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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Welcome to Frizzy Lizzie's place

Hi dear friends and followers. It is Saturday once again, Frizzy Lizzy time. Enjoy

Hi, y'all! Glad to see ya! Have a coffee and set for awhile.

This morning sure started out with a few lumps in it. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one who uses the bathroom around here. I mean, Charley lives here, too, right? So I get up after he's already out of the house, slip my fuzzy slippers on, and head for the bathroom, just like everyone else in the western world. That's a process that doesn't take a whole lot of thinkin' or practice, right? So I do it while I'm still half-asleep.

Until I'm done and reach for the toilet paper. That's when I wake-up because I find out that the cardboard roller is left in the dispenser but that's about it. Now I wouldn't mind if I was the only one who used the potty, or if we lived in a place that used the cardboard rollers for something besides binoculars for young children, but we don't!

I'd say that finding paper there is a reasonable expectation given that the other person who uses the throne is another adult, wouldn't you? Right now I'm so ticked at Charlie that I hope he gets it caught in his zipper next time he goes for a pee!

Now it's my turn for a coffee, thank-yew!

So I read in the newspapers where there are two billionaires, the Koch brothers – what's that? Did I pronounce that name correctly? I checked it out and although you spell it K-O-C-H it sounds like

C-O-K-E. Given what these two dudes want to do it might as well be C-O-C-K because they have in mind to give us all a screwing and let us to pay for the privilege.

They want to de-fund Social Security and give it to their pals in the banking business.

That pretty much shoots our old age security in the ass.

They want to de-fund medicare and take away our health security.

And they want to de-fund Planned Parenthood so that we have more sexually ignorant people making unwanted children and sharing sexually transmitted diseases.
They want to de-fund public education so only the rich will be educated.

They want to de-fund the government's low and middle income housing programs and put broke and working people to live in tents and under bridges.

Of course, they want everyone to have the ability to buy assault rifles! As many of them as they can possibly buy, with lots of ammunition.

What the Hell can possibly go wrong with that plan? 10 years from now there won't be anybody left to complain.

Being thrown back into the stone age might not be such a bad idea. Start over again with people that have hearts.

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Friday, 15 August 2014


Hi dear friends and followers, today we journey into another legendary story taken from the stories the Iroquois tell their children. This story needs no more introduction than this, read on and enjoy.


A wise old raccoon sat up in a tree near the river where the bear lost his tail. The coon saw the fox play his foxy trick on the bear and he did not like it.
“The fox is getting a big head,” said the coon. “This must not be. His head must be made smaller. Some of the foxiness must be taken out of him. He is getting too foxy. He thinks he has the cunning of all the animals and that no one can outwit him. Someone must play a 'fox' trick on him.”

Not many days later, the coon saw the fox coming down the trail. The coon was eating some juicy yellow apples that he had found on a tree not far away. As soon as he saw the fox, he ran up a tree and began to smack his lips as the fox had done to tempt the bear.
The fox stopped under the tree, just as the bear had stopped.

“What tastes so good?” he asked.

For answer the coon threw down an apple to the fox, just as the fox had thrown down the piece of fish to the bear.

The fox took the apple and ate it.
“Fine! Fine!” said the fox, when he had finished the last mouthful. “Where did you get it?”

The coon then told the fox how to find the apple tree. He must follow the trail along the river, down to the pine bluff. Then he must climb the bluff and run toward the setting sun until he came to an open field. In the center of the field stood a great apple tree. It was filled with juicy yellow apples.

“But you can climb the tree and pick your own apples. How can I get them off the tree?” whined the fox.
“Oh, that's easy,” said the coon. “Just back off two bow shots from the tree, then lower your head – like so. Run hard and butt the tree with your head. You have such a big head, it will shake the tree so hard that all the apples will fall at once. Do as I tell you and you will have all the apples you want for a long time.”

The fox thanked the coon and started at once.

He found the apple tree just as the coon had said.

“What a fine open place to run in,” thought the fox. “I will get such a fine start that when I hit the tree it will shake the 

Already he began, in his mind, to see the apples falling, like pine needles, and to feel the earth shake under his feet.
The fox did as the coon had told him. One arrow flight he backed off, then another. Then he closed his eyes, lowered his head, and ran swiftly over the thick grass. He struck the tree as hard as ever he could, with his big head.

