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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Science and Spirituality : Two Aspects of a Single Reality

Science and Spirituality : Two Aspects of a Single Reality

Hi dear friends and followers, today I would like to share with you the topic of science and spirituality. How close are we to making a connection between the two. I hope you enjoy reading this entry. Although it is a long entry it is very interesting. You may want to book mark it an read in parts if you wish. Thanks you 

by Prof. P. Krishna

Rector, Rajghat Education Centre, Krishnamurti Foundation India, Varanasi 221001, India

The scientific quest and the spiritual quest have been the two great quests of humanity but somehow a feeling has developed that science is antagonistic to spirituality. We should examine whether this is really so or it is because we give to science and spirituality rather narrow meanings. The scientific quest is to discover the order in the external world of space, time, energy and matter. The spiritual quest is to discover order in our consciousness. Since the whole of reality is built up of both matter and consciousness why should the quest for the understanding of order in the external world be antagonistic to the quest for the understanding of order in the inner world of our consciousness ?

If we look at their origins, we find that both quests have originated out of human inquisitiveness. We human beings want to inquire into our surroundings, into what is happening within and around us. We want to observe in order to find out. If we ask the question, "Why are we inquisitive ?", there is no answer. It is not always for a purpose. We are inquisitive by nature. The purpose is a by-product, it is not the aim of the inquiry. For instance, technology is the by-product of science, but it is not the reason for science. The scientific quest was there much before any technology developed. We were inquiring into why the sky is blue, why the sun rises and sets, why trees grow, why there are so many species around us why eclipses occur and all that, much before any technology came into being.

In the same way, questions like - Who am I ?, What is the purpose of life ?, Why is there so much conflict and violence within me ?, Is it possible to come upon some kind of order within my consciousness ?, What is death ?, Is there something beyond death ? - are all questions in the field of spirituality. Out of this quest the different organised religions have evolved as a by-product. There were great enquirers who came upon a certain truth in their consciousness, who came upon a certain order - we may call that order love, compassion, harmony, whatever. Out of that state, they tried to communicate the truth which they had seen, and they became religious leaders around whom the organised religions were built up. Thus institutionalised religions developed as by-products of the spiritual quest just as technology developed as a by-product of the scientific quest.

Why is it that the scientific quest has advanced so much but when it comes to the understanding of ourselves, of coming upon some kind of order in our consciousness, mankind as a whole has been an utter failure ? Barring perhaps a handful of people like the Christ or the Buddha, who might have come upon it for themselves, the rest of the people have not really come upon it. This has created a lopsided development in society which in turn is creating the crisis in the world today. One of the reasons why the scientific quest has progressed so much is because there is a tremendous order out there in nature. Nature follows a plan, it works according to certain laws and science has been trying to discover those laws. The scientist has no idea why there should be laws and why they should be universal, but he finds that it is so. We also do not know why nature follows a peculiar form of logic evolved by man, called mathematics. The whole universe follows an order which we have been able to determine using some fundamental assumptions, then applying a lot of mathematics and logic to them and deriving results. We find that the results so obtained tally with what happens in nature; which means somehow this logic operates in nature. We can only say that such is the nature of the order which manifests itself in the universe. We are students of Nature, which has given us a consciousness which can observe and think. Through this we can find some cause and effect relationships, but we can not answer why Nature is the way it is.

The other reason why the scientific quest has developed so much is because the observer is by and large separate from the observed. When my consciousness or senses are viewing something and doing an experiment on that object, that object is separate from me. There is not too much interaction between the observer and the observed and therefore it is relatively easy to be objective about what one is seeing. This breaks down only in the quantum world of elementary particles, like the electron, for which the very act of observation seems to affect the state of the particle. In science, human errors are detected quickly because conclusions are put to test by other people. This way science tries to eliminate the subjectivity of a particular observer. When we come to the religious quest we are looking at ourselves and the observer is the observed. Therefore, the interaction between the observer and the observed is enormous and it becomes much more difficult to be objective. One can illustrate this by an example. If we try to observe how we go to sleep, our awareness decreases because in sleep we are not aware. So the mind cannot watch itself going to sleep. Moreover, the order is not already present in the consciousness; it has to be discovered by ending the disorder.

