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Saturday, 20 April 2013

To My Dear Sister Wendy

A Knock at the Door

Where the Magic Lives

A Brief Essay on Thoughts, Dreams, and Reality?

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Thoughts, Dreams, and Reality?

A Brief Essay on Thoughts, Dreams, and Reality?

There is an infinity of potentialities within the quantum realities with Creator and Creation as One. We exist in a realm where we can conceive infinity only when the mind is stilled, and in one heartbeat at a time. Within that one pulse of life is infinity.

Even in sleep, the mind is never completely at rest. It is industriously manufacturing its own realities through visions, sleeping dreams, and wakeful dreams (day dreaming). All present and future is built upon from memories, so as I plod along on the path of life, I learn and I grow from the lessons in my memory. Growth is not obtained easily. I believe that experience and learning resulting in growth is all part of the equation of life. It is up to us to keep this equation balanced. If we do not, life will balance it for us, often with traumatic results.

How many realities and how many lifetimes, or how many suits of flesh, must our spiritual being inhabit, in order to grow and evolve to our full potential within the infinite consciousness? How many lives have we already lived since the seed of this universe came into being? We might be going back to that seed of life which would form sentient beings, the seed that was planted into the fertile soils of a plethora of planets, not just in this universe, but in the multiverses as well.

What are dreams made of? What is the difference between imagination and fantasy? Where does thought disembark from being a process, a sequence in the brain, to daydreaming, then manifesting itself into reality? Where do the thoughts that create these dreams come from?

Given that our spiritual component may have lived more than one life, can you imagine all the lifetime memories a soul can contain, from the instant when the seed of this universe came into being, until now? Consider this: time, space, and distance itself are illusions. Past, present, and future exist simultaneously in any given instant, just as the birth of a thought is instantaneous. Think of it! If you could harness that idea into a travel device, in the wink of an eye one could travel from one end of the universe to the other.

Egoless? I'm afraid that would only be if I were a saint, or a robot, and even then I am afraid I would still be skeptical of that proposition.

Cynthia ©--2015

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Friday, 19 April 2013

The World Is Beautiful

The world is beautiful and its beauty is part of us and we part of it.
Look at her abundant colors of blooms adding a miscellany of fragrances so sweet to the air
And the green forests standing tall and proud against the sky of blue above, 
Then there is the sound of a rushing rapids to be heard, not far ahead
The colors so beautiful in the mist over the rapids, like tiny rainbows are their hue

It is only man's obstinacy and tenacity to hold on to that which is not his or hers to keep,
in preference of sharing that which is meant for all living things to share,
it is horded only for the few, this is where we er is where we fail to see the true beauty
which is only hiden behind the veil of deceit.
In the final analysis, all that keeps the many from seeing and being one.
To be in harmony with the true beauty, to help them see.
To truly help them see why they are reluctance to look beyond the veil of deceit.

See the beauty, not from the eyes, but from the heart and you will see that we are truly one.

Cynthia ©

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The Faye Realm?

Yea the fairy realm, been there too, many times during meditative trances. The thing is when I go to those places I don't go in the physical body, nor through the psyche, those realms are right there inside of me, or should I say that your inner essence or soul is connected with all of the quantum realms of physicality, energetically and spiritually all is of the same essence.

Close your eyes and let your mind drift. Just let the thoughts there in drift like the fall leaves in a brook. Absently watch the leaves flow by you but do not hold any back, let them flow. Soon you will find yourself in the space between wakefulness and sleep, let us call this the "twilight zone."

It is in this zone that you will see the light. At first it will be a circular or oval shape of blue white light. Do not be frightened, relax, let it come to you. Next, the blue white light will split up in many different bands of beautiful bright colors, the colors will swirl all around you in the room.

The colors will then dissolve and this will be where the fae will appear and will dance all over the room in their many different and beautiful wispy streamers of colors.
Has anyone seen the orbs and the sparklies? The sparklies are most prominent in the daytime and can be seen best in the bright blue sky, tiny pin points of light, like tiny sparks everywhere in the sky. You can also see then around the house especially on the ceiling in the darkness at night. They almost look like tiny stars.