Not an apple fell, but a dazed, foolish-looking fox fell to the ground.
Next morning as the sun rose, a shame-faced fox was seen running toward the woods beyond the pine bluff. He carried his head low, and he seemed to be playing no foxy tricks.

Thank you for taking some time out with me.  I hope you have a better day than the fox did!

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Mists of Avalon 2001 - Completo - Legendado + full movie

Hi dear friends and followers here is a review of The Mists of Avalon for you. I have also included the full length movie included 

Spanish captiones
Monday, 13 May 2013

The Mists of Avalon 2001 - Completo - Legendado

Published on Nov 27, 2012

The Mists of Avalon (The Mists of Avalon, in the original) is an American film, Czech and German in 2001 made specifically for television, directed by Uli Edel and written based on The Mists of Avalon, Marion Zimmer Bradley. The film was shown in the format of the mini channel Turner Network Television and leases occurred in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic.As Brumas de Avalon (The Mists of Avalon,

Click on link below to read and view more

Thank you very much for viewing the review. 
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Hi dear friends and followers, today we journey into a legendary story about an Indian boy who was cursed for boasting.

The boy who is the subject of today's story might well remind you of someone you know. You might have grown up with such a person, or know them from work or perhaps they're a member of your bowling or darts league. Sometimes they get their just reward.


There was once an Indian boy who thought that he knew more and could do more than anyone else. He was so proud of himself that he walked around like a great chief who wears a war shirt with many scalp locks on it.

The other Indian boys and girls called him Spread Feather because he strutted about like a big turkey or a peacock.

One day, Spread Feather was playing ball with the other boys. Not once had he failed to drive or catch the ball with his lacrosse stick. Twice he had thrown the ball with such force that someone had been hurt.

Spread Feather grew more and more pleased with himself as he played. He began to use tricks and to talk very large.
“No one can play ball as I,” he said. “I can catch the swiftest ball that can be thrown. I can throw the ball to the sky. I can run faster than the deer.”

Spread Feather boasted so loudly that a rabbit heard him. The rabbit came out of the bushes and sat up on his hind legs. He watched Spread Feather play, and listened to his boasting.

Soon a strange boy was standing where the rabbit had sat.

The stranger said to Spread Feather, “I would like to play ball with you.”
“Come on, then!” taunted the boastful boy. “Spread Feather will show the strange ball player how to catch a ball.”

They began to play.

The stranger could run like a deer. The balls he threw were so swift and curved that Spread Feather could not see them. He could not catch one. They seemed to come from the sky.

At last one ball hit Spread Feather on the mouth. He fell to the ground. His face was red with anger and his lips were red with blood.

He sprang to his feet and shouted to the stranger, “Though I do not like the taste of your ball, yet I can throw you.”

“Very well, then, said the stranger. We will have a game of 'Catch as Catch Can.'” This is the Indian name for a game of wrestling.

Spread Feather set his feet very hard on the ground.
“My legs are as strong as the legs of a bear,” he boasted.

They began to wrestle. Soon Spread Feather's arms fell at his sides. He panted for air. He had no breath and no strength.

The stranger picked Spread Feather up and tossed him over his head like a ball. The boy fell without a word.

When Spread Feather opened his eyes, a rabbit sprang into the bushes.
All night, Spread Feather lay and thought, and thought. He was too weak and too sore to go back to his own wigwam. Nor was he eager to meet the other boys.

At sunrise a rabbit hopped near. The rabbit slyly suggested that he might like to play another game of ball.

The boy sat up and said to the rabbit, “Spread Feather is no more. He no longer struts like a turkey. He has nothing to say. He will win a new name. It will not be Spread Feather.”

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

America's Great Indian Leaders - Full Documentary

Hi dearest friends and followers, today I will be sharing with a documentary on the history of some of the great Native American Leaders. Quite interesting but also sad. Thank you from coming and have a thoughtful read, thank you.  
This documentary etches vivid portraits of four extraordinary Native American 
leaders who put superhuman efforts into preserving their way of life, against odds which were, sadly for them, impossible to overcome.

The loss of their cultures was a great loss for human beings, overall.

Among the leaders profiled in this full length film are Crazy Horse, Chief Joseph,
Geronimo, and Quanah Parker.

I believe their stories hold valuable lessons ​for​ all oppressed and widely-outnumbered and outgunned peoples, the world over.

Their stories most certainly apply to us, Americans today, who have had our way
of life sneakily snatched out from under our noses, although the full-blown ​consequences​

of this ongoing event have hardly even
begun to kick in.

