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Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Watcher in My Dreams

The Watcher in My Dreams
Hi, dear friends and followers. Welcome to my blog and thank you for reading this entry on The Watchers. I don't think this to be a coincidence. I believe others have had similar experiences but keep it to themselves.
by Lorna Tedder · in Dreams & Meditation

Watcher in my dreams

Whether I close my eyes in meditation or in dreams, he is there. The watcher.

Except…he’s not watching me.

He’s in almost every dream now. Sometimes indoors, sometimes outside. Always on the outskirts of my dreams. Unobtrusive. Occasionally but seldom participating. But present.

In this last dream before morning, I understand. Finally. I know why he’s here.

I am walking outside, on a hill, and there he is. Again. In his usual posture.

Sitting in the grass. His long legs stretched out in front of him. Legs crossed at the ankles. Barefoot but capable of doing harm if defense is required. Propping himself upright on straight, bare arms beneath short sleeves that belie the seriousness of his function.

He squints out at the expanse before him, scanning the hillside, the valley below, the distant clouds. Watching.

I stand behind him, watching the watcher. He does not look up at me. He does not acknowledge me or laugh or smile or speak. He simply watches.

He is many things, but here in the terrain between the worlds, he is a watcher and protector. He doesn’t watch me, or hinder me, or change my wanderings in any way. He simply watches. Watches those things beyond us. The things I cannot see.

He does not stand in full armor or with blade in hand, though I’m sure he has blades at the ready if needed. He has the coolness of a warrior who knows he will be quick enough with any weapon as long as his eyes are keen.

And so he watches.

My sentry.
To read my experience wit the watchers, or light beings as I refer to them, click on the link below

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ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

More Poems by me

More Poems by me

Hi, dear friend and followers. Welcome to my blog and thank you for taking a moment to read the two short poems I wish to share with you

A fairy poem by me +Cindy Groulx 
Do you believe in the Fairies 
Who can make your dreams come true ?
Do you believe in the wonderment, 
the beauty of the summer's night sky, 
and the stars and the moon ,
as upon the dewy grass they glisten? 
Or the sparkling and shimmering
reflection of the moon's light
on the tiny ripples of the quiet pond ?
Believe in the magic of the Fairies above. 
In twos and threes, they come to dance 
and share joy and mirth in the grass amidst the flowers. 
They sing songs of love and praise for creation 
as they spin and whirl and dance with their queen .
And if you will believe, 
and your heart stays true, 
the Fairies may come 
to play and dance with you!

A fairy verse by me +Cindy Groulx 
The slender fairies dance in the moonlight,
with ethereal bodies that shimmer and glow.
Their wings flutter softly, moonlit argent,
as their dance turns the night into magic time.
They swirl and twirl and decorate the forest
with their trails of sparkly fairy dust.
If the light is just right you can see the lines
of where they were dancing the night before.
When the sun rises it is the time for them to rest.
They take their refuge among the plants,
curling up in leaves and blooms all about.
The delicate, wispy form of a fairy is such, 
that by day, you may not see them there
but by night in the forest they can be everywhere!
So when sunset is near, find some soft grass or moss
and in quiet respect sit, and the fairies may come.
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

Friday, 16 October 2015

Blessings that Broke My Heart

Blessings that Broke My Heart

by Lorna Tedder · in Grief

Hi, dear friends and followers. First, I would like to welcome you to my blog and thank you for reading.

Today's topic is on how to make positives from negatives. The notes in orange text are my own observations.

I’ve seen enough heartbreak in my life, enough that all dues should be long paid and nothing but joy ahead for the rest of my days. As you might expect, those heartbreaks were usually about the loss of a dream, whether it was the dream of a life with a man, the dream of a life with a child, or the dream of a way of making a life. Just because I had my heart broken didn’t mean that my dream didn’t happen…it just didn’t happen in the way I’d hoped, and only the heartbreak could have put me on a different path.

This isn’t meant as a depressing post but rather, one to give hope. It wasn’t the blessing that broke my heart, not directly, but it was the heartbreak that gave birth to blessings I never dreamed possible.

