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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Frizzy Lizzy here, welcome to my nightmare

Hi dear friends and followers, once again it is Saturday, Frizzy Lizzy day. Please do come in.

Hi peeps, Frizzy Lizzy here, welcome to my nightmare 
Frizzy Lizzy turns toward a loud noise coming from the next room which knocked the clock off the wall and fell bouncing off Lizzy's head and landed on her lap as she sat up in bed with a start. "What the..." she looks a little dazedly down at the hour and second hand racing around the clock on her lap, till she heard a loud twang then it stopped. She yells back towards the sound in the next room, “Hello! Who ever you are, make yourself at home!

“Now who in the hell could that be?” It's not Charley he is not supposed to be back until later this afternoon. She mutters under her voice. It had better not be my cousin, Vinnie from Philadelphia. He's' still got six more months in jail before he gets out!"

Frizzy says, “I'll be right with you, make yourself at home!” and she mutters to herself, “if there's anything left to the place."

"My proper response to 'good morning' is 'if this is good I'd hate to see what a bad morning is'.

Frizzy reaches down for her slippers, holding her sore back with the left hand. "I may be able to still rise and shine but who ever said they have to both be done a the same time, huh?," Frizzy says slightly perturbed by her reduced movements in the mornings.

"Speaking of movements, I don't remember the last time I went. I think my movements have taken a vacation and forgot to write home.".

"You know what's funny about human nature is everyone new you meet seems normal on the exterior until you open the bottle of questionable age of the contents within." Frizzy takes a quick look around, unscrews the lid and takes a good stiff shot, then twists the lid back on and replaces the bottle where she got it. I do believe I'm going to need that right about now. Taking the cream out for her coffee she once again closes the fridge door.

Just about as Frizzy was about to pour herself a coffee, another loud noise that shook the house this time caused her to spill the hot coffee on her skippered foot, while she's dancing around on one foot while holding the other Vinnie laughed in the doorway. Frizzy turns on the tunes on the radio that's sitting up on a shelf in the kitchen as loud as it would go. She then sits down in her rocker, sagging down into the soft cushions, one leg draped over the right arm of the rocker trying to relax and ignore Vinnie. She holds up her coffee with the right hand; pinkie finger sticking out she makes motions to the beat of the music streaming out of the small kitchen radio.

Finally she spoke to him. "So it's you, 'Vinnie! After all these years and all I had to do was say 'Up jumped the devil!', and there you were, ready to make a mess of my house and life. How long do you think I can tolerate ya for this time, Vinnie? A day? An hour? 10 minutes? It's your choice until it runs afoul of me, understand? Cross me deeply enough and yer gone from here."

Vinnie backed away like a good spirit and took his place near the stove, where, in an attempt to impress her he made water boil without a flame in sight. “Pretty neat stuff, eh, Aunt Lizzy?”

“Neat stuff yer ass, ya snip!, Frizzy shot back, thus effectively stopping his conversation.

You can take that two-bit poltergeist stuff and put it where the sun don't shine. I have real people coming here and they won't want to even see you dressed as a clown juggling lit dynamite and running chain saws; my advice is for you to take all of your “goth and graveyard stuff and find another place where it will be taken for a mode of play."

"So I am telling you to get out, Vinny. Now. You and Carlo, the both of you, get gone and don't bother to come back. The times and places for you to roam are far briefer and so much smaller I don't need you two 8-balls ruining my life so go away!

Knowing 100% that they are not wanted, Vinnie and Carlo departed quietly and the radio returned to Frizzy;s favorite radio station.

“They're good kids at heart but when they want to be a pain-in-the-ass, they sure know how to do that, lo!

Just as Frizzy had just made herself comfortable in her rocker when Charlie walked through the front door slamming it hard enough to knock a picture off the wall.

Frizzy winces at the sound of glass shattering. "I wonder if any of the magic has rubbed off on Charley... Oh, Charley, did all go well with you today?" She asks tentatively.

"It sure did, and I never felt more energetic or capable of work!" Frizzy has to sit a moment to absorb the latest news.

