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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Best Partners: First Followers

Best Partners: First Followers

by Lorna Tedder · in Relationships

Hi dear friends and followers. Today I would like to share with you something of a more positive nature. This entry is much of the same in nature as an old game we use to play when we were young children. Follow The Leader. The rest of this post speaks for itself. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog

This week, I was introduced to the concept of First Followers, for the first time.

In essence, a leader may look ridiculous to the general public but when the first person has the courage to step forward to give social proof that the leader has something worth following, that first follower turns a leader’s ideas into a movement. The concept is easy to understand in this YouTube video on First Followers, but it gives me reason to think how this concept has played out in my various work projects.

My best first followers–and my best partnerships in the work world–have been with people who outranked me. It may seem that a first follower would be a highly respected subordinate, but for me, it’s almost always been someone who is an equal or superior. Many of my ideas have been a little off the wall, but once a highly respected, well-known colleague outranking me gave a sign of approval or even became an obvious public fan of my work, everyone else jumped on board.

I’ve seen the same in my writing career and other projects. The best collaborations have been when someone more respected, by me as well as by others, has become an instant and fervent supporter.

And then? Same as in business. We’ve been able to move mountains.
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