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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Increasing Empathic Ability

Ask an Empath: Increasing Empathic Ability
by Lorna Tedder · in Empathy

Hi dear friends and followers. Today I would like to share with you on the topic of  Increasing Empathic Ability. Thank you for your visit and for reading this entry

Question: Does living with other empaths, including your own children, make you more empathic?

In my own personal experience? Yes, absolutely.

When it was just me, alone, living in close quarters with someone who was most definitely not empathic in any way, shape, or form, I barely noticed my own empathic skills…mainly because I had merged emotionally with my roommate. The effect was similar to throwing a wet blanket over a fire. Once the blanket was removed and air got to the flame, the fire increased to a steady roar.

When one empath was added to the mix, I found that my sensitivity was not multiplied by two but instead was exponential to a factor of two. It was no longer my ability times someone else’s ability, but my ability, that person’s ability, and our ability as a separate merged entity in our relationship.

When a third empathic roommate was added to the mix, all of our abilities ascended to the next level with the newest and youngest empath making the biggest leap forward in sensitivity.

I think the same is true with empaths and any people with esoteric skills who combine their efforts. They become much more than themselves and more of the two of them together. Their abilities, their emotions, their power–all combines into a separate, greater entity that is more than the sum of its parts. I think this is true of people who work together at the esoteric level in circles, churches, covens, prayer groups, healing circles, etc., but most especially if these people share the same space and the same air on a daily basis.
Note: I fully agree. I have had the wonderful experience of meeting other empathic people, especially while serving as a social worker, working with street people, mental health consumers, and drug addicts and alcoholics. Not just the people I worked alongside of, but also among the people I worked with.

When one becomes close from working with these people, it is like an electrical current in the air that builds up, that gives you the strength and confidence to continue. Rescue work can be very disappointing because you are lucky if you successfully rescue one person in a month. What keeps you going is the electricity that is shared between empaths, and this works just as well online. It seems that somehow we find each other no matter where we are located on the web map. Unfortunately, one does not only lose clients but also leaders. And this also happens on the web.

The way it is, I keep trying and never give up. Where else am I going? I am here until I am lead to the next mission.
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Friday, 2 October 2015

Earth Wobble, Climate Change, Pole Shift …

Earth Wobble, Climate Change, Pole Shift … and the Changing Sky above Me Part 2
by Lorna Tedder · in Energy

Hi dear friends and followers. Welcome to my blog, today we continue with part 2 of Earth Wobble, Climate Change, Pole Shift. I hope you enjoy reading this entry, thank you.

But what hit me so hard when I was asked if I had noticed changes in the sky was that I had noticed. It just hadn’t registered. I hadn’t noticed changes in the sun or moon so much as I had noticed changes in constellations. I’ve been an avid sky watcher since I was a little girl, but I moved around a bit in my young adulthood. Now that I’ve been in one place for over 22 years, I know the changing seasons and the weather, right down to which days of March will dip into that last “unexpected” freeze that will destroy any bedding plants I’ve put out in the first beautiful days of warm weather.

When my children were little and needed reassurance, I would take them out in the late fall and early winter and point out the constellation of Orion. I gave each of them stars when they were about four or five years old. Betelgeuse for one and Rigel for the other, both in the constellation of Orion.

“See those three stars?” I told them, pointing at Orion’s belt. “That’s Mommy in the middle with my arms stretched open wide to you both.”

And then I turned with my arms stretched wide from one to the other & then one to the other again and made them laugh. They both grew up thinking that they owned stars in a constellation. In those days, when I pointed out Orion, it was at the end of our driveway, at midnight in September. They understood what the constellation looked like and, if no other, they could point Orion out among all the stars throughout the winter and name the red star and the blue one.

These are special Mother-Daughter moments, forever in my heart, so I am not unsure of the constellation’s location in aspect to my family home in September through December.

On a particular night in September 2008, I stood at the end of that driveway looking up into the eyes of my then-boyfriend. It was after midnight. Not by much, but enough that he was dreading being late getting back to Ranger Camp, finishing a load of laundry, and then getting up for a hard three days’ stint of work before he could see me again. The day had been eventful in many ways and then it was ending with kisses on my driveway, the constellation of Orion rising behind him in the night sky—at the corner of my driveway—and him professing his love for me a moment before he slid into his car and drove away.