In the scientific quest our understanding is additive in nature. What Newton did in a whole lifetime we can now learn in two or three years in college and build on it to discover further. The knowledge of what people have done before helps us to learn that quickly and discover beyond that. In the spiritual quest, knowledge is not helpful. In fact, it can even be a hindrance if one gets attached to it. What the Buddha discovered and stated, I can read and come upon the knowledge of Buddhism, including all that has been said about the Buddha. All that knowledge would make me a Professor of Buddhist philosophy, but the Professor of Buddhist philosophy is not the Buddha ! One cannot come upon the order that was there in the consciousness of the Buddha merely through knowledge. 

So Buddha's student has to observe all over again and rediscover what the Buddha discovered in order to come upon that order in his own consciousness. One cannot simply learn it like knowledge. One requires something beyond knowledge, namely an insight into the truth. Without that insight, which is a direct perception of the truth, there is no alteration of our consciousness. In the field of science also an insight is essential but only for the first person who discovers the truth. If Einstein did not have a deep insight into the questions of space, time, matter and energy, his mind could not have come upon a totally new perception which was not there in classical physics. His mind had all the knowledge of classical physics, but it must have also had a certain amount of freedom from the known in order to have an insight into a truth which was then totally outside the field of the known. All great scientific discoveries are results of such insights. But after the scientist has had the insight and come upon a truth, he puts it in the form of an equation, deduces it and verifies it logically. Thereafter, it is taught not through insight but through logic. Science is not taught to students the way it actually happened, it is taught through rational, logical ways. Knowledge and logic have a sequence and learning that sequences is enough since it works, even though one may not have the insight ! In the spiritual quest, if one does not have an insight one only has ashes.

So there are several intrinsic difficulties with the spiritual quest. Moreover, it seems to me, that we have not been intelligent about the spiritual quest. Look at what mankind has done. Just as there have been great scientists like Einstein, Newton, Galileo, Darwin and so on, there have also been great spiritual teachers. People respect those great spiritual teachers because they came upon a certain state of consciousness which was one of love and compassion, a universal consciousness which was not divided from the rest of the world. But what did their followers do ? The followers said, "This man is our guru, our teacher, our saviour, our leader, so let us worship him". They took his words and propagated them. They evolved a system, an organisation which became the church. The followers did not come upon the truth, they were satisfied with propagating the word. Suppose the scientists had done the same, if they had built a temple to Newton and said, "We are Newtonians, Newton is our leader, whatever Newton said alone is true and we are going to propagate it" and another group of scientists did that for Einstein and said, "We are Einsteinians", would we have called them scientists ? We would have said: "You have to learn science, study and discover the order in nature, come upon the understanding and knowledge of science, only then you are a scientist". But in the field of spirituality, we have been very gullible. If a man wears a certain type of dress, goes and does a certain ritual, lights the lamp in a certain way and so on, we accept him as a holy man. We have lost sight of the fact that this is also a quest, an enquiry. Unless a human being comes upon order in his consciousness, he is not a religious man. It has nothing to do with rituals, with the dress we wear, with the words we utter or the books we read. It has nothing to do with some ability or knowledge we have in our head either.

The other factor that has very seriously bogged down the religious quest is belief. What does belief mean to a person who is in quest of truth ? We have to regard it the same way as a scientist regards a theory. The theory is not the truth, the model is not reality. We have to do experiments to find out what is true. But when we have belief, we are merely accepting something without evidence, which has little value. Quickly rejecting an idea also has no value. The acceptance is as false as the rejection. It is only when we listen and consider, and neither quickly accept nor reject but live with the question and explore it through our own observations, that we may get some truth out of it. The religious quest has not gone far because we have interpreted it to mean belief and the practice of certain rituals and so on. We think that it is going to get us peace of mind, that it is going to bring us to something divine. That is an illusion. Worship may give us a certain peace of mind temporarily, but for the same reason for which the mind was disturbed yesterday, it will be disturbed tomorrow because the same causes are still operative. If the problems do not dissolve at the source, the cause is still there and the effect is bound to be there.

