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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Fairy Rings

In the light of the moon with a soft breeze blowing through the trees and flowers, if you are very quiet and cautious, you may witness the fairies laughing and dancing in a small clearing. You may have seen the circles they leave in the grass from their joyful dancing. Do not go in search of the fairy dance alone for their magic is powerful.

The enchantment of fairy music and laughter is well know to draw passersby toward the Fairy Ring, and should you join in the merriment of the dancing by stepping into their ring you may be led forever into the world of Faerie. The Fairy Dance may seem to last only a short while - a few minutes, an hour or two, or a whole night - but in reality the normal length of the dance could be seven years by our time and perhaps longer.

Attempting to rescue a friend from the Fairy Ring is difficult. A captive can be rescued by following the faerie music while others hold firmly to the rescuer’s clothing, reaching into the ring (keep one foot firmly outside the circle) and pull the captive dancer out.
The enchantment of the fairy music and dance is overpoweringly beautiful as are the fairies themselves. It is perhaps best to enjoy the presence of fairies without joining them.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Best Way to Meet a Faery

Best Way to Meet a Faery 

The best place to start is with sincerity in your heart, and love and compassion for all creation, including humans. Then find yourself outdoors often. Learn the language of the trees and of the sky and of Mother Earth herself. The more you are out there, and the more the waters of sincerity fill that Grail Cup within your heart, the more likely it is that the Fair Folk will take notice of you and begin a relationship with you. They might be Fair Folk you knew many lifetimes ago or completely new Fair Folk you have never met before. 

Because the Faerie do dwell within other realms, you must learn to look for them with your inner eyes. When you are remembering or imagining or daydreaming, you see pictures in your mind's eye. This might be how you first come to see them, for sometimes imagination is the first step to true seeing. Use your imagination to picture what the Faery you wish to meet might look like. Look again at the descriptions we have provided for the various types of Faeries. 

The most likely Faeries for you to meet, at least to begin with, might be the Sprites or Gnomes, for they work in a realm nearer to Earth to help heal and tend to the plants and animals. You might be surprised, after a time, at how clear the Faery you are imagining appears to your inner eyesight. If you start to see him or her very clearly, it could be that you truly are seeing a Faery. Once you see Faeries, you may wish to begin listening to them with your inner ears, realizing, of course, that you may have already heard them!
In any case, should you ever chance to meet a being who says negative or cruel things or asks you to do negative things, say your farewells quickly, for such a being is not a Faery of the light.

The closer you become to nature, the more likely you are to draw the attention of the Faeries who inhabit the area where you are spending time. It could be that you will become one of those who helps to heal Mother Earth or protect her from those who wish her harm. Perhaps once the Fair Folk realize you truly care about the Great Mother, they will choose to make themselves known to you. In any event, you will never know unless you go outside and greet the Mother.

Working with Garden Faeries

Calming of the Fairies

This spell is for an unruly mob - the fairies.
For this spell you need an offering:
a small piece of cake
a thimble of honey
anything you think a fairy might like.
Place the offering in a clearing in your
garden and whisper the following verse:
Little fairies with tiny feet
Play in this garden - but leave it neat
Little fairies with hands so sweet
I leave this offering - for you to eat
Little fairies, if this garden is neat
Ill leave more offerings at your tiny feet.
Continue to leave little fairy treats about
once a month. This spell is best done at
dusk as fairies are usually asleep in the
day and dancing at night.

