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Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Dragon's Talisman Part 3 page 6 of 8

The Dragon's Talisman Part 3 page 6 of 8

More gunfire came from within the cavern. I pressed the handle on the spear and another beam of blue light shot out. There was a commotion of sound coming from within. I raised my head to see over the curve of the cavern floor and saw many people milling around with rifles in their hands.
Suddenly they started running towards the entrance. They were charging me with weapons at hand, just as I expected! If I made it to this point and was still alive my plan was to get them to chase me through the woods. I was on my feet and half-way across the clearing when I slowed and turned to look back. They had just left the entrance to the cavern and started their ways across the savanna-like clearing. I slowed my pace some to make sure they would not lose me.

I entered back into the forest exactly where I had emerged earlier. I changed my course from due south to east, halted here and there to shake a bush, just loud enough for them to hear so they would follow. I heard a gun shot behind me and I stepped up my pace so that to an onlooker all they would see is a blur. 

A quick right turn and a push in the right place caused a large cypress to begin to fall towards the mob that followed me. A second later it was followed by a few cries of , “OK.” “The tree trick got a couple of customers,” I thought, smiling as I kept running. “Now,” I thought as I gathered an extra burst of speed. I leaped into the air and found myself airborne sailing over where the twine would be.

I hit the ground running and sent a message out to Dragon. I heard several crashing sounds coming from behind me. I flattened myself to the ground when I heard several stray gunshots. “That will teach them to run around the bush with loaded rifles cocked and ready to fire,” I thought wryly. 

I heard a few moans coming from the area behind me. Then Dragon arrived. She messaged to me asking if I was out of danger. I sent back, “Yes.” 

Dragon circled around once then set to work. The night sky lit up again as Dragon flamed-on. I was quite sure that I hadn’t given her warning prior to this about not harming any one. Dragon would be having human fried steak for supper. 

The whole crew that had been in that encampment were all accounted for, some a little more worse for wear but in one piece. They sat cross legged in a semi circle around a small campfire that Dragon helped arrange for me.

I paced back and forth before the campfire, lance in hand. “It is my suggestion that it would be much better for your health that you go to the east from here. It will take you out to a dirt road past a few farms and on to the highway.” “Leave right now and please make sure that you don’t return, I won’t be responsible for what she will do,” I pointed to Dragon who was only a few paces behind me, attentively watching all proceedings. 

After they had all entered the forest the next phase of the operations took place. The agents were constantly being pelted by unknown missiles from above. One didn’t dare look up for fear of losing an eye. The fairy people flew low to the tops of the trees to stay out of sight and at the same time collect a supply of ammunition. The agents kept moving, reluctantly at that. 

“To fight our way back through that is just a bit insane,” one male agent told his female counterpart, whom he held tightly with his arm trying to shield her from the killer walnuts. Upon seeing them the fairies ceased immediately bombarding them with walnuts and continued following along peacefully with the rest of the agents out of the woods and onto the dirt road.

The fairy people left, flying back towards the Pillar to

rendezvous with Dragon and I. This would not stop them for long, come morning the skies would be covered with helicopters. I just prayed it would be enough time to deliver the talisman to its receptacle, and reverse endangering of ancient unknown artifacts. It was a gamble they would have to take.

If we fail it will mean that the present time line will continue to its cataclysmic end where the dark force wins. It’s not just one reality that is at stake but many. Many layers of reality will be changed, like a shock wave.

Writen by me, To Be Continued

Friday, 24 January 2014

The Dragon's Talisman Part 3 page 5 of 8

The Dragon's Talisman Part  3 page 5 of 8

It was late evening and darkness was falling. Jason said that going out while still daylight we would have made to big a target. Under the darkening sky we flew due east around the pillar making our way to the east side where the blasts had come from, just as we had planned, so far we had not been detected.

It was only supposed to be a reconnaissance flight; fly there, check the ground conditions, then come back and make a report. This was when I heard those popping sounds from the darkness below and saw flames with the popping noises.  We were being fired upon!

I felt something thumping on Dragon’s left flank. Dragon screeched,
and shooting flames she made a steep sideways drop. It was so sudden that I felt myself slip from Dragon’s back. 

