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Saturday, 13 July 2013


Some choose to navigate their lives’ in is a way of life they are comfortable with, perhaps the only one they know. Accepting all the wrong doings of others as normal. The most frequent reason for this stems from ones conditioning, the environment they grew up in from early childhood. How one grows up from this conditioning to think and feel that it’s easier to work under a negative conditions self destructive conditions  because it is the only way they know or have learned how to survive.

It began during several year in an abusive relationship. It was in such environment which had become familiar to me so that I knew no other way out, or if there was a way out. The light was not something for me to have, I feared the light of wisdom and knowledge for it was a mystery to me. Something I would be punished for expressed any such thoughts. If I dared believe there could be something better I thought I would surely pay dearly for such forbidden aspirations.

I knew of the light and was aware of something within me that was much more powerful then what presented itself on the exterior and many a times through the years have I questioned others, seeking an understanding of this concept of the ‘light’, The light of hope and balance and harmony in the world. It is everywhere but no one sees it. They talk but don’t see. But just as many times my questions fell on the ears of the ignorant.

I had no way to know except what was taught to me by the supposedly religious teachings about A God of the church. Murder in the name of God? That is a power I can not grasp in my mind and heart, it’s out of my scope of understanding The power I came to know as the essence of all that I can sense and feel through my own inner consciousness and have come to name as the living essence Great Spirit. ‘The power’ that be, the web of creation, there in the harmonics of universe. This power is neither bad, or good, nor is it negative or positive, the duality is necessary for balance in the universe it’s ego that needs tampering

It is solely of our choice when we tap into (pray and meditate into) this energy force which is within our own being that we determine, out of our own free will, as to how we will utilize this energy, again if it be for good, bad or for negative, positive, for what ever purpose, it is done of our own free will, it is of our own choice, but when making this choice, is our conscious clear of doubt as to what we choose to do with this gift received from the essence of Universe? Do we truly listen to the inner knowing or the inner voice for guidance?

Beware of the super ego’s, puissance of self deception playing a good part on how or what we decide to do with the energy channeled (prayed for) from the forces that be. Perhaps you have heard of the saying absolute power can deceive and corrupt absolutely? Subconscious can not be killed, but it can be suppressed into oblivion. Only the person who has suppressed the subconscious mind is the one who can bring back a recall of his/her subconscious memories if it be their will to do so.

As for me, I am who I am, I am a child of universe who was given a unique ability to think and choose what it is I must do on this journey called life. I pray and meditate to the Source that I be shown the path I must follow on this journey. A first step into the limitless realm that Source has chosen for me.

I am a child of the mother, a blue spherical shaped gem floating in an ocean of darkness, I am also a mother unto my own children, we are all as a people or children of the mother. We are children of the Sacred Feminine which is the soul energy of universe, it is just unfortunate how close sighted we are in this reality. So dimmed is our eyesight to the Oneness of infinite reality that we can only see the tip of the iceberg of the wonders of the infinite potentialities of creation.

Written by Cynthia)© 2009

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Welcome to My Life.

Welcome to My Life.

Hi dear friends and followers. Today I am going to tell you a bit more about me. Take five and relax and have a good read, thank yo my dear web family

I grew up in a little town in central Ontario. I had wonderful, loving parents and my sister and I were provided for. We were not in need of anything.Life was great at home. We had a tourist resort on a 100 - acre lot of forest and had a 1,000 feet of lake frontage. Living there was idyllic.

My problems in life began when I started public school. I was harassed, bullied, and ostracized, for the most part, except when I got on my bike to visit my friends on the reservation that was about five miles from my home.

I became a loner and spent most of my time either in the forest behind the house or out on the lake with one of my dad's rowboats, just spending the day exploring the lake's many tributaries and doing some fishing.

I had very few close friends, but I did meet a girl at school whose name was Helen. She was a street-fighting tomboy. We took to one another and kind of “ran wild” for a time. That made many local tongues wag about the two trashy kids running loose about town.

As I got into my mid-teens I knew that I needed to escape from the oppression and prejudice I was receiving from the wonderful folks of the community, at school, and from the wonderful folks at church who probably thought I was possessed by the devil anyway.

In 1961, at age 15, I ran away from home. Outside of my mom and dad, few people were even aware of my absence during those two years except my antagonists at school.