Last year, on the same date in September, I had another eventful day. A very hard one, this time. And, somehow, there I was, at midnight, pushing the big garbage can out to the end of the driveway and realizing, suddenly, that it was the anniversary of a night that was very sweet. I paused there–in the same place I had stood with my arms around Army Boy’s neck–no longer thinking either kindly or unkindly toward him, but really not thinking much about him at all. Instead, I was thinking about Orion rising in the eastern sky and wondering where it was. As I turned to go back inside, I found it in the sky…but above my neighbor’s drive, not mine. Still, it was late and I had a lot on my mind about the hard day I’d had.

I had a lot of difficult things on my mind last fall, so I wasn’t paying that much attention to the sky, but I did notice a few other times, when I was out in the evening looking at the night sky, that Orion seemed to be in a different place than it had been in prior years. I wasn’t even sure when it had happened, this difference in where it was placed or at least my perception of it as being different. But, the first time I noticed for certain was in September of 2014.

In the last week, I’ve talked to a number of people who are either farmers, gardeners, amateur astronomers, or people who follow a spiritual path centered around the Earth. Those who have lived in one place for a decade or more and some who have lived there less report that there are changes that they’ve noticed but, like me, had not quite registered what the changes were or what they meant.

While taking a week off to be at home and work on a special project, I’ve had the luxury of watching sunrises and sunsets every day and, just in the last week, I’ve noticed a few things that I would not have noticed before, due to my busy life. In my home office, I can see the sunset—through my northern window—at the height of summer. Twenty years in the same house, ten years with my desk in the same spot, much of it in the same chair, and I’ve never until this summer been able to catch the sunset through this window.

The other thing that was new and different was walking around my house about an hour before sunset during what my photographer daughter calls “the golden hour.” In the narrow side yard, between the southern end of my house and my neighbor’s fence, the light came through as though it were a golden hallway. It reminded me a bit of Stonehenge at summer solstice, with the light coming through the stones. It was a golden tunnel of light and beautiful, something I surely would have noticed at least once before, in all the years of living here. That passageway is at an unusual angle and the sun has to shine between several trees to hit it just right.

The last thing I noticed about the sun’s placement is that, for years, I’ve been able to tell if I was going to be late for work by whether or not a certain design appeared on the tile floor just inside my front door. The sun shines on the glass pane above the door and makes an unusual design on the floor that looks like a dragon. That design, the angle and the depth of it, has changed as well.

I’m not sure why all this has happened, or exactly when. Just that it is different now. The sky is different above me–the constellations, sun, and moon. We have no concept of where we are in the universe except by our connection to our planet and no way of telling where our planet is in connection to the universe without looking outward at the celestial bodies.

Yes, I’m sure we have scientists, astrophysicists, astronomers to tell us these things, but the average person doesn’t know unless they are attuned to the Earth and the sky. Even NASA has said that earthquakes can affect the tilt of the Earth, but I don’t believe anyone ever said exactly how that would look. I think, maybe, I’m beginning to understand that now.

Maybe this is why everything feels a little off in the day and in the seasons. Maybe this is why our world and the people who inhabit the planet with us seem a little out of balance these days. Because we are.
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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Earth Wobble, Climate Change, Pole Shift …

Earth Wobble, Climate Change, Pole Shift … and the Changing Sky above Me
by Lorna Tedder · in Energy

Hi dear friends and followers. Today's topic is not only about those who are sensitive to outside stimuli, 'empathy,' but how observant you are as well. Do you notice the minute details of change? Thank you for visiting and reading my blog

Celebrating Independence Day but feeling Autumn in the air

As I write this in early July, the heat index is 110 degrees but it feels like fall. Energetically, that is. Temperature-wise, it’s hot as hell outside and the hottest weather is yet to come.

Autumn is my favorite season and maybe that’s why I noticed this first, before I noticed the changes in the sky. Where I live, the temperature does not begin to cool until late September, sometimes even early October, though I remember as a teenager in the late ‘70s wearing stylish tweed suits to the first September football games and being quite comfortable on a nippy Friday night.