The next thing I knew, I was in free fall with the air rushing in my face. I felt a very sharp blow when I hit the top of the trees. A sharp pain flared up in my right rib area. I bounced three times then hit the ground rolling. 

Getting up, I winced at the pain in my right side. I felt around and was relieved that I had no broken ribs. Badly bruised, yes, but not broken.

I pulled out the lance, pressed the handle, and a long, smooth rod with a three-foot blade that glowed blue in the darkness appeared. This lance was not ordinary. It did not kill, it only stunned, disabling its victim for a short period of time. It was another of the many gifts from fairy land. 

Were the artifacts like this spear among the things that Jason has? I never thought to ask the fairy people. Some would call this spear an energy weapon. That might be a good description It could disable an army in a circle up to a quarter mile away. Or I could point it at one individual and only that individual would be affected. 

I practiced a bit to loosen myself by dancing around the woods while taking many different stances and moves of the warrior. I  stopped abruptly in a thrust stance with the lance, pulled it back, then pressed on the handle with my thumb and the blade returned to a rusty red where then I put it back in my bag.

Looking back I saw the few scattered branches where I had landed. Now I knew how Dragon had felt, except I couldn't scream and shoot out flame. On that thought I slung my bag back over my shoulder, winced from sore ribs again and thought: I had other toys in there for back up if I needed them. One was a simple spool of twine which I held in my hand.

Two hundred feet of line tied among fifteen trees that I had marked for possible later reference, that should do it, I said to myself. Getting up I plucked the twine and it twanged like a finely-tuned guitar string. I was satisfied as I started my trek up hill towards the encampment of agents above at the foot of the pillar. They no doubt knew that the pillar was man-made or else why are they blasting?

Climbing was made a bit more difficult with my sore ribs but it was not so painful as to keep me from continuing the mission. I heard a loud roar and flames lit up the sky right ahead of me,  followed by another roar and flame to my right. 

I stood still and closed my eyes and thought, "Dragon! Do not kill them, scare them away if you can but do not harm them." My thoughts were returned by Dragon, "No harm." I could also feel the pain she felt from where bullets had hit her. Granted, the bullets would never penetrate her thick armor of scales, but it still hurt, like being hit by pebbles from the spinning wheels of a car.

I came to the top of the hill and got down on one knee while I surveyed the clearing that was part of the empty space between forest and tower. There must have been something to do with the tower that kept that strip of land clear of vegetation, something that not even Jason had found or come to a conclusion as to its source, yet. 

I heard another roar but this time a little more distant. Then I saw the flash of flame on the other side of the clearing next to the tower wall. Now that my eyes had adjusted I could see the dark shape of Dragon circling that same area at the foot of the pillar.

Springing to my feet I ran as fast as I could. Outside of the dull pain in my right side I felt like a gazelle running across a savannah. I stopped running and continued walking towards a group of men who had holed up in a cavern at the base of the pillar. "A place where I can not reach without damaging them," Dragon informed me.

"Keep guard. I will be there shortly," I relayed back to Dragon. 

I climbed up to the top of the cavern floor and I immediately noticed that the cavern was not natural. It was part of the excavation by the people now under Dragon’s watchful eye. 

I thought they would have been blasting for quite a while to get to the main core where our labs and command centers were located. Given the direction of their work they would have missed it by several hundred feet and come out on the other side. 

I stood straight and still and waited. My long hair fell loose over my shoulders, legs slightly apart. I held my spear upright; the blade glowed a bright blue. Facing the people within the cavern I said: "You are trespassing. I would suggest that you pack all of your things and leave here. If not,” I pointed over my shoulder, “My friend out there will make toast out of you. Understand?" I asked. 

I heard some rapid gunfire from the left and saw little puffs of dust on the rocky floor. I moved, turning a somersault to the right, and landed on my hands and two feet. I then flattened to the cavern floor, pointed the spear at the man with the gun and pressed the handle on the spear. A beam of blue light shot out and I heard a thump and a firearm clattering to the stone floor.  I knew that particular threat had been neutralized.