They chat a bit about the day and their passing guests and then the conversation gets down to the day's work. Charlie is sure-footed, confident, and full of plausible ideas so Lizzy helps him turn to his work.

As for her part, she stays in earshot of her guy, to be there if he needs her, and always preparing the kitchen for what might one nice supper to remember.

Frizzy seems to be working fine and she waves to us from the window over the kitchen sink that all is as it should be. “Have a wonderful day, Lizzy, and don't let the poltergeists get you 

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Friday, 8 August 2014

Dream or Vision

Dream or Vision

Hi dear friends and followers. I thought that today I would share a Review with you on some of my unusual dreams

This was a two part dream on two different nights

Two dreams July 2007, I was invited to a ballet at this ancient medieval castle. Nicely groomed courtyard complete with bushes containing blooms of many different types and colors. There was a thick forest all around. The only other building I could see was what appeared to be an old disused mill of sorts,

Click on this link to go to page Dream or Vision

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Star Elf

Hi dear friends and followers. I happen to come across this interesting contemporary Elf Legend to share it with you

Elves are found in mythologies from around the world that were developed over the ages. They have not lost their popularity as evidenced by this description of a contemporary Star Elf. Note how the elf's characteristics have been tailored to modern legends. Compare the information you see here to what you know about elves from your childhood readings and other sources. Here are two links to articles that can provide you with a quick review of elfs and other magical creatures:

I have not altered the description of the star elf so you can make a detailed comparison of it to other elves, like Father Christmas (Santa Claus).

Star Elf

The green depths of the Yuirwood hide an ancient secret long forgotten by folk beyond Aglarond's borders, and not widely known even within - the star elves, an elven subrace that retreated from Faerûn to an extraplanar refuge known as Sildëyuir. Sometimes referred to in ancient texts as mithral elves, the star elves concealed the existence of their hidden kingdom for almost two thousand years, leaving behind nothing but mysterious ruins and old, strong magic in the stone circles of the Yuirwood.

While the star elves have kept themselves apart from the rest of Faerûn for many centuries, their isolation is coming to an end. Besieged by an insidious peril from beyond the circles of the world, they face the possibility of being driven from Sildëyuir back to their ancient abode in the Yuirwood.

Of all the elven subraces, star elves most closely resemble moon elves. They have pale skin that sometimes takes on a pearly gray or faintly violet tinge, and hair of gold, red, or silver-white. 

Their eyes are gray or violet; sometimes with gold flecks. Like the sun elves or moon elves, star elves are tall and slender. In their homes they favor elegant, embroidered tunics but dress in neutral colors with dappled gray-green cloaks to remain unseen in woodlands. Star elves are graceful and strikingly handsome by human standards. 

Star elf males range in height from 4'10" to 6'6", and weigh anywhere from 90 lbs to 250 lbs. Female star elves range in height from 4'5" to 6'1", and weigh anywhere from 70 lbs to 230 lbs.

Star elves reach adulthood at 110 years and can reach a maximum of about 750 years.

Star elves are cautious and aloof, keeping an emotional distance from events. They can be judgmental, although they take their time and consider many factors before passing judgment on a creature or action. Once won, a star elf's friendship (and enmity) is deep and long lasting. 

Star elves love beauty in any form and have a knack for perceiving inner beauty rather than outward appearance and actions. Among their own kind, star elves delight in song, dance, and works of magic, but away from their homeland they are slow to bestow the gift of their voice or artistry.

Star Elf Society

Most star elves have removed themselves from the everyday life of Faerûn and therefore have little understanding of humans, dwarves, and other races. They think of humans as aggressive expansionists who readily take up blade and spell to get what they want, and they regard humans with caution. They get along well with other elves, especially sun and wood elves, but fear trouble from the moon elves' unguarded generosity and engagement of human realms.

Most star elves prefer not to involve themselves in the world's: troubles. Star elf society values individual accomplishment and rights over collective effort.

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Thursday, 7 August 2014


Hi dear friends and followers, todays story is why dogs chase foxes 

Some things have no real explanation. Some things just are, like why do dogs chase cats, or why do little boys grow-up a tad slower than little girls. No one can tell you precisely why, That's just how things are. Except for why dogs chase foxes. The Iroquois have an answer for that one and they are willing to share it.