The third thing which institutionalised religions gave was a moral code -- what is right, what is wrong, what to do and what not to do. We must examine whether one can come upon virtue through the practice of pre-meditated virtuous actions. A particular action, when repeated, soon becomes a habit and one can feel virtuous without having come upon virtue. That is a serious difficulty of the spiritual quest. If I am aggressive, violent, hateful, can I practice non-violence ? I project an idea that non-violence means not hitting another person, so I hold myself back. I get angry, I feel like hitting the other person, but I don't hit saying I am practicing non-violence. But in my consciousness there is still hatred, there is still aggression. I have merely prevented the outer manifestation. Surely there is non-violence only when there is the ending of violence in the consciousness. As long as I am inwardly violent and I think I am practicing non-violence, it is only control. And self-control is something totally different from the ending of violence. All those religious commandments only lead to self control. Self-control may be necessary, but it does not alter the consciousness within us. Self-control will never bring the understanding and the ending of violence within our consciousness.

Virtue is a state of mind. There is virtue only when disorder ends. Violence, fear, jealousy, possessiveness are all a part of the disorder in our consciousness. One cannot impose order on disorder through discipline. If we do that, it is still part of disorder; it is only control and that control is still part of the disorder. The need to impose order on oneself arises only when there is disorder in the consciousness. Therefore imposed order is really disorder. Suppression is violence with oneself; so the violence is still there and nothing changes inwardly. Of course the external action also matters and to that extent self-control may be necessary but it changes nothing inwardly. We are still in conflict when we are only controlling. If we are suppressing, fighting with ourselves, then what is controlled and overcome on one day will have to be controlled everyday, which means all of life becomes a battlefield. It is not a religious life to be constantly in battle with oneself. All disorder has a cause and so long as the cause exists the disorder will exist. So the religious quest is an inquiry into the causes of disorder in our mind. Just as a scientist cleans his instruments and lenses to ensure that they do not distort his observation of facts, the religious man has to eliminate the disorder in his mind since that is the instrument with which he observes. Disorder is caused by illusions and the illusions end only with the direct perception of the truth. The spiritual quest is therefore a quest for self-knowledge and virtue is a by-product of that quest.

Such an approach to spirituality is independent of any denomination and is therefore universal, like science. Just as there is no such thing as Indian science or American science, there is also only one religious mind -- the mind that has come upon love, compassion, peace and harmony. It is not a Hindu mind or a Christian mind or a Buddhist mind. These divisions arise because we have equated belief with religion. The truly religious mind is in quest of truth which it posits as the unknown. Science also posits the truth as the unknown and continually refines its models in trying to approximate to it. It is our illusions that divide us into separate religious communities. The different institutionalised religions are historical by-products of man's spiritual quest and need to be distinguished from the quest itself. Similarly we need to distinguish between science and its by-product which is technology. Science is the quest for truth whereas technology is a by-product resulting from man's desire for power and comfort. The unbridled use of power has created all the ecological problems the world is facing today. They are a result of man's greed and selfishness, not due to the scientific quest itself. Humanity needs to go on with the scientific and spiritual quests without getting too entangled in their by-products.

Actually, both the spiritual and scientific quests are two complementary inquiries into reality. Any feeling of antagonism between them is a product of a narrow vision. Science deals with what is measurable; religion is the quest for discovering and understanding the immeasurable. A scientist is not intelligent if he denies the existence of the immeasurable. There is nothing that is anti-science but there is a lot that is beyond science. The two quests have to go hand in hand. We not only need to have an understanding of the laws that govern the phenomena occurring in the external world around us but also we need to discover order and harmony in our consciousness. Human understanding is incomplete unless it covers both aspects of reality: matter as well as consciousness. Indeed the division between the scientific and spiritual quests is itself the creation of the human mind. Reality is one undivided whole which includes both matter and consciousness. Our thoughts, being limited by our experience, divide the external world from the inner world of our consciousness, in much the same way as our mind divides time from space though they are both two aspects of a single continuum.

Both the scientist and the religious man need to be acutely aware of the limitations of the human mind and to transcend them if they aspire to have a holistic perception of reality. Education needs to address itself to the creation of an inquiring mind which is both scientific and religious at the same time if we are to avert the crisis facing modern civilisation. To discard all spiritual inquiry along with all religious beliefs in the name of secularism is like throwing away the baby with the bath-water.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I am an elemental.

I am an elemental.