More gunfire came from within the cavern. 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Dragon’s Talisman Part 3 page 4 of 8

The Dragon’s Talisman Part 3 page 4 of 8

“So! You say that it’s more like a hologram? It sure felt real to me. I feared most being torn apart by that tornado we were inside of,” I said in a somewhat puzzled voice.

“The essence or the consciousness of our beings was there, in real time, well, real time 60 million light years ago.” 

“60 million years ago they killed their home, ravaging it with wars and waste, complete disregard for the consequences these would have on their environment. Owing to their total disregard and indifference to the effects they had on their own eco system, it became a dead planet. They had to find elsewhere to live.”

“They were revered as gods, but something went terribly wrong and
they very suddenly had to leave the planets they had colonized here in this solar system. That’s all I have been able to decode from the artifacts so far,” Jason explained.

Another shiver came over me with the thoughts of such beings from such a different time and place possibly having been in this very facility. “Do you think they’re still around?” I asked.

Jason shrugged his shoulders. “Some may have stayed behind to do whatever it was that was so urgent in order for them to leave; their very existence would have to have been in grave danger.” “What gives me the goose bumps is this: what could it have been to frighten away such powerful, highly-advanced beings” There certainly wasn’t anything on this planet that could have been of any threat to them,” Jason finished.

“So then it would have to have been a source from outside of this planetary system because they would have encountered or detected it much sooner in the early part of their arrival if it had been local,” I theorized.  

“Yes my thoughts exactly, it must have come from outside our solar system. Could it be something much more powerful was following them?” Jason wondered aloud.

We turned the corner into another corridor and kept walking as we talked. We were making our way to the gate to deliver the talisman its final resting place. I crossed my fingers and prayed that Jason’s reverse engineering of the artifact technology with ours would hold together.

Well I didn’t know what the end result would be but I had to trust in what Jason had said earlier about a great change, gradual, probably not even that noticeable at first. But it would be irreversible once the key was turned, where in this case it is inserting the talisman in its cradle, a molding set in an artifact.

At the edge of the long corridor there was a heavy metal door. Jason stopped and took his hand-held instrument from his pocket, aimed it at the door and pressed on the side of the object with his thumb. The door slid up to expose a very bright interior. I put my hand up before my eyes but continued to follow Jason into the brilliantly-lit room. Again, another source of light I could not detect. It was as if the light came from the air. I guess I had stopped momentarily during the time I was contemplating on the light.

“The light source is in the air itself!” I said in amazement, “Ionized air.” “You will see there is no distortion of light here nor are there any shadows.” Jason spoke.

The ground shook under our feet just as we had arrived at the terminal that contained the artifact. I lost my footing temporarily and fell against one of the instrument panels. I felt something buzz beneath where my shoulder had struck and the entire room went dark.

“I think I broke something,” I said lamely. “It’s OK, I can fix that” “We have a more immediate threat! Someone out there  is trying to blast their way through and they could succeed if they hit any of the ancient sealed entrances that we have not yet fortified!” Jason exclaimed.

“Who are they?” I asked, “The same ones as before with the van and other vehicles?”  

“I am not certain but whoever they are they appear to be quite determined to get in here. And for anyone to be that determined to get in here they must be convinced there is something in here worth the work and time of getting in here.”

A medium-sized man in a military-type uniform came up to Jason and showed him a piece of paper whereupon Jason nodded and the person in military uniform nodded back, then left.

“It’s the same people, special government agents.” It seems that these people are not very favorable to private enterprise, especially if it comes to close to matching their own intelligence.” Jason declared.

“I may have one solution.” I told Jason. “I am not just a courier from another reality I am also a well seasoned warrior. I would like to request that you open the entrance to dragon’s chamber so that we may go and scout and maybe even shake them up enough to back away for a while, until we get the power up again here to proceed with our operations,”
I volunteered.  

The emergency power came back on, the difference in the intensity
in light as compared to before was about as different as the light from a 100 watt bulb to a candle.
James motioned me to follow him.