​Contemporary Americans will, like the Americans who preceded us, have to face
the vanishing of our world - and in many respects, we already have, whether we
have faced up to this, yet - or not.

Although U S Citizens are out-gunned technologically, not only by exotic weapons beyond our wildest imagination but also by the more prosaic and utterly lethal

genocidal food, medical,"news"/ entertainment establishments and other
institutions, which form a megatsunami or pyroclastic flow (insert your favorite
apocalyptic metaphor here); i.e, a barrage of visible - yet invisible weapons, in
and of themselves, which erode our health and our ability to stand up for
ourselves, daily.

Yet, there are some VITAL and important distinctions in our times which could be
game-changing and transformational.

1) First, as a populace, we are not technically (i.e., on a per-unit basis), "out-gunned" - and by that, I mean "plain old guns".

​ There are far more guns and rounds of ammunition in private hands than there are with the police and military. Don't kid yourself. America is an armed camp.

2) The MUCH more important distinction, this time, is that the law enforcement entities, who may find themselves in situations of enforcing commands, which could easily be characterized as coming from an enemy who is DOMESTIC, an enemy ​against

whom ALL Peace Officers have legally sworn to defend their local populaces Peace Officers will inevitably be forced to become VERY clear about which side of the law on which they choose to stand. Where do you stand? ​Watch this video and decide for yourself​

Video (55 mins):

Thank you for coming  and for watching this video. Any questions thoughts or ideas you may want to share are always welcome here and very much appreciated, thank you
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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tribute to Robin Williams

RIP Robin Williams (1951-2014) Tribute - Best Movie Moments

Published on Aug 11, 2014

RIP Robin Williams (1951-2014) - Best Movie Moments

Unexpected, shocking and tremendously sad news arrives this afternoon. Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams has passed away today at the age of 63. Early reports indicate that Williams may have taken his own life.

It wasn't long before the movies came calling, and Williams carved out an impressive career with roles both comedic and dramatic, or more often with elements of both. Directors such as Barry Levinson ("Good Morning Vietnam"), Terry Gilliam ("The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen," "The Fisher King"), Steven Spielberg ("Hook," "A.I."), Mark Romanek ("One Hour Photo"), Gus Van Sant ("Good Will Hunting"), Kenneth Branagh ("Dead Again"), Penny Marshall ("Awakenings," "Hamlet"), Christopher Nolan ("Insomnia") and countless others all found different shades of his talent in the work. And even in an animated role, playing the genie in Disney's "Aladdin," Williams' ferocious energy couldn't be contained.

But the actor showed he could turn off the persona and charisma that made him famous, and fearlessly took on darker roles, often in independent productions. He consistently challenged himself through his work, but never completely left behind his comedic skills that won him a devoted audience. And for these efforts he was honored time and again by audiences and the industry, winning an Oscar for "Good Will Hunting" (he was nominated a total of four times), in addition to two Emmy Awards, four Golden Globes, five Grammys and more.

Williams' final roles were in the comedy "Merry Friggin' Christmas" and in the Monty Python animated picture "Absolutely Anything." He had been filming "Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb," but there's no word yet on whether he completed his scenes for the movie.

Williams was a drug addict during the '70s and '80s, but had quit. However, he was re-admitted to rehab in 2009 for alcohol addiction, and more recently checked in again last month where he had planned to stay for several weeks.

It's hard to properly summarize Williams' impact, but this video from Peter Weir's "Dead Poets Society" pretty much says it all. Williams will be greatly missed.

Those who worked with him knew him to be a genius and the rarest of talents. After news of his shocking death spread, his friends and professional admirers expressed their love for the man Steve Martin called a "great talent, acting partner, genuine soul."


Hi dear friends and followers

Since we live in a world of opposites and counter-balances it seems reasonable to ask how such opposing forces came to be. The account of creation found in the King James and New American versions of the Bible is an allegory that reduces an extremely complex subject to terms that could be grasped by the reader in the present as well as earlier times. The Indians also had such an allegorical explanation for how the world came to be, and where two of the greatest forces in all of creation came from.


Every boy has wondered how there came to be two of him.

Every girl has puzzled over how she happened to be twins. Sometimes she is the good girl – and sometimes a naughty one.

The Indians say this is how it happened.

The world was very young. There was no earth, only a cloud-like sea.

