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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Faith or Belief and Manifestation

Faith or Belief and Manifestation

Because something can not be perceived by the five physical senses does not mean it doesn't exist. Past, present and future are  simultaneous on the fabric of universe. The past has been written and recorded, the present is being recorded and  will be the manifestations into tomorrow's reality. Today is like  many trails leading into a forest of quantum potentialities. The  decisions we make today predict how tomorrow will unfold, for  the oneness of consciousness of all things has already been written.

There are those who I would have to admit are truly more advanced in the awareness of their subconscious minds or more introspective then others, This inner knowing is called **wisdom**, The experiencer becomes the experience and the Oneness experiences itself through all that has been created, Creator and created as one, the (quantum realities, or dimensions ad infinitum). And you may ask how far along are we on this journey of awareness?

Let us for a minute say that reincarnation is a part of a universal reality. Why would we as spirit beings who are of the oneness choose to loop back to a certain point along this time space continuum to be reborn into this time in this reality once more?

Or could it be for as many times as our spirit being has or may have experienced life in how many realities since the creation of the universe, the big bang, as science labels this phenomenal creation of Universe.. From this point where hence forth we are assigned to undertake another mission through the living vessel of flesh? If  this were so then how many limited lifetime memories does a spirit being contain?

We all experience our own varying personal levels of hell and heaven as we go through life in this reality. Is this a learning and growing cycle that refines us to the best us we can be as we learn from the school of life?

It is those who will not learn from their turbulent, controlling, violent,  greedy, and contrarian ways  who will end up getting caught in the repetitive loop of their own making to endure the same turbulent cycle again. It is our own choice..

From how science sees it, it is said that for every action you get an equal and opposite reaction is what I believe to be, whatever one puts out to universe will returned to them in equal portion, Karma. But Karma has two sides like a coin, make your choice wisely

If we can manifest our own hell, then why not our own heaven? We do have the choice and we can do something to change it. But many will say, “Oh,  better the devil we know  then the devil we don't.” Trust the little voice the inner instinct on this. If we were all to believe that, then there would truly be world Anarchy gone out of control and nothing would change.

Now, about these inner sensitivities: some say they are a curse while others call them a blessing or a gift. Why such a dichotomy?

As it is said, any constructive vision of success is in the eyes of the beholder, yes having a vision is good and goes along with the experience of living life. Thus it is in the mind and heart and sensitivities of the experiencer shall we say. We know that as we think negative thoughts, so will we get negative results in return. Positive thoughts can also equally bring positive results, or positive results from meticulous constructive planning and administration.

As we continue along our journey we learn much more about the mystery of our inner selves and our own potentials. We find many qualities within that we had no idea were ever there before. We can again begin to see through the eyes of a young child who sees everything as possible. Those same eyes can see with a limitless ability to bring healing and wisdom to an ailing world and the awakening into a much vaster consciousness We are all One within the oneness of infinite consciousness.


Tuesday, 20 August 2013


TO EVEN HIGH ORDERS of universe intelligences infinity is only partially comprehensible, and the finality of reality is only relatively understandable. The human mind, as it seeks to penetrate the eternity-mystery of the origin and destiny of all that is called real, may helpfully approach the problem by conceiving eternity-infinity as an almost limitless ellipse which is produced by one absolute cause, and which functions throughout this universal circle of endless diversification, ever seeking some absolute and infinite potential of destiny.

When the mortal intellect attempts to grasp the concept of reality totality, such a finite mind is face to face with infinity-reality; reality totality is infinity and therefore can never be fully comprehended by any mind that is subinfinite in concept capacity.

The human mind can hardly form an adequate concept of eternity existences, and without such comprehension it is impossible to portray even our concepts of reality totality. Nevertheless, we may attempt such a presentation, although we are fully aware that our concepts must be subjected to profound distortion in the process of translation-modification to the comprehension level of mortal mind. Within the infinities time become moot. Infinity is this very second.


Absolute primal causation in infinity the philosophers of the universes attribute to the Universal Father functioning as the infinite, the eternal, and the absolute I AM.

