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Saturday, 13 April 2013

For Too Long

For Too Long

Hi dear friends, I am pleased for your visiting my blog. Today I would like to present one of my older poems. Take five, relax and enjoy the poem, thank you

Now consider me: For too long have I carried the burdens

of my past failings.

For too many years have I yearned for the light of hope to shine through,

but I could not see it for the storm clouds that were

forever present about me.

Lightning flashed, thunder pealed, and the wind roared,

but I pressed forward.

I did.

As the burden I shouldered pressed down on me,

I knew that soon I would need to halt my journey

to rest even for just a few moments.

"Behold! At long last I see a resting place just yonder,"

I say breathlessly to myself.

“A large, black, rocky promontory, silhouetted against the dark gray sky,”

I thought.

“This will serve as shelter from the howling wind, if nothing more.

'tis a place to rest and deliberate for a time, before the light of morn.”

Wearily I sit with my back pressed to the rock.

I let the heavy burden on my shoulder drop with a thud,

such was its weight.

With a groan from weariness, I unbind the sack

to examine the weighty contents within.

Thus I proceed to sort out all

of the sordid misdeeds of my life's entire journey.

One by one I examine each closely;

the big and the small, and discard what no longer serves me,

or is worthy of my time and the need to carry it.

I shake the empty sack to be certain naught is left.

I let it lay beside me, no longer replete.

Feeling rested and assuaged I now know where

it is that I have been.

The lightning ceased its streaking, the wind died and the rain abated;

the clouds dispersed and a silvery moon broke through,

lighting the land about me.

Revitalized, I now know where I must go.

For too long had I lost the way.

I now walk nimbly, feeling as light as a feather.

I climb a mound before me and look all around,

And there I see what I have sought, nostrils flaring,

exhaling a vapory mist;

tail twitching, it lay on the ground before me in acknowledgment.

I saunter over and climb upon the back

of my magnificent steed!

For too long have we been parted.

My beloved dragon, the splendid creature she is,

turns see her master has really returned.

She spreads her wings wide, and as she flaps them,

large and leathery,

A cloud of dust arises to either side as I and my magnificent mount,

climb towards the heavens and vanish among the silvery clouds

lit by the full moon above.

Finally I am free of my earthly burdens, in the realm of my mind;

I can be anywhere I want,

and be anyone I want.

Yes, even a dragon-back rider.

Cynthia ©--

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great Week.
ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Finding the True Self

Be who you are, but once you are the true you, you may have to look at the world about you from a different perspective a different light. One must also see and experience the darkness in order to know and appreciate and know the light. One must learn to recognize the many cloaks of lies and self deception so that you may truly see the light of truth that lies all around you, before one can to see within themsleves, to see the true spirit light you truly are. Touch yourself, feel within yourself, know yourself, then be yourself

There are as many colors within the range of human emotions, feelings, and perceptions as one can find in the entire spectrum of visible light there in. The number of possible outcomes in that spectrum of experiences is without counting. This is why it is important to look at the world with reference to who you truly are to yourself, *the true you within,* the one who is without guile or doubt, *the one who stands strong and firm in her/his convictions, feelings and self realisations.*

You might need to feel all of the colors that you can possibly feel to learn what you need to know, and like many other things in this imperfect world, certain combination can hurt a lot when embraced. This can only be learned through trial and error as you trod your way through life, but you will learn to quickly let go of what does not serve you well.

Once you have made up your mind and have determined who you are and have asserted yourself who you are among others, then you will have found the true inner self. Then you can go forth in pride without fear or uncertainty as to who you are and where you stand. If you have looked at yourself as mentioned above there will be no room for uncertainty in your spiritual walk or journey.

Always come from the truest part of the heart of your true self. Walking the spiritual path is not the easiest to walk to follow, but it has many wonderful benefits, not the least among which are a good self-image, and self esteem and the strength and knowledge and experience you may bring to others. Being an equal to others who shine their inner light for those on the lower rungs of the ladder to follow.

To be strong and to continue to shine your light no mater even when you should find yourself in the middle of the battlefield of life, you must keep the light of hope alive within yourself..

Such is what you would call the road to enlightenment. One must know the darkness in order to see and appreciate the light.

May the Infinite bless you all on your journey in this world of uncertainties.
My home is where ever I hang my hat, I am grateful for that, for there were times where I wished I had a place to hang my hat.