Then you have the orbs, they can only be seen by those who are sensitive to that higher energy frequency, or through a camera lens. The orbs are spherical in shape and can be perceived in varying colors, like soap bubbles that glow in the dark. I feel there is a connection with these phenomena such as the fairies and many other different forms of light energy entities .

I had one particular one that use to come to visit almost every night for a long time.
It was wonderful watching her dance all over the living room, even dance in my hand when I stretched my arm out with the flat of my hand up. You know, I almost forgot about all my little friends here. So busy still trying to be something that wasn’t meant to be. But I have my friends here in my forest where the fairies and me live
Cynthia ©

Thursday, 18 April 2013

 The Divine Feminine

We must find ways to heal the wounded feminne in our own hearts and souls.

For over 2000 years, the symbol of the trinity has been represented by a male deity.  And it is through this trinity that many women have looked for direction in their spiritual lives, not knowing of any other way.   But recently, another tradition has re-emerged-one that predates the patriarchal view of the spiritual journey by thousands of years.   This ancient tradition is that of the Great Goddess, whose three aspects-maiden, mother, crone-represent the natural cycles of the Earth and all its creatures.   Many women seeking a spirituality that embraces and honors the feminine principles of creation and natural balance have claimed the Goddess for their own.

The Egyptian Goddess Maat is often depicted as a giant bird who holds the entire world in perfect balance, while at the same time holding a feather with which she could tip the scales to one side or the other.   Unfortunately, over the last four millennia on our planet, the scales have been tipped in favor of the masculine, causing the equilibrium to be destroyed at all levels.    In this new era, perhaps the water-carrying principle, the feminine, will have enough influence to put out the fires kindled by two thousand years of male Logos orientation and to begin to heal the desert.
The imbalance of our fundamental institutions reflecting a father God at the peak of an all-male trinity,  has had a devastating influence on the Western world.   With the accelerated pace of events due to scientific advances in the last three hundred years, and especially in the last fifty, the fracture in Western society and in the human psyche has become more and more apparent.  The pollution of our planet Earth and the flagrant abuse of her children are closely related to this fundamental flaw.
The feminine might have been established from the beginning as an equal partner of the male deity.   Feminine preferences and attributes would have been honored equally through the centuries, and the resulting integration in the psyche of individuals would have spread to their families and communities.   The denial of the feminine as partner and friend has robbed us of ecstasy.   The wounded male, seeks his lost ecstasy in all the wrong places-violence, power, materialism.
Our worship of an exclusively male image of God is both distorted and dangerous.  Male preferences and male domination cause society to form institutions based on a "male" model, with power concentrated at the top and the exploited masses imprisoned at the bottom.
Where the feminine is not valued, a man has no real intimacy with his counterpart.   Deprived of his equal opposite because the feminine is viewed as an inferior object, the frustrated male causes burnout:"where the sun always shines, there's desert below."  Forests wither, streams dry up, the earth cracks.   The wasteland ensues.
The hierarchical model of patriarchal institutions, where all decisions and power rest with the autocratic ruler or oligarchy at the top, is losing its vitality in the wake of the powerful feminine consciousness being expressed in our modern world.
This resurrection of the feminine has allowed the things that women traditionally care most about - the education and nurturing of children and the enhancement of the quality of life - gradually to become visible on the agenda.   Under the influence of this resurgent feminine principle, there is hope that the peoples of Earth may yet become enlightened, cherishing the unique gift of life of which this "water-carrying" planet Earth is custodian.
Long forgotten in Western civilization, there was a mandala honored in the oldest cultures of the world.   It was based on the archetypal symbols of male and female.
From their sacred Cosmic Dance of the Opposites, which symbolizes the interplay of the positive and negative forces of  energy, harmony spreads into all aspects of the life of people.   This harmony is reflected in the wellbeing of the community and in the fertility of its crops and herd.
                                         Margaret Starbird

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The friendsyou meet in life are like oases.

I met many along my journey through life. I come to love them like they were one of my own.