Working with Garden Faeries

Working with faeries of the garden can bring good fortune and a greater connection to nature. Learn to work with flower fairies and tree spirits for faerie protection.
If you want to work with faeries and develop your relationship with them, the garden is an ideal place to begin. There are believed to be many benevolent spirits dwelling within, from gentle flower fairies to wise dryads.
Sit and meditate in the garden, perhaps by a body of water, under a faerie tree, or in a secluded favorite spot. Believers will ask the faeries of the garden to work with the individual, to provide teachings, and help build a magical relationship.
Once the faerie believer feels that he/she has connected with the spirit of the garden, one can move on to working with different types of garden faeries.
Working with Flower Fairies
To work with flower faeries, believers will sit quietly by a chosen flower. Then, one must connect with the flower's energy.
Work with yellow flower faeries for changes and new beginnings (especially potent in the spring). They are said to help people to feel joy, bringing youthfulness and energy.
Red flower faeries are believed to bring vitality. They can banish tiredness and can also help alleviate nerves, offering courage and the ability to rise to the challenge. They can also restore warmth both to the heart and the circulatory system.
Faeries of white flowers are thought to remind people of innocence, offering hope and a positive attitude. Work with them for uplifting energy, after illness or bereavement, or to help someone in desperate need.
Work with blue flower faeries for calm and healing. They are believed to be able to help with skin irritations and insomnia, as well as bringing clarity to situations and helping to reveal the truth.
To cleanse the soul of negativity or work on love issues, work with the purple flower faeries. They are said to focus on spiritual issues, and would be excellent for assisting with the development of inner intuition. If you struggle to develop your psychic ability then faeries of purple flowers are the best to work with. Purple is also an excellent meditative aid.
Connecting with Flower Fairies
The best way to make a connection with the flower faeries is to tend the garden! One must do so in a calm and relaxed manner if he/she is to absorb the faerie energies. To work with a specific flower, concentrate on its properties, memorizing and visualizing the color, shape and scent.
It's also important to research flower lore and deities associated with it, and place one on an altar. Make or buy a flower essence of your chosen flower and wear it as a perfume. Pressed flowers also retain the magical properties of the plant and can draw you closer to the faery – a person can ask it to bless his/her dreams.
Working with Water Faeries
It's believed that water faeries possess many different qualities depending on the body of water in which they live – like water, they are unpredictable and ever changing. However, garden water faeries will mainly be associated with ponds.
Faeries of still water reflect the water’s calm and tranquility, teaching people stillness and helping to heal inner conflict.
Working with Tree Faeries
Tree spirits are ancient and wise, reflecting the age of the tree and all it has seen. Similarly, if a faerie has dwelt in a tree for a long time, it too will have much wisdom and experience to share.
One may wish to sit beneath the tree and ask to connect with the faeries within its branches. Trees are said to be mediators between realms and have much to teach. It's said that many saints have received enlightenment whilst sitting beneath a tree. Lean against the trunk, touch the bark, let the aura of the tree permeate your being. Letting the energy of the tree inside you opens you up to the dryad realm.
Work with different trees for different outcomes:
Silver birch – energy and nourishment
Rowan – protection
Apple – power and youthfulness
Ivy – self-discovery
Ash – prophecy
Holly – counteracting negativity
Willow – release of emotions
Oak – wisdom and strength
Hazel – fertility and wisdom
Aspen – trusting intuition
Yew – growth, change and rebirth
Hawthorn – love, opening the heart
Cedar - purification
Always give thanks to the tree faeries for any wisdom they may impart.
Garden Faerie Magic
Flower faeries are believed to imbue flowers with magical properties, which can be used in spells. Put roses around a deep pink candle and piece of rose quartz for love, or wind honeysuckle around a green candle to draw money to you. For clarity of mind, place clover around a white candle, or to banish negative thoughts directed at you from others, place a mirror behind a vase of snapdragons and ask the faeries to reflect the negativity back.
For believers, faeries bring their magic to gardens, and will reward a kind, generous and nature-loving family or individual with their blessings, which can include good fortune, protection, joy, love and happiness.
Brown, Denise Wichello. The Faery Guide. Silverdale Books, 2003.
Moorey, Teresa. The Fairy Bible. Godsfield Press, 2008.


Fairies, Gnomes, Nymphs, Sprites Creatures of the Earth, Air, Fire
and Water those who live in the veil between this plane and the
next mischievous, lucky, magickal, beautiful and grotesque, large
and small All fey friends welcome! Welcome! We invite you to
inspire us! We invite you to invigorate us! Infuse us with mirth and
laughter! Excite us with your magick and mischief in a good way.
Come! Play with us! We welcome you.

Many a tale has been spun throughout the ages involving some sort of
mysterious creature. Fairy Tales, Fables, Folk Tales often with a
trickster, prankster, or magical creature that grants wishes!
I believe that these creatures exist all around us often unseen in
the nooks and crannies of our lives. Where many often banish the
fey, I invite them into my rituals to aid me in my magick.
What do the fey represent?

Every person has their own relationship with the archetypes
represented by different fey creatures. I like to think of the fey
as a "personification of nature".