There are many elements of danger attendant upon the presentation to the mortal intellect of this idea of an infinite I AM since this concept is so remote from human experiential understanding as to involve serious distortion of meanings and misconception of values. Nevertheless, the philosophic concept of the I AM does afford finite beings some basis for an attempted approach to the partial comprehension of absolute origins and infinite destinies. But in all our attempts to elucidate the genesis and fruition of reality, let it be made clear that this concept of the I AM is, in all personality meanings and values, synonymous with the First Person of Deity, the Universal Being of all personalities. But this postulate of the I AM is not so clearly identifiable in undeified realms of universal reality.

The I AM is the Infinite; the I AM is also infinity. From the sequential, time viewpoint, all reality has its origin in the infinite I AM, whose solitary existence in past infinite eternity must be a finite creature's premier philosophic postulate. The concept of the I AM connotes unqualified infinity, the undifferentiated reality of all that could ever be in all of an infinite eternity.

As an existential concept the I AM is neither deified nor undefied, neither actual nor potential, neither personal nor impersonal, neither static nor dynamic. No qualification can be applied to the Infinite except to state that the I AM is. The philosophic postulate of the I AM is one universe concept which is somewhat more difficult of comprehension than that of the Unqualified Absolute.

 To the finite mind there simply must be a beginning, and though there never was a real beginning to reality, still there are certain source relationships which reality manifests to infinity. The prereality, primordial, eternity situation may be thought of something like this: At some infinitely distant, hypothetical, past-eternity moment, the I AM may be conceived as both thing and no thing, as both cause and effect, as both volition and response. At this hypothetical eternity moment there is no differentiation throughout all infinity. Infinity is filled by the Infinite; the Infinite encompasses infinity. This is the hypothetical static moment of eternity; actuals are still contained within their potentials, and potentials have not yet appeared within the infinity of the I AM. But even in this conjectured situation we must assume the existence of the possibility of self-will.

Ever remember that man's comprehension of the Universal Father is a personal experience. That Which is All, as our spiritual Oneness, is comprehensible to you and to all other mortals; but your experiential worshipful concept of the Universal Oneness must always be less than your philosophic postulate of the infinity of the First Source and Center, the I AM. When we speak of the Oneness, or God as the Oneness is understood to be by some, an entity or Deity both high and low, but there is much more of Deity which is not comprehensible to universe creatures. Oneness, is that phase of the Infinite which we perceive in our personalities as an actual experiential reality, but the I AM ever remains as our hypothesis of all that we feel is unknowable of the First Source and Center. And even that hypothesis probably falls far short of the unfathomed infinity of original reality.

The universe of universes, with its innumerable host of inhabiting personalities, is a vast and complex organism, but the First Source and Center is infinitely more complex than the universes and personalities which have become real in response to his willful mandates. When you stand in awe of the magnitude of the master universe, pause to consider that even this inconceivable creation can be no more than a partial revelation of the Infinite.

Infinity is indeed remote from the experience level of mortal comprehension, but even in this age on Urantia your concepts of infinity are growing, and they will continue to grow throughout your endless careers stretching onward into future eternity. Unqualified infinity is meaningless to the finite creature, but infinity is capable of self-limitation and is susceptible of reality expression to all levels of universe existences. And the face which the Infinite turns toward all universe personalities is the face of Oneness, the Universal Being of love.


1 In considering the genesis of reality, ever bear in mind that all absolute reality is from eternity and is without beginning of existence. By absolute reality we refer to the three existential persons of Deity, the Isle of Paradise, and the three Absolutes. These seven realities are co-ordinately eternal, notwithstanding that we resort to time-space language in presenting their sequential origins to human beings.

In following the chronological portrayal of the origins of reality, there must be a postulated theoretical moment of "first" volitional expression and "first" repercussional reaction within the I AM. In our attempts to portray the genesis and generation of reality, this stage may be conceived as the self-differentiation of The Infinite One from The Infinitude, but the postulation of this dual relationship must always be expanded to a triune conception by the recognition of the eternal continuum of The Infinity, the I AM.