A fox was running through the wood near a river. He had a fish in his mouth.

The fish had been stolen from an Indian who lived down the stream. The fox had been passing near the Indian's wigwam. He saw the fish hanging by the fire. It was cleaned and ready to cook.

“What a tasty breakfast!” thought the fox. “I think I shall watch the man eat.”

Soon the Indian went into the wigwam. The fox slipped up to the fire. He seized the fish and ran away with it.

When the Indian came back he had no breakfast. The fish was gone. There was no fox to be seen.

The fox ran along feeling much pleased with himself.

“What a cunning fox I am,” he chuckled. I will play another foxy trick. This time it shall be on the bear I see coming.”

He ran up a tree that had been bent half-way to Earth by the West Wind. There he began to eat his fish. He smacked his lips so loudly that the bear heard him.

The bear stopped under the tree, and asked, “What are you eating that tastes so good?”

For answer the fox threw down a bit of the fish. The bear smacked his lips and cried, “More! More!”

“Go to the river, swim out to the big log, and catch your own fish,” called the fox. “It's very easy! Just drop your tail into the water. Hold it there until a fish comes along and bites, then pull it up. That is the way I catch my fish.

You can catch all the fish you want with your own tail.”
The bear hurried to the river. He swam to the log and dropped his tail into the water, as the fox had advised.

All day he sat and fished with his tail, - for bears then had very long tails.

The sun set, but no fish pulled on his tail. All night the bear sat on the log and fished. Cold North Wind blew his breath over the water. The river grew still and white.

Towards morning, the bear felt that his tail was getting very heavy. Now at last he was sure he had a fish. He tried to pull it up. But alas! His tail was frozen fast in the ice.
Then the fox came along. He laughed long and loudly at the bear, and asked if the fishing was good.

Some dogs heard the fox, and came tearing through the thick underbrush. They saw the fox and started after him.

The fox slyly led them to them on to the frozen river toward the bear. The bear saw them coming, and called to the fox to go around some other way. The fox made believe that he did not hear, and came straight on to the bear to ask him what he had said.

The dogs leaped upon the bear. The bear struggled. He gave one great pull, and freed himself from the ice. He struck at the dogs so fiercely with his great paws, that they soon left him and went on after the fox.

Dogs have been running after foxes ever since.
When the bear got his breath he stood up and looked at his tail. He found he had only a small piece left. Most of his tail had been left in the ice.

This is why bears have short tails, and why dogs still love to chase the fox.Thank you dearly friends and followers for your interest and participation in following the Iroquois legend on this blog. Your comments, thoughts and suggestions are always most welcome, thank you.
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Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Hi dear friends and followers. here again is another posting on the Iroquois legends

The Wonder Stories of the Iroquois deal with huge questions asked by young children, often with a tiny word, like “why”, or “how?” Today's story answers a pretty big “how” question that was asked by the Iroquois children, and likely the children of the Chinese and Slavonic peoples as well.

A long, long time ago, some Indians were running along a trail that led to an Indian settlement. As they ran, a rabbit jumped from the bushes and sat before them.

The Indians stopped, for the rabbit still sat up before them and did not move from the trail. They shot arrows at him, but the arrows came back unstained with blood.

A second time they drew their arrows. Now no rabbit was to be seen. Instead, an old man stood on the trail. He seemed to be weak and sick.

The old man asked them for food and a place to rest. They would not listen but went on to the settlement.

Slowly the old man followed them, down the trail to the wigwam village, In front of each wigwam he saw a skin placed on a pole. This he knew was the sign of the clan to which the dwellers in the wigwam belonged.

First he stopped at a wigwam where a wolf skin hung. He asked to enter but they would not let him in. They said, “We want no sick men here.”

On he went to another wigwam. Here a turtle's shell was hanging. But this family would not let him in.

He tried a wigwam where he saw a beaver skin. He was told to move on.

The Indians who lived in a wigwam where a deer skin was seen were just as unkind. Nor was he permitted to enter wigwams where hung hawk, snipe, and heron skins.