The sea was filled with water animals, and water birds flew over it. All was dark. Light had not yet come.

Then the cloud sea began to call for light. The Great Spirit heard, and said, “It shall be so. I will make a new place for man to live in.”

The Great Spirit called the beautiful Sky Mother to him. Her face was like the sun, she was so light of heart.

The Great Spirit told the Sky Mother to look down. She, too, heard the cloud sea calling, and she said, “I will go.”
As she began to descent, the animals saw her coming. “See the light,” they cried. “Where will it rest?”

One of the water animals said, I will go to the bottom of the sea and get something for it to rest on.”

He went down but never came back.

Other animals followed him. But they, too, did not come back.

Then the muskrat said, “I will go. I will be the earth bringer.”

He returned with some mud in his mouth and claws.

It will grow fast,” he cried, in a weak voice. “Who will carry it?”

The turtle offered his back. As the muskrat placed the mud on the turtle's shell he died. But the beaver came ans slapped the mud down with his tail.
The mud on the turtle's back grew very fast. Soon it was a small island. The turtle became the earth bearer. He has continued to hold up the earth ever since.

Now, when the sea rises in great waves, or the Earth shakes, the Indians say, The turtle is stretching. He is wiggling his back!”

Now, since there was a place for the light to rest on, the birds flew up to meet it. They found that the light was the beautiful Sky Mother.

Then the birds spread wide their great wings, and bore the Sky Mother through the air to the cloud-sea. They placed her on the island on the turtle's back. There the Sky Mother had rested for some time, when she felt something stirring beneath her heart. She heard voices. One was soft and kind and full of love, the other was harsh and quarrelsome.

Soon the Sky Mother looked into the faces of the first-born of Earth, for she had borne the twin brothers, the spirits of Good and Evil. As she looked into the face of the Good Mind, she said, “You shall be called the Light One.”
Then she looked into the face of his brother, and said, “You shall be named the Dark One.”
The island became a beautiful land.

The twin brother Light One grew up happy, loving, peaceful, and kind. He wanted to make the new land the most beautiful place in which to live. The twin brother Dark One grew up sullen, quarrelsome, hateful, and unkind. He tried to make the land the worst place in which to live.

From his mother's beautiful face the Light One made the sun. He set it in the eastern sky, that it might shine forever. Then the Dark One put darkness in the west to drive the sun from the sky.

The Light One gave his mother's body to the Earth, the Great Mother from which springs all life. He made great mountains, and covered them with forests from which beautiful rivers ran. The Dark One threw down the mountains, gnarled the forests, and bent the rivers which his brother had made.
Every beautiful thing which the good brother Light One made, the bad brother Dark One tried to destroy and ruin.

And because the first-born of Earth were the twin spirits, the Good Mind and the Evil Mind, the re has been a good and bad spirit born into every boy and girl who has come into the world since.

So the Indians say!

Neither the light or darkness can exist without the other. But what if there was a merging of the two? Thank you dear friends and followers for visiting this blog.  Comments and suggestions or any questions you may have are welcomed and much appreciated.

ڰۣ With love from The Fairy Lady ڰۣ

Monday, 11 August 2014


Hi dear friends and followers, todays story based on Iroquois legends is the legend told about the Hermit Thrush 
Here is another story that tells why something is the way it is at present. It is due to a happening long, long ago. You could never guess that it took place.


Some moons after the council when the birds chose their feathered suits, a second council was called. The purpose of this council was to see which bird would fly to heaven, and bring a song to Earth.

When all the birds had arrived and were perched upon the council tree, the wise old owl spoke.

“Friends and brothers, listen,” said the owl. Many of you have strong wings, but your voices are not beautiful. High, high up in the sky, a long trail beyond the clouds, is the Happy Hunting Ground.

“There live all our brothers of the wood, whom the Great Spirit has called. They sing songs more beautiful than any heard on Earth.
“The bird that can fly beyond the clouds will hear that singing. He shall bring a song to Earth. Who will fly the Great Sky Trail and bring a song to Earth? Who-whoo! Who-whoo! Who-whoo!”

At this all the birds that were swift of wing flew high in the air. They circled round and round to show their skill. Then they disappeared in the clouds.

But one by one they dropped to Earth; for when they had reached the Great Sky Trail beyond the clouds, they were too tired to take it.

At last the eagle arose and stretched his great wings.

