radio news, or listening to voice mail, but for a strategy session with the Universe.

I don’t say “I’m going to” or “I want” or “I would like.” I present the Universe with a list of what I like. Present tense.

This morning, for example, I told the Universe that I like it when I’m able to assimilate a briefing easily, that I like that I’m going to have at least one date within the next few days, that I like that I’m going to be able to start on my Spanish class today, that I like that I’m going to start my new on-the-job exercise program, that I like that I’m finished with building a website for my brother, that I like that I’m going to find out information on a particular subject, and so on.

Near the end of the afternoon–after my briefing had been mostly prepared and I’d been approved for Spanish class but before I finished the website, accepted a date, discovered information that had eluded me, and so on–I power-walked my way down a 5-mile nature trail as part of my new exercise program and realized that I can easily take my digital recorder with me and maximize my book-writing time and exercise time while I enjoy the deep shades of oaks and long but secure trails where only an occasional jogger is seen.

And I was glad I’d set my strategy for the day, and that when the day was done and I was ready to crawl into bed, I’d followed my strategy for the day and accomplished (or had accomplished for me) everything I’d set my intentions for before sunrise.
Note: Just exchange the needs listed here to incorporate your needs that you wish to pray for.
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ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

Friday, 6 November 2015

Why Some People Will Never Be "Happy"

Why Some People Will Never Be "Happy"
Lorna Tedder · in Personal Evolution, Positive Thinking, Serene Living
Hi, dear friends and followers. Thank you very much for visiting and reading my blog. Today's topic is about whey some people will never be happy.

Every time I turn around, there’s a new book out about how to be happy. It seems we’d have enough already, but the audience is not only vast but growing. To top it off, an acquaintance asks me if I’m happy and I find myself hesitating to answer.

It’s not that I’m unhappy. Far from it. But the word itself has certain connotations for me that I still have difficulty with at times. Somehow I associate “happy” with carefree, smiling and having it all, with “all” defined as great family, great career, great marriage, great bank account, etc. So “happy” becomes a 100% scenario or nothing. According to this connotation, you can’t be a little bit “happy.” You have to have it all, as predefined for us. And “all” tends to be about things or conditions that are often outside our control.

Note: Yes for me in previous years I was unhappy because of the expectations I set for myself and fell short, almost all of them actually. To this day, I do not know why except that maybe the expectations I set myself up for were just more than I could accomplish or possibly from negative thinking. How can you achieve a goal if you are setting up mental traps to fail, negative thinking, Like one in particular for example, what makes me think I am worthy. During those years, my life was so negative I am surprised the very air around me didn't ionise.
See, I think I’m pretty happy these days. Life is good. Things are rolling along nicely. I’m having fun and I’m making meaningful connections and anytime I’m depressed, it’s just a fleeting moment or sometimes the natural mourning of something lost or a reaction to a major upheaval. It doesn’t last long though. I’m not down in the muck, and the sunshine feels quite nice up here.

But by the old definition, the one that was programmed into me as a child and teenager, I can’t possibly be “happy” because I don’t have 100% of my dreams or 100% of what others dream for me. I can’t possibly be “happy” because I’m not in a committed relationship right now and I’m not fabulously rich and famous. Okay, that’s a hard standard to meet, but I didn’t set it myself. It was set for me by the world around me when I was a child.

Note: This is true of myself as well, except the negative thinking didn't stem from my home, it stemmed from the outside world. If you are treated as a loser long enough you come to believe it.
I was a timid shy child and didn't mix well with others at school and the same later when I started into the work force. I was always the strange and odd one, left out. Until in later years when I discovered alcohol and thought I had arrived and belonged. Not so, that was just wearing a mask. The alcohol got to me in later years and had to give it up. My true happiness I found in sobriety as a social worker, I enjoyed much working with people, it was my life and to a greater degree it still is.
But as the author states in this entry because of past negative associations to the word Happy,  I still have reservations in responding to the word happy.
The definition isn’t just internal though. I encounter it often in the form of other women asking–in response to my saying that yes, thank you, I’m quite happy these days–“Really? Who are you seeing?” Men generally don’t ask this question that immediately equates happiness with marital status (trust me, marriage and happiness are not always synonymous), but the majority of female acquaintances do and they ask it before they ask anything else. After that, it tends to be “You’re happy? Have you sold any books lately?” or something tied to career success, which is another way of measuring happiness in our culture. You can’t simply be happy for no good reason. You must have data to point to!