But the energy of fall is very different from the weather of fall.

Autumn, to me, has the energetic feel–for lack of a better term–of lushness and abundance. It is the time in my life when I have most often fallen in love. I grew up on a farm, attuned to the seasons and how each felt. Not just the weather but the life force of each season. I always laugh at Northerners who tell me that the South doesn’t have real seasons. There may not be snow and the trees may change color only during Thanksgiving week, but energetically there are most definitely four distinct seasons.

My spiritual path for the past twenty years has also been closely aligned to the seasons and the subtle pulse of the Earth. I have often wondered, on nights when I stared up at the sky or into the full moon, what will become of future generations, presumably living on other planets and not attuned to the Earth? Will they feel the seasons? Will they miss the moon without knowing what is missing from their lives? How will the lack of connection to this planet affect them–both on a psychological and spiritual basis? Are we not all connected to the sphere on which we spin on a core DNA level? All of us sharing common ancestors? Our bodies composed of and returning to the soil of this Earth?

When I first noticed the feel of autumn in scorching early August a few years ago, I was fortunate enough to have several friends who heard me mention it and agreed. They were a Wiccan, a Druid, a gardener, and a farmer. All of them had noted the same thing, the feeling that autumn had come early, very early, even though the weather was still brutally hot and humid. It was an odd thing for all of us to note independently, though none of us had paid particular attention to it until we shared that moment. That was in 2011 and I felt the same in 2012, 2013, and 2014. This year, in 2015, I’m feeling it a full five weeks earlier than I have in the last several years, and so are my friends who are attuned to the cycles of the planet.

This past year, something more than the season has felt off. Even the days feel off. Other “sensitives” agree, although none of us can easily find the words to explain exactly what this “offness” is—only that we feel it.

A year ago, I began walking at sunrise every morning instead of during the day or evenings, partly to avoid the heat and partly to avoid certain people I don’t want to run into on my usual daily miles. A year later, to the day, the sunrises and the sunrise walks feel different to me and, again, I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.
Last week I had an epiphany, the kind that makes you wonder how you missed it before. I had just come from watching a lecture on climate change and how to use this particular knowledge in planning national policy, economic strategy, and military strategy–for the US and well as for other countries. This was not a lecture about politicians’ theories or tree-huggers. It was part of a course to help me understand how changes going on around the planet will have a long-term effect on my country’s responsibilities–both globally and to its own citizens.

Although I was familiar with many of the climate change events presented in the lecture, as documented through the major news networks, I also heard things I had not heard before, including how some of these events are connected and a timeline for dealing with them. Details about island nations that are sinking into extinction somehow reminded me of the number of times in the last year that I’ve looked at my yard after a thunderstorm and wondered how it is that it was flooding in places it never had before in the twenty years I’ve lived in this house. Then it struck me that it wasn’t just my backyard that seemed different but the sky above as well. Only, again, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

A few days later, in a small group gathering, a friend of mine asked, very tentatively, “So, um, has anyone else noticed that the sun isn’t in the same place anymore?” Her words hit me right between the eyes. She wasn’t talking about the time of the year or where the sun is in the sky at the summer solstice versus the winter solstice, but where the sun is now versus where it was a year ago, or two years ago, or ten years ago. The same day, an almost identical discussion was fostered by Kelley Harrell of
Soul Intent Arts.

Note: I have been aware to the change in the tilt of the earths axis since The December 2004 tsunami. I do not know to what degree but I had also heard that it was the electromagnetic pole that was and still is shifting. Since I last heard and if it kept shifting to the right or the east, Russia would become the next true north pole.

Below is an interesting article on this topic.

Yes, sometimes the collective consciousness has to kick me in the butt–or between the eyes–to get me to pay attention.

I’ve not been as attuned to the sun as I am to other heavenly bodies and I think that’s partly because, with many of my days, I’ve been at work before sunrise and at work late after the sun has set. I’m not in the same place every day, let alone in the same place at the same time every year to mark its passing.