Love and Light

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Mystical Forest

Stars shining bright in the sky, bright moon is on the horizon

The silvery light of the moon reflects in your sparkly eyes,
Filed with wonderment at the feeling of a magical moment
This is the forest of dreams my little soul to dream of magical things
Where in this forest you may go to sit with the fairy folk
A place we all know but so seldom is it visited,
Except by you little soul. So be patient and do sty a little while longer
They will be here hither from the land of fairies, pixies, and gnomes
To a place everyone knows is the land of make believe

Shadows flicker to and fro among the dark forms of the trees
Tiny whispers she hears, above and all around, hither and thither,
From everywhere In the darkness of the forest
They come in two’s and three’s, yet unseen,
As little soul huddles with her back to the great oak,
In the darkness she listens, in the forest of the land of make believe

A tiny voice whispers in her ear 'Will you come and play?'
Little Soul leaps to her feet ready to flee among the trees,

When suddenly she finds herself surrounded by many little lights.
Many colors they glow, winking all about her, but still!
Little soul is uncertain, as she watches warily for their  intention
Still remaining braced to flee at the first sign of danger.

She suddenly begins to bolt for the darkened forest
When she hears tinny giggles and Little soul stops to look back
They were everywhere, tiny little human like lights with wings
Flitting about everywhere around her,

Singing and dancing in the air all about herm, she then realizes,
Their not running after you little soul, they want to play.
Dance with the fairies, dance with the stars and the moon
For soon the morning sun will rise and the little fairy folk
Willl return into the forest to rest until the stars shine once again

So laugh! Rejoice, and dance little one, be happy whilst there is still time

Dance with the fairies little soul, “dance and enjoy the bliss of the moment

Cynthia ©

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Spirit Light

The inner light always shines, for it is the eternal light of moving through the consciousness of the soul, the living essence contained within and throughout where all consciousness is present and where all that is manifest takes place. Do you see it? Do you feel it? A the variegated rainbow of energetic colors and energy and vibrations all around you? All is filled with living energy, the inner light that iscalled the aura field?

Since we are all a part of the infinite light, and quantum other energies vibrations of all mater and energy in a universe, these energy vibrations are manifestations that are very possible to be aware of some only sense it, some can both feel it and see it. This manifestation can allow one at times to respond to all light energy vibrations as well as the physical world around them. A harmony with the infinite spheres of light vibration of creation. 

See and consider all of the colors that are all around you. What colors do you resonate with the strongest? What colors internally are attracted to you? How and what do you feel about these colors? For every aspect of these colors along the light spectrum of colors will have the most significant meaning to you. A mening brought forth from the depths of the deepest part of the conscious mind. With the vibrational resonance of light that then brings about a complete understanding of the light that radiates from within, the soul.

Can you see the light energy? Do you feel your soul energy bathed in white light? Golden light? Green light? Do you see the various shades of blue or magenta? Do you see the various shades of purple and lavender? Can you see beyond the visible spectrum of light into the infinities

You see, you are light moving in and through in an embodied consciousness. Still thyne self and allow yourself to feel the light around you. Feel the light energy you are being attracted to, feel what you are seeing, and then feel what resonates with you from within. All light is important, dark to bright. All colors are a part of the white light of complete consciousness on a soul level, the living essence.

Know and feel your auric light that vibrates at this second all around you and within you. Know that all is connected; all is one, and that you are the Love, Light, and Life of creation.

Cynthia ©

Monday, 8 April 2013

The Wind of Life

I give thanks for the life I have had.

I give thanks for the family I have shared with.

I give thanks for the friends I have met along the way.

I give thanks to have been given the gift of appreciation and love.
I give thanks for the privilege of having served the children of Gaea.

Life has been full, and I give thanks for the blessings I have received.

Now that I have reached the fall season of my journey in life here,

I look forward to the unfathomed adventures which lay on the morrow.
I will fly free over the deepest of crags where daylight never penetrates.
I will soar over seas so immense, their green depths unfathomable.
Over white, silver and grey clouds where
Therein is contained entire worlds of living creatures,
Some with large leathery wings and other with dragon fly wings.
Dragon-like beings and other smaller colorful flying creatures.
I now have to leave this beautiful world, I feel myself being lifted.
I now find myself in the darkness of space.
But not so dark, for Universe is a vibrant living entity.
She pulsates with life, with all the vibrant colors the spectrum of light.
Here within the web of universe I find that all that is of vibrant living energy,
All pulsates in harmony as one, like the living pulse beat of Gaea.The Wind, her breath of Life

Cynthia © 2010
The Cup of Fruition

I would rather die of thirst

Than drink from the cup of mediocrity
Mediocrity is when you put out the least
effort of your abilities to get by,
resulting in living a complacent existence 
in a substandard life.
My greatest desire is to drink from the cup 
of the sweet wine of success.