The apple tree in the back yard has a true personality it's an
old, chatty wise woman, with her sweet apples and knobby branches.
She is great for climbing, and if you sit in a particular spot, she
tells you stories about the orchard that used to live there, and all
sorts of things that have happened. She loves to cradle you as she
sings you the song of the sunset, and whispers as the breeze flows
through her leaves. She is a tree nymph _ and she is wonderful. Also
in the yard are lots of little fey a family of gnomes under the
shed, and a whole clan of fairies in the back fence overgrown with
prickly blackberries. (They like to steal a tool or two and bury
them somewhere in the lawn)

You, too, can bring the fun and frolic of the fey alive in your
personal space as well. You can create a special garden or shrine
devoted to the fey.

Be creative! There are so many ways to invite these wonderful
creatures into your life! From simply hanging a sparkly wind chime
outside, to placing a sweet cookie on a pretty plate on your altar,
gestures to the fey really make a difference.

Here are some ideas on how to create a garden for your yard or a
smaller one for indoors. But this is by no means a limit to the
different ways you can connect with that special inspiration we can
only attribute to our beloved fey friends.

Bring some of that ethereal inspirational spirit into your apartment
with an indoor fey shrine.

Start with a miniature arboretum. It can be planted in any size or
shape of container many of which are available at home and garden

Fill the planter with soil and plant herbs, moss and even mushrooms.

Smaller leaved herbs work well, like thyme and oregano. If well
clipped, rosemary and dill are great too. Think about the type of
fey that may live with you in your space, and allow them to inspire
the selection of plants. Add some rocks, crystals, and a pretty
ceramic bowl to use as a reflecting pool.

You can also create a hidden garden in a large houseplant you
already have. Beneath the broad leaves of a Peace Lilly or the
branches of a Fichus tree, arrange some small sparkly stones, and
tie some colorful ribbon to the stalks. With two different colors of
fish-tank pebbles, create a pattern on the soil.

The fey (and cats) that live in your house will enjoy discovering
these elusive hideaways!

Outdoors, the possibilities are endless. Use rocks or bricks to
build some sort of altar to the fey. Landscape a small area of your
yard with pebbles, crystals and a variety of plants. Transplant that
bothersome moss in your lawn to your fey garden it will really
grow! In the spring, plant Lobelia, Forget-me-nots, Baby's Breath,
and even Cosmos. I enjoy planting purple flowers in the spring that
bloom all summer. In the winter there are all sorts of perennials
that can be planted: herbs, grasses, ferns and succulents are good

Using found materials that are attractive to the fey is a good
approach, especially in residential areas. Tiles, which can often be
obtained inexpensively, are a nice touch to a garden. You can also
place special crystals here and there. I like to work small, and
create little wee places for my fey friends to play.

If you see mushrooms in your yard, dig up a small patch around them,
and transplant to your garden. They will spore there and more will
grow next season.

You can add a fairy mound a small hill covered in moss, with a
small door (from a doll house, or hand crafted) on the side. A
variation is a small round mirror or reflecting pool on the top.
Even branches tied together with an old window, arranged rocks, a
shiny pinwheel, and ribbon streaming from the fixture is sure to
keep the fey as well as your human guests enchanted.

There are so many little things to do in the mundane world that
attract the fey. Perhaps the best idea of all is to allow these
magickal creatures to speak to you in meditation they will let you
know what they want (believe me!).

Growth and Evolution of the Innerself

Growth and Evolution of the Innerself

Why have we been born as we are? What is the inner self, which resides within both our conscious and subconscious  mind? It is our entire personality, emotions, thoughts, our rationality, ethics, values, perceptions and understanding of the world around us. It is the analyst and the philosopher , the romantic, adventurist, the dreamer, the seer, the spiritualist, the creationist, the evolutionist, the egoistic or the selfless all as one within us all. All these pieces that make up our varied human traits and nature are the seeds within our own mind waiting to be sown and nurtured then cultivating the mature self into being.

Like the branches of the maturing oak tree, their sturdiness and size will be determined from nourishment and nurture the seeds receive during their period of growth from the roots to the final matured tree to the tip of it's limbs. Our characteristics grow much the same way and these seeds I have mentioned are manifested from within our brain. They define who and what we are to be from the moment of conception. Your inner seed will grow to become like the fully mature character of the person you were programed to be from the core of your inner seed.