With the moon, I have had a few, again, odd notices of something different–and I hate to use the word odd but it fits better than any other I can think of. I’ve followed the movements of the moon for most of my life but especially over the last decade since I built my first backyard fire pit where I often spend at least a little time on full moon nights enjoying the solitude and connection with Nature. Due North of my fire circle is a flagstone where I usually stand when I stare up at the night sky in reverence for this magnificent creation above my head, around me, and beneath my feet. 

This is the stone I’ve stood on for over 10 years, so I know the differences in where the celestial bodies are at different times of the month and of the year. It’s so much a habit that I don’t pay much attention anymore. I’m not always out there at the same time of night but several times in the past year, the moon has not been where I expected it to be. I’ve always been able to find its arc easily in relation to particular trees in my yard, and it’s been behind different trees. I had noticed but then, not really noticed enough for the difference to hold my attention after I went back inside and resumed my busy life.

To be continued
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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Fantasy cannot build its imaginary worlds in short fiction

Fantasy cannot build its imaginary worlds in short fiction 
Natasha Pulley
Wednesday 20 May 2015 

Hi dear friends and followers. Today I wish to bring you as condensed as I can summary of our evolving field of fiction and fantasy. Hope you enjoy this article, and thank you for visiting and reading my blog

‘Mega-novels’ are not a marketing wheeze, but a necessarily giant scaffolding for vast imaginative reach

Try building one of these in a short story ... satellite image of planet earth. Photograph: 
Recently Damien Walter wrote about the tyranny of fantasy serial mega-novels. He suggested that fantasy novels now tend toward the enormous because of market forces — because everybody in the publishing and television industries is looking for the next Game of Thrones, and a new author who can open a factory of imagination that will lead to commercial success. I don’t think that’s the reason behind the size or format of fantasy books at all.

Last year, I was teaching on a short fiction course and agreed with the convenor that I’d do genre fiction while he covered high literary, New Yorker-style stuff. But although I read truckloads of fantasy, and write it, it was very difficult to find fantasy short stories that don’t lean in some way on an existing corpus of novels. There’s a very good reason for that, and it’s nothing to do with market forces – and everything to do with the requirements of the genre itself.

High fantasy of the George RR Martin kind hinges on world-building. When there really is a whole world to build, and not just a historical period or a particular country, world-building does not take a few paragraphs in a short story; it takes chapters. Add to that the anvil on which creative writing schools hammer their students now, show don’t tell, and these details take even longer to convey. A very fine example of this is Robin Hobb’s Farseer series. The plot is simple. It’s about a prophet who wants to change the world by bringing back dragons. But each book is more than 600 pages long, and it’s not pointless rambling allowed by an editor who simply wants to sell three books for £20 per hardback rather than one.

Fantasy must shake off the tyranny of the mega-novel

The time is taken up by the meticulous portrayal of a friendship. If it were set in the real world, this portrayal would take far less time and space – it’s two men who’ve known each other since childhood, doing variously awful and accidental things to each other throughout their adult lives. That is the stuff of top-tier literary fiction, of Ian McEwan and novels that last an exquisite 250 pages. It’s possible in literary fiction, though, because stories of people in the real world lean on the reader’s knowledge of the real world. There’s no need to explain what sort of government the UK has, nor modern geography, nor what our preconceptions are of particular fashions, because everybody already knows.

However, Hobb’s stories don’t take place in the real world. The two main characters are not ordinary people who can be sketched and left largely to the imagination of the reader. One of them can see the future and refuses to disclose, for cultural reasons and out of general pig-headedness, whether he’s even a man or a woman. The other is a royal bastard born into political circumstances that deny him an ordinary family and any other truly meaningful friendships beyond that of this wonderful lunatic. They live in a world where there is magic in the air and the stones, and a dragon buried in a glacier. All those things which are not mentioned in literary realism but are important for its context – government, geography, fashion, everything – are equally important in this trilogy, but they are not already understood by the readers. To bring it all to life requires a lot of space, and a huge amount of detail.

If you take out the detail of fantasy and boil it down to the skeleton of its plot, the result is nearly always a lot of unexplained magic. That has a quite a peculiar effect.

Game of Thrones: There was once a girl who raised three dragons and set out to conquer the world.