“Follow that corridor to its end and don’t turn into any other corridor - just go straight forward,” he directed. He handed me one of those hand held instruments and told me to   press on the right side with my thumb to open the door.

“Go into the chamber and collect your dragon then press the same side of that mechanism I gave you and it will open the main tunnel to the outside world as well.  From there you are on your own I’m afraid, my sweetness.”

Just then the ground shook and streams of sand and dust sifted down from the ceiling. I embraced him and we kissed a long lingering kiss like it could have been our last kiss. That was a distinct possibility, I thought. He then held my hands and said, “I will be waiting for you, my sweetness.”   

Dragon and I hit the outside air with such speed that to an onlooker we would have been no more the a blur

To be continued

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Dragon's Talisman Part 3 page 3 of 8

The Dragon's Talisman Part 3 page 3 of 8

The lab was made up of three of the largest cavernous chambers. It was only part of a maze of smaller chambers not only at ground level but also many other levels below, some that had not yet even been explored. When I heard that, a shiver went up my spine as I thought of the possibilities that the remains of the previous occupants could still be laying about. 

That brought back memories of many horror sci fi flicks I had watched in my earlier years. I had seen many different types of life forms in as many different realities but I just could not imagine what the ones that might be within this fortress looked like, nor was I sure if I was in a hurry to find out. For some reason it didn’t give me a feeling of comfort. It was more like a creepy feeling. I hoped I was wrong and that they were a benevolent species,  gentle giants, as the old saying goes.

Jason’s calling my name and asking if I was alright brought me out of a growing cloud of rather gloomy, disturbing thoughts, back into the brightness of that present reality. I looked at him and smiled and moved on. 

The lab contained many components I could recognize but there was much that was foreign to me. Benches were lined with computer monitors; the walls were covered with electronic instruments with many blinking lights of different colors, like Christmas lights I thought. There was a large, roundish object next to one of the instrument panels with wires spreading out every which way leading to other instrument panels. 

I put my hand over Jason’s arm indicating I wanted him to stop. He stopped and turned to me with a quizzical look on his face. I pointed to my left with my thumb and asked, “And what might that thing be?” 

He looked toward my pointing thumb then turned back to me and just said nonchalantly, “Oh that one, it’s one of the many reverse-engineered artifacts of the ancient ones. This is a data communications source that drives all of the computers in here.” “Different computers from the average. These were constructed from reverse engineered artifacts. What we didn’t have of the old technology we connected together with our own.” “And that is what is taking most of the room in these labs. One artifact the size of a football would have close to the same computing ability as 100 of our top performance conventional computers,” Jason informed me.

“I must admit I am not only impressed but also a bit overwhelmed by all of this information and the extent of the technology that went into this place. So you decided to build right on-site, can’t think of a better place. This place is like a fortress,” I said.  

Jason continued: “A lot of the artifacts were found here but there are also many that came from other countries around the world, which go further into confirming what many archeologists have already suspected many times through the centuries, and that is, that this ancient civilization was a world wide one, similar to us today.” 

Into another chamber, he brought me, to an area at the center of the chamber. There was a round raised platform about ten feet across in the center. All around the chamber had been erected a cinema size screens, except these screens were not covered with a material like cinema screens. Now that my eyes had adjusted to the light I noticed
the screens were made of a slightly wavy pale grey luminescent matter with an energy field that looked something like smoke. 

We climbed up a short set of stairs to the top of the platform, two seats came up out of the floor and Jason gestured for me to sit in the one to his left. He then turned to me to give me some instructions. “You wished to know about the ancient ones, well I’m taking you to their home. If you do not want to go I will understand.” He pressed his right index finger lightly to his lips and continued: “What we will be seeing will not be in real time, it will be in a different time but our physical bodies will remain here at all times. It’s just going feel like you are there in their real time.”

“With that said, buckle up because it is going to be a bumpy ride which will feel quite real. I would also advise you use the seat belt,” James said, then smiled. 

“Don’t tell me, some more technology from the ancient artifacts?,” I said 

“Yes, exactly. These ancients were thousands of years ahead of us and I’ve just scratched the surface here as to figuring out what they were about. The biggest problem is there are more artifacts out there that haven’t been yet found, a lot more missing pieces out there than we know of in existence.”