At last he came to a wigwam where a bear skin hung.

“I will ask once more for a place to rest,” he thought.

And here a kind old woman lived. She brought food for him to eat, and spread soft skins for him to lie upon.

The old man thanked her. He said that he was very sick. He told the woman what plants to gather in the wood to make him well again.

This she did and soon he was healed.

A few days later the old man was again taken sick. Again he told the woman what roots and leaves to gather. She did as she was told, and soon he was well.

Many times the old man fell sick. Each time he told the woman what plants and herbs to find to cure him. Each time she remembered what she had been told.

Soon this woman of the Bear clan knew more about healing than all of the other people.

One day, the old man told her that the Great Spirit had sent him to Earth, to teach the Indian people the secrets of healing.

“I came sick and hungry to many a wigwam door. No blanket was drawn aside for me to pass in. You alone lifted the blanket from your wigwam door and bade me enter.
“You are of the Bear clan, therefore all other clans shall come to the Bear clan for help in sickness.

“You shall teach all the clans what to gather, that the sick may be healed.

“And the Bear shall be the greatest and strongest of the clans.”
The Indian woman lifted her face to the Great Spirit to thank him for this great gift and knowledge of healing.

When she turned again to the man, he had disappeared.

No one was there, but a rabbit was running swiftly down the trail.

Authentic Iroquois Medicine Mask


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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Valkyrie

The Valkyrie
Hi dear friends and followers welcome to my blog. 
Time for a little change on this blog. Today's offering is from Norse mythology and it concerns an intimate part of a Norseman's life: being valiant in battle and the reward for valor conferred by a Valkyrie. If you have no idea what a Valkyrie is or what it might do, please read on. If you do already know, this article might shed a new light upon your knowledge. I hope that you enjoy it.

The Valkyrie is, in the oldest strata of belief, a corpse goddess, represented by the carrion-eating raven. The name in Old Norse, valkyrja, means literally, "chooser of the slain." The Valkyrie is related to the Celtic warrior-goddess, the Morrigan, who likewise may assume the form of the raven.

Midway between the third and eleventh centuries, the Valkyries begin assuming a more benign aspect. Small amulets and pictures on memorial stones begin to depict the figure of the beautiful woman welcoming the deceased hero with a horn of mead to the afterlife. Valkyries are usually represented as blonde, blue eyed and fair skinned. They wear scarlet corselets and carry shields and spears.

By this later time, the Valkyries, as demigoddesses of death, had their legend conflated with the folklore motif of the swan maidens (young girls who are able to take on the form of a swan, sometimes as the result of a curse). If one could capture and hold a swan maiden, or her feathered cloak, one could extract a wish from her. This is why valkyries were sometimes known as swan maidens or wish maidens.

Although the sources consulted are not clear on this, the chief of the Valkyries seems to have been the goddess Freyja. She is the Norse goddess of love, fertility, and beauty, sometimes identified as the goddess of battle and death. Blond, blue-eyed, and beautiful, Freyja travels on a golden-bristled boar or in a chariot drawn by cats. She resides in the celestial realm of Folkvang. Like Odin, she received half of those slain in battle, but since ladies go first she was allowed first choice! Freyja possessed a magical cloak of falcon feathers that allowed her to take the shape of a falcon if she wished, making the swan maidens similar to the goddess by having "feather coats" or cloaks that enable their shape-shifting abilities and the power of flight.

The Valkyries carry out the will of Odin in determining the victors of the battle, and the course of the war. Their primary duty is to choose the bravest of those who have been slain, gathering the souls of dying heros or warriors found deserving of afterlife in Valhalla. They scout the battle ground in search of mortals worthy of the grand hall. If you are deemed by the Valkyries as un-worthy of the hall of Valhalla you will be received after death by the goddess Hel in a cheerless underground world.

The descriptions of Odinn's hall describe the Valkyries as foster-daughters, just as the einherjar (the chosen warriors of Odinn) are foster sons. Freyja is said to be the first of the Valkyries, called Valfreyja, "Mistress of the Slain," she pours ale at the feasts of the Aesir . The Valkyries also have duties in the great hall. There, having exchanged their armor for pure white robes, they will serve the warriors they have chosen.