Lord of the Rings: There was once a hobbit who inherited a ring enchanted by a fallen spirit and destroyed it to save the world.

Harry Potter: There was once a young man who defeated an evil wizard.

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The stories immediately begin to sound like fairytales. At its heart, high fantasy is what happens when a fairytale-style plot is sufficiently elaborated upon. The magic is explained and systematised; where a fairytale says, “there was once a witch”, fantasy explores what witches are and where they come from, how they live, the culture of witchcraft. It builds its reasoning from the ground up, brick by brick. It becomes sprawling and densely populated because often it isn’t about a unifying plot, but a common world. Everything else about high fantasy is shared with fairytales – settings, objects, stereotypical characters, stereotypical plots. It’s world-building that separates them – and, therefore, length.

To write short fantasy is very difficult. If the usual big-fantasy detail is taken out and you only sketch a plot, you get a fairytale. If you write real high fantasy in 4,000 words, details and all, it tends to be a snippet, not a story. If it’s something set in a basically real world but with a fantasy element, it’s not fantasy so much as speculative fiction, or alternative history, or a ghost story. That means that there is an incredibly narrow taxonomical window in which short fiction can be recognised as fantasy at all. What we recognise as fantasy is long. Sometimes really long.

The fantasy series, and the mega-novel, may have been encouraged by market forces. But they are, above everything else, the natural format for anything so sprawling as a fantasy universe. There’s rubbish, of course; there’s also some properly good writing, and some of it isn’t by Tolkien or Martin. So I hope they keep coming. As long as possible, please.
Natasha Pulley’s The Watchmaker of Filigree Street will be published by Bloomsbury in July
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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Poems and quotes, by me.

Poems and quotes, by me.

Hi dear friends and followers, welcome to my blog and thank for visiting and reading my poems and quotes

A short poem by me +Cindy Groulx

Do we wish to see an essentially unified world?
One with a conscience that goes beyond the material?
At this time the soul of man sleeps;
One by one we awaken to the truth,
a truth that is beyond the material.
We are learning that there is a unity of souls,
governed by by the one Eternal Spirit of universe.
The Source whose power created all that is; 
the earth, the sky, and the stars;
from micro to macro and all that is,
and beyond, but is still an integral of who we are;
within and without, perpetually irradiating our mind
with a consciousness that binds us as one.

A short poem by me +Cindy Groulx

Late, by myself, I can not sleep,
My mind drifting, drifting,
in a land of no land 
where there is no light,
The sky is thick with cloud cover
I try to return to the light,
which is just above the surface, 
but I’m already under the surface
I have found my freedom
living within the ocean.
an ocean of dreams 

“Sit and be still in your own silence.” Once you find that peace within, your soul will start to revive.”

Quote by me +Cindy Groulx 

If the shifting sands of the desert are like the buffeting that brings the luster to your virtue and the soft winds enlighten your charms, the luster of your beauty will be brighter than the myriad of stars in the heavens in the desert night

Quote by me +Cindy Groulx 

It is usually with expectancy that I wake up in the morning. what will come forth to me today That I may best accomplish? I may ask. I do my best to let my intuition be my guide, for she has never been wrong. If I fail, it is only because I wasn't listening.

Quote by me +Cindy Groulx

A fair little fairy sits amidst fairy trees and flowers,
Where daisies sing like little birds
Between the sun and showers,
And grasses whisper tiny things
About this beautiful world where the fairies live.

Composed by me +Cindy Groulx
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Monday, 28 September 2015

Manifesting Needs vs Wants

Manifesting Needs vs Wants
July 1, 2014 · by Lorna Tedder · in

Hi dear friend and followers. Today's topic is mainly about knowing the difference between manifesting your needs and manifesting your wants. I will not have much to add to this one today because I believe the author has most of the bases covered on this topic better then I could. Thank you for visiting my blog
I was trained from an early age by Christian parents and Southern culture to be more than satisfied with having my needs met. With having the bare minimum. With having “enough.” And to have more…to have any of mywants met…was pure greed on my part.

