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Saturday, 26 October 2013



A few weeks ago my nine year old son broke the silence at the breakfast table by making the following comment.

"Dad, you don't have to stand by my room at night."

I was a bit confused, so I asked him, "What do you mean? I don't....." I stopped short of saying that I don't stand outside his door because sometimes I do like to look in on him.
He continued, "Dad, I see you standing there. I can hear you breathing. Just because you move out of the way I know you are still there."

I was scared by his statements for a number of reasons. First, I never hid from him. Second I always stood fully in the door and he was always fast asleep. Additionally, he said he could hear me breathing.
"How often do you notice me?" I asked with a smile. I didn't want to terrify him by explaining that I check on him once a night and only for a moment.

"Come on Dad! Every night!" He obviously thought I was joking around with him because he grinned from ear to ear and giggled. "I'm not a little kid Dad. I know you are there."

"I'm sorry buddy, I'll stop. OK?" He nodded his head in agreement and finished his breakfast. Then, we got up from the table and had a great day together. I spoke with my wife about what he had said. She mentioned that he was probably dreaming. Maybe he was half awake and noticed me or something like that. We knew there were no other men in the house for him to see. Soon the morning’s events were forgotten and evening came.

I had forgotten about the morning’s discussion but my wife had not. "Mike, don't you dare freak me out or I'm going on the couch with the cats and you can stay in here by yourself." She furrowed her brow a little and waited for a reply.

"What do you mean?" I asked. "Oh, you mean the thing about him seeing a man by his room? Don't worry. I'm not doing anything except for going to sleep." I slid into bed. "But, I am going to stay awake for a while just to satisfy my own curiosity. I mean, I checked all the doors and windows and there's no way someone is getting in here. No way at all."

I felt my wife kick me under the covers, "I'm serious! You better shut up Mike!"
An hour or two later I looked up from my book when I noticed movement in the hall. "Hey buddy, come on in." I whispered. I put down my book, smiled and leaned forward to get a better look into the hall. What I saw wasn't my son but looked like the right side of a man side stepping into the darkness of the hallway.

I froze for a second, squinted and shook my head. Then very clearly came the sound of someone clearing their throat.

Every one of my senses told me someone was there. I felt the presence. What is more, the presence I felt absolutely terrified me.

My wife must have felt the bed shake as I stiffened with fear. She woke and looked at me, then toward the bedroom door. "Mike, what is it?" She whispered. Then we heard the breathing. There was no mistaking the sound. It was almost a gurgle. I looked at my wife and saw pure terror on her face. There was no reason to ask if she could hear it.

The next few moments are more of a blur than an actual solid memory. I bolted out of bed and dashed into the hall. It was empty, the only open door was to my sons room. So, I took three large steps, pushed his door all the way open and turned on the light. He was fast asleep. Nothing in the room looked out of place. I turned off the light and stood there for a moment longer.

I was tired, angry and confused.
Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw it.

I snapped my head to the right and glimpsed the image of a what I thought was a man with short brown hair and thick dark rimmed glasses. He was wearing a green long sleeve shirt or sweater. Just as quickly as I saw him he was gone. In the time it took for my eyes to fully focus he was out of sight.

Was I going nuts? I checked the entire house. Not a single thing was out of place. I didn’t sleep a wink.
In the morning my son and I walked over to the neighbors to visit with them and their children. As the boys played I told them about my experience. They both became visibly pale and had the following to say, "Mike, the house you live in was the first home your landlord built. He lived there with his wife while he built the rest of the homes in this subdivision. They were on their way home from a bar a few years ago when they got into a bad motorcycle accident. She wasn't wearing a helmet. When we went to see her in the hospital we couldn't recognize her at all. She looked like a man. It was terrible. She died a few days later."

"Did she have dark rimmed glasses?" I asked.
"Um, no she didn't, but her eyes were so black and blue that it almost looked that way."
I shook my head. "Well now what do I do? I mean I can't just ignore what happened. I mean my son is seeing this woman on a regular basis!"

"Move out, Mike. For you sons safety you have to move."

We gave our landlord a 30 day notice on 10/11/2012. We signed the lease on a new house effective immediately.