Note: For my part, I agree with Lorna. I to have learned that for each tragedy, that tragedy led me in a different direction, and with each experience I had from those tragedies, I developed a new tool to make better choices for the future in the days to come. Each of those choices led me to a better quality of life. I started out living on the street and worked my way up to serving as a social worker, working with people who were in the same position as I had been myself.

I remained single for many years and had no plans to seek out another mate. I was resigned to living alone for the rest of my life. It would be preferable to having the experience of living through another disappointment. It was when I had stopped looking for another partner that the right one came along.

In sadder moments, I look back and remember the heartbreaks, but if I can take those moments a few months or years into the future, it’s easy to see what blessings they were. I never would have thought so when I was in the middle of heartache, and I certainly would not have thought I would one day praise the gods for not getting the answer to my prayers at the time.

Tonight, I’m counting my blessings…my heartbreaks…some of them at least. I invite you to count yours, to see where that sudden course adjustment changed your path to the person you are now. Not all heartbreaks lead to better places–the death of a loved one, for example–but more do than you might realize.

My own heartbreaks and blessings

1. I’d never wanted to become a mommy. I was on the fast track at work and no desire to splinter my focus with children. My husband even said to me that I was too focused on business to ever make a good mother. I had no desire at all for a child, but I unexpectedly became pregnant that year, in February. It was the first time I realized that getting pregnant was as easy for me as stepping over a pair of pants on the floor. When I miscarried a few weeks after finding out, it was too late. My dormant maternal instincts had been stirred.

I was devastated, but I bore the pain alone, with no comfort coming from family or friends who assumed my reputed lack of mothering skills had been gratefully spared. But those damned little pills didn’t always work for me, and I discovered in late summer that I was pregnant again. My sadness for the miscarriage dwindled the next year when Shannon was born, and I realized that if the first pregnancy had lasted, then Shannon would never have been born and this child who has been the world to me would never have come into being because I could not have conceived her that summer if I’d still been pregnant with her sibling.

2. My romance with The Treat never got off the ground. I couldn’t understand why, when he was clearly into me and we enjoyed each other’s company. We’d have a fantastic date and then he would immediately friend-zone me. I couldn’t understand what was going on. Then he moved suddenly, hundreds of miles away, after he suddenly lost his job for reasons that were never clear to me. I cried when he put that distance between us, knowing that there wasn’t a chance of getting our romance moving if he was no longer living in the area.

He married someone else soon after. Thus began the running joke that any man I fancy will, in fact, move or start planning to move almost immediately upon the summoning of my interest in him.Years later, after we’d reconnected as long-distance friends, I found out he was an alcoholic and drug addict and he’d kept me at a distance to keep from being found out. It was easy then to look back and see how he would have ruined my finances and my life.

Note: I have had a similar experience with my first ex. I had three children and seven years of abuse before I had decided one night to get the kids in the car and split while he laid in bed in an alcoholic stupor. The next day, the Childrens' Aid came to get the kids and the day after that found me in Tennessee 860 miles from my home in central Ontario.

For the next ten years, I traveled most of eastern U.S. and Canada, then finally came home and reconnected with the children. So yes, all roads seem to lead to where you are supposed to be whether you may be aware that is what you are doing or not. It is like a voice is guiding you, if you are listening for it.

3. My romance with The Guru was a reflection of The Treat in ways I didn’t know for many years. He’d pursued me ad nauseam when I was taken, but almost as soon as I was divorced, he lost interest. We had only a few dates before he dropped me for “someone even better” than me and disappeared without allowing me any closure. Years later, closure came…along with the understanding of his mental illness, his womanizing, his drinking, his lies. I know now in great detail how he ruined the lives of the women he married after we dated, and these days, I just want to throw myself into a whirl of dance and praise the Gods for letting him break my heart by leaving before he could do irreparable damage.