This self-metamorphosis of the I AM culminates in the multiple differentiation of defied reality and of undefied reality, of potential and actual reality, and of certain other realities that can hardly be so classified. These differentiations of the theoretical monistic I AM are eternally integrated by simultaneous relationships arising within the same I AM—the prepotential, preactual, prepersonal, monothetic prereality which, though infinite, is revealed as absolute in the presence of the First Source and Center and as personality in the limitless love of the Universal Oneness.

105:2.4 By these internal metamorphoses the I AM is establishing the basis for a sevenfold self-relationship. The philosophic (time) concept of the solitary I AM and the transitional (time) concept of the I AM as triune can now be enlarged to encompass the I AM as sevenfold. This sevenfold—or seven phase—nature may be best suggested in relation to the Seven Absolutes of Infinity:

 The Universal Oneness. I AM of the Eternal Oneness. This is the primal personality relationship of actualities. The absolute personality of the One making absolute the fact of Oneness establishes the potential One of all personalities. This relationship establishes the personality of the Infinite and consummates its spiritual revelation in the personality of the Original One. This phase of the I AM is partially experiencible on spiritual levels even by mortals who, while yet in the flesh, may worship our One.

 The Infinite Upholder. I AM self-associative. This is the primordial association of the statics and potentials of reality. In this relationship, all qualifieds and unqualifieds are compensated. This phase of the I AM is best understood as the Universal Absolute—the unifier of the Deity and the Unqualified Absolutes.

The Infinite Potential. I AM self-qualified. This is the infinity bench mark bearing eternal witness to the volitional self-limitation of the I AM by virtue of which there was achieved threefold self-expression and self-revelation. This phase of the I AM is usually understood as the Deity Absolute.

 The Infinite Capacity. I AM static-reactive. This is the endless matrix, the possibility for all future cosmic expansion. This phase of the I AM is perhaps best conceived as the supergravity presence of the Unqualified Absolute.

The Universal One of Infinity. I AM as I AM. This is the stasis or self-relationship of Infinity, the eternal fact of infinity-reality and the universal truth of reality-infinity. In so far as this relationship is discernible as personality, it is revealed to the universes in the divine Father of all personality—even of absolute personality. In so far as this relationship is impersonally expressible, it is contacted by the universe as the absolute coherence of pure energy and of pure spirit in the presence of the Universal Oneness. In so far as this relationship is conceivable as an absolute, it is revealed in the primacy of the First Source and Center; in him we all live and move and have our being, from the creatures of space to the citizens of Paradise; and this is just as true of the master universe as of the infinitesimal ultimaton, just as true of what is to be as of that which is and of what has been.


105:3.1 The seven prime relationships within the I AM eternalize as the Seven Absolutes of Infinity. But though we may portray reality origins and infinity differentiation by a sequential narrative, in fact all seven Absolutes are unqualifiedly and co-ordinately eternal. It may be necessary for mortal minds to conceive of their beginnings, but always should this conception be overshadowed by the realization that the seven Absolutes had no beginning; they are eternal and as such have always been. The seven Absolutes are the premise of reality.


But of course there are quite possibly quantum parallel universes, or dimensions each containing its own universe. Since thought can be attached to any number of other life times, some in the past and some in the future, and all existing simultaneously, but can only be conscious of one mind in one physical body at a time. Source is the total of all consciousness. Therefore the total of all consciousness can not be contained within a finite physical consciousness, but thought can be anywhere between point A to point B in the total consciousness. Yea I can't do the math, either, but I do understand the concept.

What mysterious unknown are we awakening to? A new reality, or universal truth? How many eons has it been that we humans on this planet have been kept in the dark, where we are only allowed to see partial truths. To be encouraged into new hopes only to be dashed again when we show a possibility of posing a threat of coming to know more then our self imposed masters would allow us to know.