Submitted by Mike Gonzalez

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Oneness Position

Hi, wonderful theory, and I believe that no mater how many different ways anyone dices it or looks at these types of concepts about a God, god, goddess, or any type of omnipotent being or a single infinite intelligence the best we can come up with are a multitude of theories, some complimenting each other and others contradicting each other. 

Many theories have been made about such a force or forces where we have not yet even come up with a sufficiently sensitive enough scientific instrument to detect what is on the other side of this reality. We may only at best be able to detect such phenomena by inference, like detecting some type of extraterrestrial energies interacting affecting energies in this reality to react oddly or moving in a different then normal pattern. compared to other energies of a similar consistency around it.

Could these energies be consistent to intelligent entities such as the ancient gods and goddesses verses energy and mass and the quantum dimensions with no beginning and no end.

All things, animate and inanimate has spirit energy, auras, which are the life sustaining energy found within all living beings. Our entire mother earth is spirit, all is of the living spirit, the rocks, the earth, the plants, animals, water and all that resides within it, the air and all that resides in it. This was why when the ancient ones had used what they needed from the land they returned it to the land from where all is born all should be returned.

Then there is the moon cycle ceremony of Grandmother moon who comes to visit every month to cleans and prepare the girl child for womanhood in the sacred moon lodge. and Father sun gives sustenance to Mother Earth and her children. Twice per year spring and fall the people celebrate the pot-loch, The ancient version of the modern day pow wow's. A sacred celebration in thanksgiving to Father Sun for providing them with the abundant seasons of trading, hunting, fishing and harvesting they have been blessed with

I do agree with all who have chosen the Oneness proposition. Now I desire to introduce a theory for your own evaluation. What if we were to say all living organisms, on all levels of quantum spirit energy contained within one entity. This oneness of spirit is the living essence on all things expressed into reality, and on all expressions of all realities.

Since these spirit essences have been in this three dimensional reality we call the Universe that has been *as it was in the beginning,* the beginning being the "Big Bang", or birth of the thought expressing itself as Universe.

For those who believe in reincarnation, how would it be that our souls may have been reborn to life forms in all quantum realities billions of times since the birth of thought? How many as female and how many as male? What if a soul is predisposed, let us say to being female or male for instance?  Or how about a different species altogether?

Spirit essence does not have a physical sex, gender or any physical form for that mater. A field of conscious energy would be about the best I can describe our spiritual essence. But can our spirit energy or soul's characteristic and consciousness continue being of the feminine or masculine energy characteristics in the spirit energy form? Do we continue being predisposed to being female or male traits through the rebirth into physicality?

Just another theory. I agree with you that the Oneness which contains all souls and all in creation is within the First Thought was and is none gendered. Personally I use the term Great Spirit, or how about Sacred Feminine the hand maiden of Creator the bearer and keeper of all living things and just how many other intelligent entities that were assigned the position of The Watchers or Caretakers.

It is the spirit which is individual, but yet still connected to all of the essence of soul. Each spirit or thread of the soul that is assigned a living body becomes the living essence or energy of that body. It may be the consciousness of this spiritual energy which is also part of soul which may retain the  characteristics that it feels most comfortable with. female or male, in the none physical sense of course. Or how about the supposed androgynous characteristics of the angels.

I, for one, believe that the more there are different pieces, propositions, theories, postulations and beliefs, that are served at the banquet table makes for a better richer meal. All these different bits and pieces served to us for our inspection are very much an invigorating expansion of knowledge and wisdom in the conscious and subconscious  mind.

Such is my patchwork faith, always flexible and changeable to outside information. It would be impossible, to explain what the inner self is; it isn't anything you can see, touch, calibrate, or measure with a scientific instrument in order to isolate and identify it in physicality. It is only felt, like the little voice, intuition, within the physical mind, which is not a physical process of the mind, but a process of your own thoughts that are *not* formed within your mind, but from a source from outside of your biological mind process. 

This proposition is subject to change as we discover new behaviors in all living things found everywhere within our immediate environment around us every day.

The Innerlight

My inner self  is the inner light that dispels the ever-present shadows of doubt and despair  within. So that I may open my eyes and know and see where lie my inner weaknesses and strengths reside. That same inner light shows me where I need to be in life, for it is that one moment, that one heart beat in infinity is where you will make the choice that will contribute to changing the future.