You either grow and mature into your true characteristics as you were meant to be or you will wither and not fully mature, leaving many of your branches barren and fruitless.

Our natural characteristics as to who we truly are and know ourselves to be within cannot be killed or erased from the subconscious mind. They may be repressed from the conscious mind for a time, but eventually someplace down the road these characteristics will resurface. The inner seed is *not* learned behavior, it is deeply *rooted from the original seed* within the heart and mind. We are who we are from birth and this seed within the mind will determine the being that will be the person. So it is with all of our traits and gifts.

It took me many years of living against my own instincts which even though it was only meaningless fragmented pieces from my past these thoughts continued to resurface. But it wasn’t until I was ready to Identify and accept  those past memories as my own did I begin to see my own light.

I felt like I was possessed by demons who were constantly prodding me to go against my own innermost nature and feelings. It was like being torn apart from the inside out. I needn’t worry about going to hell. I was already there. So be it, if I must survive I had to surrender and accept my lot in life, in doing this, I came to accept the one who resided within for better or worst.

Even though I had already accepted who I was and started learning to grow and evolve as my true self within, *to explore my own soul* this experience turned out to be one of the most extraordinary but scary journeys I have ever undertaken in my life. I had unwarranted fears that those who had tried to fit me to their mold would come back to punish me for defying them, and I would once again find myself at their mercy and living on the street.

At one point in my recovery all the anxiety, and all of the relentless, senseless fears, like many others I had in the past, nearly petrified me into inactivity or full retreat. But once I weighed out the consequences and alternatives, I found that if I wished to survive the consequences of my past and to live and survive in society, there was no other way to do so other than to accept the only useful alternate. That course was to be assertively honest with myself and accept myself as to who my true self is within, and to be the best her that I could be..

Once I surrendered, a great pressure was released and I felt as light as a feather. You see, there was never anyone else living as me to start with. The other characteristics I had taken on were the false ones I had manifested to be me, Like acting out a part in a play, turning the mouse into a lion so to speak.  At the time it was a necessity for survival.

Goddess loves the child within. Goddess has always loved her. It is only I who denied and hid from her true essence and simplicity of heart and mind for all those years. Once I accepted the inner me, *I am me!* I stand before the Goddess in naked childlike innocence. I am a child of the Sacred Feminine, Queen of Universe.

I shall be reasonably happy in this life as long as I carry my own light, and I shall be supremely happy with the light of all lights forever in the next.

I carried this burden for too many years, then upon finding the resting place, I put down my sack and sorted out all of the trash I had collected on my journey in this life and threw out what I no longer needed. Dropping the empty sack behind me, I walked over to my mount and climbed upon my beloved dragon’s back. The splendid creature she is, she flew away in a cloud of dust and vanished among the silvery lined clouds illuminated by the silver moon above.



Monday, 22 July 2013

Do you Believe in Fairies

Do you Believe in Fairies

Some speak of them as Devas, Some have seen and even taken pictures of tiny beings of light with wings. Some have seen ghostly light filtering around trees in gardens, fields and forests. To me they appear as tiny dots of light, like fire flies except tinier but brighter and yes I believe they are spirit and can manifest to us as observable energy, At times they will appear to the observer as what ever they conceive in their mind what these beings would appear like. Most people have see orbs at one time or on another, especially in photographs.

Just the same as the light beings, angels and any other number of other observable energetic phenomena where in some cases some do have the ability to take on a human form, commonly as tall undefined humanoid shaped beings. They equally have the ability to take on a physical form of either the little ones or the tall ones in an observable form in order to interact with us on the physical plane. How many levels of reality are there? Infinity? An infinity of living energy? Maybe universe is a living entity in itself?  

Here I can only attest to what I have observed, but I can not prove their true physical existence any more then any one else on this planet that have observed or had encounters with these beings. But I do have no doubt what so ever of their existence, especially not after having had as many personal encounters with them as I have in the past. There is spirit energy everywhere on this planet, but it is most active in nature. Natures spirits? Fairies, little people, elves, leprechauns, sylphs, elves? Sprites or as the French call them, les feu dan foret? “ Why not.” 

What do you think? Please feel free to leave coments below.

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