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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Ancient Atlantis and Mars

Ancient Atlantis and Mars
Hi, dear friends and followers. I wrote this some years back, they are my own off the wall ideas and theories. From reading some of the interesting literature her I thought that maybe some of you might be interested from reading this entry. Thank you very much for your time

Before we begin the review of Atlantis, to my understanding, the name Atlantis was not necessarily the name for the first civilization to evolve on earth. But Atlantis being the buzz word for it,  why not call this ancient civilization Atlantis? Good enough a label as any for lack of any other description.

The latest archaeological find was  an incomplete set of humanoid skeletal remains that they called "Lucy."  The remains were judged to be around three million years old.

How old is humanity and how and why did this ancient civilization fall out of grace without a trace?  There are some very tantalizing artifacts left behind, hinting of a hierarchy of humanity in many different places around the world, yet  all disappeared  so suddenly around the same time.  There is still that annoying enigma they call missing link between what differentiates monkeys and apes from homo erectus to our modern day homo sapiens.

Now if one takes into consideration the very possible existence of ancient ruins of Mars which exceeds greatly the mass of any of the great artifacts we have here on Earth. How did they get there? Who built them? How long ago?

The gods? Perhaps, or beings of energy, angels or highly evolved beings, that are depicted in abundance on cave walls, ancient papyrus scrolls and stone tablets.

Some theorists have it that the human species early  beginning may have been possible through manipulation of our DNA code which was taken from an already earlier existing life form here on Earth then mixed with alien or extraterrestrial DNA, true star seeds, creating a new hybrid humanoid being. 

Mars, possibly wet and green at the time may possibly have truly been the outpost of the gods, Eden, or Atlantis, take your pick. For such extraterrestrial being to have come from elsewhere to colonize Mars, had to be much more advanced beings then we are at the present time.

To travel such a vast interstellar distance and have such a technology much more superior and advance to ours in order to build such massive structures as the pyramids here on earth and the remains of massive colossal artifacts on Mars such as the DMD pyramid and the face.

Could it be that the first civilization had their humble beginnings on Mars? Then at a later time journeyed to the Earth at a time when the environment cooled sufficiently enough to support life when Mars’ environment had begun to deteriorate.

In time the Gods moved on and the memory of these beings eventually faded into legends and myths. Angels dragons, thunderbirds, and fairies and a whole menagerie of other life forms mentioned in mythology. If so, what could have taken place for these beings to move so abruptly away from their creation? Or have they left at all?

Where did all there advanced technology go to? None was ever found and just imagine all the technology we have today and try to move all of it off planet in a very short time.

Was this technology in a physical form? Or was it something else much more beyond our concept of technology on the physical plane of our understanding?

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Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day.
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Friday, 3 May 2013

Hearing the Song of colors

I feel and believe in my heart that what we are wishing for, and what  we see in our visions and dreams are places where we have already been or will be and will some day again revisit in another reality. Past present and future are but measurements of distance and time but all exist simultaneously within the oneness of all that is in creation. Although our finite biological minds are limited in conceiving the totality of all that is, it is not impossible for the spiritual consciousness to see all of what is and is not visible in the spectrum of light and energy.

Every aspect of every potential to be in the spectrum of color in the continuum of light has significance, both the dark and the bright, for it brings forth from the depths of the embodied consciousness, a resonance with that light which then brings about a full complement and a full understanding of the light that radiates in every shade of color known and unknown which radiates within and without our being and from the soul itself.

Just remember, colors are beautiful and you know, if you listen carefully you can also hear the song of the colors. If you listen carefully and you will see that Gaia loves us al as one and we all resonate with the mother as one. Can you imagine that? Even after all the pain that she endures, she still loves us to let us see her true beauty. I can only pray that I can teach others how to listen for the music by resonating with the colors and sounds of our great mother and find harmony and peace in our hearts and our great mother someday perhaps in the not to distant future.


All light and energy in creation are as one, in this reality we are but one thread connecting with all threads that make up the universal web

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Harmony and Beauty

The world is beautiful and its beauty is part of us and we part of it.