We have an influence on every soul we meet during a 24 hour period of time, so make it a good influence or impression and you will have made your small contribution towards somebody’s better day.

I do not perceive my part in life the same way others perceive theirs and wish for me to be, for they can not see what is the true self within others. Many are not even aware of their own true inner selves.

My beliefs may be tried by others but in my heart I know these beliefs to be true-honed and seasoned with time and experience, and the lessons I have learned still remains in my heart, quite many as fond memories. Others still haunt me like ghosts in the mist of the past, but the mist grows more distant in time.

I know what is true in my heart for that which is part of my spirit, the essence of my being. It matters not the differences in the beliefs that others may try to impose on me. It does not change who I am; I am still myself, she who dwells within this physical shell.

I accept my inner prosperity along with my shortcomings. The more it will serve to forge who I am today to be more solidly into being who I am destined to be in the future. I am spiritually strong in my ways and beliefs, spiritually I live close to the Earth Mother.

What I instinctively know to be true to me may not be so for others. All divine their own truth within their own hearts differently then the next person. This cannot change who I am. I am who I am.

I only seek for the way of the light, then shall I have the privilege to light the way for those who may choose to walk along the same path as I for a time. But remember, we all need to walk our own walk, no one else can walk it for you but for a time you may follow another soul’s light as a guide to find your own way.
I can only strive to be the best me I can be. You can do no more for or with yourself.


Cynthia ©

Wednesday, 23 October 2013



Do you seek the way? I mean the place where the fairies live? 
Do you really have the desire to know? Then I will tell, it's easy, quite. 
You must wait  for the full moon when it is fully up,
up in the center of the sky, the hour of midnight.
When there is a full moon over the Purple forest  and the moon glimmers on the dark black sea.
There in the purple forest you shall find a path way which radiates its own light
A bluish green glow is the path and a sparkling of diamond brightness marking its edges.
Then if there be evil afoot to impede you, out of enmity or rot, then one must know the secret words for vanquishing these evil entities,  then say the magical words "I believe in you not!" 
To cast the spell you get upon a sunflower seed and fly all around the purple forest,
 and cast your spell of sparkly Fairy dust all about,
And, if the breeze is blowing the right way, 
The sunflower seed  will take you away to Fairyland 
along the trail of light! 
Yes fairie folk are as  real as you and I. 
The only reason other folk don't see them is because they look with their eyes closed .
And fairies  don't never die. 
The live for 5 to 600  years then will spend a millennium or more in the regenerating state, much the same as a caterpillar in it's cocoon.


Tuesday, 22 October 2013



Last year my mother asked me to return the knives I have been hoarding from the silverware drawer. Not knowing what it was about I checked and indeed there were 20 or so knives missing. I said I don't know, and figured my father or she had taken them. No one else in the house.

Days later she thanked me for returning them, twenty knives. I looked with my own eyes and they were missing from the drawer before, now they are back. I thought it might be my aunt who had recently died and was mischievious.

A couple of months later my mother asked me to return six heavy coffee cups that were missing from the shelf. Huh? Where would I keep heavy mugs, and why? She was sure it was me, and I literally stared into the dishwasher to see that they were not in there. Again, remember, there are no visiting workmen here or other family members. I let it go that she thought it was me for a day, kind of sureally, and the next day she thanked me for returning them. I also had stared into the shelf to see it empty, six heavy mugs, gone, where? Now I just stared at them back in place.

A while later, a month or so, the water irrigation system came on by itself while it was cut into, system off, as I decided to go out and work on it again before it got dark. I turned the corner of the house and it was on, flooding the grounds, and had just gone on about the time I got up to go out and work on it. System off, and timer set for another day even if I (we, father too) had been absent minded enough to leave it on while working. IT WAS OFF. I was so startled I don't remember how I turned it off. This is the point when I am starting to see the light here.

I began to put two and two together. My fuse had been removed from my car almost causing a turn-signal disaster. The dog was always in my room, freaking out and curling up to me, watching the movement of something in the family room, once my parents moved into the kitchen. Her eyes would actually follow something moving out there, and she's not that friendly to me to run into my room, and hasn't since the "cleansing".