With that I buckled up as I heard a low hum which quickly increased in volume to a high pitched squeal then nothing, just silence and the smoke like screen gave more of an appearance of sitting in the middle of a whirlwind.

“Tornado!” I screamed just as the full strength of the blast of air which felt quite real would have sucked me right out of my seat if I hadn’t been buckled-up.

We were being sucked up into a funnel which stretched  above us like a tornado in reverse, the broad end where we started and the small end up above. Our seats shook violently. I was getting concerned that it would come loose from the floor. My long hair flew all around as I felt the hurricane-strength wind blowing on my cheeks. I had never experienced anything like this before, not even in the wildest and oddest of storms! I had ever experienced anything like this even while riding Dragon! 

Suddenly the turbulence stopped. All I could hear was the whispering of air blowing past us. Around us was a grey mist, then we came out into clear sky. I could see the ground below; well, it was clear at our altitude but above still looked like a grey cloud cover. 

What shocked me is the land below! If one was to paint the landscape on Mars grey, it would be what this world looked like. Many places I saw spiraling cities that looked like they had been covered in a dark layer of dust. Not a living thing appeared to be moving around, no vegetation. Then I saw them, the giants, below, walking up a ramp towards one of the spirals. There were about twenty of them. Some appeared to be their children. They entered the spiral in a single file. 

“What you are witnessing, princess, is the last exodus of the giants’ home.” Jason said aloud. 

“But they look exactly like us, except much taller. So this is kind of like a holographic projection. Is this more of their technology?” I asked. 

Jason replied, “Part of it. Remember that I said we had to use our own technology to link theirs, the missing pieces.” A door cover closed behind the last giant to enter and seconds later the spiral appeared to slowly disintegrate into thin air.

“What happened?” I asked Jason.

“They just turned into energy form. In energy form they can ride the rifts between realities and just blink back into physical form into any reality in space and time.” James explained.

There were impact craters in many different places large and small. Some terrain appeared to have been exposed to extreme heat, hot enough to melt some of the rock formations. Glaciers covered most of what appeared to be the northern hemisphere.

“An ice age?” I asked.

“Yes, except this one is going to be a permanent one, just like on Mars. Same thing happened there, too, you know.”  

“You mean wars?” I queried. I shivered again for the second time on this day as I thought about these apparently not-so-gentle giants.

On the tail of these thoughts we were again being buffeted by hurricane force winds and the seats vibrated violently once more. This time we were spinning around like a top. My hair whipped about me and I thought surely my seat would come loose and I would get sucked up into the vacuum of space or some such place. 

All went silent and the vibrating abruptly stopped. Next thing I was aware of was Jason calling my name and asking if I was alright for the second time that day.

“I’m fine,” I assured us both as I unbuckled. I was grateful to be in one piece and out of the seat.

Jason put his arms around me and all my fear melted away. We shared an embrace and kissed for what felt like an eternity as we slowly danced around the platform.             

Monday, 20 January 2014

The Dragon's Talisman Part 2 page 2 of 8

The Dragon's Talisman Part 3 page 2 of 8

We talked for many hours then Jason got up to escort me to my quarters. The cavernous room in dimmed light was in total silence. Not a soul stirred. I hadn't realized that we had spent that much time sitting and talking.

We climbed a set of wide, stone stairs, also carved out of solid rock, and went a short distance down a corridor where he stopped and opened a large heavy wooden door. Jason then motioned for me to enter.

We lingered at the door for a short time as we embraced and kissed with heated passion, then he straightened and said, "I will see you in the morning, in the dining room at 9:00 a.m."

I turned to him and smiled and said, “I'll be there or I if not I got turned the wrong way and got lost in this complex somewhere.”

After he closed the door I scanned the room. Room! “One could fit a whole army in here,” I thought. I looked up and saw yet again another vaulted ceiling, which to my guess was about thirty feet at its highest point.

The furnishings were suitable for a queen. I opened the wardrobe doors and within there was all of the apparel that any woman would die for.