It is only man's obstinacy and tenacity to hold on to that which is not his or hers to keep,
in preference of sharing that which is meant for all living things to share,
is where we fail to see the true beauty behind the veil of deceit.
In the final analysis, all that keeps the many from seeing and being one with this harmony of beauty is the individual's own reluctance to see beyond the veil of deceit.
See the true beauty of the world , not from the eyes, but from the heart and you will see that we are truly one.


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

In celebration of Beltane
The Inner Spark
It is exciting when one gets their own visions validated by another person, Finally you feel like your not alone anymore. Your not crazy or hallucinating like some would think or lead you to think. Probably you think to yourself, if I were to tell them bluntly of my knowings sensings and seeings, they would think I really did fall out of my tree .

Even we, in these modern times, have only begun to relealise how once more to synchronize with the elements of Gaia and the Universe. An ancient art that at one time was regularly performed by shaman, medicine men and women, and other folk of the ancient traditional practices, such as Wiccans and other ancient practices classified as black magic and other taboos by today’s self righteous.

So much has been lost over time in the art of simply synchronizing our heart and minds with the elements, the heart pulse and breath which is the web of Universe. Only in recent time have we begun to reawaken sufficiently to experience tiny glimpses through the veil of illusion of this reality into the next quantum dimensions.

There are possibly also those few in the field of scientific research who may be open minded enough to consider the possibilities of the existence of extraterestral energy sources that have only been hinted at by those in the study off quantum physics and other scientific fields of research. Much of science is after all based on the use of what they term as comparing data by inference. Determining what is not observable in the human senses or instrumental range of detection. What the cant see directly they compare what might be and how it affects what is known and detectable.

Maybe some day Science, physics, astrophysics, Quantum Physics, and the metaphysical will merge into one science, the multiple layers of energy like the layers of an onion extending into eternity. All these many energy elements that today still remain classified as being Magic or miracles. These phenomena that can not be readily explained or proven as fact with today's science are still looked upon as taboo by many today will someday come to light to those who have been blinded. And it maybe not in the too distant future at that.

*This power comes from the spark within, which some religious institutions call a soul.* This energy field is channeled from the inner spark or inner self which is only one thread in a network of other threads that make up the universal web, *source,* or the Oneness.

Present, past and future are but measurements of distance in the physical universe but all exist simultaneously as energy
Cynthia ©

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Aquarius Dragon

In this early morning in another vilage Sandroughe in another location of the valley a wondrous spectacle was seen after a terrible thunderstorm, A very large aqua green dragon also rose out of the wild waters of the River Roufin at the Roufin bridge. The dragon had probably been awakened from it's deep sleep at the bottom of the river by a violent thunderstorm that washed down from Mount Rowenbach, which flowed thunderously into the Roufin beneath the village grain mill. 
The startled dragon shot for the surface, upon emerging into the surface air it was temporarily blinded by a flash of lighting and landed in a sprawl on the river bank. Lifting it's huge head up towards the sky it screamed in frustration with such ferocity that it shook the leaves on the near by trees. Lifting it's huge luminous wings once again took to the air flying in the opposite direction from the storm, the air pressure from it's huge ponderous wings blowing the leaves and twigs from the trees below.

The beast flew towards a lone peak in the distance and roosted upon it's summit to rest until dawn which would soon arrive. The early dawn light lit up a the sky to reveal a beautiful valley below, a patchwork many colors. In the distance the dragon could see a column of smoke rising up above a grove of trees. An irresistible aroma came to the
  dragons nostrils that it could not resist and realized that after the long slumber it had taken at the bottom of the river it had grown hungry.

The dragon once again took to the air and flew towards the column of smoke like a moth drawn to a lamp. In this early morning in another vilage Sandroughe in another location of the valley a wondrous spectacle was seen after a terrible thunderstorm, A very large aqua green dragon also rose out of the wild waters of the River Roufin at the Roufin bridge. The dragon had probably been awakened from it's deep sleep at the bottom of the river by a violent thunderstorm that washed down from Mount Rowenbach, which flowed thunderously into the Roufin beneath the village grain mill. 

In the long distant past dragons lived along side man in harmony and thry were the protectors and helpers and guides for man. But unfortunately something happened and man turned against it's friend and protector the dragons and the dragons withdrew into the high peaks of mountains and thick wilderness areas. But man did not leave them in peace for long before they came hunting for them so the dragons retreated even far the into remote places on our planet. 