What is the Reality or Universal Reality? The Universal Reality is provided to us at different levels. We typically only receive what we are able to process based on our ability to conceive or comprehend in our finite mortal minds. In order to even begin to comprehend something as large as the infinities, Its like peeling an onion, there are many layers.

The first layer is the belief system that is already on this planet [amongst all religious faiths twisted to serve and benefited their own needs]. This could be the belief system you inherit from your own family ancestry when you are born. Its time to question the truth of this belief system [if you have not already done so].

Who are we, who am I? Why do I have this feeling like I am a stranger in an alien land? If I am an alien to this world then where did I come from, where did everyone one else come from, and what species have I originated from? If I a a seed from the cosmos then why did I come to this planet in this time line? Have I been here before and what is our source? Where does all this come from, who created this world and the universe it is ensconced within like a tiny grain of dust in a great sea? What is this system and how does it function?

These questions have been asked by many for eons. Until just recently the answers were not attainable at the level it is today through the sciences of biology, astrophysics, quantum physics and metaphysics. In prior millennium the general belief was that of omnipotent wrathful being overseeing all that was which religion named GOD. This GOD was supposedly the direct creator of all. This is true at the ultimate level as source is the creator of everything that exists.

What is the reality or the truth? Look at creation as we know it. The billions of universes, galaxies, planets and beings. How do all of these function? How can there be such perfect order? What is this intelligent anomaly which is apparently the universal harmony which drives this whole system we happen to live in but the entire universe as well?

Below is a higher level universal truth illustrated in simple form for anyone who has the sufficient inquisitive desire to learn, accept and comprehend it.

There is also a universal governing body and a cosmic governing body.
We are in a 10 dimension time matrix system, see diagram below. This time matrix is made up of an infinity of parallel universes each containing galaxies with solar system like ours with planets possibly very much identical to ours. Each system exists in it’s own dimension. Our Earth has been in the dimension 1- 10 dimensional zones. There are other higher systems in each in their own respective dimensional zones.

Similarly as all of the living cells you will find in your body, there are probably as many living planets in this system created by the Supreme Source, God. The macrocosm ([planetary universal system) works the same as the microcosm (the body layers system in each person) and this is excluding getting into the microcosm of the universe Creators Create in microcosm proportions. With each respective set of reality fields, or time matrix universes if you will with multiple dimensions ( parallel universes) exists an interconnected web of perpetual motion.

(Source) has created a system within itself that allows everything within itself to flow the same way all the cells inside the human system flow. Source is conscious of each and every particle in universe, just as each and every particle is conscious of their [Source.] The divine intelligence in its’ entirety seeds each cosmic and universal matrix of each parallel universe.

Where do we fit in all this? We are the incarnate. There are usually 2 incarnates sent to each time cycle one male and one female. These are our soul mates. The other 10 soul mates from the other ten dimensions are in different time cycles

How many angels can dance on the [point] of a needle. Can you fit the universe in the eye of a needle? Easy, if you go back in space far enough from the universe so that it is no bigger then a tiny spark, it will fit through the eye of the needle as slick as anything.

IMHO to me this would mean that we are not all human. After so many reincarnations not many of us would be of the original human stock come to experience life on dimension 1- 10 Earth. 

Bits and pieces 
By me

Creation and One Consciousness in Spirit

Creation and One Consciousness in Spirit

I believe that all that lives in the universe are as one consciousness  in spirit.

Why are we here? Why are we to suffer so? Let me ask, what would the chance be for me to be here, for this blink of an eye in the expanse of time in this realities time continuum? One flicker of light which could occur anywhere in universe, or not. Let us say, that  what if before time we were the ones who chose what we are to experience here on earth? Is it possible that  we chose to come here to learn from the experiences we are to partake of  in in this life time?  It is told that all has a reason and all goes as it is meant to be in harmony with all that is in the infinite plane.

We make the decisions as to what will be as we go of our own free will. But is there a pattern or a reason that we can discern as to why we are here? Well this is where I believe that along the way we are tested and we need to undergo these tests in order to evolve to the next phase we are to be in our lives either in this reality or another.