So am I “happy?”

In a fun conversation with a friend of mine, I note quite a few similarities. She is admittedly “deliriously happy” and having the time of her life. Her career skyrocketed this year, with a salary in the mid-six figures, and she has a very hot new boyfriend. I don’t have the mid six figure salary or the hot new boyfriend, so by some standards, that would mean I can’t qualify for happiness. Yet, when we described to each other how we felt about where we are in life and our inner sense of serenity with ourselves and what we’re doing, our story was the same.

Right after that conversation, I ran into a female acquaintance who asked how I’m doing. The last few conversations with her have progressed to the typical nosy questions about my love life, so I chose a different tactic.

“Are you happy?” she asks.

I smile. “Yeah, I’m enjoying my life.” There. No list of ingredients to be judged as short a little sugar or bread. Just my own definition of “happy,” publicly stated.
Note: I am pleased just to wake up in the morning and I am alive, in good health, and all of my faculties are functional. I can look out the window to greet the world. I have food in the fridge and the bills are paid and I have friends here to greet, what more can I ask. My needs to be happy are simple ones, and I thank Great Spirit for each day
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

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Thursday, 5 November 2015

An Assortment of Poems For You Dear Friends

An Assortment of Poems For You Dear Friends
By me +Cindy Groulx 

Hi, dear friends and followers. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog. Today I have another assortment of poems for you I hope you enjoy them.

Time and ocean waves

Life is like the waves that pound the seashore,

falling and rising, rushing in then back again,

Eroding and reforming the shoreline.

The current draws you onwards,

as you follow of the undulating waves,

drifting to new shores, flowing,

pulverizing rock into sifting sand,

again shaping rocks into new sculptures,

then once again flowing to seek new adventures. 

The Boy of Mother Nature

The little boy of the woods listens to the baby bluebird

as his other animal friends gather ‘round.

He has found some honeysuckle from which to drink the nectar

-if the White Admiral butterfly does not drink it first!

A collection of 'woodland treasures' adorn his neck,

including his favorite 'lucky' stone and a precious one, too.

A quartz stone that 
subsumes the qualities

 of magic.

The forest spirits amongst the trees guide him and protect him,

in his leafy Paradise he sleeps contentedly for a time.

Magic mirror

Come, follow me into my world,

a world on the other side of this mirror;

A parallel world where everything that can be,

is already there for you to see.

A place where magic and fantasy are real!

Happiness here is like this magical butterfly;

The more you chase it the more it will elude you.

But if you sit still, hold your hand out and close your eyes,

And make a wish, for a time the butterfly will be yours!

It will come and rest lightly upon your hand for you to enjoy.
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Dharma of Money: How to Attract Debt Instead of Prosperity

The Dharma of Money: How to Attract Debt Instead of Prosperity
by Lorna Tedder · in Law of Attraction, Positive Thinking, Serene Living

Hi, dear friend and followers. thank you for visiting and reading my blog. Today's topic will be on how to prosper in your life. I will not have much to add on this topic as I certainly was not the best money handler there ever was, only that it was a necessity needed to survive, and what I read here has taught given me some new constructive ideas to work with

Photo by TW Collins
When a well-known financial guru discussed the “dharma of money” recently, I was surprised. This person didn’t strike me as particularly spiritual or metaphysical of mind, and what was described was actually the Law of Attraction in action at its finest. This guru explained that the flow of money is important and that if you hoard it, less new money will flow to you; therefore, it’s important to make charitable gifts to others and keep the money flowing throughout the Universe, even when you don’t feel you have the extra cash to throw around. You will feel prosperous by giving and in turn, the Universe will reward you with prosperity.

I think I’ve found the way that works best for me, and I’ve also observed this concept gone horribly awry. Plenty of people are attracted to the Law of Attraction for money reasons, usually that they want more, lots more. Instead of more prosperity, some people reaping much more

This spiritual flow of money is something that I’ve been practicing for a couple of years and most recipients never know. Every month, I send a week’s worth of grocery money to a disabled woman who does so much spiritually for other people and never ever asks for anything. There are certainly other things I could spend that money on for myself, but I feel good helping out someone else. I feel RICH. I prefer to help when it’s anonymous so that there are no unspoken expectations. I’m by no means wealthy, but I always have enough for my family and myself with enough left over–with careful planning–for an adventure or two. When I worry about money, then it’s time for me to make an anonymous donation, and somehow that money always returns to me many times over. I don’t give with the idea of receiving multiples of money in return, but it does seem to loosen the stranglehold of any financial worry.