But man continued hunting and slaughtering them an finally they retreated to another place, another world where men would not be able to reach them. 

Some chose to stay with the hopes that somehow they could reconcile their bond with mankind but mankind continued to hunt them to near extinction, today only a very few of them remain, only seen by those who still have an open mind and are pure of heart can see to them, especially young children. In this tiny community it was the very young who were the first to see the Aquarius dragon coming in the distance. The children from everywhere in the village came running out to see the magnificent dragon.

The dragon circled the village from high above just out of arrow and lance range looking for the source of the aroma it had smelled. A large cauldron on a tripod stood over a fire in front of one of the dwellings, folding it's wings it dove down towards the cauldron . more children ran out of the dwelling accompanied by two men with lances, the dragon continued its dive looming bigger and bigger as it got closer until finally it folded it's wings and landed on the dirt in a loud of dust as continued moving forward towards the cauldron  The dragon could hear shout as and screaming all around but never lost a stride as it continued towards the source of the irresistible aroma.     

Not one lance was thrown nor any arrows shot, it had happened to quickly and now there were children everywhere who had come out to sea this amazing beast. Some children were practically dragged away by frantic adults but there were to many of them. One little red haired boy approached the dragon with no apparent fear. The beast knocked over the cauldron and just proceeded to feast it'self oblivious to the hub bub around it. The red haired boy continued moving towards the dragon. 

The boy reached the dragon and just stood their in amazed curiosity at the beast only just a few steps away, the dragon finished with it's meal it turned to look at the boy who just stood there fearlessly  The dragon nudged the little boy with it's snout and the boy stumbled back a few paces but persistently just walked back to stand in front of the dragon smiling he extended his hand towards the beast. Giving up the beast lowered it's long sinewy neck and chin to lay flat on the ground. The boy again walked right up to the dragon and petted it on the snout then sat next to it with his right arm round his neck. The boy smiled as he thought, "my forever friend."  

Cynthia ©

Monday, 29 April 2013

Dragon Legends

During of the distant misty past of medieval times, it was believed that there were dragons that were claimed to have mystical powers, they lived in crevices high in the jagged mountain tops above the surrounding valleys below.

One day in the late summer season, a powerful dragon flew down from mount Dracona and landed so close to an unsuspecting village peasant girl by the name Scrachen, that she slumped to the ground and passed out. 

The peasant girl woke up a short time later, she found that the Dragon had lain down only a few dozen steps away and had drifted off into a fitful slumber. In front of the dragon laid a lump of bright material that appeared to have an inner glow of it's own, it radiated a bright milky white light. Scrachen remembered some stories told that Dragons had these stones that were embedded in the lower part of their neck which shone very brightly. These stones were rumored to have great mystical powers and were a very much valued possession. A symbol of power.

Scrachen remembered also stories of a famed warrior who once killed one of the Mount Pilatus dragons: he somehow managed to run his spear down the dragon's throat then finished killing the beast with his sword then removed the stone from the lower part of it's neck. 

Sometime later it was rumored that the warrior had suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. What had ever happened to him? No one knew to this day, just was never seen again. It is also now known that a dragon does not breath fire, but they do breath out a very toxic poisonous breath that can kill many warriors with just one exhaled breath. Sometime it could take days of agony before the victim finally succumbed to death. Could this have been what happened to the warrior? Had pride driven him away into the wilderness to die alone?

Scratchen, slowly and careful moved forward judiciously measuring every step carefully so as to not make a sound. Stopping for a moment as the dragon shifted it's position but did not awaken. She continued to advanced slowly towards the dragon. Her first thought was to steal the stone but as she got closer she noticed old woulds that healed over leaving many scars. It was the wound at the lower part of the neck that caught her attention as she drew closer. Scrachen stopped dead in her tracks with a sudden realization  This was the supposedly slain dragon the vanished warrior was supposed to have killed. Scrachen continued to edge forward towards the dragon and very carefully and gently touched the dragons front clawed paw. The beasts eyes immediately opened and a large reddish eyeball was staring Scrachen.