I believe that the potential of our choice can be a really beautiful place or a very bad place, again this is a decision or choice that we make for better or for worst, but remember, there is no loosing or winning in this game, it is all growth and progression within the awakening consciousness within the oneness of  consciousness.

Some of us we may ask, why were we given a bigger serving on our plates then most. Why? Well, have you ever thought it is possibly because we are special? Perhaps  we are the forerunners, the  awakening or the  quickened of necessity. These would be the true trail blazers, warriors of light  so to speak, or light workers, the gifted,  the awakening who are coming forward to light the way for others to follow. I believe that each step that I accomplish will be the deciding factor as to what I am or will be creating for myself in this life tomorrow, or perhaps even reach out into even other life times in other dimensions, (the ripple affect).

After all our own greatest desire is to know the true self, to know the one who resides within, then just be the best  her/him you can be. I believe that is a pretty heavy human instinctual force or characteristic. A force  within ourselves which drives us to continue to seek the meaning of our true being, and to become sufficiently awakened to our purpose here on Gaia. So that we may become conscious of our destiny.

We are all ripples on a pond. Energy rippling through all dimensions,  circles within circles. These ripples can be harmonious as intended by universe or they can be without pattern and order chaotic and without cause or order.

We are drawn to this truth, the inner truth, it is an instinctive behavior much like a moth being drawn to a street  light. But after as much time as I have walked on this journey I can not say truthfully claim that I know all the answers, no one does, the best we can hope for in this life time is that each of us will acquire their own little nugget of the truth to their  understanding.  I have found a measure of peace within  myself during this quest in learning  more about the inner self . I am still merely the seeker of the light and my desire is to share the wisdom and the light that I have aquiered  with those who would follow.

It saddens me to see those many that are blinded by the illusion of materialism, false promises and lies that are imposed upon us to keep us from knowing the truth and gaining true. A shroud of deception that hides the truth which lies within each of  us.
World deception by the present world order. It is for us to discern this truth which is within us and  embrace ourselves for who we are and to be always true to ourselves and not to succumb to the lies that confronts us every day as soon as we step out the door of our homes in the morning. Who are you? Look deeply within and you shall see the light of truth.

Not by far Maya.

 If you have the ability to truly see the world of our subconscious minds, then  the perception is never limited unless you choose to  put limits on it by your own choice. It can be quite amazing how much fear can keep one in a world of limited sight.

Below is part of a posting I had on another group of a similar topic

In the beginning there was only thought, then thought willed light in the dark void, this light was the birth of consciousness in creation. My theory is that even before and during the formation of the primordial soup of the early universe one would find all of the seeds of *thought* still remain or are still present  in universe to this day, only just transforming from one form to another

. All of the seeds of Source (thought) are all out there for all to see in this universal web which constitutes  the present day  universe, and always will, ‘ad-infinitum,’ only perpetually transforming and changing it’s form. The seeds of all matter and energy and life = consciousness, “the living universe.”

The essence of life is within, this living shell which we reside in for but only a short time. How many life times and how many worlds since the beginning of time or universe?

Genesis 6 (New King James Version)

1 Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, 2 that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose. 3 And the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive[a] with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” 4 There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

So then what is above so shall it be below, everywhere in all the multi verses? I believe that we are all one in consciousness and does it mater what body, planet, galaxy or universe we inhabit if we are all sentient enlightened beings all as one in spirit including the planet we stand upon? We are “ Star Seeds.” Wouldn’t it be so super if you could become as one with our twin sister/brother, two separate physical beings feeling, thinking, and experiencing life as one in consciousness. Not just empathicly but experientially.

To be as one, even on an empathic level is one of the greatest miracles that universe allows us if we so desire it. When I was a kid I may have been a loner and felt like a stranger in an alien land most times, but I was never alone. Even at my age I still have a very fruitful and vivid imagination, where I can create my own worlds and I can populate them with who ever and what ever I want. Who knows, maybe some day it will manifest for real in another reality.