I took twenty dollars from the cookie jar, slung my bag over my shoulder, and just walked out and left. I hitchhiked my way from the sticks of central Ontario to New York City.

There I joined some so-called “dirty hippies.” That's what most folks back home called them. I had heard so much bad stuff about them but still yearned to learn more about those who appeared to me to be “free” souls.

After arriving in New York, I walked into this restaurant to order something to eat, having to use some of my precious $20.00 which I knew would not last long in the big city. I finished my meal and started to walk out of the restaurant when I heard a couple of girls laughing and I turned to look.

There were four hippie dudes sitting at one table. As I walked by I purposely dropped my small pouch of change on the floor, making a loud enough clunk for one of them to hear. This handsome looking kid with a goatee leaned over gracefully, picked up the pouch, and called my attention. He returned the pouch to me and invited me to sit with them.

After another meal and a good “get acquainted” chat, I was accepted and left with them in their VW microbus. I moved into their commune.

Almost immediately, after I moved in with them in a nearby commune, I fell head over heels in love with this wonderful blond haired, blue eyed boy, Swede, who played the Hawaiian steel guitar.

My greatest contribution towards living and sharing in the commune was making articles of arts and crafts. I would go with a group of other girls to the downtown area to sell our products. It was a rather exciting experience, especially when we saw a policeman coming and we would quickly collect our wares and take the disappearing act in a flurry of laughter and giggles as we ran. Good exercise and adrenal rush, I would say.

We made our way through the many different downtown streets of Manhattan selling our goods to drum up money to use for expenses to keep the commune functioning. The other girls and I worked well together in the commune. Each had their own job to carry out and we just did them.

We were the homemakers, the housekeepers; cooks, dishwashers; washing and mending clothes, and even performing small repairs to the building and such. Working with those runaway girls was a good experience for me for when I would be working as a social worker thirty years later. It was a lot of fun because we could think and do things for ourselves whenever we chose to do so without a taskmaster or overseer. It certainly was a learning experience for me, one I would never get to enjoy again for a good many years if ever again. For two years, I had managed to work harmoniously with both the guys and the girls.

Unfortunately, I knew I had to leave New York in 1963 when the revolts and demonstrations started and the harassment from the law became more frequent and harsh. I had to return home. As much as I loved James, I also knew that I was not ready to make a commitment and had no desire in prolonging the agony of having to move on. Leaving the commune was inevitable and it would only make the situation more painful the longer I waited.

When I got back home I went back to school and upgraded my learning to the level of the first year college. Then I took a course in architectural and mechanical designing through an adult retraining program.

That didn't do much towards obtaining a good paying job for me. I worked at a couple of places in my profession, then everything just dried up, thanks to the advent of computers doing the same work as an engineering draftsperson in a fraction of the time.

So I got a job working at a local dynamite factory. It was good money but heavy work. Let's just say I have at times struggled picking up sacks and containers of stuff that were nearly as big as I was, and I weighed all of 115 pounds at the time. Some of those sacks weighed up to 100 lbs. There was no way I was going to let the guys think I couldn’t do it.

In my early twenties, I had the ambition and honestly tried to get some really unique ideas started. For example, I wanted to open a recreational facility that had go-karts with knobby wheels on a dirt track. At the time, I owned a small resort that I had inherited from my parents. I already had a trailer park, and a boat rental business and forty-five acres of land to develop the go-kart track.

But I was not very experienced in finding investors or startup money to finance such a project and my idea blew away with the wind. I might as well have been whistling in the dark in a hurricane! I was also a copilot of a bush plane with this guy I met who lived across the lake from me. I even drove 18-wheeled transport trucks for a while. Being female didn’t slow down my ambitions at all. I didn’t give a rat's ass what people thought of me or what I was doing for work.

During the 80s I got married and had three children, 2 girls and 1 boy. Five years after that, our relationship just went sour. It had deteriorated to the point of abuse and I had to go, so I packed up the kids and went to my friend's place on the reservation.

It wasn’t long before my ex found where I was and the kids were taken by Children’s Aid. I lost the property, an inheritance left me by my mom and dad, that was evaluated at $500,000.