4. I was in high school the first time I interviewed for the job in my hometown. It was a job I really wanted and it took a lot of guts for a shy little country bumpkin like me to ask for the job. I was turned down, based on some lovely rationale about hiring only the children of current employees for summer work. When I graduated from college, I went back and asked again. Again, a polite rejection and an explanation of how they weren’t hiring. Except that within the month, they hired my high school boyfriend who had no college degree for the job I’d interviewed for.

He told me his new employer had offered him the job over drinks at the place where he bartended part-time. Great. I felt like a complete failure, unwanted. Unable to get even a low-paying job in a bad economy in my tiny hometown. It took me only a few years more, when my salary was multiples of his, before I realized that I never would have had the career opportunities I’ve had if I’d not been forced to leave my hometown to find work, and I never would have traveled or found the power I did if I’d stayed there.

5. When my editor left the major publisher I’d sold my novel to, I watched anxiously as my dream of writing full-time faded under the watch of a new editor who hated my style of writing (I write dark, and she wanted sweet). My experiences with her were miserable, but as I sat writing long explanations to their lawyer, trying to get the rights back on the last book I’d sold them, only to have them offer me $1000 for all rights on a book that could easily earn me $25,000 as a self-published ebook, I found great comfort in the fact that they had rejected almost everything else I’d written for them. I’m free to do whatever I see fit with all the other works they didn’t buy.

6. At the end of a long and abusive relationship that I was desperate to leave, there was no affection left, no kindness, no love, and almost no sex. There was, however, enough sex in those last two years for me to get pregnant…briefly. (Damned little pills again.) I know I could not have survived much longer in that relationship, but I also know that if I had not miscarried, I would have stayed with him. All the freedom I have in my life now, all the love, all the joy…would never have existed if I’d stayed.

7. On a Friday night, late, I sat staring at my phone, waiting on a response from the man I’d been seeing for the last three years and had thought I’d spend the rest of my life with. He’d been strangely absent all evening, then a sudden message to cancel our date the next day. I was confused, troubled, my intuition on high alert. When the answers came, they weren’t from him but from the supposedly estranged wife of the last 5 years, who was following up with me on a lie she’d caught him in.

She proceeded to fill me in on how, in spite of their separate living arrangements, he had never had any intention of divorcing her and had in fact been caught red-handed with a third woman that evening, a woman he’d been involved with for over a year and had denied to my face. That one message–and subsequent information his wife told me–broke my heart and destroyed my trust in men (and female colleagues) for a while, but I came to realize a few months later that she’d given me back my choices, my life, my self-confidence. A part of me now wishes I’d known even sooner what a dirtbag he was so I could have gotten my life back sooner. I will be forever grateful to his now truly estranged wife for giving me to the chance to move forward in my life after devoting my time and love to him for far too long. May we both find peace and honesty elsewhere.

8. My BFF and I parted company over something that had not happened yet. I was confused and saddened to see a long-term close friendship end over seemingly nothing, but after a few months, I began to see that our parting had been a blessing. For as much as I loved her and for as close as we were for over a decade, it was for the best that I was no longer in her shadow. As long as she was around, there was no way I could grow in the ways I needed to. Our friendship had devolved into an unhealthy, unbalanced, boundary-less abyss of negativity. Though our split hurt like hell at the time, it was absolutely necessary for me to be the strong and independent person I am now, and to keep me in a much more positive frame of mind.

Note: Thank you, Lorna. I pray that with time I will come to learn and realize what you have shared with us in paragraph 8
All these heartbreaks gave birth to blessings, to positivity, to forward momentum, to being in a much better place in my life or to keeping me from losing my better place in life. The heartbreaks cleared the slate for something new and better. I still have a little “ick” to work through but I'm close to being done. Meanwhile, here’s to a future of balanced and healthy relationships, honorable men I can trust and respect and who genuinely love me back, positive friends, work that I find worthy and that finds me worthy in return, excellent opportunities in business, creativity, and pleasure, and to enjoying the family I already have while adding new people to the circle of people who will be my family forevermore.

I hope to be one of the family; from a fellow empath.
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with me, if you will. Have a great day!

