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Friday, 9 August 2013

One Night in the Garden

Hi dear friends and followers, Today I would like to share with you one of my favorite short stories written by me.

An elderly woman loved the garden behind her cottage, 
the forest all around, the sound of the singing birds,
and the chirping of the crickets in the tall grass 
at the edge of her garden, which she tended and cared.
After a small meal and a bath, she would relax 

and imagining in her mind the land of the faie.
Green forests sparkling in the night alive and free.
During the darkening sky of evening she would sit and wait
for the faie to appear. Every evening she would leave with a sad feeling.

Every evening she would again go out to the garden 
and sit on the bench and wait, waiting for the faie.
This night being tired after a long day, the elderly lady slipped into sleep.

The faie danced their way through the trees to the edge of the garden.

They stopped abruptly upon seeing the form of the elderly lady
asleep on the bench. The faie approached cautiously,
one nudging her hand that lay limp across her chest.
The elderly lady rolled onto her back but remained asleep.
The faie were all about her now and they danced and sang merrily sprinkling sparkly fairy dust in the air.

The elderly lady smiled as tiny tears rolled down her cheeks.
She sees the faie dancing and singing.

She gets up and joins them in the dance, a dance that lasts all night.

Dancing on tiered old legs which seemed to miraculously,
become nimble and strong and she felt young again!
She danced and danced like there was not going to be a tomorrow!

Dancing, spinning, dancing like her feet had grown wings,
with the exhilaration of motion she had not felt for a long time.

The faie danced around urging her, encouraging her to go ever faster.

Come morning she woke up with sweat on her brow, 
but her legs felt invigorated. Was it really just a dream?  

Written by Cynthia©

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ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

Thursday, 8 August 2013

My childhood experiences and dreams

The realms of Great Spirit contains infinite potentials for an infinite host of different realities. To visit any one of these realities is only but a thought away in the world of imagination. 
I do so remember siting out of the door step looking at the trees and listening to the wind sighing in the needles of the great pines on the hillside behind the house. The perfumed scent of flowers in the air and the big yellow and black bumblebees flitting from one flower to another in the field in-front of the house.
Withe the warm sun on my face I would race down the hill to play by the waters edge, catching frogs or swimming around under the water pretending to be little Mermaid, or any of the many supper hero's I read about in comic books.
My favorite one was playing jungle with my Collie in the 45 acre wooded lot across the road. She was the lion and I was Jane. Oh yes of course there was a Tarzan too. And imaginary one where I would switch characters when there was a dialog going between the two characters. Oh I had many friend but most of them that I liked best were imaginary ones. I didn't make a lot of friends except for one close one, a real person, a tom boy by the name of Helen.  
Well, that's me, I am who I am, and I still retain a good portion of that little girl within me. I don't ever want her to go away, not any more then I want my best friend ghost name Casandra to go away. She has been with me since I was 9 years old when she use to haunt the basement of our homestead.
I pray and channel from Source to guide me to do that which Source chooses for me. I am nothing really exceptional not any much different then any other woman you might meet on the street on this planet. I was a mother of three and three grandchildren, it is just unfortunate I can't see them for reasons that are not part of this story. But I know they are safe and are making a life of their own.
That brings me to only two other what I believe to be previous lives I have had, if indeed that is what they were, these were reoccurring dreams I have had over the years. One is that of a young girl of about 6 years old sometime in the 19th century and a female teenager from the Great Depression. I don't remember any other lives in any other time sequence backwards or forward.
Then there is my fondest memories of when I was little the naive wide-eyed inquisitive 4 year old child my mom use to call Brighteyes. I guess I inherited that name because of my insatiable curiosity for anything shiny bright, colorful, and sparkly.  So out I would go to explore this big beautiful colorful world we live in. Many worlds filled with imagination and visions of angels, princesses, mermaids and fairies, and oh my! Let's not forget the dragons. In these visions I have seen a multitude of worlds, so awesomely beautiful and enchanting like, as well as some really awful yucky, dark, ugly, scary ones. 
Through the years as I grew up from that naive child to the present day I still have visits from those worlds and their enchanted lands and folks. But now they come to me through the realm of imagination, just as pretty  just as bright, just as colorful, just as exciting and just as real as imagination can be  
Love and Light