Finding myself alone with nowhere in particular to go, I went home and picked up a few things then left again, with my drunken, psychotic, bi-polar ex throwing stuff at the car. That was the end of six years of mental and physical abuse, I hoped. I woke up the next day with my feet stuck out the window of my car in some bush area in North Carolina that turned out to be a bear sanctuary.

I worked at a whole mess of low paying, temporary jobs on farms, like mending fences, painting houses, house cleaning, cleaning out barns, fruit picking; I worked in restaurants, and I just wandered about from place to place with my truck and camper like a Gypsy. But I did cover a lot of real estate and I saw a lot of different places and “men” (hee, hee). I met many different folks and found that each place I arrived at had a different personality. I traveled half of eastern U.S. and Canada.

It wasn't until about 18 years ago that I discovered why folks thought I was a mite odd and why they were kind of reticent or uncomfortable around me. I had learned from experience to learn to keep certain seeings, knowings and feelings I picked up from others to myself. It came to a point where the consequences of sharing my knowings with someone was just too frightening, so I kept it to myself, like I already had to do so many times before in the past.

I would suppress it and the best way I discovered to do that was by drinking copious mounts of alcohol. The demon within had to be quieted. I just simply wasn’t aware that not all people had these feelings and not knowing I just had to continue to suppress this sometimes seemingly uncontrollable urgent need and desire to run out onto the street pulling at my hair screaming.

I didn’t know of any other human that could possibly know about this curse, except maybe a priest. I shuddered at that thought. I thought of what I had already thought about, that some would call it demonic possession or something to that effect. I had no desire to relive that again. I met this wonderful pastor at the Anglican church where I worked in the basement in a drop in center for street people and the homeless.

After some deliberation with the pastor she put me at ease, guaranteeing me I wasn't crazy, going to hell, nor was I demon possessed. She recommended me a psychiatrist who was my mentor for nearly twenty years.

Cynthia ©

I hope you have all enjoyed reading more about The Fairy Lady dear friends, and thank you so much for droping by

Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great Week.

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Being One With Gaia

If I were to tell you bluntly of my knowings sensings and seeings, you may be open minded to my thoughts, where as those out there would probably think I really did fall out of my tree, “head first.” Most of my sensitivities are derived from the elements in nature, those elements of Gaia as well as universe, all is as one

It is credulous to say the least that the people of modern times are even more enclosed or entrenched in our own separate little shells of ignorance, and have lost much of the ancient wisdom.

As a species we have only begun to learn how to once more synchronize with the elements of Gaia and the Universe. An ancient art that at one time was regularly performed by shaman, medicine men and women, and other folk of the ancient traditional practices, such as Wiccans and other aboriginal and native American practices. Practices that were tabooed and classified today as black magic by today’s self righteous.

So much has been lost over time in the art of simply synchronizing our heart and minds  with the elements, Like closing your eyes and actually feeling your own essence intermingling with all essences, the breath and heart pulse Gaia. Only in recent time have we begun to reawaken sufficiently to experience tiny glimpses through the veil of illusion of  what we have been taught and conditioned think for the past millennia as the reality and the only reality.

There are possibly also those few in the field of scientific research who may be open minded enough to consider the possibilities of the existence of extraterrestrial energy sources like such that have been  postulated by those in the study off quantum physics and metaphysics. Much of science is after all based mostly on theory which is subject to change with newly discovered data.

Be in harmony with the elements be one with the elements, the breath of Gaea.



Awakening Consciousness

It is already a known fact that science is aware of the concept that our universe is composed of not just one, but many infinities and time and space is but an illusion or hologram interfaced upon what is called the etheric grid or the universal matrix.

Many worlds can be coalesced into a universal interpretation. When trying to interpret what is not yet observable but is known to be there by the behavior of contiguous elements in the surrounding area but that element suddenly shifts to a different area, to pulse once then again shift to a different location. In this theory, whenever a measurement takes place, the entire universe divides as many times as there are possible outcomes of the measurement. All universes are identical except for the outcome of that measurement. Unlike the science fiction view of "parallel universes", it is not possible to our current knowledge, for any of these worlds to interact with each other.

We exist in a realm where we can only relate to time and distance as reference points between A and B. The infinities that are around us are so vast that the only way one can even have any concept of it is when the mind is stilled like during meditation, Where we are only aware of one heart pulse at a time in the void where the consciousness is at a midway between the wakeful and the sleep state. And even in the soundest of sleep the mind is never completely at rest or void of mental activity thus limited to it’s full awareness.