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Thursday, 15 October 2015



Hi, dear friends and followers. Welcome, and thank you for visiting and reading my blog. Today I am going to share with you part 2 of "How to see a fairy."
To see a fairy, regardless of realm, it’s best to travel to their home environment. Just like if you wanted to see a woodpecker in person, you’d travel to the place that woodpeckers live. You also might look up what times of day woodpeckers are active, and what types of food they eat, so you could plan your trip for optimal woodpecker viewing opportunities. And you’ll do this to see a fairy too.

Fairies live in moist, dense forests. They prefer deciduous forests overall, but fairies live in all forests everywhere - even pine, alpine forests, or sparse stands of Eucalyptus in Southern California. The larger the stand of trees, the more vast the amount of tree cover, the better. The only requirement is that there must be tree cover. Why? This is simple really, full sun is too harsh on fairy wings. It’s too harsh on pretty much everything, and fairy wings are not excluded. It gets too hot in full sun, and it’s drying. The sun is respected of course, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that fairies prefer filtered, warm sunlight. In the understory of a forest, where sunlight comes filtering in through the spaces between the leaves, only hitting the forest floor in spots here and there, this is the location where fairies can be found.

As far as time of day, fairies take naps when the sun is at it’s hottest. Just as many humans do, as well. Fairies are most active in the mornings from 6 am to 11 am, and in the late afternoons, from 3 pm to 5 pm, and again, in the early night hours, from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Your best chance seeing a fairy, or many fairies, roughly is during these time frames, in a stand of trees that is mostly shaded with filtered sunlight. You probably already have a place in mind. If there’s water - like a stream, even better. Fairies love sitting on moss and ferns - why? Because they are comfortable to sit on! Everyone likes lounging by the water side, and fairies are no exception here. If you were a fairy, you’d probably enjoy sitting on a fern, listening to the gentle trickle of the stream, too. In fact, you might secretly wish you could!

Those are the basics to seeing a fairy, or many fairies, and I bet that you already have just the place in mind!

SEEING FAIRIES: In the Physical Realm

Visit a stand of trees that fits the description above, during the time of day optimal for fairies. Now, it’s time to look for glints of light. This can most easily be done if you find a stream or a source of water. But, you’ll also see glints of light on the forest floor, in the canopy, on reflections in dew on leaves, or the shimmer of a waxy leaf. Standing in the middle of the forest, take a moment to look around you. Spin around 360 degrees. You aren’t “looking” for anything in particular when you spin, instead, you are letting your eyes and your mind only pick up on the glints of light that catch your eye.

These glints of light, shimmers, sparkles, or flashes - reflections on water, where the sun hits in just the right way, a shiny beetle, a waxy leaf - these are fairies.

Once you’ve spotted one, now is the time to acknowledge. You’ve entered an area that is no longer your home, but the home of a fairy. It’s time to greet them, just as you would greet the owner or the resident of a house you visit; it’s only polite. Thank them for being your hostess for the day - for the forest, is tended to by the fairies that live there. In the same way that any human home is tended to by its residents.

In this moment, be aware of your senses. You may feel a buzzing or vibration in the air - you’ll feel it on your skin or hear it in your ears. Know that this is the sound and feeling of fairies all around you.

That’s it - you’ve now seen a fairy or several. Once you’ve seen them one time, you’ll forever be able to spot a fairy. Say hello and continue on your walk, as one friend of the forest to another, you’re both stewards of the environment, in your own individual way.

SEEING FAIRIES: In their Home Realm

As we discussed earlier, because fairies are able to leave the fairy realm and enter the physical realm, where we live, we also have this ability. I know, it sounds weird - how can I transport myself to the fairy realm? I don’t have a time or dimension traveling machine!

It’s easy. Easier than you think. All you do, is say one simple thing,

“I am transitioning to the fairy realm now.”

And like a stage switching scenes, you switch from the physical realm to the fairy realm. Sure- it isn’t magic, all of your belongings are still around you, you still look like you’re in the physical realm, and you ARE. What’s shifting is the energy. The other realms are energetic realms - they don’t necessarily have a different backdrop, just a different feel. You’re still on the same stage, as it were, but the air around you has shifted.