Hi, dear friends and followers. Today I would like to share with you a short poem composed by me. Thank you

I dreamed that my body metamorphosed to a vine,
that wound itself around me in every way it could.
I was enthralled as the vine and I became one with the other.
My long, thin legs and thighs with tendrils, now growing,
up to the crown of my head!I
surprised those who came upon me;
My belly, my buttocks, and my soft breast were embraced.
About my head, a wreath was hung, rich with clusters.
The leaves spread across my temples
and hung so the curls around my neck crawling.
Parts no longer moved, 
but I felt no different than before within,
Till a golden glow grew from within me,
a warm golden glow and awakened with an awareness
of all around me as never before.
I became one with the Nature Spirit.

I am an elemental.
Composed by Cynthia Groulx

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Good Day After All

A Good Day After All

Hi dear friends and followers, thank you so much for visiting my blog. Have you ever asked yourself what a Greek goddess might do on her day off? We don't know that answer to that question, but we do have an idea of how a typical day in the life of the goddess Persephone might have been. 

The writer has taken the powers and duties of Persephone and written about her day in contemporary English prose. It's an easier reading than the classical Greek poetry that you were made to endure in high school or university.

A short spiritual story to pull at the heart strings and gladden the soul. A tender and magical moment in the day of a goddess.

By Alison Chester-Lambert

Persephone sighed deeply and slowly lessened her intense concentration on the troubled woman below her. Sometimes, despite all her power and intention, the humans just didn’t seem to take heed. An exasperating feeling for a goddess. “Why don’t they listen? Is that body so distracting they can’t stop and take the time to tune in to me when I demand it?” she muttered irritably. With a last kindly look at the stricken mortal, she moved swiftly across the face of the Earth and rose into the sky, suddenly aware of the exhilarating freedom after the intense pull of the Earth’s invisible gravity.

These were busy times for all spiritual beings, but the goddesses in particular were so much more in demand than they used to be. For so long, the souls incarnated into bodies on the Earthly plane had favoured the gods when it came to needing spiritual help, but now the Earthlings were shifting their awareness towards feminine deity once more, so Persephone was being summoned by their prayers more often.

As she surged out of Earth’s orbit she felt Nereid, goddess of dolphins, come to her side. “Are you travelling to Olympus? I’ll come with you,” chattered the younger goddess. “I wonder why Hera has summoned us?”

Persephone had no answer and together they made their way to one of the many channels of swiftly moving energy that threaded their way through the Solar System like giant water slides. Generated by vortices of interplanetary gravity and flows of energetic particles that stream out from the Sun, these cosmic rivers were like highways along which all spiritual deities could get around the Heavens.

NASA assures the existence of numerous rivers of stars in our galaxy
It was possible to move off these rapidly flowing canals, but the dark matter around the Sun and planets made things slow going.
“So what have you been busy with?” asked Nereid gaily, fresh from a morning romp in the Mediterranean with a shoal of her dolphins.

Persephone looked doleful. “I’ve been with an Earth woman who has lost her baby. The soul was so pure and young and the angels missed it so much, it chose to return to us after only a few days on Earth. As always in these cases, the baby’s soul is thrilled to be back and will stay in the Mother’s energy field to love and comfort her from this world forever, but I am having difficulty reaching the mother’s soul to convey this to her. She wants to believe in me, but somehow she can’t. I could give her so much support if only she would let me in.”

She sighed deeply again. “And now we’ve all been summoned to listen to the Queen of the Heavens droning on about the importance of trying to summon the awareness of the humans one more time. This is not a good day.”

The pair melted easily into the swiftly moving energy channel and were carried along in its swirling intent. All around them different spirit beings, souls, goddesses, entities, angels and gods swirled in the cosmic river.

As they got closer to Olympus the channels became more densely packed. Since Earth had become so populated there had been a similar increase in souls and the spiritual presence which arises from earthly existence. And recently more god/desses were being called in from the Beyond to support the precious Earth; the only solid physical expression of the Multiverse.

More soul experience was being undertaken as a human life within the time and matter bound Earth plane, so the wisdom of the Soul and Spirit in the Otherworld was increasing as it absorbed the wisdom from each soul that returned. For all the experiences that a soul had in its human life gave it wisdom, which was then poured into the great soul lake in the Otherworld. This raised the soul and spiritual quality throughout the Multiverse of all planes of existence.