To the contrary, I’ve noticed a painful trend among some otherwise adept followers of the Law of Attraction: if you want to have money and get out of debt, then spend lots of money! It’s not working for them, and I’ve been thinking about why. I’ve concluded that it’s just not the same concept of “flow.” The money is flowing out but the energy of it is still focused on themselves rather than flowing it out to others in a charitable sense. So the flow is confined to helping one person–the self. Not that you shouldn’t ever do something nice to feather your nest, but I do believe that some of these people are kidding themselves in a way that will come back to haunt them and some of them are just now on the precipice of self-destruction.

I’ve been observing about half a dozen outwardly successful followers of the Law of Attraction, all of whom have some tremendous surprises the general public does not know–the general public, their friends, neighbors, colleagues, family, and sometimes even their spouses. I know because of many discussions I’ve held with them, and I can share the trends I see while keeping their identities private…but any one of them could be your next door neighbor or business partner and you’d never know their true financial picture.

The members of this group I’ve been observing–they don’t all know each other–are regarded as extremely successful with annual incomes ranging from $100,000+ to $600,000–and nothing to show for it except debt. Seriously, they own NOTHING. They are all one payment away from losing their nice homes and new cars. They have zero assets and almost unfathomable liabilities. They each owe the IRS anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 in back taxes. They owe child support and/or alimony and are constantly threatened with going back to court for not paying on time. Their utilities are repeatedly turned off for non-payment. All their credit cards are maxxed out and they usually can’t afford the minimum payments, with some owing $20,000 in credit card debt and others owing closer to $50,000 in credit card debt–on revolving credit accounts that have delinquent interest rates of 23% to 25%. They have no collateral and rock-bottom credit ratings.

I’ve also noted, just out of curiosity, that none of these people tithe at their churches or make charitable contributions. They say they’d like to, but there’s just not enough money to pay their bills and they have to decide between having the utilities on and sending money to a good cause. After all, they’re deeply in debt and know it.

Their answer to their money problems? Let the money flow! Meaning, SPEND MORE MONEY!

One recently managed to get a new credit card at an ungodly rate (given her bad credit rating) and she maxed it out on a cross-country trip, a ski vacation, and new sports equipment for herself. She told me that spending money would bring more money back to her and get her out of debt…except that she just added another $12,000 to her long list of debts. Did she feel crunched? Yes, so when she talked her boss into a hefty raise, she immediately spent the yet-to-be-earned income on a new car and went further into debt.

Yet she and all the others of this group are completely convinced that they can get rid of their debt and have plenty of money by spending more money on themselves, in effect creating more debt.

And that’s the key: it’s the debt that’s flowing back to them in this circuit of money energy, not the prosperity.
Note: For one, today things are much more expencive, for example back in 1972 when I use to go shopping for a $100 I could fill the entire back of my half ton truck with grocery items. Today you could carry a $100 worth of groceries in two grocery bags. My point is, I don't buy anything I can't carry away in a shopping cart.

As a retired social worker and empath it has always been a part of me to be willing to donate something for the needy whenever possible.
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 
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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Poems, verses and quotes by me

Poems, verses and quotes by me

Hi, dear friends and followers. Today I have a collection of poems quotes and verses composed by me. Hope you enjoy, thank you very much for visiting and reading my blog
Parallel worlds, The Bermuda triangle revisited.
You are such an Ocean of mystery
you seem to have no limits.
Where do thy boundaries lie?
Where does fantasy end and reality begin? 
The Bermuda Triangle is mystery, 
Near the Sargasso Sea it lies,
Its secrets kept well from prying eyes. 
It never takes victims in the same exact place;
Neither do its skies need to be stormy,
It strikes on days, both drab and sunny.
Ships, planes and pleasure boats all have disappeared.
Captains courageous and foolish,
nevermore have not been heard.
ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Cindy ஜ۩۞۩ஜ
It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.
Raise your sword of truth to the light so you may see. 
Go forward with confidence with your shield at your side 
Climb upon your mighty beast and be not afraid of what lies ahead 
But shine, shine like a great star above that lights the heavens 
For all to see, astride you might beast. 
With your great sword of justice and light held up high 
ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Cindy ஜ۩۞۩ஜ