Now what? How can you actually see a fairy?

Well - this is different depending on how you see clairvoyantly, you may see a fairy in your minds eye (third eye) or with your physical eyes.
When you first start doing this, it’s best to begin in the same place that they exist in the physical world, in a lightly shaded forest. The fairies are plentiful there, and you’ll have a better chance of seeing one with your eyes. In the beginning, your eyes aren’t used to seeing fairies, and as I’m sure you’ve heard, there are some theories about our brains and visual perceptions - we only see what we expect to see, and let’s be honest, our brains don’t expect to see fairies, at least not yet! (See here, here and here, for more info on this type of perception, for starters.) 

So, I’ll tell you what, the first things you’ll see, will be figures. You’ll think that you saw a small difference in the texture of the air floating by, the air looked weird over by that tree for a minute. It might look like a heat wave, or gelatinous, or shaky, a strange vibration. You might see a whitish, gold, or otherwise glowing, outline of a figure zip by. Know that by seeing these small deviations in the air, you are starting to get used to seeing fairies. You are training your brain to see them. The more you step into the fairy realm, with the intent purpose to see a fairy, the more and more concrete your visions will get each time. Keep doing it. Again and again. You might only see them in your imagination at first (seeing clairvoyantly with your third eye!), thinking that maybe you imagined a fairy there, but you didn’t actually see it with your eyes. It’s the same thing, you saw a fairy.

The key, is to keep practicing.

And when you’re ready to be done for the day, you simply say that you are transitioning out of the fairy realm, and back to the physical realm. Or don’t. You’re also welcome to stay indefinitely.

We’re happy to have you! Says Jack ;)

That’s it! It’s almost spring, perfect time to get out there and start practicing!

Happy fairy spotting,
Sarah and Jack
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

How to See a Fairy (Yes, Really)

How to See a Fairy (Yes, Really)
by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

Hi dear friends and followers. First I would like to thank you and welcome you for coming and reading my blog. Todays topic is about How to see a fairy

As a shamanic healer, my work requires me to work and communicate with those in Spirit, and as with anyone that has communicates with, senses, feels, or sees those in Spirit, I have a what is called a gatekeeper guide. This guide, in short, is someone that ensures myspiritual boundaries are followed and assists me in all healing sessions to connect with Spirit.

It just so happens, that my gatekeeper guide, is a Fairy named Jack. He dresses like Peter Pan, has Zack Morris blonde hair, and he’s overall a great guy - he’s funny, caring, and compassionate, and he helps to bring humor and levity to all situations. Other people have gatekeeper guides that are or have been human before, but Jack happens to be a fairy.
In addition to being my gatekeeper guide, I also consider Jack to be a close friend and confidant. And because he’s my friend, I want to learn more about his life to understand him more deeply. In learning more about Jack and the fairy realm, I’ve often wondered where I can find reputable information on fairies - articles and books that are realistic, down to earth, and mainly, make sense in physical world terms. I’ve learned that resources like this exist, but mostly in other languages. So, if I want them in english - I either have to translate, or write them myself (with the help of Jack, and the other fairies, of course!).

This post, and those that follow, are intended to inform you about how, where, and when you can see, feel, hear, and interact with fairies. They exist in the Earth Plane, which means, that we don’t have to do any energy raising to interact with them, because they exist right here, along side us, in the same realm that plant spirits, animal spirits, and gnomes reside. If you think of those in “Spirit,” for the purpose of this post, I mean typical, non-fairy Guides, Angels, and Deceased Loved ones, you tend to think of them existing upward, somewhere above where we are, on Earth. And this is correct, the do exist in a Spiritual Realm, above. But, there are also realms side by side with the physical realm (where we humans live) on Earth. We refer to these as "horizontal realms." They exist horizontally on the Earth plane, beside the physical plane, in the Fairy Realm, or the Plant Realm, Animal Realm, or Gnome Realm, depending on your perspective - these are all called horizontal realms.