She  heard a low growl from down deep in the creatures throat. She sat on the ground next to the beast with her hand still gently resting on the beasts front clawed scaly paw. The creature turned to look look at her directly with both eyes then lowered it's head and sniffed her just like any other animals do. The creature satisfied that she meant it no harm and carried no weapons it lowered it's head near the ground before it and began to push the shiny object towards her. She knew immediately what it wanted of her. Replace the shiny object to it rightful place. Again Scrachin carefully and slowly picked up the shiny object and knew what the creature want. She held the the object against the wound on it's lower neck and almost immediately a healing affect began to take place as the object as the object reconnected with it's host. 

The Dragon once again lowered it's head to the ground this time also letting it's neck stretch out flat on the ground and just laid there blinking at her. She knew what it wanted, it wanted for her to climb on and go with it. Three beats of those huge leathery wings and the were aloft. Next thin Scrachin knew is flying above the clouds headed towards a distant mountain

Cynthia ©

Childhood dreams lost

As I have come to remember more of my childhood growing up in a small town I envy the old me . The young idealistic, innocent that still believed that her marriage was going to be a place of safety, love and support and to have children and raise a family. That dream is so long dead it is covered in dust.

Now instead of the dewy eyed girl who could trust and love with a completely whole heart, I became a battle worn, emotional wreck. Every time life and my questionable choices knocked me to my knees, I got up again. Not always for myself. I crawled back up to be some body only to end up in poverty and I strived again to be some body's love. I got gut kicked and tossed out like yesterday's garbage and I clawed my way upright once again to be some body's loving wife.

It was enough to want to be there for others. It was enough to keep me driven and focused; to succeed. But I will tell you a powerful and amazing truth about my journey.

Nothing has made me feel more like a woman, a goddess, than to get back up solely for my own sake, I came to realize there was no one there to help me up. When I got up it had to be just for me, when the only excuse and reason for living became my desire to be completely there for myself I found that safe place. I found the real contentment, safety, fulfillment, support that I had always craved.

Do I miss that sweet innocent girl I was? Hell yes. It breaks my heart that she had to be bullied and abused to get to be me where I stand now. However, I cannot ignore the reality that her suffering has given me a powerful creative force, a breath taking dimensional beauty that can only be achieved by living hard and dirty for a while. They were all lessons about life and living and how to make better choices in my life and how to use my God/Goddess given gifts more wisely.

I love you right where you are. For to long were you a tightly closed bud, the promise of a truly powerful and loving woman. It is at that point when you feel unhinged, unappreciated, and held back from your joy that you are the unexploded brilliant fireworks that is a woman in transition. I remember the rudderless ship of abandonment I was. Trust me as an old battle scarred warrior princess that has become the finished product of the beautiful and fantastic life that you feel now.

Once you are on the shore of the other side of this uncomfortable time it gets better.
After you are washed clean by the torrent of hurt, anger, disappointment and woeful tears, it gets better.

When you feel strong enough and surrender completely to your dreams, desires and personal needs and wants, the clouds of despair begin to part. When you feel inspired and empowered to put yourself first it gets wonderfully better.

Now I have my beloved roomie of ten years, my twin flame and warrior in shining armor

Cynthia ©

The 12 Keys of Spiritual Activism

Spiritual Activism is about reconnecting the concepts of personal spiritual growth and societal action. It is a mindset that comes from the awakening of our perception of the interconnectiveness of all living beings and the understanding that not only do our actions make a contribution to the world, they also foster our personal spiritual development. Spiritual Activism moves the mindset of the individual from one of "me" to one of "us" and towards a goal of selfless service to others. Selfless service does not differentiate between invisible acts of service to others and those that are recognized publically. It works towards the empowerment of others to not only solve the immediate problem, but to give the tools to prevent the repeat of the problem.

The embrace of the path of Spiritual Activism enables individuals or groups to develop the noble qualities of compassion, wisdom and gratitude. It is in itself a Path of Transformation - a Spiritual Blueprint for living. We can shift our perspectives of reality through seeking service beyond self by practicing the Gifts of Service.

Music: Daniel Kobialka, "Annachie Gordon"


Haunted buildings? But of course. I do believe they are a real phenomenon, especially for some who are sensitive enough to detect their energy. I don't see negative entities but I certainly feel their energy and sometimes it's not very nice energy.

There was also a resident ghost in the homestead where I grew up.
From the time my dad bought the old house before renevations we could hear sounds at night, like popping sounds like someone stomping on a large tomato can. Creaking and groaning like one of those wooden tall ships at sea.