We are all interested in the Future, 
for that is where we are going to spend the rest of our lives.
The future is the sunrise on the horizon of our consciousness.
May your Space Jockey rockets never fail you, my dear friend,
and may they take you to the farthest reaches of your imagination!
ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Cindy ஜ۩۞۩ஜ

When I arise in the morning consumed in decision-making
It's hard to make any wise decisions
when you cannot see where the traps lie.
Make place for an island of peace, and meditate. 
ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Cindy ஜ۩۞۩ஜ

Loving Yourself
To love yourself is when you come to know who and what 'you are. It has nothing to do with your outward physical appearance. It goes beyond all of those things and it's what lights up life around you. Your inner being is the true treasure.

ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Cindy ஜ۩۞۩ஜ
The roar of tide,
and the rushing wind upon my cheek,
the sea brings peace to my heart.
In the distance, I see the promise,
A promise of better tomorrows
without sorrow and pain
There is peace in the silence,
even in the roar of ocean waves.

ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Cindy ஜ۩۞۩ஜ
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Stop Getting Advice You Don't Want

Stop Getting Advice You Don't Want

By Lorna Tedder ·

Thank you for joining me, dear friends and followers. Today's entry is about how to stop getting the advice you don't need. When I left my home and my last ex to return to living on my own again some years ago, I was in need of help, I was lost. But the help I received which was of the most use to me, was that of professionals. But as it was, I to faced the same problems, whether those people were either well-doers or people I sought myself I am not certain, maybe a bit of both. Never the less they were there, as Lorna relates here in this entry.  Thank you for visiting and reading my blog
Bowl of Smoke photo by Melanie Cook.

A few years back, imperfect strangers would stop me in the grocery store and give me advice. On everything. My looks, my clothes, my love life, my purchases. Everything. If one more person had told me what I should do with my life, I would have exploded. I was caught up in the adversity of advice-ty, and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

“I can’t believe that just happened,” a friend said after witnessing one of these interactions. “Why in the world would a complete stranger ever say that to another person? She didn’t know you or anything about you, but she sure told you how to live your life.” I wondered that, too, but more recently, I’ve wondered why it stopped more suddenly than it started. What I learned was that the change wasn’t in the world around me but in me, and I realized that, yes, there are some ways to stop getting fire-hosed with advice that drives you crazy.

1. Stop asking for it.

I mean stop LITERALLY asking for advice. When I came out of a long-term marriage, I had to rebuild myself from the ground up. There were areas of my life that were very solid, such as my knowledge of my career field. I rarely asked for advice about work because I didn’t need it. I knew what I was doing. But when it came to being on my own for the first time in a couple of decades? Not just alone, but alone and responsible for my kids as well? I felt I couldn’t afford to make mistakes. I needed tools for dealing with my situation, especially in areas where I’d botched previous relationships, so I asked for help in understanding what was happening and what my options were.

And friends, colleagues, family, and strangers were more than happy to give me their opinions. I needed reinforcement much of the time, validation that I was

making a good decision, verification that I was doing something right after feeling for years that I did only the wrong things.

Note I could not agree more with this statement. After so many years of being told I was wrong, stupid, I wouldn't be able to survive without them or couldn't do anything right, It certainly contributed for making me feel insecure, and sometimes even useless and even stupid.
 But at some point, the advice became overwhelming, and solicited advice turned too quickly into unsolicited advice that was overbearing. Some people just couldn’t stop giving it, long after I didn’t need it or want it. I’d opened a door I couldn’t seem to shut and far too many people took the parental role in doling out their advice on situations that were no longer in need of more analysis or help.

Note: I stopped asking advice after I had decided to go back to school to take up a course in social work. I learned how to manage my own affairs and pretty well was a loner outside of a few close friends and those I worked with

I stopped asking advice of anyone new, except in certain situations where I paid for professional advice, but the overwhelming and now unwanted “friendly” advice was suffocating me with negativity and causing me to questions things I felt good and right about–and that left me hurt, angry, full of doubt, and overwhelmed. And yet, even though I was no longer asking for advice in a literal sense, people whom I’d never laid eyes on sought me out to tell me what “you should do” or “you need to do” or “you ought to do.” No, what I really NEEDED to do was…

Thank you for reading! The complete version of this article is now included in Give Your Life Direction.
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day.
ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

When Unconditional Love Just Isn’t Enough

When Unconditional Love Just Isn’t Enough

Hi, dear friend and followers. Today's topic is about Unconditional love and boundaries.
Yes, it is quite imperative to have boundaries even with unconditional love.