The bath was like a small, enclosed lake with vegetation growing all around it. The dome that enclosed it glowed with a golden light like sunlight in a forest. “This is like I never left fairy land,” I thought as I lie and relaxed in the nearly tropical pool.

In the morning I got up to bright light in the room. Ah yes, automatic day and night lighting. As I looked about the domed ceiling I could still not discern the source of the light. There was no doubt it was reflected light, but reflected from what? Where was the source? It completely slipped my mind last night to ask Jason. “Oh well, I'll find out soon enough,” I said to myself as I dressed, getting ready to go down to the dining room.

There was a tiny knock on the door as the heavy door began to move. Lance in hand I took my stance. When the door fully opened a small band of fairies flew in and around me. "They are my assignees!" I said aloud as I danced around the room with them. "I am so happy too see you all here," I said smiling. "Is everything well?" I asked the vanguard.

I knew her as Kiki and she was more or less the leader of this band, although fairies did not really have leaders. They just respected the words of the older, wiser ones among them and the decisions were made by consensus.

Kiki told me that all was well, that when they arrived here late last night they were let in by this man who was dressed like a hippie straight out of the 1960's, complete with the sunglasses.

"At night?" I asked, then started laughing a loud squeaky laugh till tears began to flow. I wiped my eyes and said, "Yeah, I know who that is." I mentioned the mad Ferrari driver. “He makes flying a dragon look like a piece of cake." I then asked Kiki with some concern, "Have you seen Dragon?"

"Yes, she is well. They have accommodated her with a very large chamber of her own. She was resting when we were with her a short time ago." "It was that same man who was wearing the hippie outfit that showed us the way here to your chambers," Kiki said and smiled.

"I do believe you are beginning to like our hippie friend," I declared teasingly and smiled. “Be careful I don't use my fairy magic on you and you wake up in the morning with warts like a witch." Kiki said giggling. "Now I know you wouldn't do that to anybody unless you really had to and the person totally deserved it. Even then it would only be temporary. If I'm wrong then I have a few requests to make," I said bursting out laughing again, as I began to climb down the stone stairs

As I entered the dining room my fairy people joined Jason's and they were off to the greenhouse.

There were twelve people at the table: 7 men and 5 women. With the cook and two waitresses there was all told 17, counting Jason and I.  This was the total crew manning this underground complex that I could not help but feel was built for beings much taller then even the tallest of humans.

Jason, upon seeing me got up and pulled back the chair next to his. I sat down, then pulling his chair back he sat and began by asking if I had rested well.

I responded, "Did I rest well?  I have never slept as well in a more heavenly bed. The only thing that bothered me is this constant idea going through my mind about the giants who lived here before us."  "What did they look like? Were they good or bad? Were they aggressive or peaceful and loving?” “Did they have any emotions like us? Just so many things I want to know. And last night I could almost sense there presence, their physical presence all so vividly in the room. Have you ever wondered about our predecessors?," I asked.

“In due time I will tell you more about our... predecessors. For now we have much more important things to do. But briefly I can say that I have felt a feeling similar to yours about them in these great rooms that entomb a time that was long before we humans
arrived on the scene.”            

Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Dragon's Talisman part3

The Dragon's Talisman part3

Page 1 out of 8

Dragon landed in a clearing not far from the pillar of stone which was about five hundred feet in diameter. From the air it looked like a natural formation of rock after thousands of years of natural wear. But from this distance there was no mistaking the pillar for a natural formation. Very large blocks of stone were piled up on top of one another. With the heavy vegetation growing around the structure it was quite easy to pass it off as natural.

Before I departed I once again put my hand on Dragon's scaly head. She set her head on the ground and let out a groan. I communicated for her to stay where she was unless I asked her to do otherwise. She snorted and two little puffs of smoke drifted from her nostrils. "OK, I know you don't like to be inactive but at the same time I wouldn't want some idiot with a rifle pointing their sights at you again," was the last thought that I sent to her. Then I began hacking my way through the bushes with my lance.  After what felt like hours I arrived at clear ground that went around the structure for 8 or 10 feet. 