The sounds kind of spooked me when I was younger but as I grew older It didn't bother me as much but there was no way my mom could talk me into going into the cellar to get some preserves, I would have starved first. I didn't like that damp old wooden framed cellar full of spiders webs. I could have swore that some of those spiders were as big as a basket ball. But this was where the greatest source of the noise at night originated from.

In later years my dad had the house renovated with a full basement a had a living room, bath and bedroom added to the ground floor part of the house. With the full size basement I though that would be the end of the strange sounds at nigh. The same sounds continued unabated by the new basement

Some couple of years later we had my sister and her four children staying over. On this one ocasion my dad was away on business. One night a loud crash from the basement woke all of us up. My mom sister and the three kids ran into my room and jumped into the bed with me. I don't know why that was but everyone thought of me being the dragon slayer of the family I guess. So I armed myself with my dads twenty two riffle and went down stairs and checked every room. Nothing was out of place nothing broken or smashed

When I was nine years old I was sitting in the middle of the rec-room floor playing some board game by myself when I hears that familiar stomping sound again, like someone smashing a large tomato can with their foot. I never looked around to see what it was, I just said, Ok you can play this game with me if you want Cassandra, the name just popped into my head from nowhere. Not another sound was heard after that night.

I later discovered that this ghost turned out to be a little girl by the name of Cassandra, and all she wanted or was looking for was for someone to pay attention to her, so I made friends with her. She became my imaginary friend, so it was when someone would see me talking to myself, mom would say others present I was talking to my imaginary friend. I have seen shadows flicker in and out occasionally through the years and have never really paid them much attention until all of the past occurrences I mentioned above.

I do remember that It was more of a feeling then an actual observance. A feeling like there was a familiar presence in the house, but this presences had a calming influence, not negative in nature at all. It truly felt familiar, but I could not readily place what it was.

Anyway, I have experienced other phenomena on many different occasions through the years as well which I was never until just relatively recent time was able to explain or fully understand. I can't say if I actually ever made myself disappear and reappear again. In childhood I have on occasion learned to blend so well with the background behind me so that when I didn't want someone to find me all I had to do is stand perfectly still, so that even with bright-colored clothes they would walk by like I were invisible. It was a neat trick when I didn't want to be found when I was a kid.

The problem is that I have also discovered that even now when I am trying to talk to someone it is like I am not there. Even my roomie, standing or sitting right beside to me does not notice or hear me either. So these little disappearing acts can at times be quite annoying, Disappearing without even actually disappearing. Just “poof!” no one notices I’m there short of pulling my hair, making weird faces and screaming my butt off, so it would appear at times. Which sometimes I feel like doing. Pretty odd isn't it?

Ok now for The Return of my Ghost Friend. It was In August of 2007 when my roomie totaled her car and walked out without a scratch. Then late September we survived another near fatal car accident when my van we were riding in was hit from behind while stopped at a red light, totally pushed the back end of the van to the back of the front seats. It was a miracle we walked out of that one alive with only a few minor bruises.

I have often wondered why I felt stuff that others didn't when I was in certain places. The negative energy in this place we had just moved in was so dense and oppressive you could literally almost cut it with a knife when you walked into the place. We were finding ourselves aggressively arguing with one another at the least provocation, which was unusual for us, we hardly ever even have disagreements with each other.

About a month after the van incidence our apartment was broken into. My partner was not certain if the perpetrators were still in the house or not. I could feel that the residual energy was old, and that no one was in the house. She called the police on her cell phone, mostly out of formality, As I had thought the police had been a waste of time. The next day I told my roomie that there was some type of nasty energy that had to be cleansed out of the house. She went to the local Catholic church and got some holly water and we sprinkled holy water as well as smudge the apartment with sweet grass twice over, then I felt the negative energy subside and it became considerably calmer and more peaceful in the room.

It was shortly after the cleansing that we both began to see Cassandra. She made herself presence quite literally noticed at times seen as a fleeting shadow or something feeling a a subtle touch on your shoulder. I don’t think she really had ever left. I just had to become conscious that she was still around. As for me, I am happy that she has returned, My childhood imaginary friend I use to tell everyone is still here with us. :o)

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