Valhalla, the great hall of slain warriors is located in Asguard, the realm of Odin. It contains 540 doors each of which leads to a room which can accommodate 800 warriors. The roof is made of warrior's shields. There the warriors spend their days fighting and their nights feasting, until Ragnarok, the day of the final world battle, in which the old gods will perish and a new reign of peace and love will be instituted.

There are several traditional names for Valkyries mentioned in the sagas and the Eddas:

Brynhildr ("Byrnie of Battle" or "Mail-coat of Battle")

Sigrdrifa ("Victory Blizzard")
Sigrún ("Victory Rune")

Sváva KáraHrist ("The Shaker")
Mist ("The Mist" or "The Fog")

Skeggjöld ("Wearing a War Axe")
Skögul ("Battle" or "Rager")

Hildr ("Battle")
Þrúðr ("Power")

Hlökk ("Noise", "Din of Battle")
Herfjötur ("War-Fetter")

Göll ("Loud Cry", "Battle Cry")
Geirahöd ("Spear of Battle")

Randgríðr ("Shield of Peace")
Ráðgri'ðr ("Counsel of Peace" or "Gods' Peace")

Reginleif ("Heritage of the Gods")
Gunnr ("Battle")

Róta ("She Who Causes Turmoil")
Skuld ("She Who Is Becoming")

Göndul ("Magic Wand" or "Enchanted Stave")
Friagabi ("Giver of Freedom")

The Valkyries are connected with the legend of the Raven Banner. This banner was woven of the cleanest and whitest silk and no picture of any figure was found upon it except in the case of war, at which time a raven always appeared upon it, as if woven into it.

If the Danes were going to win the upcoming battle, the raven appeared with his beak wide open, flapping its wings and restless on its feet.

If they were going to be defeated, the raven did not stir at all, and its limbs hung motionless.
Sometimes the blood-covered Valkyrie-prophetesses are seen themselves as weavers, to prophesy the outcome of the next day's battle.

The Valkyries are also Odin's messengers and when they ride forth on their errands, their armor causes the strange flickering light that is called the "Aurora Borealis" (Northern Lights).

Depending on who you talk to, the number of Valkyries varies from three to sixteen.
Any maiden who becomes a valkyrie will remain immortal and invulnerable as long as they obey the gods and remain virginal.

It is often said that if you see a Valkyrie before a battle, you will die in that battle.

The Valkyries appeared riding in a troop, often of nine war-like women.

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Monday, 4 August 2014


Hi dear friends and followers. Today we visit the Iroquois legend of how the origin of the partridge. Have a great read.  
This posting tells us why a certain bird makes a certain noise in the forest, a noise different from all of the other birds. It's not a chirping or a screeching or any sort of song. It makes a noise with its wings. Here is why the Iroquois say it is so.


It was after the Great Spirit had made all of the beautiful birds that the Evil Spirit came along. He saw the beautiful birds and heard their beautiful songs. He saw that the Earth people liked the birds and liked to hear them sing.

Now the Evil Spirit did not wish for people to be happy, so he said, “I will make a bird that will make people afraid. I will make a big bird that will not sing, but will make a great noise.”

So the Evil Spirit went to work. In a short time he had made a big bird that could not sing, but could drum.
The big bird flew away into the wood. That night a drumming noise was heard in the wood. The people were afraid. They could not sleep because of the noise.

In the morning they went into the woods to search for the noise. Deep in the forest could still be heard that strange drumming. They followed it until they came to a dark place deep in the woods. There was a loud fluttering and whirring of wings, and a great bird flew out among them, along the ground and over the trees.

The people were afraid. They called to the Great Spirit to help them.
The Great Spirit was near. He heard their cry, and went after the bird, for he was very angry.

The Great Spirit said, “I will not have my people frightened by this great bird; it shall die.”

The big bird gave the Great Spirit a long chase. At last the Great Spirit came upon it. He seized it, and threw it against a large tree.

As the big bird struck the tree, drops of blood flew in all directions. They changed into smaller birds that went whirring into the woods, just as the big bird had done. There they began to drum.