The cup of fruition
Cynthia ©

The Secrete of Fairy Dust

You know, the secret that makes the world go around?

Stop wars?

Bring peace and bliss to all?

Can move mountain just by wanting to?

Great peels of thunder and lightning are dispersed to allow the golden orb of the sun to shine through to warm mother earth to bring forth life?

Weapons of war and destruction dismantled and converted for implements of peace?

None shall suffer or be hungry for the bountifulness of of our loving mother earth shall provide abundantly for all?

A new fawn in the sun dappled woods gets up on wobbly unsteady legs to explore for the first time the colorful new world that lies all about her.

Mother and child sitting on an old wooden rocker on the front porch, mom embracing child lovingly to her breast humming gently a melody to her child as she peacefully rocks the creaking old rocker back and forth.

A myriad of butterflies in the big old Oak tree playing tag with several giggling sun fairies, whirling playfully about from branch to branch setting the leaves to flutter as though blown by a breeze.

The fairies depart in a flurry of sparklies like tiny sparks spreading to drift on the early mornings air currents sending the sparks aloft to eventually float back down over the country side.

The magical sparkly fairy dust fills the air mingling and mixing with the golden morning sunlight as love and peace fills all the hearts of those that are touched by this magical air.

Love is knowing peace, kindness, compassion, empathy, and harmony, this is the essence of all living things upon the bosom of the loving mother we call earth.

What is the big secret, the big secret is love.

Written by Cynthia ©

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Rusty Nails

Hi dear friends, I thought I would share this light story with you for today as I did not have time to set up anything else, Have a great read

Rusty Nails

Rusty Nails.

Rusty nails, musty plaster and tattered wallpaper with water stains. A breeze can be felt wafting up from the rickety old staircase. Somewhere down the corridor a door swings on its creaky old rusty hinges. Little Annie looks around her, and hears her own trembling voice asking herself, "Oh, OK, where is everyone hiding at?," Eyes as big a saucers, she stands very still and as silently as she can and once again looks all about her for any sign of any other movement in the room besides herself, before she cautiously proceeded forward, a board creaked under her foot, she felt her heart leaped to her throat.
Of a sudden she sees a movement, just to her right, above her head!  Even though frightened out of her wits she turns to look. To her dismay, it turns out to be only one old bat flitting its way around in circles towards a hole in the ceiling further down the haul. Turning to her left, she stops once again dead in her tracks and begins to step back with bated breath. There  it was, what she had come to witness with her very own eyes, there stands a cackling ghost witch, Eeeeeek the little girl screams, "there she is, the wicked witch of the west?'

Nah! "It's just a dumb old large spider's web hanging from the ceiling, fluttering lazily in the drafty hallway. With not a living soul in sight, Annie sits in the corner next to the stained window with her elbows planted on her lap, and her chin resting on the palms of her two hands. Down crested, she weeps, she had failed, her shoulders shuddered at each sob.  Unbeknown to her, outside the window the sun is slowly sinking bellow the tree tops. The light begins to dim in dusty old rooms of the decrepit old house. A house her friends had all told her was supposed to be haunted. "Phoooooey!"

Cynthia ©

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great Week.

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ


Spirit as Consciousness

By consciousness we mean our level of perception about ourselves and the world around us. In other words the more highly evolved the perception, the greater the consciousness. Those who have had the spiritual experience have noted that their state of awareness, has been elevated beyond the norm allowing that person to experience this reality from a whole new array of resonant frequency of perceptions

What is the Oneness? The oneness experiencing all in creation within the One Consciousness? or the One consciousness experiencing all that is?

One of the most common experiences of this spiritual consciousness is feeling of "oneness." Or all experiencing all that is as a whole, or that we are all from one common source and share a common spirit. Let's then consider some ways that the spiritual beholder might experience the oneness.

From our three dimensional perceptions all that we can conceive of the universe is an infinite increment of mass and energy containing an aggregate of individual life forms each seeking its own destiny as one consciousness. Behind this appearance is the essential nature of existence, the One Divine consciousness. This consciousness expresses itself in the universe in many forms, each with its own will to be. But in fact each form is an expression of the One seeking its infinite joy of existence. All true spiritual realization begins with this new perception of the essential Oneness of all beings and things.

The spiritual experience of Oneness often expressed by the feeling or understanding that we are of one essence or spirit. We experience that the same soul force that we feel in ourselves is there in each person we encounter.

Oneness = All in consciousness experiencing the Oneness of all, or Oneness experiencing all that is through us in consciousness.