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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Kindred Spirit with Gaia

Kindred Spirit with Gaia

The wind is your soul and the water is your living essence.
Your spirit is kin with the children of Gaia as is your heart.
You are at complete balance and at peace with the world around you.
You are a natural beauty inside and out, and you are loved and favored by Gaia.
Your inner beauty permeates all that it touches.
You are a true daughter of Gaia and she has blessed you;
She has blessed you with the gift to be her kindred spirit.



Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Spherical Ship

My personal experience with the watchers.

The Spherical Ship

Lost Civilizations"

Several remarkable books have been published recently dealing with the evidence of lost civilizations and their astonishing knowledge of cycles of time. These books describe and assess remains that have either been misinterpreted or disregarded altogether as not fitting into the pattern of current theory. Taking a general view of the subject is Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth's Lost Civilization by Graham Hancock, (1) which provides widespread coverage of global evidence for the existence of an ancient civilization, including many informative illustrations.

The Spherical Ship

I can identify with an encounter with aliens but my encounter was during a vision while meditating. I can't really say if it was a physical encounter or an out of body experience, one minute I was floating half way between sleep and wakefulness. I was aware of the room around me yet felt detached from it. 

The next minute I can only say that it appeared and felt as real as the room I was sitting in and the only other thing I know was that when I came to I was still sitting in the same position on the couch as I was before it all happened.

Anyway, when I came out of the mental fog on the other side it felt and looked real.

The ship was spherical in shape and gray with a slight luminescence to it, roughly like the picture above except it was perfectly conformal to its shape and had no exterior markings or protrusions. My impression was that it would have been closely comparable to the size of the moon. It gave me the feeling that it was really ancient yet ageless, like it had been there maybe for billions of years. 

It was sitting stationary in between realities or dimensions, the exact terminology gets a little fuzzy here. Like undetectable to the unaided eye or any of the most modern sensitive technical devises we have out there. A microsecond out of phase with our time space continuum, or something to that affect was impressed upon me by my hosts.

I felt a slight tingling feeling as I started to go through the outside wall. Within it was like spheres within spheres, each wall turning nearly transparent, misty-like. I would pass through each sphere in the same manner until I entered the innermost sphere, the core of the spherical ship.

In this inner sphere I saw three light beings and to their left was another smaller sphere-like transparent structure floating at the center of the core sphere I and my hosts were in, it reminded of a large misty, or smoky crystal ball. 

All around this transparent sphere was a platform made of the same gray material as the spherical walls of the ship surrounding it, like the rings around Saturn. All around there milled about small beings with big eyes much the same as the aliens like the greys that are reported in close encounters except the color of their skin was more of a tan color. 

They moved about like busy ants around an ant hill. A couple of them on either side of me were standing there staring up at me. I didn't find them in the least to threatening, almost like children. I wanted to pet them on the head but I couldn't move either arm.

I was directed to approach the spherical-like structure at the enter of the ship's central sphere. Looking down into the transparent sphere
I saw what looked like many tiny, what looked like shadows moving about in a grey fog and as I watched, I realized they had a roughly opaque humanoid shape, but these were not solid humanoid shapes. A thought entered my mind, "souls or spirits?".

On the outside the crystal ball like transparent sphere everything appeared to have finite surface dimensions but within the sphere there were no discernable borders or visible limitation. There were shadows or souls as far as one could see in all directions.

I then saw something else that caught my attention, When a shadow or soul came closer to a certain point. Closer to where on the outside would be the transparent sphere's outer wall, they began to manifest into a more solid appearance until an oval shaped intense white area oppened up before them, then 'for a second' they were solid just as they entered the bright white shimmering oval shape. They were "human! People!"

One of them was a lady wearing a short tunic. Just before she disappeared into the light, she turned and made eye contact with me for a split second we connected and then at the wink of an eye she was gone. There were many shades going through the same process here and there as I stood entranced by this phenomena. I also observed on closer inspection that they were not just souls exiting through the oval shaped white portals, but also *incoming as well*.

My summary:

It appeared and felt to me that the whole emphasis on this experience was the pool of souls which they had conveyed by way of thought transference . The only other closest description to my story of a similar experience that I have read in the past concerning a similar abduction in alien abductions archives, "involving the shades and the pool of souls," was The Betty Hill account back in the sixties.