As we move along what we believe to be a linear path through time and space our consciousness of the infinite reality around us grows by learning through experience as we also learn from those we meet along our journey who are also students in this reality in time and space. But our greatest lessons are those we learn from within, the conscious awakening begins from within as we grow outwards and continue to grow exponentially beyond the confines of this reality.

Just as in theory, whenever a measurement takes place, the entire universe divides as many times as there are possible outcomes of the measurement. All universes are identical except for the outcome of that measurement. While this creates an unthinkable number of different worlds, it does solve the problem.

How many realities are there and just how many life times could one potentially live in each one? Or how many suits of flesh has our souls or spirits already worn since the first seed of creation or beginning of time, or from the spark of the Big Bang? I believe life exists everywhere in quantum infinities having been planted into the fertile soils of a plethora of planets not just in this universe. This would mean that our spirit beings have always been around. From the Oneness we came which contains all that is, infinitum, to the Oneness we shall return.

What are dreams? Where do thoughts come from? What is the difference between imagination and fantasy? Where does a dream or vision begin it’s manifestation into a reality? Can you imagine if you were able to access all the the memories of the life times a soul has experienced In all infinities?


The Goddess Energy

One of the most loving and healing energy in the Universe comes from the Divine Female or Goddess energy.  The expansive vibration of the Goddess is available to you and within you right now.  To truly let this healing vibration transform your life, you must focus on a divine feminine being (see above).  One who has set foot on this planet and has brought a great vibration to people that is beyond this material world. 
For the past 500+ years, the Divine Female Goddess Energy has been extremely suppressed and practically lost in the Western World.   The society has been predominately run by a male dominated patriarchal game based on fear, oppression, and greed.  It's based on many self-righteous ego-trips trying to attain superiority to rid of their inferiority complex.  The more power they craved, the greater their sense of powerless was deep inside.
Since the dawn of the new millennium, you see now that the great Pendulum of Life is swinging back to the other side.  The spiritual awakening that you see all over the planet is an effect of the Divine Feminine being reborn in each of us again.  As we were each starved from the Divine Feminine energy, it is now being craved from every angle.  This is why we are experiencing one of the greatest times of transformation this planet has seen. 
This spiritual awakening is happening on an individual basis, and is barely distinguishable collectively on a massive scale.  It has been obvious to see the great imbalance, destruction, and cruelty that has happened to our planet, caused by the lack of inner harmony and balance within each person's inner world.   If you have any spiritual awareness, you will have noticed that a major spiritual shift is already happening on the planet right now.  The greatest thing about it is that nothing can stop it.  It's just going to be more pleasant and healing for those who are in connection with the Divine Feminine vibration, than those who resist it. 
Your own spiritual awakening comes from a merging within your being of your divine masculine and feminine energies.  Every human being contains both, masculine and feminine energy.  The opposites unite us and unwind us to find our spiritual center.  Through weakness you find strength, through surrendering to your dullness and stagnation you find creativity, through experiencing receptivity and find manifestation of abundance! 
Don't get stuck in the All the different variations.  When every atom in your body contains this harmonic balance of both yang and yin energies, there is a constant state of peace and true spiritual power that prevails for the experiencer. 
Those who won't choose to unite and merge with the Divine Feminine energy within themselves will experience much resistance, strife, struggle, and pain in their daily experiences during this global awakening process.  So it is best to choose to uncover and discover your personal energetic balance with these yin and yang energies within each experience you have.  Each moment you do, a wholeness and harmony enters your being, and radiates to everyone around you.
From the past 500 years of patriarchal dominated conditioning in society,  there has grown a great need to rekindle our connection with the Divine Feminine within each of us.  Even if you think you are too feminine and need more masculine energy, the Divine Mother can heal you of this imbalance and bring you into your true power and balance.
The ever loving Divine Goddess is pure love and light.  She is what will bring each of us home to our true Self.  She is a direct vibration from the God-force, here to help you open up your mind-body to receive the tremendous healing and receptive energy you've been resisting.   Amazing results have occurred in moments while focusing upon the Divine Healing Goddess energy, form, or name.