It just so happens that Plants and Animals usually have physical bodies existing in the physical realm, in addition to their non-physical “home” realm. That’s why we can see them, with little effort, with our physical eyes - because they exist with physical bodies right where we live too! Gnomes and Fairies, do not have physical bodies within our realm. They exist in their home realms, and come and go from our realm, with the bodies that they currently have - ones that typically cannot be seen with everyday, untrained, human eyes.

Because fairies and gnomes can come and go from our realm, the physical realm, we can come and go from their realms too. And that, is the secret to seeing them. It’s perfectly acceptable for us to travel, with our physical bodies, to their realms. In doing so, we will be able to see them. BUT - you can see them even without traveling to their realm.

First, we’ll cover the basics - where they live and what times of day to find them. Then, we’ll cover how to see them in the physical realm, where we currently live, and then, how to see them by traveling to their realm.

To be continued tomorow, "SEEING FAIRIES: Basics"
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Visible Energy

Visible Energy

Hi, dear friends and followers. Today's topic is about energies, both the visible and not so visible energies, yet unexplained and undocumented phenomena. Thank you very much for visiting and reading my blog 

Many times, I can see with my eyes, what I can only call ‘visible energy’ around me. This ability is not something I’ve done all my life. It started when all these events started. I try to explain to the people around me, but I can’t seem to reproduce this for them, or in other words, they can’t see it. But I’ll try to explain it here and hopefully someone will know what I’m talking about, or has had similar experiences.
Say you’re just sitting at the table, and you focus your eyes at the opposite wall, you, of course, see the opposite wall. Now refocus your eyes to a midpoint between you and the opposite wall. It’s not easy to do, but it becomes easier with practice. What you’re doing essentially is focusing your eyes on the air between yourself and the wall. When I do this, sometimes I see nothing at all but sometimes I see energy that looks much like the static on your television when it’s tuned to a dead channel, only it’s not black and white, it’s clear or invisible. I know…that doesn’t make any sense. Bear with me.

In this invisible but visible energy, I also see disturbances. I can sometimes see something ‘unseen’ moving through this energy. It’s much like the movie Predator when the alien becomes invisible, but you can still see him moving through space. Only this ‘unseen energy’ most often appears as heat waves. Ever look down the street on a hot sunny day and seen the heat waves rising off the street? That’s what this looks like; only it’s confined to a smaller area, usually about a foot and a half tall and about a foot wide, sometimes smaller.

On one occasion, I’ve actually come into contact with this energy and it almost took my breath away. I was in my sister-in-law's home. The whole family was out in the detached garage which has been converted into a sort of bar with a pool table, jukebox, etc. You get the idea. It was roughly 3:00 PM, on a bright sunny day. I had not had any alcohol to drink, but I had drunk three cans of Diet Coke, so I had to go to the bathroom.
I went into the home and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. I used the bathroom and headed back out to the garage. As soon as I set foot in the kitchen, heading for the back door, I was startled by a very, unusually large man that I had never met before. I didn’t see the man with my eyes, I just ‘felt’ him. What I did see was this invisible heat wave energy across the room and to my right, but moving to my left.

Note: My experience with these energies has been in a subtle form,  like wispy rainbow colors that shimmer, very much like the heat waves described by the author. What I sense from these phenomena is in no way malevolent. I enjoy their energy. It is like magic for me to be feeling them.

I have also had another non-malevolent experience with these energies, which was strange, bordering on weird. It is important for me to note that I have had these experiences in the daytime, sitting on a park bench or in my car. 

From the car, I am looking at parked cars on the other side of the street. If I relax my eyesight between my position and the other side of the street, an entire car will disappear.  It is like I see what is behind it! 

One another occasion, I was sitting in a lawn chair in a friend's yard, and I was looking at a large rock next to the fence. The rock measured approximately four feet height by four feet wide. I relaxed my vision, and the rock disappeared! I could see the board fence behind it as well as the lawn. My partner observed that same phenomenon that same afternoon. 