Listen,” he said, “for the Chief of Birds Speaks. No other bird is so swift and so strong as the eagle. He has circled the Earth. He has flown to the rim of the world. The eagle will fly the Great Sky Trail and bring the song to Earth.”

A little brown thrush sat near the eagle.
“Oh,” he thought, how I would like to bring that song to Earth!”

But he was so small and his wings were so tired!
Then an idea popped into the little brown head of the thrush. He hopped softly to the back of the eagle, and hid in the thick feathers near the neck. So small and light was the thrush that the eagle did not feel his weight. He did not know that the little brown thrush was on his back, – and the other birds did not tell him.

The eagle spread his great wings. Up, and up, and up, they soared. The council wood became a little speck and then was seen no more. Over, and under, and through the clouds, on, and on, and on, they sailed, along the Great Sky Trail.
At last the eagle's strength began to fail. He could go no further. The great wings of the chief of birds could beat the air no longer. They fell at his side.
The little brown thrush felt the eagle quiver and begin to drop towards the Earth.

Then away flew the little brown thrush. The air was so light it seemed easy to fly. On and on he went, for he was not tired. He had had a ride almost to heaven.

“Now,” he thought, “I will go on and will get the song.”

For some time, the little brown thrush flew along the Great Sky Trail. All at once the air seemed full of song. He knew he was nearing the Happy Hunting Ground.

He listened. One song seemed more beautiful to him than the rest. Again and again he listened. He caught the notes. He sang them many times until he was sure that ht could carry the song to Earth.

Then down, and down, and down, he floated, through clouds and storms and sunshine, back to Mother Earth.

Very happy, he flew toward the council wood. He was so full of his beautiful song and the wonderful Sky Trail, he thought that he must pour out his song at once.

But when he reached the council wood, he dared not open his mouth! He remembered that he had stolen his ride part way to heaven, – and he knew the other birds knew it.

But that song! He must sing it! He thought his throat would burst, if he did not sing!

So the little brown thrush flew off by himself, int a deep, dark part of the wood. There, hidden by the brush and the bushes, he poured forth the song that he had heard on the Great Sky Trail.

Men hearing it today say, “Listen, a hermit thrush! What a beautiful song! But he is such a shy bird, one seldom can catch a glimpse of him.”

They do not know why he keeps so close under cover.

Thank you dearly friends and followers for your interest and participation in following the Iroquois legend on this blog. Your comments, thoughts and suggestions are always most welcome, thank you.

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Elve's and the Fairies Dance

Hi dear friends and followers, well it's Sunday once again and I have another poem for you.  Since we do not run across many stories and legends about fairy and elves interacting together, I thought this little poem would help to bring the two together.
Just a happy little poem to help cheer you up, and you know who you are, don't worry, be happy 
Have a happy read. 

The Elve's and the Fairies Dance

Aton, the leader sings
Around and around about,
we dance, he chanted,
as the other elves fell in line,
and danced, and danced,
around in a circle they danced.
in the clearing,
A clearing between great oak trees.
In a fairy ring they danced.
Of a sudden, 
a light from above desends.
What do you elves think you are?

Zigi, the queen of fairies,
shrieks angrily at the elves
You should know,
that fairies always lead a fair ring
The elves bowed in respect,
then resumed their marry dance,
beneath the grandfather oak trees. 
Thus we dance, thus we dance,
And thus we sing
Trip and go, to and fro
Over this green,
the fairies flew over head,
holding their lanterns up high, 
to light the way for the elves. 
All about, in and out,
For our brave Queen,
elf and fairy sang in unison.
Invocation to the Fairies
Faster, faster do elf and fairies,
hasten their pace,
circling faster and faster,
until all that could seen was a blur.

A blur of circling lights,
twirling and singing,
at the base of the grandfather oaks,
who swayed side to side,
in rhythm to the beat,
humming along with the elves and fairies,
so they did indeed witness on this night
what no mortal has ever seen.
The old grandfather oaks watched in awe
with their big knotty eyes,
a door open,
and a stream of light there came forth,
with the brilliance of a hundred suns
There the land of the fairies,
and elves lay all in brilliant light energy
like the sky being lit by a thousand rainbows.
A land of true peace, freedom and love,
love so great, they give of themselves,
unconditionally to come here,
with the only intent,
is to heal our ailing mother Gaea

Thank you my dear friends and followers for your interest and participation and you are welcome to share your thoughts and ideas with us, they are welcome and appreciated

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