Even as an adult, there have been things I’ve desperately wanted–needed–for my own personal and spiritual growth but as the people-pleasing daughter of a borderline personality father, I learned quite well to sacrifice my own happiness for the happiness of others. Not only that, but to see my sacrifice as a virtue. I have often prided myself on wanting much but needing little, and patted myself on the back for my independence, my self-sufficiency.

Note: My parents encouraged my sister and I in any way they could to help us grow with healthy attitudes in life. We were also brought up to think the same way as the writer was. Sacrifice was not only better, it was a virtue compared to satisfying wants. There was always someone more needy than us to think about, and they came before thinking selfishly about our petty wants. 

In 2008, I got called out on that belief by my 23-year-old then-boyfriend. We’d been together for only a few weeks when, while out for an evening walk, he spouted some wisdom that defied his age and lack of both education and worldliness. He laced his fingers through mine and pulled me to a stop in front of Chantilly Lake. Moments before, we’d been talking about the North Carolina mountains and wading through streams. Then I’d grown silent, lost in thought I didn’t care to share.

“You know,” he said, “I wasn’t lying when I said I’m psychic. You’re a very strong woman, independent. You don’t need a man for anything. But you want one. You want someone who’ll be a partner for you in every way.”

Note: This, regretfully, I have done to a few ocasions in my time. If you have the ability to reach in and read a person's soul, let me give you some advice. Keep it to yourself, because sharing it with a friend is a sure fire way of losing that friend. Do not even share it with them if it is to save their life, it will only result in resentment

My partner calls this reading someone's beads before they even have them out on display for you to read. Believe me no one likes their beads read, as the author herself experienced. I would not do it even if they asked, and I would strongly advise for those who have experienced this not to do it. 
I didn’t have to confirm or deny. He must’ve seen the panic in my eyes.

His fingers tightened around mine as he continued. “You don’t need anyone or anything. You can live the rest of your life without a partner or even a best friend because you really don’t need anybody. You already have everything you need inside of you to be happy, and you are. You’re more comfortable being the one who’s needed rather than the one who needs. You deny yourself the things you want because you already have everything you need.”

I pulled my hand out of his and walked away, convinced that he must have been channelling because I’d been so careful to keep my shields up with him and not let him know what was really going on in my head and heart.

When he caught up with me, I said gruffly, “You’re right. I don’t need a man.”

Wanting, I realized that day, is a luxury. At least, that’s how I thought. Needs are the things you must have to exist–air, water, food, shelter. Wants? Those are gravy, excess. I’ve always been pretty good at manifesting my needs. I have the basics of life, and I have them by the sweat of my brow. Nobody gave them to me. I worked hard for every one of them, and I have enough 100-hour-work weeks in my past to stare down anyone who wants to argue with me. My wants, however, have been difficult to impossible to manifest.

When I opened my news feed today and saw that Kelley Harrell’s The Weekly Rune was nauthiz–yet again!–I knew it was time to address my interpretation of need. I first studied runes around 2001, with two different teachers, but what I’ve learned in the past year from two dear friends has eclipsed everything that has gone before. I’ve followed The Weekly Rune since its inception, and what distinguishes it from other weekly divination blogs is Kelley’s insight and awareness. I don’t know what the stats are, but it seems to me that Kelley draws nauthiz from her bag of runes more than any other.

I’m listening. I am.

The word need has arisen too many times this year for me to keep ignoring its call. Between Kelley’s blog and hearing REM’s “Country Feedback”too many times today, I have to face it. Now.

Several months ago, I came up with a unique way to manifest information I needed. It’s a little trick I use almost daily now, and the funny thing is, the information I need now manifests within 24 hours. I don’t tell the Universe, “This is what I want to know.” I don’t pray, “Please send me this thing I want.” I don’t work magick to bring me the things I want. I don’t demand. I don’t beg. I don’t plead. I don’t ask. I simply state, “Dear Universe, I need to know _______,” and that information turns up quickly, often through obscure sources.

Note: Great Spirit, If it be your will guide me to find a way to find the solution. More times than not the answer comes from a totally different direction and form then you had expected.
Oh, who am I kidding? Sometimes the way the information comes to me is downright hilarious.