The god/desses were happy about this growth as they are nourished by the adoration and homage paid to them by the humans, for deity need human belief and worship to fuel their very existence. Every time a fervent prayer or a grateful thanks is generated by a human, the energy of the Otherworld rejoices and responds, led by the god or goddess who has jurisdiction in that area.

So if the prayer were for rain then a rain god would respond, or if it were for love, then Aphrodite would hear it. Things got a bit slack when the humans stopped praying to the different god/desses by name, and the goddesses in particular felt very shunned. They slowly shrank and ceased their vigilance, abandoning their support for Mother Earth, who suffered great depletion.

But more recently a few wise mortals, though persecuted and ridiculed, were raising awareness of the goddesses again and gently and silently their ranks increased. This didn’t entirely please Hera, the Queen of the Heavens, however.

Hera was married to Zeus, the king of the gods, but although she struggled to keep him faithful, his liking for Earth women was legendary. He loved to chase them and although his wife often caught him out - with unspeakable results - his shenanigans were seemingly unstoppable.

This perplexed and irritated Hera, who would rather have retired to the Beyond realms than have to bother with distasteful, primitive little humans. Hera’s indignity had been further increased when Zeus forced her to nurse one of his illegitimate children and so her energy in the human realm had come to represent not just marriage, but also conflict and the archetypal relationship triangle.

As Persephone and Nereid entered the higher sanctuary and temple they became aware of the presence of many other goddesses. Persephone sensed the presence of her mother and sure enough, as she turned, Demeter was moving towards her, eager to join with her off-spring. As they blended a thousand words were exchanged, a thousand feelings were felt, and a thousand energies knew.

“You are doing well, my little one,” whispered Demeter. Persephone felt doleful. “No I am not. I can’t seem to comfort anyone.”

“My dearest child,” breathed Demeter, “I feel your love for the humans echo around the farthest reaches of Space. Although you carry them so silently and softly, there is never a moment when you do not help them grow. Whether it is from one world to the next, or even when they fall wretched and broken by the weight of their burden, it is our calling to hold them through the dark night of the soul, and my child, I am proud of your devotion.”

Persephone smiled wanly. “And how are you, Mother?”

“Well, as you know, I am concentrating on the World’s grain crops whilst you tend to the souls. I have to say it’s hard work. I’ve got every god and goddess at my disposal working hard on converting the energy into crops, but really the humans will have to start being realistic. We don’t have a spare Earth tucked away to supply them and they will have to realise this soon. Ah …….Hera is talking, let’s listen.”

“….and quite frankly,” said Hera, “Aphrodite has been allowed to get away with this for too long. All this wealth and abundance has only led to greed and slovenliness. You’ve only got to look at the Earthlings to realise that they have been taking advantage of the favourable conditions provided by my husband in his efforts to be the greatest benefactor of all……”

Hera droned on and Persephone drifted off, conscious of all the souls who were talking to her from all over the Earth. She could hear them all at once, or just zoom in to one in particular. As she sorted through the urgent and non-urgent calls in her conscious, she was suddenly snapped back into awareness of the gathering around her by the utterance of a name.


There was a gasp and the crowd fell silent - which pleased Hera, who liked an attentive audience.

“Yes, Eris,” she said again. “I have asked her to come and sort out the mess the humans have got themselves into.”

This was serious stuff. Eris took no prisoners. She was an ancient goddess who had given birth to many difficult and challenging energies for the human race. They feared her for she easily brought about jealousy, fighting and discord. However, Eris was the most powerful goddess available from the Beyond and there was a creative and useful side to her energy. She stimulates rivalry, but in doing so even the most lethargic is stirred into serious and purposeful action. Good Eris energy works with honest labour to attain excellence and the highest goal. She will cause bitterness if some humans take more than their fair share, but this can also give a healthy envy which will stir humans into action and successful achievement.

Eris was known for once living amongst the humans as Xena the Warrior Princess and it was said that her strength was forged in the heat of battle and only her courage, passion and heroism could restore order to a world in turmoil.

Persephone shrugged. To be honest, it was probably a good choice since Superman wasn’t a god and couldn’t help!

Hera droned on for a further few minutes and then closed the meeting.

