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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Just one more dance.

Just one more dance.

Time passes for all

The maiden time and decrees

it is an inevitable part of life and life

Until that time

You can do what you want

A moment of pleasure

or a time of trouble and darkness

or effulgence time and happiness

It's your choice, I loved to do.

You can dance with the exuberance of light.

or be flooded by the amphorae of darkness

I choose to dance with enthusiasm

a room full of light,

many candles bright golden light,

Of exudates of darkness,

that is deeper,

and dance that I will do, as the dervish carefree.

for as long as I can

and I have two legs to dance with

I'll never stop dancing to the tunes,

spheres of the natural rhythm of nature

So darling, please come and dance with me,

under the light of a thousand candles Shall We Dance

To my best friend and sister Teresa

Thank you for reading

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Universe in a keyhole

Universe in a keyhole

Hi dear friends and followers, today I have a short essay for you, composed by me. The universe within and the universe without. 
Enjoy the essay.

The infinities within and without; "What are they like?," you may ask. 

You may not be aware of it, but the answer is within you. You may already know the
difference between the size and speed of everything that flashes within and outside of your
consciousness. The tiny inadequate bit of it that you can recall and express is all you can ever
share with anyone, for the conscious mind is only aware of the finite reality you dwelleth in
that is on the outside of you.

Inside of your consciousness is like an enormous room, an endless source or wellspring of
infinite thoughts that commeth from what seems like an infinite source, like all in the whole
universe. Parts that manage to get out must somehow squeeze out through a tiny keyhole,
like one might find on an ancient door. We are all trying to peek through these keyholes to
see on the other side of the door, and this is all we see of the world around us: tiny pieces,
one at a time, through the field of view of the keyhole, before they get into our frame of

There is, however, a doorknob that can be turned, and the door can be opened, but not all
the way. The truth is, you’ve already heard this. But each time you try again, the door opens
a little more, revealing to a greater degree what is behind the door.

Each time you open the door wider you are also opening wider the door to the inner
universe. Each thread of the web of the universe within is connected with the universe
without, revealing more of the universal web to you. Like a symphony, the spheres of the
infinities sing in harmony, and as you connect, you become aware but you will never be able
to show another unless they follow in your footsteps in seeking the universe through the

Composed by Cynthia©

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