This past year has certainly been a season for understanding unconditional love and boundaries, however painful as it may have been. But it’s also been a time for me of healing and understanding things in very different ways than they first appeared.
Note: Not in the same sense as Lorna writes here, but I have had a similar situation with a very close friend, where the unconditional love still exists, deep in my heart. The boundaries I need to set is to not allow the pain caused by this person to continue to hurt me. 

In the end, the unconditional love, like that of sisters, vanished like snow in Jully, for as close as we were, communications ceased, and she would avoid communications with me like I were the bubonic plague. But the love still remains in my heart, slow to fade, and she will continue to be in my prayers. 
I had an argument recently with an old friend about the concept of unconditional love. In the process, boundaries were crossed and old, old wounds were reopened to the extent that we cannot be friends right now. Things long buried came to the surface and have disturbed my peace of mind and my sleep, and it will take some time and space to find my positive feelings for this man again as he’s left me emotionally in a place in our distant past that was shattering. Over the last few years, he’s spent quite a bit of time analyzing the concept of unconditional love and what it means as if this is a new phenomenon in the universe. I already know. I’ve known for a long, long time, both in his presence and in his absence, and I’ve practiced it even when I was left behind and even when I was too hurt or angry to remain in a mere friendship.

I cannot love someone to that depth and just cut it off like a light switch. It may fade with time, but unconditional love tastes like a curse when it cannot be returned as unconditional love. Unconditional love is a state of being, not an action of giving love. It cannot be helped. It just is. But it’s not an excuse to be a doormat. Loving unconditionally is not an invitation to be mistreated or disrespected.

Unconditional love is not a synonym for lack of boundaries or a free ticket for the other person to plow right through boundaries. Boundaries are not a bad thing. They’re just brackets of self-respect.

In our…discussion…with this old friend, I felt accused of not practicing unconditional love because there were certain behaviors I could no longer tolerate. That’s been true of most relationships where I’ve reached the end of my boundaries–not the end of my love–and had to reinforce the boundaries by leaving the relationship because my partner simply could not and would not respect the few boundaries I put between us. It’s been suggested that I therefore love conditionally–meaning that if a man doesn’t behave well with me, then I won’t love him anymore. If only that were true, then relationships that are defunct or on hiatus would be so much easier for the heart to bear!

In many hours of assessment since this argument, I have reaffirmed that when my love is unconditional, then it still lasts, long after the relationship.

The love does not go away. It lingers like an unscratchable itch in the heart.

But what is conditional is whether I will stay with someone I love beyond reason if his behaviors violate my boundaries and call into question my own self-respect as well as his respect for me and mine for him. Will I have enough respect for myself to demand to be treated better? Is that condition bad? Not to me, though it may sound unreasonable to a man who has abused the privilege of my love.

I’ve heard it said recently that the most important thing to women–pardon the generalization–is being loved while to men, it’s being respected. I saw this play out with a former co-worker of mine, a very sweet man with a horrible addiction.

He drove away his wife and two young sons. They still loved him unconditionally, but they could no longer live with someone who behaved so badly. It’s not that they took away their love, but they were enablers who eventually lost respect for him and he lost respect for himself. He had to look at his boys and understand that they thought he was a joke. Eventually, he hit rock bottom and had lost his relationship with his family as well as most of the people he was close to. But the story doesn’t end sadly.

It could have.

Instead, he understood that having their unconditional love meant that the relationships could be rebuilt, but first he had to rebuild their respect for him. He healed those relationships relatively quickly by taking action to prove himself, by doing the hard thing and taking responsibility for the behaviors that plowed through their boundaries and hurt them. That started with having enough respect for himself to make a change, and letting his sons and wife see that the change was real. It’s been heartwarming to hear his stories of rebuilding those relationships with the people who never stopped loving him.

So love isn’t necessarily conditional just because one person in the relationship has boundaries they aren’t willing to flatten along with their self-respect. I understand better now what unconditional love is, not just for someone else but for myself, and that means setting boundaries sometimes and giving myself the respect that I deserve rather than letting myself be annihilated by someone else’s selfish actions.
Note: My dear friend Lorna, you have company as I am no stranger as to what you write here.

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day.

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