I could sense a lot of energy around that place. The friend that owned it was a very negative person, but the property was saturated with positive energy all the same.    
This all happened very fast, and I never stopped walking toward the back door. After about two steps into the kitchen toward the back door, this ‘energy’ man turned to his left and started coming toward me. We met at a narrow point in the kitchen between the stove and the kitchen island and I actually turned sideways and faced him, like two people would, to make room when trying to go opposite directions in a narrow space.

When he brushed past me, it felt almost like an electric shock and nearly took my breath away. I let out an audible gasp. I never took my eyes off this energy man but continued to the back door. I stopped once I had ahold of the door handle and this energy man stopped in the doorway that I had used to enter the kitchen. I stood there for at least a minute and just stared at this ‘thing’, and I somehow knew that he was staring back.

After that minute or so, some other movement caught my eye, and I quickly glanced into the dining and living rooms and I saw 3 more of these ‘energy’ things, though I did not get the distinct feeling of gender and size that I did with this first man-energy thing.

I quickly glanced back at the initial energy-man in the doorway, I assume because he was the closest, and I stood there for another maybe 30 seconds staring at him while he stared back. My next thought was, “I need to tell someone about this”. So with the energy-man still standing there, I turned and exited the house and went to the garage to find the owners of the home.

I walked into the garage and spotted the owners talking behind the bar. As I approached them, I heard my sister-in-law say to her husband, “They’re out, I was just in there and you can feel them.” No one else associated with this house has seen these energy-things, yet, though events continue to happen almost daily in their house. I’m hoping someone will eventually see the same thing that I do.
Note: Similar but a different brand of cigars.
The information that the author and I have posted here has no independent verification. Next will be on the topic of light beings

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day.
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Monday, 12 October 2015

Becoming Psychic: How Much Is Too Much to See?

Becoming Psychic: How Much Is Too Much to See?
by Lorna Tedder · in Psychic

Hi dear friends and followers. First I wisht to thank you for visiting and reading my humble blog. Today's entry deals in psychic abilities. My quote is in orange text

I’ve always loved having a little help from my psychic friends. Call it a character flaw. Call me a control freak. But I like to know things.

Sure, tell me if the love of my life is going to spill a drink on me at Applebee’s so I’ll know not to throw a drink back in his face and stalk out. I’d appreciate that, thank you. Tell me the important stuff so I take the risk out of my future of screwing up good stuff.

Granted, whatever any accurate psychic or intuitive might tell me about the future is only an energetic snapshot based on what I’m attracting to me at the moment. Some psychic answers aren’t any good beyond 2 to 4 weeks, and others are set in stone years in advance.

I’ve always envied psychics who could see the future–and the specific futures of those who asked–like movies unfolding before them. I’m the one who has always said, “I wanna see, I wanna see, I wanna see!”

No more.

With my most recent spiritual leap ahead, I became ungrounded because I could suddenly “see.”


Too much.

I became so psychic that I was seeing the intentions of coworkers, including facts they were hiding from me. Not a bad thing. But I was also seeing things about colleagues and friends that I didn’t need to know.

Was I supposed to tell them? Would they want to know? Would they think I was crazy?

Even the ones who believe in psychic ability might find my revelations to be a disservice. Maybe things they didn’t want to know. Or news that would convince them to do nothing, when my vision was the result doing SOMETHING.
Note: I have had this experience many times, and most times when I have told or warned someone about something negative in their coming days, most thought I was crazy and ignored me, or I did not see them again for a while. What is funny about all this psychic stuff is that most times it's about negative things. One in particular, threw me for a loop, and for many years after I blocked the psychic stuff. 

This was in my earlier life, when I was about 25 years old. My friend and her boyfriend were visiting me, and there was drinking involved. They were going to another city about 100 miles away, and I thought I would talk them into staying overnight. But they left that night. I had had a bad premonition about a car accident and two days later I heard about it.  They were in the accident. She didn't survive the crash. 

For many years after I managed to block off all psychic communications. When I was in my forties, it returned, and this time I decided to use the ability to help others as a social worker. That ability was priceless.