It saddens me to see those many that are blinded by the illusion of materialism, false promises and lies that are imposed upon us to keep us from knowing the truth. A shroud of deception that hides the truth which lies within each of us.

World deception by the present world order. It is for us to discern this truth which is within us and embrace ourselves for who we are and to be always true to ourselves and not to succumb to the lies that confronts us every day as soon as we step out the door of our homes in the morning. Who are you? Look deeply within and you shall see the light of truth.

So just be what you feel is real to you, your own two spirited being, believe it and live it and it will manifest.


Monday, 19 August 2013

Dragon Dream

Dragon Dream

I see a dark form in the night sky
Is it a Dragon? A real dragon that fly's there! 
flying, low above the forest 
In the sky swooping down then
soaring high above in the evening sky 
Mighty leathery wings drumming in the air.
So awe stricken am I, as I watch 
in amazement, this magnificent creature
from a time long gone.

How could this be I ask, 
to no one in particular, 
The only response forthcoming 
was the rhythmic beat, from the dragons wings.
I could see it now outlined against 
the darkening sky of late eve  

Dust blowing everywhere, in my eyes. 
Whipping dust from my eyes, 
I see a magnificent dragon alight 
but a few feet from me
A Gigantic shadow, settles to the ground
then looked at me quizzically 
And quite possibly playfully as well.
Hard to tell with a dragon 
in the deepening darkness of late eve.

It lays it's enormous head before me
and gives a loud snorts then settles down.
Eyes sparkled as it seemed to be waiting,
waiting in anticipation for my response
I climb on to the magnificent dragons back, 
and off we go, Rising, rising ever higher.

Over the tree tops and over the hills 
Dipping down into the valley then up again,
Over the mountains we go. "whomp, whomp,"
was the beat of it's wings 
as we flew over the sea, 
with a large silvery moon shining above.

I am entranced by the beauty of the night,
and the wonderful steed that I ride, 
A steed with coppery scales 
and golden tipped wings,
We fly high into the sky
and fade away into the clouds,
under the silvery moon
lighting our way from above   

Cynthia ©

Sunday, 18 August 2013

To my Dear Friends

Hi my dear friends and welcome to my world

 Oh little fairies sparkling so bright above,
among the twinkling stars, 
spreading their magical fairy dust,
to twinkle and sparkle in the silvery light,
of the full moon rising above the trees.
Believe in the fairies, believe and dance;
rejoice in the wonderment of the moment.
They whisper in my ear that they have come
to make my dreams come true.
Believe in the wonderment of the moment,
Believe in the magic,

From the fairy lady 

Thank you for visiting Fairies and me. Please set a spell and please help yourself to some crumpets and tea and share  a bit of your delights, adventures and experiences of worlds that are created through the writers pen 

Brighteyes the fairy lady

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest For you, please don't feel blue! Let us dance!

Please do not dishearten. Let us dance in the land of fantasy,

Where the land sparkles of fairy dust and fairy love.

Enchantment, and by the fairy magic that is everywhere in the air

Like tiny lanterns flitting all over in the enchanted forest do they come;

To give blessings of happiness and love to all from the purest of faerie-ness.

Let us reach out to distant lands and touch our distant fairy friends with ethereal hands!

And joyous shall we be when we come to know who we truly are within ourselves.

And to remember how far we have come and never again to be separated from the angels,

faeries and other accompanying ethereal beings and denizens of the Enchanted Forest.

They are with us always whether we see them or not.

You need only quiet the mind and listen for the tiny voices within. - Hear them speak.

Happiness and joy through the lands; So shall we feel within our hearts and hands,

with love shall we rejoice, we shall stand forever with our friends in the Enchanted

, never again shall we have the need to leave.

Don’t be so sad, we love you, we are all as one.


It was a number of years ago since I wrote this and it lay stored here in my microsoft word. I was a different person then, but something that has never changed is my imagination and my love for fantasy, well for some of us there is a lot more to these dreams and fancies, as some would call it, then just airy fairy because even the fairies are real and so is the world of imagination.