Persephone kissed Demeter goodbye and flew silently down to the grieving human mother once more. She could see the baby’s newly-separated soul wrapping the mother’s heart in the purest of white energy. After a lifetime of Earth living, this energy would have become denser, greyer and heavier with the accumulated earthly wisdom and experience. The souls who held human bodies for only a short time were still so pure and white.

Lovingly, Persephone poured out her tender solace and reassurance. Soothing and consoling, she held the woman’s sobbing shoulders and whispered gently “If only you knew that your baby is safe with me and we will never leave you. If only I could tell you that the two of you will be together again in another life and will always be together here in the Otherworld.”

She fell silent and extended all the love in the Universe into her embrace. Slowly she felt the woman calm by her side. And then she heard her speak. “You are with me, aren’t you? I can feel you, can’t I? You’re trying to tell me my baby will always be with me, aren’t you? I have your love…..I just know I do.”

Persephone froze. Her aura prickled in a wave of exhilaration. Her spirit soared and angels appeared from nowhere, gathering around in love and exaltation to share the magic of that inspirational moment.

Today was going to be a good day, after all!

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Monday, 8 June 2015

Thinking about Life

Thinking about Life
copyright 2014 by jon gutmacher

Hi dear friends and followers, I generally avoid posting anything negative, but I thought I could give this poem some light at the end of its tunnel. Thank you for visiting my blog, hope you enjoy it, thank you 

Tragedy strikes 
all around
where is God?
Not to be 

Is there Heaven?
Is this Hell?
Are there no angels?
Who rings the bell?

These are questions 
that we ask
but go unanswered 
but never pass

As earthquakes swallow 

tsunamis destroy 
all at will

Does nothing stop them?
Does evil rule?
Is life not precious?
Are we all fools?

The lives we live 
the ones we love
our children dear 
our mothers . . .
sons . . . .

And criminals roam 
the streets at will
Who will be next?
Who will they kill?

And yet 
And even in tragedy
life does go on 
for you and me

And hope we will 
no matter where
and pray that God 
will still
be there

And protect us from 
the bad around
Can harm be stopped?
Can life be sound?

For while we struggle 

down life’s short path
still each of us 
does hope
it lasts

And so we protect 
all that is dear
and fall asleep 
‘til next day

My own experience and observations through the years have included many subtle feelings. Many of those feelings have been just outside of what I believe to be the perception of most people. And then I take into account the most advanced observations made by humanity and the universe seems to speak for itself.

Stars are born and they die, quite literally in a blaze of glory. What remains is thick clouds of dust and gasses, the nursery where new stars are born.

It is a constant recycling and transformation into varying densities of matter and gasses that eventually produce light. Nothing really dies. It merely changes forms.

Just like the stars, we are here to experience, to learn, and to 
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great day. 
ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ✿ 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

World Transformation

World Transformation

Hi dear friends and followers, thank you for visiting my blog. Today I would like to share with you what is meant by the term world transformation in the spiritual sense. Take five and enjoy, thank you 

“The world is transformed by people who live in this world as if this world is just a dream. People are changed, transfigured, by those who live in this world unconcerned, indifferent to trivia, who live a life of inner centering, who live in the world but don’t allow the world to enter them, who live in the world but the world does not live in them, who remain untouched. People who carry their silence everywhere. In the marketplace they are in their inner temple, nothing distracts them from their being. 

These people become catalytic agents. They bring a new quality to the human consciousness. A Buddha, a Jesus, a Krishna, a Mohammed, bring another world into this world. That is the meaning of the Hindu world “avatar”. It means that they bring godliness into the world, a godliness that descends through them. A vision, they become windows. Through them, you can have a vision, a glimpse of something that is beyond.”

Then Elisha prayed and said, “O LORD, please open his eyes that he may see.” So the LORD opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw, and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. 2 Kings 6:17

Too small?

Back in the ‘60s Anglican writer J. B. Phillips published what is still today an excellent little book. Your God is Too Small examines a problem that troubles many believers – their view of God and understanding of Him are based on false and “too small” ideas. God is not some nodding grandfather in the sky or a morality cop waiting to bash you when you get out of line. If you don’t learn to see God as He really is, then your “too small” view of God will keep you from growing as you otherwise might.

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great day.

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