I walked slowly around the pillar looking for what might be an entrance or someone outside waiting for me. Jason had told me that the complex lay below the structure. So it would only be sensible to think that there was an entrance of sorts. 

An opening materialises from nowhere right before my eyes and Jason stepped out to greet me! We held each tightly. It was such a relief to have found him at all. I knew just how dangerous things could get. To be truthful, I was more concerned for him as I held on tightly to him. I had never felt this way about anyone else before, I thought.

"Please follow me," he said as he turned to retreat back into the opening. 

As I walked through I examined the stone walls of the structure we were walking through.  They had an ethereal appearance to them, like the entry and passages were not cut but instead they were "faded" into the stone, like a gentl chemical process or the action of sunlight had made them. 

As we walked on a little  further we came out into a very large round chamber with a vaulted roof supported by stone pillars. Jason turned toward the entrance and pressed his thumb on a hand held object and the entrance sealed itself up again. I looked at him puzzled and asked. "Did you invent that technology?"

"Artifacts restored with our technology, reverse engineered, artifacts. I didn't invent anything. I just figured out how it worked. These artifacts were made by a civilization dating back to the megaliths more commonly know as the pyramids." "They came from another world not unlike your present home of the fairy world, except their world is even more ancient. My guess is they were here even before mankind. Planet earth was only one of many an outposts." "Thus the many legends and myths that have by some of our earliest writers, writers of fables they were called, and here we have a room full... a cathedral size one with parts of those fables, like you. You, one of the rarest in many worlds to my standards." Then he pointed to the fairy people who hovered above them in the great empty cathedral like chamber 

Jason motioned for me to follow. We walked a short distance towards the end of the chamber then down a corridor, all made with the same immense blocks of stone. I had the impression that the structure had been built for giants.

"Giants!" I said aloud. There were also many myths about giants who had roamed the Earth at one time. The Bible calls them the sons of God, the Watchers and Goliath.  I stooped and looked at Jason and just asked, "Was it?" Jason looked at me a little puzzled. Were these super structures built to accomodate giants? I asked. "Oh that!" he said, "But of course. I thought you had already come to that conclusion way before now. The evidence of such beings is everywhere in the world." 

"So these ET's were the first civilization on this planet, even before we ever came on the scene? I asked. "Yes, another merging of worlds. They merge for a time, multiple realities touching momentarily, then parting again. But I think we have the means of bonding or fusing them together, what you can call the bringing of the great change," Jason responded. 

We climbed down a great spiral staircase, carved out of solid rock. When we arrived at the bottom we stopped, then Jason pressed on the same hand-held device as before with the same result. An archway appeared out of the solid stone wall. It led into another large room, except this one was was lit up brightly by an unknown source of light. 

The walls were lined shelves with an array of different apparatus that one might see in a laboratory. To the left were shelves upon shelves to the ceiling that were filed with what appeared to be a variety of  ancient artifacts, large and small. At the end of the there was wall to wall instrument panel filled eclectronics like that of a giant control panel for an aircraft.

To this point the only source of light we had was that which radiated from the fairy people. "About these fairy people, where do they come from?  Mine remained outside with dragon, I" asked abruptly.

"They were assigned to me," said Jason. Then I remembered the fairy people back home telling me that the person I was to find was also protected by the fairy people.

Jason showed me around the lab doing the best he could to explain the technical part of the work he was doing, Even with my knowledge of the sciences I could not entirely follow what Jason was saying. He had amassed learning of technologies of which I had not yet heard.

We retreated through another corridor that merged into a large living room area and a with a full-sized kitchen where a young man busied himself with the kitchen chores. We sat at a large dining room table when a lady came over and asked what we would like. 

Not expecting instant service, the suddenness of the voice caused me to instinctively rise from my chair. When reality returned I apologized to the server, sat down again, looked at Jason and said, "I'll have whatever you are having." Then I sat as composed as I could. 

"It's ok, no spies here; we are free to talk about anything." he informed me. 

We had dinner then retired to the living room. The ensuing conversation consisted mostly of my asking a lot questions about the place we were.    

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