The pond motor was on once and running in the morning, and I thought the switch must have just slipped into the on position. While putting on my shoes I had been putting off end-capping my laces, as I had cut them, and they don't thread the eyelets unless you do that. Here's a shoelace, just cut, no way to thread it. When I came back to my chair with the Scotch tape the uncapped shoelace was threaded through the small eyelet. This is magic and it's standing right behind me!

That night, something in my soul knew this is no joke and I prayed the Rosary. In my mind's eye, I actually saw this thing surprised by two angels, heard their swords, saw the "thing" surprised as it was going through towels or something, snooping. I couldn't make out its face but it isn't pretty. Very nasty thing.

There hasn't been anything going on like that since I saw it go, like zip, although I have looked into the mug pantry, and anything else that might be funny going on, and nothing has. That was more than a year ago, and the smell of that thing is Gone. Thank God and his Holy family. Thank you Mother (I am not Catholic).

Submitted by Mitchell

Monday, 21 October 2013



I had a very close friend pass away from cancer a few yrs ago and a very strange thing took place following his death. This friend was well known for his sense of humor and routinely would call and, if encountering an answering machine, would always leave a strange round instead of a message. Invariably, that strange sound would involve peculiar items, like crackling crumpled paper, hissing sounds, anything that would make strange noise while he would verbally spout some equally weird gibberish or other nonsensical vocal sound effects. This way, we always knew it was him who had called. Never a question. It became his signature and he did it for many, many years.

The day he died I had purchased a new phone with a built in message system, and was boggled by the manual on setting it up, so I put it off. That night, at roughly the time he expired (I later learned), 3 messages were left on my machine from an "unknown number" as the display on the message window recorded. The three messages came only a few minutes apart. Each one was distinctly a call from him, making all the usual strange noises and garbled verbiage, only the calls sounded like they were coming through a very bad radio or something, loaded with static which caused the sound to pitch and diminish. There were no storms happening, but it reminded me of how some calls can sound during a bad electrical storm. I didn't hear the messages until the next day when I noticed a little light on the side of the phone blinking and realized messages had been left, despite having not set up the message part of the phone at all. I had to look up how to play them for fear of missing them, but once I figured it out, I knew he had called. But I simultaneously knew that was impossible, because late that same night, the phone rang and I answered and his significant other told me he had passed away only an hour or so earlier. The phone was clearly operational. He had been in a hospice because his condition had weakened so drastically. He was not able to make phone calls, and was for several days far too out of it from the morphine to have done much of anything.

None the less... he called, somewhere just after the time of death. Not once, but three times, as if to say, "Yeah… it's ME." I was able to play the recordings for my wife, who was equally mystified by them. She knew his signature goofy phone message sounds all too well. In setting up the message system later that day, I somehow managed to erase or destroy the messages entirely. I thought it was a little odd, too, because I was following the instructions perfectly and being very careful about making sure any existing messages would NOT be voided from the chip.

Not more than a month later, my granddaughter who was 2 and a half was spending the night with us, and stopped and looked down the hall and appeared to be looking at someone and nodding at them. I asked her, "Who are you looking at?" And she immediately waved to whomever it was down the hall (there was no one else here but my wife, who was in the same room as we were) and motioned for the person she was looking at to come, and she said, "It's ok, come in." I again asked her, "Who are you seeing?" And she then got a sudden shocked look on her face and kind of gasped a bit and jumped up on the bed with me, clung to me tightly and said, "Who is it, Grandpa? Who is it?" and kept looking back toward the hallway. I went down the hall and looked around, and of course, found no one. Saw nothing. I asked her what she saw and she seemed to struggle to make a good description. I asked her if it was a boy or a girl? She said "no." I asked if it was a man or a woman? And she seemed puzzled for a second and said "Who is it?" instead of "no" again. She just couldn't seem to make sense, or explain or describe what she saw, but it was definitely a "who" to her.

Later that night as we were putting her to sleep, something in the very back room at the end of that hallway came crashing down loudly startling all three of us. I went into the room which was basically empty and used only to store a few things and found nothing out of place. But the sound was distinctly of something large with many parts spilling or falling out, like a box full of various items. But nothing was out of place at all.

No further calls or apparitions have been experienced. But there is no question in my mind that some one or some thing was tapping through, by phone and perhaps with a personal appearance as well to the only one capable of seeing it. And I have a good feeling it was my good friend who passed.

Submitted by Alton Raines