You share sad times as well as well as the happy times, you love and you care. So you walk hand in hand of the same path for a time

 I may shine my light for my friend who wishes to follow for a time, but at some point they will choose their own path in life to continue on their own journey their own way

A friend is a friend for life, no mater the distance between them, real true  friends are never forgotten and near at heart

I cherish their friendship while we  are together  for they are as an oasis in life's empty desert. It can be a long walk until you find another oasis. so hold dear the one you have, for the time.

Will there be another dear soul for me to hold in my arms to console and give comfort, never say fare well, never say farewell, when it is always welcome here at my house 


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Manifesting and Creating

I am not certain what I have arrived at through the years is empirical or theoretical, scientific and or other science has not discovered yet, and if it can indeed be classified as science, (well it is a science of sorts) The science of what I have learned and the science of what I feel intuitively.

Or the difference is maybe many different branching off from empericle science or theoretical science? Did you know that approximately 90% of science is theoretical at best? And and even that is subject to change at the whim of any variance in observations taken of the behavior of a field affect and evaluate the definable conclusion

There is no definable conclusion but now with ever more sophisticated technology used by today’s research. Much data can obtained at an ever increasing rate of data storage, allowing a more in depth look into the working parts, the sub atomic or particle realm. Researchers are now able to observe, if not directly, can be observed  by the action and reaction one upon the other of such energy waves or particles.

Today much of the understanding on how the mechanics of this diverse universe works first in relation to the distance between us and the stars. this distances is now measured in 'parsecs' equivalent to 206,265 times the distance from the earth to the sun, or 3.26 light-years This is a fairly new way for even I to describe except that the whole of of all in both inner micro space  and outer macro space? The whole is still creating itself.

What are my own personal perception of this reality the one I am living in is only mine. Only one of many that's just as real to them as the next person, because what they perceive is unique unto them, one individual.

But how do they know if something doesn't exist if they (the researchers) haven't seen it yet? 

Just what is it that binds all that is in this observable reality? 

Better yet, what is the true function of this reality? How did it get here?and why?

A reality that some have compared to as a holographic universe and by how many layers for each universe or reality? 

Is one universe quantifiable? I have come to think that observing cause and affect still remains the most effective way to illustrate any given phenomena and it's many echoes in infinity. And how does one present the whole without there being as many potentialities as there are echoes, intelligence within each whole. How does one present such a proposition to another whom might be slightly of a skeptical nature.. 

The only way that such an immensity can be grasped on a micro level would be using computerized fractals to measure each echo. As researchers continue to shrink the gap of the micro world with the macro world it appears to becoming more of a familiarity to me. With these two worlds perhaps with our rapidly evolving fields of physics, quantum physics, and the metaphysical and many of the other ancient arts, someday maybe you may see it all working harmoniously side by side.

How big is the universe and could it be that the rabbit hole turns out to be a worm hole or rift between dimentions? We live in only one reality that within itself contains infinite other realities within yet another like chinese boxes, circles within circles. The many colors of the universe Like an electrician's color coded wires, each serving it's own designated functions. Connecting creator with Created

Well I suppose much could be classified as quantum physics here, where as far as numbers and mathematical equations goes, it will suffice as an application to give us an idea to the immensity of it all. And we have only mapped a very small portion of the universe, so how are we to understand, let alone tell what's not out there when they haven't detected it yet. What lies beyond our one reality? Some of us are lucky enough to get the opportunity to peek behind the veil sometimes

Some day science will be magic again, just like it use to be, because the science and technology will be integrated within our being. The Next battle will be the battle of the minds, and all will be transformed the entire understanding of our present fields of science and philosophy and the old will be turned on it's ear.

And so all of what dreams are about, awake dreams and sleeping ones, from every thought there have ever been, every lining being in universe will join in the dance with the Unicorns, dragons, leprechauns, elves,  fairies and dragons, and of course princes in shining armor and princesses in silvery gowns playing among the stars, and planet Pandora too, over there! just coming over the horizon of that giant planet.  for all that is birthed in imagination already is somewhere