Like the big bird, these smaller birds like to startle people. They flutter out from under the leaves, and with a whirring noise they fly far into the wood. They perch on an old log, or a rock, and drum with their wings.

Some of the Earth people say they are drumming for their mates. But others still think that the birds drum to make people afraid.

So this is how the Indians say the partridges came to be. This is why they drum, and why some of the Earth children still love to hunt partridges.
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Sunday, 3 August 2014

!!!! The Shadow Elves !!!!

Hi, Dear Friends and Followers! I would like to share with you once again one of my short story poems. I hope that you find this poem to be an interesting read. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

!!!! The Shadow Elves !!!!

The elves of yesteryear are now no more than shadows,

shadows flitting to and fro among the forest's trees.

Once they were a mighty race, a peaceful lot they were.

They were happy, and content to live out their long lives,

in the enchanted forests and fields of Averie.

But such peace grows lesser as their forest homes shrink

ever more made smaller, each year by year.

Some retreated to the other world but many stayed

in the hope of saving what was once their peaceful home.

Man had come in and taken over the land.

The elves knew they were no match for men.

For warriors of old and great renown

had changed their ways and renounced the sword.

The shadow Elves had lowered their weapons

and had vowed to sue for peace and fight no more.

I cannot read their minds but I would have to say,

that there is sadness, not contempt in their hearts,

for the invaders in their land, those called human.

The elves moved with the wind through forest, like shadows.
Without sound, true form, or voice, or noise, like wandering souls,

from another time, in a different world, a strange new way, like fog;

they approached at once, to the River Wye,

The river of gnomes, and fairies, and elves.

There they were, in green forest by the gurgling waters of the Wye,

that sparkled like diamonds in the noonday sun.

" I am Silon," said he at the point, “and my companions,”

as he waved his arm toward the horde at his right.

“We have come to your aid, if you so desire, my Lady Valori!”

Silon, upon a branch of a gnarled and ancient oak,

doffed his plumed hat, bowed his head and further spoke:

“At your service, my dear Lady Valori. At your disposal are we.”

He jumped down. From the ground he measured

not an inch more the two feet.

“We hail from the realm of the forest of Scrioux.

Our original mission was to hunt down the Ddraig,

the dragon of long, long ago, but our mission failed.

“Then the humans came and we were attacked.

We need to find Ddraig now, not to slay but to bring back its scales.

But all dragons have gone, long, and long ago,

and we could not complete the mission.

“So our punishment is to be trapped in time between time.

Until such a time the dragon Ddraig is found;

Until then shall we remain in the world of shadows.

There are great healing properties within the scales

that we extract from the them.

“But for whatever reason Ddraig never returned.

We come to you for your help, Lady of the Forest.

We need your help to find the time and place where the dragon hides.

We need this favor from you so we can find the scales,

so we can heal this world of its sickness.

“Last we had tracked it back to this dark forest,

when we were thrown into time between time.

We then saw the encounter you had with the beast,

and also saw you banish the Ddraig altogether,

by your most awesome power and cunning and skill.

“So, my Lady, I have seen you there all those years ago.

All we seek is the secret to open time between time,

so that we might pursue and complete our mission."

" I have no ill will toward you for we have failed in our mission.

My only desire is to transform our failure.

You only did at the time what you thought was good for all.”

Valori replied, “I then saw the helmets of the Shadow Elves

light up in patterns distinct and strong.

I felt as though they were studying me somehow.

“Then I knew, I remembered that faithful day long ago,

with the sorcerers sword in hand, I split the air asunder

and in a great flash of light, Ddraig was swallowed up

and never seen again. I had fainted and remembered nothing.”

As Valori spoke she also recalled

that she had hidden the Sorcerers sword.

It was in the hay loft of an old barn,

Safe from those who had no business with it.

Shall we fetch the sword that you need to further your work?

Lady Valori asked of the Shadow Elf leader?” “Indeed!” replied he.

The lady bowed in respect and handed the sorcerers sword to the Elf.

Silon returned to his fellows and as they walked,

they slowly faded and vanishes like ground fog.


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Written by me, Cynthia ©

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