I’ve expanded on this technique in the last few weeks to manifest needs beyond information. “Dear Universe, I need _____.” So far, I’m only dipping my toe in the water, but I’ve been surprised at how quickly non-information needs are manifesting for me.

“Dear Universe, I need $6000 more to pay to replace the HVAC unit in my home” didn’t result in a sack of cash being dropped at my front door, but it did result in a new project being dropped in my lap that, if I follow through, could easily earn me that much by the end of the year.

So how is it that I’m able to manifest needs so quickly using this method when manifesting wants eludes me more often than not? I think it comes down to my interpretation of need versus want. The biggest difference between need and want is whether it’s your point of view or mine.

“Dear Universe,” I said earlier today, “I need to know that my daughters are okay and I need to hear from them.” A few hours later, I was Face-timing with two yawning college girls, tired and happy, somewhere in the Swiss Alps, after several days without an internet connection.

Did I really need to hear from them? Or did I just want to hear from them? From my point of view, I needed to hear from them. Instinctively, I knew that they were okay, but still…a mom wants to hear from her babies. Needs. I didn’t need to hear from them so I could survive the next 24 hours, but I did need to hear from them for my own peace of mind. I could almost hear my dad or my ex or any number of other people in my life telling me I didn’t need to be Face-timing with the girls but I needed to be working instead or I needed to be doing any number of things that someone else interpreted as a need.

“Dear Universe,” I said recently, “I need to know if ____ is planning to cause me trouble at work.” And bam! Less than 24 hours later, a mutual acquaintance called me on an unrelated matter and, without my asking, gave me blow by blow what that person had planned. I certainly wanted to know what this person was plotting, but did I need to know? Surely, I could have handled matters as they presented themselves, but no, I did need to know this information. More than a want. A need. I needed this information because it put me in a better situation. Rather than dealing with fall out of this person’s actions after the fact, I was able to nip trouble in the bud before it started. So to me, it was a need, not a want, but anyone else–even my closest friends–would have chided me for wanting to know something that they didn’t deem worthy of my attention.

Perhaps all these wants that I’ve been equating with luxuries aren’t really luxuries at all but needs that, when answers are manifested, put me in a better position where there’s more peace of mind, more security, higher self-actualization, whatever. I’ve denied myself my wants long enough, not realizing that many of them are needs. I know now what things I need to be my best self and live my fullest, richest life, and I know a few superfluous wants that would be nice to have, too. The difference between those wants and needs are mine–and mine alone–to determine.
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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Increased Ability with Parenting

Ask an Empath: Increased Ability with Parenting
by Lorna Tedder · in EnergyHi, dear friends and followers. Today's is just a short entry about when an individual, who is maybe not even be aware of what empathy is yet, becomes a parent. The role of empathy doesn't come into play in the relationship of parent and child until consciousness of the bond develops. Many parents become much more in tune or aware of children once they have children of their own.

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Question: Do empaths’ abilities increase when they have children?

They might. But more than likely, you’re becoming more aware of them. The empathic bond between parent and child–most often, mother and child though I have witnessed it in many men, especially men who are single parents and solely responsible for their offspring–is a well-known and well-accepted form of empathy and energetic connection.

When you have a child, everything really does change in that you become extremely intuitively and energetically aware of where your child is…or you can. I suppose there are some parents who don’t, but this has been my experience.

You sleep with one eye open. You never sleep deeply because you are always listening for the sound of little feet, slipping out of the room when they shouldn’t be. If things are too quiet, you are aware of it because it usually means somebody’s getting in trouble.


Note: Hehehehe, I do so agree with this one, and quite familiar with this one. The silence becomes like the fire bell going off at the fire station

This is all about awareness, really, but it’s the best understanding most people have of what an energetic bond is like, particularly if you always have a sense of when your child is in trouble or needs help.

Note: Even when they are several blocks away playing with a neighbor's kid, you know. The bond knows no distance
Higher level empaths, or more sensitive empaths, take the parent-child bond to a much deeper level, a much more intense level. Parents will feel their children’s pain–whether it is physical or emotional. Whether it’s on the playground or whether the child is an adult in the army on the other side of the planet. There is no difference. The bond is still there.

If the parent and child are very close emotionally, the bond may also be felt in reverse.
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