I have had many other experiences since then,  like having knowledge of technical and scientific advancements years before they were announced. I also had some that were not so good.  I can sense rather readily on national disasters. 

And yes, it is possible to change the future with prophetic dreams. One just knows when the dream is right by the way it feels, like a little voice telling you. If you act on this information you can change the course and direction of your future, for the better or the worse, but the little voice within I have found to never be wrong. Trust the little voice.  It is your inner instincts talking to you.
If observing something changes it, then can observing something in the future and revealing it change it to its detriment? I know from personal experience that I’ve changed the future based on a prophetic dream. Loved ones did not die because I did the crazy thing and warned them against a danger in front of them, just out of their sight.

My visions, when I became so incredibly psychic, were full of good things. Amazing things. Things I’ve wanted for so very long.

Great. Now what?

Keep it to myself?

I recognized the man napping in my bed in mid-afternoon daylight. Do I seek him out and tell him? Wouldn’t that make it easier for both of us? Do I back off and play it cool? Will my next action, based on this new knowledge, actually change the course of the future and cause the things I want–that are currently coming to me–to vanish? Knowing the future was…paralyzing. I could see so many aspects of a beautiful future, and I was terrified of making a misstep that might cost me any part of it.

So I decided to back off from this particular gift, back to where I was intuitively and empathically before this ascending step.

I’ll wait to see how things unfold, enjoy the mystery and the Mysteries, for a change. And I’ll let time tell me exactly how that man ends up napping in my bed, alone, in the middle of the afternoon.

Maybe I’ll join him.
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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Ask an Empath: Passing Car Accidents

Ask an Empath: Passing Car Accidentsby Lorna Tedder · in Empathy

Hi, dear friends and followers. Today's entry Do you feel pain when you pass a car accident? If you do then this entry might interest you. Thank you very much for visiting and reading my blog

Sitting on the beach, watching planes land. A serene moment away from emotional overload.

Question: Do you as an empath feel pain when you pass a car accident?

I almost always feel emotion when I pass a car accident; however, the texture and depth of emotion depend on the accident itself.

If the accident resulted in severe injuries and/or fatalities, I will often feel the pain as well as the emotions, sometimes even before I see the accident or see victims being loaded into an ambulance.

I’ve come upon other accidents where the prominent emotion was a sense of relief or simply a lingering cloud of fear in the air, for lack of a better description.

For really bad accidents, everything seems to go immediately toward survival and the emotions that surround it. Usually fear as well as physical pain. For fender-benders, the emotions are more annoyance or dread.

Depending on how much time has passed, the emotions can change as well. With fender-benders, an initial reaction of anger is usually greater than and more frequent than an initial reaction of anger with serious accidents in which there are injuries and/or fatalities. In serious car accidents, anger may be a delayed emotional response whereas in fender-benders and the type of accidents that are truly mere inconveniences, the secondary response is often a sense of fear or relief that occurs when the victim realizes just how much worse the outcome could have been.

It is very rare for me to pass a car accident and not get a sense of any emotion at all. Often, I will begin shielding immediately, out of self-preservation.

Note: I agree with all the above, for I have experienced the same emotions concerning accidents. Every time I do see an accident, first, I give thanks to Great Spirit that everything is under control at the accident scene; and second, I thank Great Spirit that I was not involved in the accident. 

If there was no immediate help on the scene, I would feel compelled to stop and help, and I would. But actually being in contact with those affected by the accident would not set well with my sensitivities. But as I said, I would feel compelled to do so if I had to. 

Again, I thank Great Spirit that I had that experience but once in my life. Feeling it from a distance is bad enough. Don't forget, as an empathic person you feel everything they do like it was your own.

About feelings and sensitivities; I have also on many occasions felt some very heavy dark energies just driving through certain places in a city. I felt pain, fear, and distress that seem to be the most prominent of negative energies I, or any empathic person, can pick up from the air when going through a certain area. For that reason, I am relieved that I am back living in my small town.These are just my experiences. Other empaths’ mileage may vary. Lorna Tedder
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 
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